Looking for trade show booth ideas that are sustainable, unique, effective, and expandable for your next trade show?

Whether you’re currently renting your trade show exhibit booth or you’re contemplating reserving your space as your first foray into the trade show event circuit, we can help you save marketing dollars that you can invest in other promotional efforts that might be wasted in and otherwise expensive trade show booth rental.

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By owning your own modular trade show display booth, you can use it over and over again, show after show, without compromising your trade show booth because your Sing modular trade show display components are designed to last, even after repeated use. This unique patented, lightweight, high strength modular trade show system is guaranteed not to fail for 10 years.

Your trade show display ideas do not have to be limited by dimensions or style(s) as you can mix and match the individual components you have and add the components you want to expand you existing trade show display system for nearly unlimited booth designs for trade shows, ensuring you always have the best possible trade show exhibits.

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There’s no need to have multiple trade show displays for different shows, because now you can use and modify your existing system to accommodate any trade show. Sing Core offers a wide variety of trade show booths pre-configured as kits that are in-stock and ready to ship. You could have your trade fair booth delivered in one week or less, depending on your location.

The default finish of your trade show exhibit booth kit features white Formica which is impressive left alone, or can easily host the application of your own vinyl trade show graphics.

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Trade Show Booth Ideas

Here are some of our trade show booth ideas which are available in pre-configured trade show displays, which can be used as your portable trade show booth from one of the fastest-growing trade show display companies in the industry. Plus, you can rest assured that your booth for trade show is guaranteed to be used over and over again without fail for 10 years, and no one would ever know that your trade display was not an ultra expensive custom trade show display.

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trade show booth ideas 6 trades show panels

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Sing Core is leading the pack in emerging booth designs for trade shows with what has been touted as some of the best trade show booth ideas to hit the trade show industry in years.

With our unique lightweight (a fraction the weight of stick build trade show displays), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), and long life sustainability (back by our 10 year no fail reusability guarantee) you may never have to see out trade show exhibits ever again. Your Sing modular trade show display is the most fully reconfigurable and expandable trade show display booth bar none.

You can enjoy a low-cost entry point to achieve your base trade show booth from any of our trade show booth ideas available and pre-packaged and pre-configured trade show displays and enjoy them delivered to your door within a week.

Your brand new top of the line modular trade show exhibit display is near.

Slatwall Trade Show Booth

Introducing the fully sustainable slatwall trade show booth, backed by our reusable 10 year guarantee. All the flexibility and expandability of our other modular trade show display components seamlessly but featuring our patented lightweight slatwall. Slatwall trade show booths are available in pre-configured trade show booth kits and also in custom slatwall trade show booths built to your specifications.

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