torsion box, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel, lightweight panel

For our customers who desire a more traditional look to their hardwood/laminate flooring
is our plank flooring.  Our wood veneer features the best and most beautiful wood grains
and our planking system slips together flawlessly for a fit to rival any type of hardwood flooring
system out there.  You can see that our flooring is more than just wood, it's wood and insulation combined
to become one and then to become one with your home.  Strong, lightweight, insulation and sound deadening qualities especially useful for homes with more than 1 story to reduce the sound of walking upstairs.


Sing Honeycomb Insulated, Engineered Flooring is the newest concept in flooring, by using our patented Sing Honeycomb product, we have made a flooring system that has insulation and flooring combined in one package.  Besides being incredibly strong, our flooring is lighter than hardwood flooring and other types of flooring such as oak and maple flooring you normally find at lumber stores, and better than the laminate flooring you find at those big box stores that sell you everything from a screw-driver to 5 gallons of paint. Keep in mind our patented torsion box flooring is completely made by hand.

Your Sing Honeycomb Insulated flooring can come with just about any kind of wood species you desire, you can choose the lengths of flooring you want from 8 to 10 feet long, and you can choose our 9" wide plank or get the job done faster with our solid panel flooring in 4' x 8'
(finished sizes are 47" x 95") sheets.



Sing torsion box flooring starts at $12.00 /Sq.Ft. based on port orford cedar veneer - Prices vary according to finish and dimensions.


purchase of 1,000 Sq./Ft. or Quantities of 50+ panel purchases will receive a discount, contact for pricing and discount.

Panel floor: Starting at $14.00 a linear foot, based on using port orford wood cedar.


Pictured above and below: Sing Honeycomb Flooring panels for a NASA clean room.



Here photos of our solid panel flooring being installed.  Installation is quick and our flooring
can be cut in straight lines or angle cuts, it doesn't matter and will still look beautiful.  Our flooring
is also given 5 coats of polyurethane to maintain the wood color and protect it. 


Our Sing Honeycomb Insulated flooring is available in assorted
types of wood, colors, plank widths and lengths or in our convenient 4' x 8' panel flooring
(finished size = 47" x 95")