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Surplus Tiny House Inventory

Expires August 25th, 2017

Surplus-inventory-clearance-sale-Sing-tiny-house-reinforced-structural-insulated-panels-rsipstack-of-honeycomb-panels-with-solid-wood-edgesIt is widely known that Sing Core manufactures the world’s best panels for the upscale commercial manufacturers and builders in the Tiny House movement. Even though we only conduct business wholesale trade direct, occasionally we have surplus tiny house inventory.

You can cash-in on this opportunity to obtain Sing tiny house panels for your tiny house project. For these surplus items, you do not have to be a certified manufacturer or distributor.

You will be allowed to have discount access to a quantity of Sing sandwich panels limited to type, style and size on-hand. Quantities are limited and offered on a first-come first-serve basis. Also note, as always, we do not provide retail customer support for how to build a tiny house.


Item no longer available

(Note: Currently there is no surplus inventory due to production improvements)

These are the same Reinforced Structural Insulated Panels (RSIP) that are fully insulated, lightweight high strength panels (stronger than steel) used as floors, walls and roofs in the best tiny houses.

Q: Are 1.5 inch panels strong enough for my tiny house?

A: These are not like any other honeycomb panel in the world. Normal honeycomb panels rate at 10-to-100 PSI strength, while Sing honeycomb structural panels independently test at 660+ PSI and have unprecedented shear strength. Look at these pictures:

No problem for these 1.125 inch panels to support this massive upper structure thanks to patented Sing Core. No other material compares.

These panels are only 1.125 inch with no solid wood edges (compare to 1.5 inch w/wood edge upgrade).

These panels are only 1.125 inch with no solid wood edges (compare to 1.5 inch w/wood edge upgrade).

There are so many ways to build a tiny house as no two are the same, and the methods, especially when using Sing tiny house panels, are so varied, even we are astonished at the many innovative methods that the ingenious tiny house builders. We’re especially fond of the tiny house builders that embrace our frameless approach to tiny house design.

Note: Sing Tiny House Panels are available for wholesale only to tiny house building contractors. You may purchase these patented panels if you have knowledge equivalent to that of a building contractor.

Quantities are limited. If you would like to get your hands on these surplus panels before they’re gone, call us at


Yes, Sing Core does make the best reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) for use in Tiny House applications as walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. We have a huge desire to support the tiny house industry but be aware that we only offer Sing Panels for tiny house construction to professional distribution channels. Since we offer no support for our products (besides what is readily available via our web site). Our operation is not setup to sell our products to people in need of retail customer service. We suggest that you seek answers to any questions about how to use Sing panels by consulting with your engineer, architect, builder or contractor.

Note: We do occasionally offer products direct to the do it yourselfer, like Tiny House panel Kits or Tiny House Surplus Panels. Though we may provide you with the materials, we offer no how-to support to the DIY enthusiast except that which is available via our Tiny House FAQ (frequently asked questions) and other online resources.

Note: Prices do not include shipping.

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Wholesale Blow-Out

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