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Sing Core Now Available to Everyone

This may be the most important update from Sing Core ever.

Ever since the creation of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free Sing Core, inventor Peter Sing has sincerely desired to see this revolutionary material in the hands of the people, but due to the cost restraints of manufacturing a vertical grain small cell reinforced torsion box core, it was restricted to only high-end clientele who could take advantage of the technology.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core

Since then, Sing has invented many patented and patent-pending technologies to support these high-end architects, millworks, and door companies to make the impossible possible and still offer Sing’s unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee on door up to 50 ft or more.

Now, finally, Sing Core is available for you in the form of raw Sing Sandwich Core available from your local distributor.

This is good news for the thousands of craftspeople, engineers, furniture, and tiny house builders who have contacted Sing Core in the past and were disappointed with discovering that the cost was too high, or they were considered unqualified to handle such a raw substrate.

The Sing Core  factory only deals directly with architects, millworks, and door companies who have elitist clientele. This is still the case but now, Sing’s dream comes to life, as he can see his product reach the people who sincerely desire to use his technology in the real world.

There is no doubt that Sing’s reinforced insulated torsion box core invention is the most


High Strength

High Precision

Fully Insulated

Substrate in the World

Nothing else to date has been able to compare to Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies in terms of weight vs strength, allowing architects and millworks to create lightweight works of grand size without compromising precision or performance.

Available via Your Distributor

If you are in the business, you already have distributors that you already deal with. Sing Core is now opening their most effective and popular product used by the best millworks in the United States of America to your distributor(s). So that the next time you place your order, you can simply add Sing Core to your order from the distributor that you already use, and they put it on the same truck that is delivering the rest of your products for use on your project(s). Now, it’s that easy. The product?

The Sing Sandwich Substrate

Raw, unfinished, and available in

4×8 or 5×10

This is hands down, the most popular, most powerful substrate in the world. With it you can build a structure or shelter without the need for framing,

create lightweight, insulated products of any kind,

anything from cutting boards to complete luxurious homes, and everything in between.

Keep in mind that the Sing Sandwich Substrate is raw and unfinished. It is for using as a full unfinished panel by itself, but will require trimming (as there will be exposed glue on the edges), but know this is the exact same bulk material that the most exclusive millworks use inside their creations that sell for thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of dollars.

One tiny house builder said he’d sell his tiny house built with this material for $5 million. Take a look at his $5 Million Tiny House.

Look at the many applications where you can apply the Sing Sandwich Substrate.

The Sing Sandwich Applications are nearly endless (see full list) as they are the secret ingredient inside the most expensive Building Applications and Components and it’s so versatile and easy to employ as long as you know How to Use Sing Sandwich.

Make a Table

You can use Sing Sandwich Core to make a huge table lighter in weight many times but stronger. Here’s some examples of tabletops with Sing Core inside.

This is why torsion box was originally used, but Sing’s invention takes torsion box to the next level by reducing the size of the grids, flipping the grain perpendicular, and reinforcing with rigid insulation, for incomparable compression and shear strength.

Replace Other Core Materials

We suggest cutting your Sing Sandwich Core into manageable pieces, say 1 ft x 1 ft squares, and insert into your own panel or product, cut to size, then hot or cold press between the skins you require. Just like you might use aluminum core, plastic honeycomb core, paper core, wood-based core such as LVL, interjoined wood, particle board,

Strong Hybrid Solid Composite Core

Plus, know that Sing Core is strong through and through, the voids inside honeycomb are left empty, Sing Core torsion box grids are not hollow, they are reinforced with rigid foam insulation to create a hybrid solid composite core.

Slice to Desired Thickness

You can slice Sing Sandwich Core to the thickness that you need (less the skin to be added) just like you might using a solid wood core material, then add another skin to recomplete the torsion box structure, and insert as substrate. You cannot do this with other cores as they will fall apart.

Caution: We also caution you against making anything oversized, like a 20 to 50 ft door. (See Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.)

Lower Price

Thanks to Sing’s new manufacturing method and subsidies provided by high-end clientele, raw Sing Sandwich Core can be manufactured at a lower price and is comparable in cost to other types of traditional core materials, so now is the time to contact your local distributor to as for Sing Core.

Empower Your Imagination

Simply buy bulk 4x8s, like the big boys do, as many as you need, cut to size and create whatever your heart desires.

Remember, Sing Core is not available from our factory, only directly from your local distributor, the 1 that you already deal with.

Do Almost Anything You Want

You can cut into smaller pieces, i.e. 1 ft x 1 ft for easy storage and inserting into anything that you want, though we caution against making anything too large. The Sing Core factory specializes in extravagant oversized projects that feature Sing Core inside, plus other supporting technologies, see disclaimer Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door below.

We Set Up Your Distributor

If they currently do not have Sing Core in stock for you, have them contact us. We will set them up, so that you can have full access to the Sing Core material you have so longed to use.

Sing Core for Everyone

This is a dream come true for inventor Peter Sing who has always wanted to see his material in the hands of every craftsman, artist, and manufacturer in the world. And now, thanks to the support of the most elite providers in the world and through this method of supplying the raw material to you through your favorite distributor, you can be using Sing Core in your projects, limited only by your own imagination.

Don’t Call Us

While we are so excited about being able to now offer Sing Core to the public, please accept our apologies in advance, as we do not offer customer support for consumers. We assume that you have the technical know-how and equipment necessary to use Sing Core responsibly, just like the professionals we supply. If you need to learn, there are many resources that can be found amongst the Sing Core website. See How to Use Sing Sandwich Core. Please feel free to check there for more information. If you feel you are in over your head, please find a professional millwork near you who can help you fix and/or finish your project to your satisfaction. By buying any Sing Core product, you do so at your own risk and accept full responsibility for doing so.

Don’t Try to Make a High-end Door (disclaimer)

You can probably use Sing Sandwich Core alone to use as substrate in a door up to 7 or 8 ft tall. A major part of what we do it to assist high-end door companies create doors of immense size that are guaranteed to remain true flat and warp-free for 50 years. While Sing Sandwich Core is found inside these huge high-end doors, it is not the only product you will find inside. Inventor, Peter Sing, has many patent and patent-pending technologies that are part of this large door segment, and his True Flat Team helps to engineer the hybrid and composite core inside these highly specialized door that lead to this level of performance. Factors taken into consideration besides the overall size of the door include but are not limited to, the surface material (skin), application, style (look) of the door, extra materials inside the door (interior blocking), how the door will be articulated (hardware), interior or exterior, location (geographic location, sea level, door facing direction, etc.), and usage, jut to name a few. Just as a word of caution that using Sing Sandwich Core alone will not result in a high precision and performance door, the type which Sing Core creates and guarantees to remain warp-free for 50 years. Please do not try this at home.