Warp-free, lightweight, insulated honeycomb panels

About SingCore

Helping your clients achieve their dreams by engineering groundbreaking materials.

The Only Eco-friendly Lightweight Warp-free Building Materials in the World

Inventor Peter Sing has been providing his patented and patent-pending warp-free building materials to industries, such as military, aerospace, construction, high-end millworks and door companies in panel or post and beam configurations that are stronger than steel pound for pound and are guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Sing’s large oversized building technologies push the limits of standard flat building goods far beyond their abilities, creating and entirely new type of revolutionary building material. Never in the history of mankind have you ever been able to build such large flat surfaces covering unsupported long spans that can be extremely flat and warp-resistant until the invention of Sing’s core.

In fact, Sing is known for his warp-free wood, and warp-free metal which is known as the strongest metal on Earth which is so lightweight, both of which are considered top-of-the-line and are increasingly being spec’d by the best architects and engineers. The biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom door manufacturers are using Sing’s core as the only way to build

Large Warp-free Doors

which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free and fail-free for 50 years. There is no other Eco-friendly lightweight high strength material that can do it.

Inventor Peter Sing standing on a 13 ft span warp-free metal panel 1-inch thick

Whatever you’re building, you can build it bigger and better than before by using Sing Core.

What can you expect from Sing Core?

The only high precision warp free door of any type, style or size that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years. No door can achieve such high levels of precision, performance or longevity unless it has patented SingCore inside. See: What We Do

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

How Can I Get a Door with Sing Core Inside?

We are the manufacturers of SingCore. We do not sell retail. We only supply the best architects, builders, manufacturers, millworks and door companies with patented SingCore products that lift and redefine the limitations of weight and strength in building materials such as doors, panels, post and beams.

If you are an Architect, Millwork, Trade Professional, or Wholesale/Distributor, please feel free to Click for Pricing.

Can I Deal with Sing Core Direct?

SingCore only works to support commercial businesses and trade professionals and though we provide the best materials for making the most high precision high performance Eco-friendly doors in the world, we do not make doors. We only supply the architectural door blanks to the millworks and door companies for finishing. Contrary to popular belief, we do not sell finished doors.

Getting SingCore products is very easy; homeowners or retail inquiries can contact your local trade professional or favorite door company and tell them you want a door with, “SingCore Inside.”

It’s a Team Effort

It takes a village to build the world’s best doors. Here’s how it works:

The customer says what kind of door they want, the architect develops the details or the door and specifies SingCore as the base material. The millwork or door company who is providing the door contacts SingCore for the custom base material, specifying premium if the 50 year guarantee is requested. The team at SingCore designs and builds the unfinished warp-free door in concert with the architectural specifications. The resulting door blank is sent from SingCore to the millwork or door company who will finish the door. The finished door is then delivered to contractors and/or installers for hanging and installation.

Note: We do not sell complete finished doors to retail customers. No hardware, no finishing. We only support other trade professionals, like millworks and door companies who make doors with SingCore inside look beautiful and perform elegantly. If you are a retail customer, please contact your architect, designer, contractor, door company or millwork and they them you want, “SingCore inside.”

Our Clients

Serving clients and industries in all areas from I.M. Pei to NASA, SingCore is solving architectural challenges and helping to promote a better world.

Platinum Donor – CFAD Seattle


About SingCore

SingCore is the manufacturer of patented core and composite panels that are enabling professionals to solve structural challenges that were previously thought unfeasible.

We’ve engineering a non-warping, lightweight, high-strength panel that has established itself as the premium material for high-end applications. Our insulated, honeycomb panels are the premier custom door cores and door blanks for commercial professionals such as architects, millworks, GCs, and design builds.

Clients of SingCore include the likes of NASA, I.M Pei, Turner Construction, Amazon, the U.S. Navy, and AIA Seattle.

SingCore is utilized in various applications, such as museum exhibit walls, tradeshow displays, and modular floors. Our vision is to apply our patented technology and materials to the entire spectrum of manufacturing. From beams to walls to furniture, we’re excited about providing an outstanding product that allows the industry to engineer groundbreaking performance.

About the Inventor and Founder

Peter Sing Inventor of Warp-free SingCore

Peter Sing, Inventor and Founder of SingCore

Led by a dream, Peter Sing’s invention of SingCore combines his love of aeronautics with practical improvements in honeycomb panels that set him on a course to the new world and a journey which has spanned decades.

Originally from Taiwan, Peter Sing was selected to study aerospace engineering and aviation technology in the USA.

Following graduation specializing in electronics and instruments, Mr. Sing worked for a company that was contracted to build testing instruments for NASA. He then relocated to New Jersey to work with two aircraft instrument companies where he worked on aeronautic instrument projects.

