As time keeps on slipping into the future, a new generation of modern steel door was born with an Eco-friendly approach to conservation and sustainability, a true evolution in the modern steel door industry with revolutionary implications, changing doors made of steel in the USA as we move well beyond traditional modern steel door manufacturing.

These are not your parents modern steel doors. This new generation of modern front doors uses a combination of patented and patent-pending contemporary steel door manufacturing processes to build the lightest weight, hybrid solid core steel door that is fully insulated and stronger than steel pound for pound.

This new door making technology has empowered architects and door engineers to design the most intriguing custom modern architectural steel doors that nearly defy the laws of physics, allowing the creation of extremely large modern steel doors to be used as a one-of-a-kind signature front door, all while preserving the valuable resources of Mother earth.

These unique custom modern steel doors were introduced to us by inventor, Peter Sing, who garnered national attention by offering us his patented Sing Square Log Homes which revolutionized the log home building industry, his square log invention opened the door to the new generation of modern steel doors which would follow.

Sing’s handcrafted front doors are made in the USA in his factory located in the heart of the serene Pacific Northwest without the use of welding which leads to being able to create a high precision modern steel door core material which is not only fully insulated but boasts +/- .006 in. tolerances and is stronger than solid steel pound for pound.

It is this patented modern door technology which allows Sing to partner with the biggest and best door manufacturers in the world, as well as the high-end millworks and metal fabricators to build the best architectural steel doors in the world which are not limited in size.

With this huge reduction in weight the creative impulses of eclectic visionaries are expressing themselves in the form of large modern entry doors which were just not possible to manufacture with the technology of the past. To attempt to build such a feature would have resulted in manufacturing a steel door which was very heavy, expensive to operate and maintain, and potentially dangerous throughout the manufacturing process as well as amidst the service life of the front door of yesteryear.

Not to fear, Sing Core is here. Now, you too, can have lightweight, fully insulated modern steel panel doors which are of the highest precision, stronger than steel, and are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

All you have to do is to go to your favorite manufacturer of steel entry doors, tell them the height, the width, and the thickness of the steel exterior doors, being certain to tell them you want, “Sing Core inside.” Then Sing’s factory will work together with your favorite builder of modern metal doors (residential, commercial, or industrial) to deliver to you the best modern and contemporary steel exterior doors made in the USA.

And you’re not limited to using patented Sing Core just for your modern front door, because contemporary entry doors, are not the only modern doors which are manufactured with Sing Core inside.

As you may have guessed, the next logical step for these contemporary exterior doors is to revolutionize the way modern steel garage doors are made. Not unlike our large contemporary doors, modern steel garage doors can also be made with Sing Core inside.