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Pivot Hinges for Doors

Making its way into modern architectural designs across the USA and throughout the world abroad, pivot hinge doors are marking their territory, especially when the client or homeowner desires to make an impact at first sight of the dwelling’s pivot front door. Not to be only dominating the upscale housing market, high end commercial establishments are also seeking out a large, unique pivot hinge door to welcome their clientele. This leaves the playing field wide open for pivot door manufacturers as well as the hardware companies supplying pivot hinges for doors throughout the industry.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

While the pivot door market is growing by leaps and bounds, finding a pivot door company that specializes in pivoting doors, especially large pivot doors, is still hard to come by. Why? Unlike other side hinge doors, pivot hinges for doors that pivot are another type of door altogether.

Pivot hinges for doors

The pivot hinge door has two pivoting points where the pivot hinge is located. One on top of the pivot door, and one on the bottom of the pivot door. The center pivot door (indicating the center hung pivot hinge’s location in the door) is by far the most traditional location of the pivot door’s pivoting hardware, thought the current trend is to feature an offset door pivot hinge.

In the case of the offset pivot door, the pivot hardware is located to the left or right of center, or in an extreme edge pivot door the door pivot hinge is located closer to the outside edge of the door. This not only offers a unique visual impact of having an offset pivot door, there is also the advantage of having a wider opening when the door is in its opened position. With the offset door pivot hinge, the pivot door is not limited to one half of the pivot door’s frame, which provides more open access when using pivot hinges for doors that are offset (to one side of the center of the pivot door, or the other).

There is no doubt the pivot hinge doors is staking its claim on the front facing home as a pivot front door. The responsibility of the pivot front door is greatly escalated, as an exterior door one side of the pivot front door faces the elements, while the other side of the pivot door faces the home’s interior. This is asking for door trouble from the get-go, as front doors, especially for wooden pivot doors, due to their tendency to warp, bend or twist under these extreme circumstances.

There is one solid solution to the problems associated with large wooden doors used as pivot entry doors, and it is none other than Sing Core. If your pivot hinge doors is built with Sing Core inside, your pivot door will weigh in at a fraction of the weight of other pivot doors, while remaining extremely strong (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound). So strong, in fact, that your professional Sing pivot door can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. That means you don’t have to worry about you’re your door’s tendency to bend, twist cup or otherwise fail, including a full structural guarantee for 50 years. No other sustainable, Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength door can be backed with such an amazing guarantee.

Pivot doors prices can be very expensive doe to the nature of the doors to warp, and many steps have been taken in the past to keep these pivot doors straight, but at what cost? Adding an interior frame that is resistant to warp, like aluminum or steel may well keep the pivot door from warping but the pivot door then becomes very heavy, and heavy pivot doors mean heavy duty pivot door hardware.

When you’re staring a pivot hinge heavy duty in nature, you’re facing a large ticket item, as heavy duty pivot hinges can be very expensive indeed. If a pivot door is heavy, it is not unusual for the pivoting hardware to be many times the cost of the pivot door itself.

Think of all the savings which may be realized by having your pivot door built with Sing Core inside. You will save in shipping and transport, as well as installation, hardware and continued maintenance over time, because you have a lightweight Sing pivot door, without having to compromise in precision or high performance.

If you have a Sing professional pivot door, congratulations, you could have the best pivot door available today.