Sing’s observations of the honeycomb materials used in aerospace combined with his youthful idea of creating a stronger lightweight building material inspired him to take his ideas to the drawing board.

Prior to the invention of SingCore, Sing acquired more than 30 patents. The intent of all of those inventions was to help build a better world.

Peter Sing began to develop his insulated torsion box composite material, which satisfied his desire to create his revolutionary material. The only problem with his initial invention was that the process was too lengthy and costly to justify the end result. In order for his invention to appeal to end users, he knew that he would have to devise a method to build his product in mass quantity in a more cost effective manner.

He started his own business to independently finance the pursuit of his life time dream, to be an inventor full time. By age 28 he reached his goal and became a full-time inventor and part-time businessman due to his entrepreneurial business success.

Settling In

After visiting the Pacific Northwest, Peter decided to move his young family and his dream to Washington State. He fell in love with the pristine wilderness, clean air and Pacific Ocean, while being surrounded by technology and aerospace industries. He thought this growing, yet peaceful environment would be a better place to continue his work and raise his family, so he and his family relocated from New York to the Pacific Northwest.

It was not long after moving to the West Coast that Mr. Sing discovered a niche that needed the unique characteristics of his invention. Peter discovered that the log home industry west of the Mississippi struggled with the natural tendency of wood logs to warp, bend, twist and crack, compromising the structure of log homes. Peter’s patented Sing Square Log solved the issues facing log home builders by using his convenient modular log, allowing Peter’s vision to take form.

See US Patent # 7507456

Tooling Up

Sing Square Log Homes Pacific Northwest Home Show

Sing Square Logs no more bend, warp, twist or crack

Peter Sing was able to set up a factory to supply the needs of forward-thinking log home builders who desired to build an energy efficient log home in less time using his Eco-friendly Sing Square Log, made in the USA using a composite of Pacific Northwest timber and his insulated torsion box design, creating a composite log that would not warp, bend, twist or crack.

Sing Log Homes began to spring up all over the United States until the economy took its toll on the log home housing market. It was this decline in the new construction of log homes that gave Peter the time to revisit his original idea of having a cost effective version of his insulated torsion box composite material that could potentially greatly impact various industries while making the world a better place.

Mr. Sing focused on devising a method to manufacture his invention in easy to use panels, in an effort to offer a more effective building material in a standard format similar to traditional plywood and/or honeycomb panels without the energy expense and toxic waste of weaker aluminum honeycomb panels used in aerospace applications.

Making Progress

Sing Square Log Home with Sing Post and Beam

Sing Square Log promo featuring post and beam

Peter Sing’s vision emerged as he was able to re-tool his factory to build his patented SingCore in an assembly-line fashion overcoming the limitations of his earlier hand-crafted insulated torsion box core material. The resulting inventions are geared toward home building and material for use as alternatives for metal, plastic, concrete and wood. SingCore reduces the weight and enhances the strength of those materials in an Eco-friendly way.

Now that patented SingCore was now available in a cost efficient format, calls came in from architects and millworks seeking a better way to build large doors, which were the bane of the industry as the heavy weight of large doors was insurmountable requiring expensive heavy duty hardware and high maintenance costs over time.

SingCore soon became the door core material of choice used in large doors, especially in doors over 7 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide. The large door market rapidly replaced Sing’s former log home market, leading to the expansion of the factory to accommodate custom large doors for all industries in sizes up to 50 ft.

This significant improvement in door building technology changed door warranties industry-wide. Prior to the introduction of SingCore, most door manufacturers were unable to guarantee any door not to warp, while a few warranted their doors for one year. The same Sing’s invention that prevented log homes with having to accommodate warping, twisting and cracking logs translated perfectly into the large door markets who were dealing with similar issues.

See US Patent # 7147741

The Best

Building warp-free doors of any size with SingCore

Building warp-free doors of any size with SingCore

The introduction of the Premium Sing Door Panel, architects, millworks, general contractors and door manufacturers could build doors of any size that feature Peter Sing’s only warp-free and full structural guarantee.

Sing’s team of door specialists has helped architects, designers and millworks create solutions to all the problems associated with large doors. All types and styles of doors have been addressed in every shape and size, effectively creating no-fail solutions to previously problematic large doors.

Even Better

The problems associated with wood doors were attributed mainly to wood’s tendency to warp and fail due to the natural characteristic of wood grain to move according to changes in moisture or temperature. These challenges led to Peter Sing’s next invention, a non-warping composite stiffener component to enhance SingCore’s performance even more. This enabled SingCore to help create doors that could outperform other wood doors by 500% or more, regardless of the style, type or size of door.

Until now, no other door manufacturer in the world has ever been able to create an Eco-friendly lightweight high strength door guaranteed not to fail for 50 years unless, of course, it has SingCore inside.