architects-material-suuportArchitects Material Support

Sing Core partners with architects to help bring their creations to life. In many ways, Sing Core would not have its place in the building materials industry, if not for concerned and creative architects looking to push the envelope of contemporary designs. Assisting architects is the backbone of the Sing Core model. We are so [… click here for more…]

Save 50% Sing Sandwich Panels are On Sale

Here at Sing Core, we make the world’s best Eco-friendly oversize doors that are lightweight, stronger than any other comparable material, and are true flat. No one else could accomplish this feat if not for the Sing Core composite secret ingredient.

Now you can [… click here for more…]

What kind of tiny house you should consider to build?

We are the world’s best large door manufacturer in the world, our inventor Peter sing has a heart after the Tiny House market and is helping the Tiny House community to build Tiny Houses that are

Easy to build Lightweight High strength Eco-friendly Visually attractive [… click here for more…]

The Sing Ice Fishing House is a marvel in the Minnesota Ice Fishing community. Sing Ice Fishing Shanty is guaranteed to give you the protection from the elements, while maximizing your ice fishing experience.

The Sing Ice Fishing House sets up in less than 10 minutes, and disassembles in 5. The Sing ice fishing shanty [… click here for more…]

Get the materials to build your insulated Tiny House at huge discounts, if you place your order using our holiday layaway offer.

SAVE 50%

Place your order by December 31st, and get our year-end holiday savings rate.

Regular price: $6 per sq ft

Holiday Layaway Price: $3 per sq ft [… click here for more…]

The Smallest House in the World can have all the conveniences of home in such a small space:

Assembles quickly (easily in 10 minutes) Small quality living space Insulated floor and walls Easy to heat Very strong (can survive hurricane or earthquake) Plenty of headroom for Standing Exercising Pacing Plenty of room area to stretch [… click here for more…]

Lightweight High Strength Eco Friendly Metal Pivot Doors

When professionals seek out extraordinary, unique and/or oversized modern steel doors the most conscientious purveyors settle on a Sing Core metal pivot door.

While exquisitely masterful in their design, modern metal pivot doors present many challenges. The first challenge to overcome is that of excess weight. Due [… click here for more…]

We invite you to join us to discover projects that require lightweight and high strength, where Sing Core may be the answer. Every day throughout our lives many products are being produced that have less strength, and are not so eco-friendly. While these traditional building materials may be inexpensive, the cost to our environment can be extreme.

We [… click here for more…]

Sample-client-list-I-M-Pei-Partnership-ArchitectsSample Client List

Pei Partnership Architects (I.M. Pei) NY Allegheny Millwork PA Deerfield Millwork NY Duratherm Door & Windows NY Interior Environments WA McFarland Door OR Millworks by Design CA O.B. Williams Co. WA On Site Woodwork Corporation IL Robert Shaw Mfg Co Inc TX South Shore Millwork MA Woodmeister Master Builders MA

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We are giving you $100.00 if you can help us find the new material that we are in desperate need of to reduce the green house effect. If it is not newly invented Sing Core, we need to know what is:

The Most Important Invention of the Century in terms of Lightweight, [… click here for more…]

Why Sing Honeycomb is “Green”

Why Sing wood veneer honeycomb structure is “Green” and the most earth friendly way to use natural and manmade materials?

Many people ask… “Is the foam used in Sing honeycomb core a green product?”

The answer is yes when looked at in terms of sustainability.

[… click here for more…]

Sing Core Partners with Architects and Designers for a Better World

Lightweight does not mean weak, heavy does not mean strong; just as low cost does not mean inferior. If you are searching for lightweight panel, post and beam in wood, metal, cement board, FPR or plastic for your building design project. Newly Patented Sing [… click here for more…]

Ever wonder what is the hottest, most valuable information about SingCore technology? If you want to be updated on the evolving super-strong green technology that is SingCore, you can sign up for our SingCore Insider Secrets. As a member of our SingCore Insider Secrets you can expect to recieve weekly updates from us delivered to [… click here for more…]

Sing Along With American Made Lightweight Tables

By Damon Marturion

Using Sing Core technology, the structural integrity of any table can be magnified exponentially while remaining extremely lightweight.

Inventor, Peter Sing, says, “There is nothing like this in the world that is eco-friendly lightweight, strong and stronger than titanium; plus,” says Sing, “We help put [… click here for more…]

We are exporting Sing Core to provide the tallest skyscrapers in Bangkok with the solutions to their design problems.


(Photo above, pre-export at home in the USA)


What design problems do you think they have? Mostly the same problem all large project designers run into, like the complexities of ecologically friendly, lightweight, [… click here for more…]

Monday, July 18, 2013 For Immediate Release


The first container of green patented plywood exported to Asia is the start of something new. Inventor, Peter Sing from McCleary, Washington, invites Americans to join his grass roots eco-revolution.


This might be the first container of a new, lightweight plywood manufactured [… click here for more…]


SingCore is the provider of SingCore technology that companies use in supplying luxury components to Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, the Pope and even to you.

SingCore is excited to announce the newest opportunity available to Sing Club Members to enroll in our exclusive Lightweight University. The courses will teach many applications of sing core [… click here for more…]


The Nature Conservancy

“Peter and Linda along with the rest of the Sing Home team were lifesavers! They were wonderful to work with and did all that they could to meet tight deadlines without losing the flawless quality in their work. I look forward to collaborating with them again. All the best,” Jane

[… click here for more…]

Sing Product Customers in Different Industries (Click Customer’s Name to go to Customer’s Site) Architect Greenpod Development Joseph Hurley V100modbox Architecture In Formation

Mill Work Herrick & White Hamilton Fixture Enjo Buda Woodworks Kerr Millwork Interior Environments Mielach Woodwork Northwest Millwork Royal Custom Design Sielig & Jones Inc US Communications Allegheny Millwork

General [… click here for more…]

Large, oversize sliding door expertsLarge Oversize Sliding Doors

Check out the new doors for one of the world’s largest distributors of mint oil! We were really happy to build two sets of large oversize doors for an essential oil warehouse recently. One pair of panels became the double door set opens to the sides (left), while the other set of three rolls off

[… click here for more…]

Peter was inspired recently to find yet another use for Sing Honeycomb Panels. We’re launching a line of insulated panels for overhead garage doors. He noticed that too many nice homes have dinged up garage doors. It’s because garage doors are expensive to repair. You don’t want to replace a panel for a golf ball [… click here for more…]