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I Need Your Help to Build the Best Tiny House

We want you to help us build the best new generation of expandable tiny house in the world. We are moving into a new tiny home direction and we’re looking for a few good people, like you, or if not you, like someone you know. So, this opportunity is open, right now, for the right person, so please take the time to take a look at this and pass it onto the right person, if necessary and have him or her contact us right away.

Sing Core is in the process of creating a new generation of Tiny House structure building material. Our clients have built the best Tiny Homes using patented Sing Core and to say they were high-end would be an understatement as they could be valued for as high as $5 million.

Earn Extra Income at Home

You can join our growing team and community and increase your income earning potential considerably. First of all, if you are handy and have your own tools and workspace, you could be a Sing tiny home builder. We’re looking for two types, the woodworker(s) and the utility installers, those whom we will supply the materials to, and those who will provide the parts as well and will be compensated commensurately, or both. If you are enthusiastic about tiny homes and have the right skills, we need you. This could be anyone, and could be a great working retirement opportunity if you love it and are passionate about it.

Local is Better

Sure, we can work with anyone, anywhere, but we would be thrilled if you lived somewhat locally, like in the Pacific Northwest, and we will do whatever we can to accommodate any special arrangements to make this work for the right person.

No-fail Compensation

Our generous compensation program is designed for you, the tiny house enthusiast, who has the basic skills necessary to create a unique tiny house project, the likes of which, has never been seen before. You can work at home, in your own shop, with your own tools, or come and work with us here. This is a project you can be proud to have participated in, and it can help make the world a better place.

Shared Revenue Tiny House Hotels

While networking and building this new generation of tiny house to integrate into the tiny home community, there emerges a trend whereby Sing’s tiny houses may be available to everyone from RV park owners and operators to landowners, project developers, and community helps organizations.

Sing Tiny Homes will help book your tiny house for rent through their network, and you, the host of the tiny house will split the proceeds of the rental receipts 50/50. You supply the space to host and the hookups, Sing Core supplies the tiny house, and we share the revenue.

It is a concept worth considering, especially if you’re entertaining the idea of moving into the tiny house rental arena.


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It’s What We Do

Sing Core has done it again. Long ago we established ourselves as having the most revolutionary insulated lightweight high-strength panels in the world. They’ve been used in so many ways by the elite for science, military, outer space, government agencies, galleries, and in the homes of the most prominent billionaires. Undoubtedly the most expensive way to build a high-end tiny house in the world, which has been done by those rare people who want the best tiny home at any price.

We Need You

This is a huge leap for us to go into this new phase, changing the way tiny homes are being designed and built from the ground up, and we need a few visionaries with the skills to help us produce prototypes that include plumbing, electrical, and finish-work. We need your help in showcasing our material and making it functional and elegant in presentation.

New Expandable Design

Just to let you know what we’re looking at, this new concept is an expanding tiny house concept that starts with a central box unit that incorporates the kitchen and bath. This box is nested inside a series of nested boxes that expand upward and outward from the kitchen/bath “heart” of the home.

Open and Closed System Tiny Homes

Sing Core designs include both open and closed systems, so that these tiny homes can be deployed to any location with or without hookups. If hookups are available, such as those that would be required for traditional RV hookups, just park your tiny house, block it, and plug it in. The closed system requires no water/sewer hook up, uses a pre-installed tank system, and receives service once-a-week. With this new generation of closed system tiny house, Sing Core has revenue share opportunities available with no front end cost to property owners/managers. Talk to a representative for more information on how to get into this new faction of the hospitality industry.

We Need You Now

We have started construction on this project, and we need you now to lend us your tiny house enthusiasm, expertise, and ideas to see this project which will change the world of how small homes are designed and built.

What Changes to the Industry?

First, the expanded nested boxes concept is unique, but when we get to the next phase of manufacturing around the nation and the globe, all tiny houses will be built locally, with varying degrees of manufacture participation. Consider this, even a retired couple who love tiny houses can crowd-manufacture these tiny homes for their geographical location, by assembling and beautifying the components you are helping us design today.

Contact Us

If you would like to join our team and share this dream with us, contact us as soon as possible, as once we have assembled this team, we will no longer be accepting applications, and we will be focusing intensely on this project, and we’ll drop you a line when we are ready to introduce you to this new exciting tiny house method.

Thank You

Thank you for your years of support, for those of you who know what a great tiny house building material Sing Core can be, and now it’s only getting better, thanks to your support, and that of our high-end clients who are making all this possible.