Environment & Economy Friendly

How is Sing Honeycomb “Green”, and why is it the most earth-friendly way to use both natural and man-made materials?

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) provides a "cradle to grave" measurement of a product's environmental impacts from raw material extraction and manufacturing through distribution, use, maintenance, and disposal. An obvious example is a coffee or tea cup made of Styrofoam compared to a coffee mug made of the same material but enclosed in a solid container. Solo cups are only used once then disposed of after use, filling our landfills unnecessarily. Imagine that the same Solo cup material put into a permanent coffee mug, could last ten years without being replaced. Sing Honeycomb protects the foam inside durable wood frameworks. LCA studies show that using wood is less harmful to the environment than steel or concrete in terms of embodied energy, global warming n potential, air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste production. Sing Honeycomb core structure is made of 100% natural vertical grain wood veneer. This sets us apart from our counterparts who use only paper, particle board, aluminum, and plastic. Here at Sing Honeycomb, environmentally friendly construction is our mission.

Low Energy Production
Sing’s patented manufacturing process is the most efficient and economical way to make sandwich panels with a veneer torsion box core. The materials used in Sing Honeycomb Sandwich Panels use low energy to produce. The adhesive used in Sing Honeycomb Panels is produced in a much more efficient way than the minerals for nails are mined. The veneer is made of scrap material from Washington mills and the foam core is 20% recycled.

Sing Honeycomb core structure is made of natural vertical grain wood veneer. This sets us apart from our counterparts who make cores with particle board. It requires energy to break wood down into pulp and reconstruct it into particle board. Veneer uses the natural strength of the wood fiber. Life Cycle Assessment studies show that using wood veneer is less harmful to the environment than steel or concrete in terms of embodied energy, global warming potential, air emissions, water emissions, and solid waste production. Here at Sing Square Log Homes, environmentally friendly construction is our mission.

The structural glue and finishing stains that we use are all non-toxic and formaldehyde free.

Our foam core has a recycled content of 20% and is 100% recyclable.

Energy Saving
Insulated, draft-free sandwich panels save your heating costs Sing has a long term stable R-Value. Sing Sandwich panels assemble and install quickly, saving you man power and time.

Long Lasting
Sing torsion box sandwich panels are warrantied for ten years*, but may last much longer. This means Sing products will not need replacement or disposal for many years, cutting down on the resources used to manufacture panels. The foam used in Sing Honeycomb Core Panels comes with a 20-year thermal performance warranty, dimensional stability, compressive strength, and water resistant properties. See instructions for repair and recycling.

This is a Sing Overhead Garage Door Panel compared next to a typical steel overhead garage door panel. Same size and thickness but as you can see the steel panel buckles with only a few pounds put on it while the Sing Panel holds almost all of Inventor Peter Sings weight without any problem.

*See Warranty

Honeycomb Highlights


High Strength - Sing Honeycomb Sandwich Panels have a compression strength of up to 660psi, and can be crafted to support over a thousand pounds.

Flat and Straight - Sing Panels, products and beams are manufactured to be the most flat and straight.

Lightweight - Sing Honeycomb Panels and Beams weigh less than a third as much as solid wood.

Rot Resistant - Sing Panels and Beams are rot resistant, even with continuous ground contact. They can withstand extreme moisture, humidity and extreme heat.

  1. Sound Deadening Properties - Sing insulated wood panels offer unsurpassed sound deadening properties, this ensuring that you can enjoy the quiet solitude of your home or cabin.

Long Lasting- Furniture (and other products) made of our Honeycomb can last 10 times longer than furniture made of paper honeycomb and particleboard; that is why we back all of our products with a 10 year structural replacement/repair warranty under normal use.


  • Buildings can be constructed with thinner walls, while roofs require shorter fasteners; thus, less material is needed and wasted!

Our goal is to protect the environment by cutting down on energy and material consumption.

The environmental benefits of rigid polyurethane foam used in almost all honeycomb products include increased energy efficiency and reductions in energy-efficient construction costs, reduced project weight and savings of all the construction components that the material replaces.

  • Given the widespread adoption of rigid polyurethane foam in today’s construction, these savings are multiplying at an increasing rate around the world.

Better insulation typically results in lower energy use. In some cases, mechanical heating and cooling equipment can be downsized, further increasing space utilization.

Less complicated and lighter-weight products use less energy to create and ship!




The uses for the sing honeycomb design are virtually unlimited. Anything you can do with a flat panel such as aluminum, plastic, paper board, most concrete or particle board, you can make even sturdier (with half the weight or less) using Sing'storsion box Honeycomb Core Panels.

Sing Honeycomb Sandwich Panel


Sing Honeycomb Post and Beam



Sing & the Economy

We support local industry which uses native grown raw material, supporting domestic supply.

We use a local workforce.

Provide jobs to local people and not outsourcing labor.

Produce simple products with timeless design, made to last generations rather than common furniture made of particle board and other cheap materials that last less than 10 years and have to go into our landfills.

All Honeycomb products are made to be repaired if ever damaged, rather than disposed of.

During the manufacture process, nearly every piece of the raw material is used and not wasted.

Strong Honeycomb Panels

Thermal/Mechanical Performance

Polyurethane and polyiso foams function in temperature extremes, do not deform or distort, and are not subject to damage by the moisture that may result from condensation.

The mechanical strength of these foams is remarkable. High compressive and sheer strengths allow low-density insulating cores to be faced with relatively thin steel or aluminum, yet span long distances unsupported. For example, the foam can hold together many of the components in a refrigerator or hot-water heater while it continues to perform as thermal insulation.


Sing Log Cabin



Energy Efficiency

Polyurethane and polyiso foams have one of the highest insulating R-values per inch of all commercially available products today. Typical values range from R 5.6 to R 8 per sq. in., saving you hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars a year on heating and cooling your home.

Polyurethane foam sealants, applied on-site, expand to fill energy-wasting, air-infiltrating gaps around window frames, plumbing pipes, and electrical outlets.

“Reflective” plastic coverings over polyurethane foam-insulated roofs bounce sunlight and radiant heat away from a building, helping the structure stay cool and reducing energy use.

Entry doors with a rigid polyurethane foam core help inhibit sound and add insulation value that further reduces heating and cooling energy needs.

Sing Panels are Energy Efficiant