Inventor Peter Sing has always had compassion for the homeless and using his patented Sing Core to help make the world a better place.

When he sees people suffering, he envisions Sing Core as the best solution for creating harmony amongst all peoples.

While his products are used regularly by America’s elite (see recent Guggenheim installation) he believes it to be the simplest and most effective solution for homelessness.

Guggenheim Gallery Brookly New York Sing Museum Panels Before After

The very same technology used to create instantly reconfigurable space in the Rumney Guggenheim Gallery in Brooklyn, New York could be used to add privacy, safety, security and reduce heating and cooling costs for the homeless.

Sing’s patented Eco-friendly panels are insulated (with sound dampening characteristics) lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

smallest-house-in-the-world-no-more-tentsTwo years ago, Mr. Sing launched a campaign to offer his Smallest House in the World to address the homeless in search of an insulated liveable instant structure that could be heated with the heat generated by candlelight at a discount price.

This year, the inventor of Sing Core is already being moved to a compassionate expedition to further help the homeless. These photos include temporary housing facilities that attempt to accommodate large numbers of people in large empty spaces.

These spaces are not dissimilar to the wide open empty space of the Guggenheim Gallery. Just as effective as transforming the space into a beautiful gallery, Sing’s insulated Sandwich Panels (available via Lowe’s Pro Desk) could be used to offer homeless individuals and families reconfigurable private quarters being housed in large spaces.

It is bad enough not to be able to sleep in your own home, but to have to have to live without any privacy in a large group environment adds insult to injury; and could be considered borderline inhumane.

Sing believes that his insulated panels are the answer. This year he is moved to help by offering special discounts to homeless shelters and has even launched a Go Fund Me campaign to offer tiny house kits for donation in an effort to help with the homeless situation in the USA.