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Sing RV Slide Outs

Sing RV Slide OutsThe most significant evolution in RV, fifth wheel and travel trailer slide outs is the revolutionary patented Sing Core that is insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, designed to last for years without fail and Eco-friendly.

Slide outs are becoming more popular as a method of expanding the enjoyable space within an RV and are showing in truck campers with slide outs, small travel trailers with slide outs, pop up trailers are installing RV slide out systems.

Regardless of the type or style of recreational vehicle or camper, if it has a slide out, it is likely to be the weakest link in the overall design; especially if you have a model that has multiple slide out which offer the greatest amount of luxury and convenience, that is, until the slide outs begin to display problematic behavior.

Problems with Slide Outs

The most common slide out failure is the RV slide out seal. Simply due to the many RV slide out parts of the slide out itself leads to compromising the slide out’s seal, making this the most prominent of all RV slide out problems.

A faulty seal can leak that is inconvenient but more importantly can lead to rot even causing severe damage to the interior floor of the RV.

Slide out mechanisms tend to break down over time due to stress, strain and due to the vibrations of shear road miles over varying terrain. Get more mileage and life out of your RV slide out motor. Whether your slide out system is electric with screw type extenders, using electric gear motors or hydraulic manual system, these RV slide out problems could be easily remedied by using the Sing RV solution.

Why Do Slide Outs Fail?

The stress and strain from the heavy weight of a slide out adds to the failure of the slide out seal and mechanics. If a slide is left in the outside position for extended periods of time, this causes even more strain to the slide out system.

The deflection of the slide out causes failure to the system because heavy supports will bend. An early indication of failure due to deflection is when your electronic system pulls in your slide out but doesn’t pull it in to the secure locked-in position forcing the user to use the hand crank to finish the job.

Since there is no such thing as non-failing RV slide out mechanics, what is the solution?

See inside Sing RV Slide Outs insulated torsion box composite core stronger than steelThe Sing RV Slide Out Solution

Thanks to the patented Sing technology, we are able to supply RV slide out manufacturers with the perfect solution to the problems associated with slide out failures.

DIY conversion folks are headed to Lowe’s in droves to get their hands on the Sing Sandwich (a 4 ft. x 8 ft. x 1.5 in. torsion box/rigid foam composite panel) that they are using to reconfigure their RV slide outs to solve the slide out problem. And these motivated and creative craftspeople are not just using this new material for their DIY RV slide out; they’re using it throughout the entire structure, including internal furnishings.

RV Slide Out Manufacturers

The Sing RV Slide Out solution is not available to the public (except for the savvy do-it-yourselfers that seek out Sing Core via their local Lowe’s Home Improvement Pro Desk). This innovative technology solution is only available to manufacturers of RV slide outs.

If you are an RV slide out manufacturer, please Contact Sing Core and start incorporating this new lightweight, high strength material into your next generation of RV with the highest precision RV slide outs available.

Increase performance and customer satisfaction with the Sing RV Slide out Solution by building an RV slide out system that will outlast any other in the industry while dramatically decreasing or eliminating expensive regular slide out maintenance.

Wait; there’s more…

Sing Core also makes the best:

Floors, Doors, Walls, Cabinets, Furniture, Ceilings and Roofs

That are Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight and stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

RV cabinets lightweight stronger than steelWhen you’re battling for weight, the best way is to consider a Sing conversion. Converting all the MDF or other unstable, heavy-weight materials with the lightweight Sing Core alternative saves you hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds in your overall RV; PLUS you’re now using the most advanced Eco-friendly high-tech building material that is stronger than steel pound-for-pound!

RV Slide Out Floors

RV slide-out floors have a tendency to fail when relying on plywood that is heavy and prone to warp and delamination. Sing RV slide out floors are lightweight, high strength and stay straight and true. Sing RV slide out floors could be guaranteed for 50 years not to warp, bend or twist while offering trouble free hardware performance, whether your slide out system is automated or manual.

RV Cabinets

RV cabinet not made of patented Sing Core are many times heavier and not as strong. Join the high-end custom RV buyers who are specifying Sing Core in their architectural designs. If you are to have the very best, most sustainable materials in your motor coach or RV, accept no substitute.

Lightweight high strength sing core is a better RV tableRV Tables

RV tables beds, countertops and other accessories are adding extra unwarranted weight to your RV, which increases fuel costs and adds unnecessarily to advanced deterioration throughout the life of your RV. Don’t be wasteful. The responsible true green use of sustainable Sing Core will help you save money, enjoy the fruits of your labor longer with less maintenance over time… and you can sleep better at night knowing that you’re doing your part to help make a better world.

RV Beds

No matter what type of beds you are designing for use in your RV, the Sing solution is the only Eco friendly insulated RV building material that is lightweight and high strength. Types of RV beds using Sing Core:

  • Folding beds
  • Bunk beds
  • Suspended beds
  • Overhanging beds
  • Shelf beds
  • Murphy beds
  • Water beds

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