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New Doormaking Technology

If you Google Image Search honeycomb core door, lightweight core door or sing core door, you will see who the players are in this new generation of door manufacturing technology.

Sing Core is Available for All Door Manufacturers

Newly patented Sing Core has contacted over 100 of the best door manufacturers in the USA who could greatly benefit from Sing Core door production methods.

Interestingly, they all like the idea of Sing Core but hesitate to replace their current production models with this new technology. The Sing Stile and Rail method greatly reduces equipment and man-power costs, and you can produce higher quantities of high-end doors in less space.

By lowering your overhead cost and increasing your production capabilities, you are better positioned to compete with other door manufacturers in an effort to win back your market share (even enabling you to compete with imports).

Build High-end Doors for Less

With this new technology, you can press over 300 doors a day with a 2 or 3 person team.

Build Large Doors with Small Core

Email us and we will show you how to use 12 inch x 48 inch x 1.5 inch Sing Core to build a 14 ft tall, 5 ft wide door.

Build Stile and Rail and 6-panel Style Doors

By adding molding or trim over Sing Door Planks, then using CNC router to profile the design, the resulting door still weighs many times less than traditional doors with much greater strength.

Cut Out for Window/Glass Installation

Simply cut out the window light opening in the Sing Door Plank then add glass to your specifications, just as you would any other door.

Lock Block Installation

Pre-install solid wood blocks or implants for secure-points at desired locations prior to laying up the door per your specifications.

How High-end are Sing Core Doors?

Elegant and beautiful Sing Core Doors sell for as much as ten- to twenty-thousand dollars each.

How Strong is Sing Core?

An average door compression tests at as little as 10 PSI, compared to sing Core which tests at 660 PSI. No other door core compares.

What is the R-value of Sing Core?

R-value starts at 3 and goes up from there… Insulation is just one of the benefits of Sing Core which also provides strength support to the torsion box structure and sound deadening qualities. See architectural specs.

Increased Customer satisfaction

Customer and architect will appreciate your upgrade at lower cost. We structurally guarantee our doors for ten years, but they may have a life expectancy of hundreds of years.

Business Expansion

Besides door there are so many applications enabling your shop or factory to branch out to other channels instantly. See the varied applications of Sing Core.