Pivot doors are one of the most common doors built in the industry, and Sing Core makes large, custom, and unique pivot doors a possibility with our lightweight and strong core. Sing Core panels have been used for doors in everything from celebrity homes to large commercial buildings.

Now speaking of large buildings, recently our panels can be found in the new W. T. Brookshire Conference Center. The conference center features upgraded design amenities with multiple conference rooms. The rooms are named after some of the roses in the legendary Tyler Rose Garden. The City of Tyler celebrated the opening of the new W. T. Brookshire Conference Center at the Tyler Rose Complex earlier this month. The city’s current and four previous mayors cut the ribbon for the new building.



The new state-of-the-art facility, constructed where Harvey Hall once stood, was built as the centerpiece of the Rose Complex. The city describes the new venue as “a three-acre park with a grand fountain standing before the mid-century-modern-inspired building to create an impressive and inviting entrance. The Center’s unique design brings the outdoor beauty of the Tyler Rose Garden indoors, even inspiring the names of each room. The center has a total of 50,230 square feet including a commercial catering kitchen with a loading dock, warmers, stainless steel counters and a walk-in refrigerator, a green room lounge, a multi-purpose room, smaller breakout rooms and theatrical lighting and sound system.



The panels are 144’’ in length, 56.5’’ in width, and 4’’ in height. The customer wanted the skin to be  ⅜’’ AB Ply and a Not Trimmed edge. The Sing Core Panels can be found in the conference room featured below.

At Sing Core we have many skin options. From metal doors to ceramic, to fiberglass, we got it. As seen in the specifications list the customer also wanted a Not Trimmed Edge. Untrimmed panels are preferred for clients that intend to trim their panels to final size in the field, or would like to save money by performing the work themselves. The last specification was a Professional Grade. These panels come with patented internal stiffeners and are backed by our strictest 50-year guarantee. We recommend this grade of panel for oversize panels greater than 4′ x 8′ or any project that benefits from a long term guarantee.


any door skin hard wood metal aluminum


Sing Core’s superiority lies in its exceptional strength and durability. Large industrial doors constructed with Sing Core are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, maintaining their structural integrity over time. The honeycomb core is made with high grade hardwood and insulation, creating a solid foundation that can withstand immense pressure and resist warping. This remarkable strength ensures that the doors remain robust and reliable even in the face of heavy use and challenging environments.



All of our products at Sing Core are backed by a 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural Guarantee. You won’t find this common in the industry, as few products can hold up to it. At Sing Core, we don’t make empty promises. Your door will last for 50 years without structural or warping issues, guaranteed.

This is the final product of the Sing Core doors in the W. T. Brookshire Conference Center in Tyler, Texas.