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Half-off Sing Core Save 50%

We invite you to join us to discover projects that require lightweight and high strength, where Sing Core may be the answer. Every day throughout our lives many products are being produced that have less strength, and are not so eco-friendly. While these traditional building materials may be inexpensive, the cost to our environment can be extreme.

We need your help in helping us find new ways to use eco-friendly Sing Core for a better tomorrow and a more sustainable planet for all creatures.

SAVE 50%


In fact, if you can come up with a unique product or application using Sing Core as your solution… one that we don’t have a photo of, yet… We will cut the cost of your Sing Core product in half, in exchange for a photo of sing Core in action.

All you have to do is to present us with your problem, use Sing Core as your solution and you will get your issues solved with our unique patented Sing Core technology at half-price.

People are continually finding new ways to use Sing Core to solve their difficult design problems (after all, your problems are the problems of the whole world)… and we reward them… and you… for introducing us to applications that had not yet occurred to us. In this way, you have helped us make the world a better place.

Just because a building material is heavy, doesn’t mean that it has structural strength, just like, lightweight does not mean weak. Sing core is the only affordable and practical building material that is both lightweight and very strong while being an ecologically sound alternative to traditional building amterials.

The striking news is this: We are amazed at how many problems that Sing Core is the solution to… When you require high strength, lightweight and eco-friendly, no other building material is more important than Sing Core.

We encourage you to challenge us to solve your problems with Sing Core and reward you with 50% savings on your order. Afer all, it’s not about the money… It’s about doing the right thing for mankind and our planet.