20 ft. span 1″ thick strongest metal strength demonstration

New revolutionary patented building metal material looks solid but lightweight and stronger. This warp-free high precision strongest metal is simply perfection in it’s being superior to other solid metal and lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound for pound.


If you’re used to having to mitigate the challenges presented by solid metals, such as solid aluminum, solid copper, or solid steel you know that while these materials are spectacular in their initial presentation, many problems abound for those who seek to incorporate these materials into their projects.

To make matters worse, try adding large oversized spans of these heavy solid metals into your project and watch what happens. The larger these surfaces are, the more likely they are to fail. For instance, let’s examine the use of these heavy solid metals as used in

Large Oversize Doors

large hot rolled steel sliding wall door strongest metal

As impressive as they might be on the surface, solid metal large oversize doors are destined to fail, and very soon, likely the next change of season, if not before. These massive expanses of metal tend to move in response to any climate change, or even the daily raising and lowering of the sun. This movement in these large metal doors is called door warping.

20g Solid Steel Doors

By manufacturing your door with Sing Core inside you can use 20g steel, look like solid steel, and no one would ever know the difference. In fact, 20g steel is the default for solid (hybrid) steel doors with Sing Core inside. The core is solid patented Sing Core which is a hybrid composite of reinforced vertical grain torsion box that is fully insulated, Eco-friendly and stronger than solid steel at a fraction of the weight. There is no need to use other heavier grades of steel. Something to think about.

industrial design preserving hot rolled steel heat signatures

The End of Solid Metal Warping

Inventor Peter Sing has been sharing his patented and patent-pending warp-free technology with the makers of large oversized metal doors, the biggest and best door companies, millworks, custom door manufacturers and fabricators, empowering them to build the largest warp-free strongest lightest metal doors in the world.

Enormous Lightweight Solid Core Doors

These emerging Sing technologies wielded by Sing’s crack True Flat Team provide makers of huge strongest lightest metal doors with a solid hybrid composite substrate material which can make any large door made of any flat metal material remain straight and true. This is something unheard of amidst the purveyors of the biggest metal doors.

strongest metal hot rolled steed sliding wall with man door

Fully Insulated Solid Core Metal Doors

Before the invention of Sing’s core, there was no way to build a lightweight strong high precision metal door that was insulated, but here we are, thanks to Sing Core. Now all your metal doors can be fully insulated for safety and for both sound deadening and climate control.

These doors are not just big metal devices to separate two adjoining spaces, they are, each of them, individual works of art built to last forever but guaranteed not to fail for 50 years. You read that right. These big metal doors are backed by Sing’s

50-YEAR Warp-free Guarantee

So revolutionary is Sing’s core that Sing Core is guaranteed not to warp, twist, cup, or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

13 ft 1 inch thick strongest metal inventor strength demonstration

All this leads one to believe that Sing’s strongest metal in your choice of panel or post and beam configurations could be the strongest metal on earth.

Lightweight metal sandwiching Sing’s core creates the strongest metal composite material and when it comes to maximizing the full potential of the various varieties of steel, patented Sing solutions produce the strongest steels available in the present day.

Inventor Peter Sing stands on and behind every metal panel as the strongest metal in the world and backs it up with the only known 50-year fail-free guarantee.