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Sing Core Secret Weapon Special

Sing Core is renowned for being the secret ingredient in some of the most high-end work performed by millworks, craftsmen, furniture builders, and door manufacturers. They refer to our 50-year guaranteed warp-free substrates as the “secret weapon” inside their products that makes all the difference, and their clients are happy to pay a higher price for an exclusively high-performance result. To celebrate this Sing Core win, we are offering a 50% off sale on the most common lightweight, high-performance, warp-free solutions which our current clients depend on to deliver to their best customers.

The Most Popular Secret Weapon

The most popular secret weapon is Sing Core wrapped in Formica and MDF. Specifically, 1/8″ MDF over Formica with lightweight, high-strength, fully insulated, high-precision, warp-free Sing Core inside. This unique composite of natural and hybrid materials saves considerable weight when compared to MDF over ply.

Not only that, but that hidden layer of Formica provides greater rigidity for your panels to remain true flat over time. These panels are fully covered by our 50-year structure and warp-free guarantee.

You can see why people in-the-know are so excited about working with this high-end material, and why certain architects are specifying this combination inside their designs.

The Most Popular Sizes

We are prepared to temporarily reduce the prices of these secret weapons in the most popular sizes, so that you, too, can make the best high-performance goods in your industry.

MDF over Formica Sing Panel Sizes

4’x8′ or less $1,200 $600
4’x8’+ to 4’x10′ $2,400 $1,200
4’x10’+ to 5’x10′ $4,000 $2,000

Secret Weapon Details

These prices are only good for 30 days.  You can lock in price for 90 days by placing your order today and paying your deposit (within the first 30 days of this offer).

No Minimum Order

Usually, Sing Core charges a minimum order fee if your order is less than $4,000 there is a $500 fee. Minimum order is waived for this offer as you are offered to try Sing Core for yourself.

Industry Professionals Only

These prices may seem expensive to the average woodworker. Although Sing Core is highly sought after by many woodworking enthusiasts, it is only available to high-end millworks, and door manufacturers who will use this material to create products that their clients will pay $10,000 or more for, where the Sing Core secret weapon is only the key ingredient inside their resulting product. You must be in the business, a door manufacturer or millwork, not a door distributor. You must have a shop or millwork to finish door to take advantage of this offer.

Anything You Want

Sing Core can help you create or recreate anything you want in superior Sing fashion. Just send us a picture of the door you want (any style or material) and we can match it, or work with your team to create the original or replacement door.

No Size Limitation

Sing Core specializes in providing this amazing unprecedented high-performance substrate material in any size up to 20 ft. or more, though these massively over-sized panels are not included in this offer.

We Want to Do Business with You

If you become a repeat customer, you will get a good discount.