The greatest advantage to sliding HPL doors has got to be the footprint. The bigger the door, the smaller the room, the better suited to a sliding HPL door. In fact a sliding door may be your only option if you cannot accommodate the swing of a traditional hinge door. A sliding door sized 80” x 42” x 1.75” has a footprint 1/20 the size of a hinged door!

A major difference between sliding and traditional hinged doors is how they are mounted. With all the mounting hardware located above the door, there is no threshold to break a contiguous floor. Sans threshold you’re left with a clean, modern look with nothing to obstruct the floor, the most used surface of the property.

Because sliding HPL doors facilitate both privacy and greater visibility, they allow building owners more options for floor plans and in turn don’t require the same level of commitment with regards to framing and preparation. Daily fluctuations in lighting and solar exposure can also be accommodated with this adjustable door sizing an architectural aperture.

Sliding HPL doors are even better suited for commercial environments. Oftentimes service entrances have to accommodate the passage of large items and an the bigger the opening, the more convenient. With a sterile HPL skin, the surfaces of the doors can be consistently kept free of bacteria for health facilities and food preparation.

With so many HPL options, you can choose the perfect skin for your application when you order from Singcore. Singcore works with all major HPL manufacturers and can help determine the perfect fit for your project.

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View through exterior sliding door.