Warp-free, lightweight, insulated honeycomb panels

Custom Blocking

Sing Panels can be manufactured with internal wood blocking.

Solid wood blocking for hardware can be installed in our panels

This allows you to install hardware for doors at specified locations as you would with any other wood material. Blocking is installed during our manufacturing process.

Custom wood blocking can be inserted inside your Sing Panel at specific locations to facilitate your required hardware installation. We can provide blocking so you can install lock blocks, hinges, pivot sets, and any other hardware with ease.

Standard blocking materials are Douglas Fir or soft wood, and poplar.

Blocking Guidelines – The less solid wood, the better

  • The less wood, the better. For solid wood edging (stile and rails), we recommend going with 1.25″ and then adding blocking for hardware where required.
  • Wood naturally warps, so the less wood, the better for the longevity of your panel.

Example drawing of a Professional Grade Sing Panel with blocking for door hardware.

 Specify where you’d like blocking installed

If you require blocking, let us know and we’ll include pricing into your quote. Even if you aren’t positive on locations, that’s okay. Once we’ve received your deposit, you can iron out the exact measurements required, and our in-house draftsman can then turn around a CAD drawing to assure the proper specifications.

Prior to having your Sing Panels manufactured, be certain to specify any internal blocking required and their locations for use as lock blocks or anchor points. The best way to show us what you need is to by provide us with a simple drawing to show the location of hard point.

 Blocking Examples

 Door Lock Blocks

Pre-install solid wood blocks or embedded material for secure-points at desired locations prior to laying up the door per your specifications. Solid wood blocking can be inserted for door knob and/or locking mechanism hard points. Lock blocks are a standard requested feature to be pre-fabricated inside Sing Door Blanks, for installing hardware.

lock block specifications for door solid wood implants

Stile and Rail Blocking

Customizing options that can help make your order more specific are size and location of internal wood (or other specified material) such as embedded stiles (vertical blocking) and/or rails (horizontal blocking) and for nailing or anchoring additional siding over the surface of the Sing Panel.

Drawing specifications for stile and rail installation

 Window Frame Blocking

Solid edges and blocking can be included or window/glass opening can be pre-cut based on your needs and/or requirements. Also, windows and doors are pre-cut to fit the requirements of your design.

Example Blocking Images