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How to Build

How We Build Our Doors (The Best Method)
How We Build Our Doors (The Second Best Method)
Carriage Doors
Sliding/Pocket Doors
Sliding Glass Doors & French Doors
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Interior Doors
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    Patented Sing Core: We put a torsion box in the SIP panel to make it better. The other names for our panels include sandwich panel, honeycomb panel and lightweight panel.


Best Door in Manhattan

Manhattan Penthouse brings Sing Core Door to new heights.


Craned up to Manhattan highrise.
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No place is too far.

This custom made trapezoid door traveled over 2,921 miles from coast to coast, now on final leg of its journey to its new home in upscale Manhattan apartment. We specialize in custom sizes, shapes and thickness to fit our customer's needs, we offer the best guarantee in the door business.

Door Open
Door Closed

Sing Punch-Proof Doors

SINGCORE-The new generation of door making it impossible to punch through and destroy.


As low as $50 a door for a door that will last a lifetime.

torsion box, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel, lightweight panel
Punch proof Sing Core door.
Typical paper core door. (click to see more)


What door companies do not want you to know.

Today, the most common doors found in private residences contain a paper core. These doors are flimsy and are easily punctured, even when slightly impacted. Owners of these doors find themselves spending time and money on repairs, replacements, and installations that would not have been an issue had they purchased a door from Singcore. Singcore doors do not cost much more than paper-core doors, yet they have been tested to be at least 49 times stronger.


Door Security

How secure are your doors? With our patented core, you can rest assured that our torsion box technology will stand up to harsh treatment and all weather conditions. Our doors have been thoroughly tested and have been proven to withstand the impact of a sledgehammer. There is no comparison between the stability, structure, and strength of Sing Core doors versus paper-core doors.
This is a Sing Overhead Garage Door Panel compared next to a typical steel overhead garage door panel. Same size and thickness but as you can see the steel panel buckles with only a few pounds put on it while the Sing Panel holds almost all of Inventor Peter Sings weight without any problem.


Stronger than Steel,

Lighter than Wood

Doors do not have to be made out of steel to be rigid and strong. Sing Core doors are stronger and lighter, than steel and vinyl doors. Standard steel overhead garage doors are made of steel so thin that a golf ball can dent it. This is not the case with Sing Core doors. We offer higher quality doors at prices competitive with steel doors with quality superior to wooden doors.

Sing Core doors are more stable, provide better insulation, and are far lighter than solid wood doors. The torsion-box core holds the Sing Core door flat, ensuring that that the panel will not warp and sag like ordinary wood.

    Patented Sing Door Methods

    Sing Core doors are versatile and customizable. Every order is custom designed with the client's project in mind. Each door is constructed using methods that specifically cater to our customers' individual needs. We construct our doors using the following methods: pole barn grade, paint grade, wood grain grade, and plank grade.


How We Build Our Doors (The Best Method - Sing Torsion Box Panel Method)

The easiest way to build the best doors.

Step 1 - Apply Glue to the Skin

Step 2 - Build Solid Wood Frame

Step 3 - Install the patented Sing honeycomb torsion box core & press on the skins.

Step 4 (optional) - Cut hole for window and prepare window trim.

Step 5 (optional) - Install glass and finish the door to desired look and function.

Step 6 - Install the door onto jam.

Method 2 - How We Build Our Doors (The Second Best Method - Stile Rail)


On the left are patented Sing honeycomb stile and rail. On the right is veneer (walnut) ready for gluing onto the patented Sing honeycomb stile and rail.


Apply glue to our patented Sing honeycomb stile and rail.


Press veneer to patented Sing honeycomb stile and rail. Most honeycomb panels cannot handle the high pressure and temperatures of the hot press, Sing honeycomb can.


Stile and Rail after the veneer has been pressed on.


See how straight the patented Sing honeycomb stile and rail are, yet they are still incredibly strong and lightweight.


Drill holes to accept dowels.


Doweled and glued.


Router out the end if hardware is to be installed

Stained and ready for glass and installation.

Pictures courtesy of Robert Shaw -
Doors 8' - 7" tall

How to Buy

Sing Door Panels are easy to order (link). You may select panels of standard dimensions from our inventory, or you may order custom sizes and shapes. Please submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will get back to you with a free quote within one business day. You only need to submit the length, width, thickness and quantity. Even if you have an unorthodox idea or a tight budget, give us a call. Our representatives will help devise an alternative solution tailored to your needs.

Sing Core allows you to design your own doors. Just add trim, paint, and hardware*. Exceptional pricing is available to distributors, manufacturers, and retailers . Doors Pamphlet For Distributors

Yellow Sing Honeycomb Carriage Door


Door Panel Pricing: Click Here for Price Quote

**Wholesale prices available to licensed dealers/installers.
*For retail customers, please contact your local garage door installer/dealer.


Sing Door Assembly   Sing Door Strength Demo



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