Sing Core, Sing Square Log Homes

P.O. Box 1691, McCleary, WA 98557 (360) 495-3577

RE: Sing Core’s response to the evolving COVID-19 Outbreak

Monday April 6th, 2020

The last two weeks have been a challenge navigating a temporary shutdown of our operations.

After much discussion, we have decided that we will begin to partially re-open our operations in limited capacity as an “essential” business under Homeland Security’s and Washington State Governor Inslee’s published guidelines as, “Workers who support the manufacture and distribution of forest products, including, but not limited to timber, paper, and other wood products.

Unfortunately, the current business & health climate does not allow for us to return to full operations at this time, so we must re-open in phases. Departments will continue to open progressively as they are more essential to operations.

Some Office and Warehouse staff will begin to return tomorrow, Tuesday April 7th.

Our re-opening will be done in strict observation of the Washington State Health Department’s and CDC’s health & safety guidelines. All employees who will be returning to work will elect to by their own choice. Sales staff who have chosen to stay home will remain working from home.

All warehouse and factory employees will be required to wear additional company provided PPE including gloves and face masks at all times. 6-foot distancing will be enforced at all workstations, time clocks, and break rooms. Meeting rooms will be limited to two occupants at a time, while bathrooms will be restricted to a single person.

Thanks to our large inventories we see little to no affect in our supply chain capabilities. We do not foresee shipments being extensively delayed and we hope to service all of our clients as normal.

This is a difficult decision for us trying to balance the financial and health safety ramifications, but we believe that the two of these situations can be addressed together with proper precautions and support from our whole team.

Thank you,

-The Sing Core Team

Sing Core, Sing Square Log Homes

P.O. Box 1691, McCleary, WA 98557

(360) 495-3577