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Secret Revealed: How to Keep Large Doors Straight

Inventor Peter Sing discloses how he and his True Flat Team can build enormous doors of any size and/or material and keep them straight and guarantee them to remain warp-free for 50 years.


First, there is the standard answer. Sing uses his patented torsion box hybrid composite core to build large doors that will not warp. Doors with Sing’s patented core inside are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, and are fully insulated for increased temperature control and sound deadening capabilities.

How is it possible to build a large warp-free door?

This question is indicative of the problem facing door companies with doors over a standard height. If a door is over 7.5 feet tall, it is generally excluded from the warranty which might cover the rest of the doors in the build package. You will have to sign a waiver if they do decide to build the big doors for you, but it is more likely that they will have you get it from someone else.



Because they know there is the likely inevitability that those oversized doors are going to warp at the next change of season (or sooner) and they don’t want to be hassled with servicing the warped door.

How to Build a 50-year Warp-free Door

While the simple answer is to use Sing’s patented core, it is far more complicated than that. Peter Sing and his True Flat team have a toolbox full of patented and patent pending anti-warp technologies that they use on each large, oversized door, as no two huge doors are alike. Well, unless they are a pair of matched double door, then they are likely to be the same.


There are so many considerations that Sing and his team review prior to deciding how to build the door. First, it is the door’s dimensions. The bigger the door, the more engineering and warp-resistance needs to go into the door.

Then it is the door’s application. Will it be interior or exterior? Will it be exposed to the elements? If it is an exterior door, what area of the country will it be located? What altitude will it be installed at and which direction will it face?

Finally, what will the intended exterior surface material be made of?


The best parts are under the skin

Under the skin, the exterior surface material of the door, you will find a complex array of Sing technology fighting against the natural inclination of these big doors to move in response to any change in the local environment, including moisture, barometric pressure, heat, cold, just about anything you can imagine, Sing has a technology to keep that door straight.

In the most extreme cases, Sing’s team might be exposed to something new. A new unforeseen challenge, like wood grain’s reaction at high altitudes, or concrete in extremely cold temperatures. Necessity is the precursor to invention, which leads to another new patented Sing solution.

Then there are other considerations to take into account.

Are there any specific expectations such as final door weight, water, fire, sound, or bullet proofing? Impact resistance? Insulation R-value?

Every door with Sing Core inside is a work of art

As you may have guessed, a door that is going to be operated mostly in outer space (NASA) would be built quite differently from a door used in a submarine (US Navy). Just like an exterior front entry door made for Hollywood California would be different from a front door in New York City, even though they look the same and are made of the same basic materials.

Sing and his True Flat Team take all these things in consideration to make sure that the door you install today will not warp tomorrow, or anytime in the future (up to 50 years guaranteed).

This enables the biggest and best door companies in the world to build the biggest and best doors in the world complete with Sing’s 50-year guarantee.

It’s the only way to do it, and all you have to do is to contact your favorite custom door manufacturer or millwork near you and tell them you want a door with, “Sing Core inside,” and Peter Sing and his team will make sure you end up with a lightweight high strength warp-free door you can be proud to have for 50 years or more.

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Sing Solution Considerations

What should you consider when seeking out the Sing solution?

1. Dimensions Affect Price


Sing Core can build anything that can be panelized, from large pivot doors to hangar doors and panelized structures such as warehouses or even Sing Log Homes. Very large panels or walls can reach enormous proportions and can be made modular for near seamless assembly on site. Other factors which affect the overall price of your project will be,

2. Importance of Surface Material


The skin material used on your panel’s exterior greatly affects how the substructure is built. Basically, the greater the tendency for the exterior surface material to move, the more of Sing’s True Flat engineering is required to create a hybrid substrate which will counteract the panel’s tendency to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise create a challenge in the field over time.

Cutaway shows detail of patented reinforced vertical grain torsion box core

3. Sing Core Inside

The core of the panel in question can come in many different variations besides the patented and fully insulated, reinforced vertical grain torsion box core to match the high precision performance expectations of your project. Many considerations are made to determine the size of the patented structure grids as well as integration of patent-pending counter-warp materials to achieve desired results.

4. Thickness

Thickness of your panel and each of its features affects everything. For instance, it is much easier to keep a panel straight and true the higher the percentage of patented Sing Core is inside your panel proportionally. Even if your surface material is natural wood, your client might desire 3/8” thick material, when using 1/8” material is far more effective, and the difference is not noticeable on the end product.

All of these things play a part in the design and engineering of your panel in terms of

Giant Factory Door Extremely Light Weight


The overall weight of your custom panel(s) is determined by the sum of all the components which are necessary to create a one-of-a-kind solution which meets your required specifications. The greater the amount of Sing Core inside your panel, the less it will weigh and the stronger it will be.


No other substrate in the world is more lightweight or high-strength than inventor Peter Sing’s Sing Core, which provides for a solid composite core based on Sing’s patented insulated and reinforced torsion box structure, which is stronger than steel pound for pound (660+ PSI). By doubling the among of patented Sing Core, you multiply the strength of the panel four times.


Besides being Eco-friendly and made in the USA, patented Sing Core is the only substrate which can guarantee your panel will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail. In fact, this revolutionary building material enables the best door companies in the world to build large doors of any size which can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years (a first in the industry).

Affordable Sing Core Made in USA exported to Thailand

Affordable Sing Core Made in USA exported to Thailand


Sing solutions for problems and challenging projects can be costly, but they may also be extremely affordable depending on your performance expectations.

If you are on a budget and flexible about some of the elements of your design, there is a good chance that Sing’s True Flat Team may be able to reengineer a solution for you that will both meet your budget and your performance expectations.