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SINGCORE-The new technology.


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Cut away of Sing Core Panel

Sing Core Qualities

Sing Core is a veneer torsion box embedded in EPS foam. You can finish Sing Core with any load bearing facial material. In our core, we use the strongest material in the strongest form: vertical grain veneer! Our grid is stronger than other honeycomb sandwich cores because the veneer is arranged with the grain perpendicular to the skin. Sing Core comes in a variety of dimensions and Grid Sizes. The standard grid size is 3”x3” which offers versatility in weight and strength. For a lighter core we suggest using our larger grid sizes, 4”x4” or larger. To increase strength and decrease the chance of telescoping you could choose to use our 2”x2” or smaller core grid sizes.

Wt per cubic ft: 4.5lbs
Compression strength: Has reached over 660psi.
Material contents: Wood veneer and foam (typically EPS foam).

Sing core only sold to Sing clients have previous experience manufacturing panels using our Sing Core Blocks. This prevents mistakes that are often made using a new core material.

Advantages of Sing Core:
-One step to produce Sing Panels.
-Saves time and material cost.
-Lighter to ship then Sing Core blocks and Sing panels, which reduces the shipping cost

Disadvantages of Sing Core:
-Sing Core is made of vertical grain veneer formed in a metric shape (torsion box). This makes it very easy to break when it hasn’t been glued to skins. The Core by itself must handle with extreme caution, but once it has been sandwiched into a panel it becomes very strong.
-Sing Core requires specific glue types and pressing procedures to bond correctly with a facial material.


How To Build Doors Using Our Core

The easiest way to build the best doors.

Step 1 - Apply Glue to the Skin

Step 2 - Build Solid Wood Frame

Step 3 - Install the patented Sing honeycomb torsion box core & press on the skins. We suggest using a Urethane glue such as Gorilla Glue.

Step 4 (optional) - Cut hole for window and prepare window trim.

Step 5 (optional) - Install glass and finish the door to desired look and function.

Step 6 - Install the door onto jam.

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