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High End Millworks and the Sing Difference

Copper Door

Copper Door

The most high-end millworks around the globe know that it is impossible to deliver a lightweight door that is over 7 foot tall that is structurally sound and fully insulated that will not bend, warp or twist and yet over time; that is, until the invention of patented Sing core door technology.

When you’re a high end architectural millwork serving the most prestigious clients who expect only the best custom woodworking, your name is on-the-line any time you install a door.

If that door fails, you are the one who has to deal with a disappointed client.

And with doors over 7 feet tall, you know there is good chance that you will have to respond to service calls after the oversize door is installed.

Our patented Sing core panel is the only door plank manufactured to offer Eco-friendly insulated high-end doors made of wood, metal or FRP that is lightweight (compare our 250 lbs door to their 900 lbs door), high-strength (stronger than steel), guaranteed not to warp, cup or twist and structurally sound for 50 years.

We support your flawless reputation for your architectural woodworking so that you can stay on the top of the quality millwork trade by assuring you with our experience of building true flat door substrates that will stay flat for 50 years. Click here to see some of the millwork companies that use patented Sing core for their doors and other moulding and millwork applications.

Weatherproof Church Doors

Weatherproof Church Doors

This particular red church door started with a Sing Panel. This is the only wood door that can withstand the severe weather exposed 100% to the elements without warping, bending or twisting. Thanks to Sing honeycomb core this true flat wood door will stay flat for centuries and will not crack like plywood or LVL. This high-end millwork will have no more service calls to this church to adjust the doors, frames and/or seal… at least not in this lifetime.

You can have your sing door look like any type of door (notice this one looks like stile and rail), send us picture and specifications and we will create the replacement door you want. Besides wood doors, Sing doors are available in any type of flat exterior material options, including (but not limited to) fiberglass (FRP), LVL, any kind of metalceramic and more…

Sing Core is the partner to help guarantee that your millwork company does provide the best premium millwork service for your clients.

If you’re a premium millwork company, especially dealing in high quality crafted doors, you don’t need any old-fashioned, modern tools or expensive equipment to enjoy the high-end performance of Sing doors. We do all the work for you – we do it right – and we guarantee it, so you can relax and enjoy your untarnished reputation for excellence.


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