While SingCore is well know across the nation for high end panels used in the most expensive 10+ million homes on the planet, as well as iconic building such as the world trade center and the Museum of Modern Art, we do have room in our ranks for lower cost projects as well. When quality is of the utmost importance, our stain grade veneer panels and wood stave panels provide the tightest specification possible. However, when price is sensitive, we have the option of producing veneer ready plywood panels for a much reduced cost.

Save When You Buy Our Raw Material

Every one of our cores is custom made directly to your specifications. While we cannot provide a one-size fits all standard sheet of our core material, we can offer low cost raw panels for your project that accepts veneering of any kind:

  • Thin wood veneer (hot or cold pressed)
  • Wood stave 1/8″ +
  • Applied metals
  • Stone / tile
  • Formica
  • Plastics
  • Other

For the price conscious project, where your company already has the tools and skills necessary to finish a wooden panel, then this is probably the most cost effective way to get world class quality of SingCore in your project.

Why Sing Panels are Better

You may ask, “Is it really worth it to buy a Sing panel?” Often times, the returns are not obvious. But, just ask yourself if there is any danger that your old fashioned door would warp? Is weight an issue? Can you guarantee your door panel for 50 years?

What you pay in price for a patented and patent-pending Sing panel is more than made up for in peace of mind. Once you go in with SingCore, you never have to worry about the quality of your large oversize door panels again.

The System Where You Are In Control

Our business model is entirely about control, and giving it to the customer. We specialize in making dreams a reality!

All we need to know is the size of the panel: length, width, thickness. Our plywood skinned panels are low cost and can accept your choice of skin material. Either subcontract out to your local veneer specialist, or apply the veneer yourself.

We only sell panels to experienced professionals is the field who are ready and waiting to buy the best product on the market. Because of the hands on nature of our panels, they are not suitable for direct sales to home owners.

Special Skills Not Required

Our panels are made out of wood and foam, with a small amount of reinforcing patented aluminum stiffeners inserted in some cases. This means anyone with skills in traditional wood working will have no problems working with our panels.

We include, at no extra cost, custom solid wood blocking to match your hardware requirements. This blocking is pressed directly in the panel as it is built, and provides optimum strength and minimal additional weight.

Working with SingCore need not be a chore. When you want an relaxing experience, tell us what you need and let us to the rest!