If you were to kick a Singcore door panel you would break your leg before you could break the door. “Peter Sing, Owner and inventor of SingCore”

High traffic areas are perfect for a lightweight Singcore door . You get a Singcore door without the weight of a hollow metal and with the highest precision.
Singcore panels are light, solid as a rock, and come with a 50 year guarantee. Our doors have a patented and patent pending core that is more solid than hollow. That is why they do not feel or sound hollow.

Although door panels may look the same; upon closer inspection you can clearly detect the difference between the Singcore door and other competitors, because the Singcore door feels solid.
Typically a hollow metal door wobbles and shakes and is only attached on the frame like a standard framed wall but a Singcore door is attached every 2-3 inches. A hollow metal framed door is fabricated like a structural insulated panel wall to make a door. But a wall does not need to withstand movement. Without SingCore the SIP can delaminate from years of use

A hollow metal door is made in the same manner as a framed wall, which is fastened top and bottom and sides.

However, a door is not a wall that is stationary and connected to adjoining surfaces on all 4 sides. A door is floating and only attached on one side or top and bottom on a pivot door. This means that a hollow metal door will shake and wiggle as it is moved on its hinges.
The larger the door the worse it will shake.

While hollow metal doors are heavy, heavy does not always mean stronger.

Door Weights Per Square Foot
Based upon 3’0″ x 7’0″ Door Size

When you hit a hollow metal door the skin can be broken through because it is hollow underneath the skin. There is no structure support.
Furthermore, when the metal frame is welded the heat causes fatigue and distortion. Singcore has a tolerance of +/-.006, no welded frame door can achieve this type of tolerance. That is why Singccore guarantees for straight and our panels for 50 years.

To be a high end door it needs to feel well made and solid. Here at Singcore our products are made like no other and it can be seen through our metal and wood frame doors.

For an example of alternative lightweight cores let’s look at aluminum core. A hollow aluminum core does not have any insulation and there is also little sound deadening.  But here at Singcore our aluminum skinned doors have built-in insulation. A value of an R3 to R6.5 rating per inch, depending on client’s needs/specifications. Our Sing Core’s filler material has natural sound-deadening properties. They can be any height, any width, any thickness and can be manufactured in as little as three days.

Sing Core doors are available in any size or shape per your specifications and specializing in large oversize doors are available in lengths and/or widths up to 50 feet. The advantage of using the Sing Core material with aluminum, is that it is nearly impervious to changing weather conditions and retains its true flatness and structural integrity over long spans.

The technology of Singcore comes from the outstanding power that is shown in the high precision making. No other door is made like Singcore.