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Massive Walnut Veneer Door Stuns Spectators

When it comes to huge walnut doors no one can do it like SingCore can.


Large sliding doors are the speciality, here at SingCore.  This huge sliding door measure almost 9.5 feet tall and 8 feet wide.  Because of our special techniques, developed over nearly 20 years of hard work, we are able to manufacture doors of nearly any size without compromising strength, warp resistance, and beauty.  Beautiful hard wood doors are among our best selling products.  All those who has seen this door in person have been shocked by its magnificence.  Photos truly do it no justice.


Huge Walnut Veneer Door

Incomparable Sizes

SingCore makes your doors according to your specifications.  Unlike door manufacturers who only make standard size doors, we can make large and extremely large doors that are extremely strong, straight, warp resistant, and lightweight.  Besides, our new methods allow us to build veneer doors that are bigger than ever before.  This huge walnut door is proof of that.

The Upper Echelon of Appeal

Here at SingCore, we specialize in huge wood doors that are designed to maximize the appeal of your entire structure.  Impress your friends and family.  Become the envy of your neighbors.  Your friends and family will visit your more often.  A huge walnut door like this will also make you the envy of all your neighbors.  You might ask yourself, how is this all possible?  Simple.  SingCore offers more choices than you can find almost anywhere else.  We offer beautiful, authentic solid wood stave, stunning wood veneers, aluminum, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, FRP Fiberglass, HPL, or select your choice from our different substrates that allow you to apply your own material to the face to match your precise needs.

Precision and Quality

Our legendary precision allows you to install our doors in areas you might not be able to use any other door on the market.  Look how precise  we can make the corners of our doors.  Our solid wood edges give you an optimal surface to mount your hardware, while also giving you the beauty necessary to impress all of you friends, family, and business associates.

We can reach precision of up to +/- .006.  This ensures you get the perfect fit for your opening and your hardware every single time.  The way we build our doors also allows you to trim our doors to fit your openings perfectly.  We also build our doors based on your exact specifications.  That way you are sure no opening at your location will go unfilled.

Exemplory Customer Service

Our process is best in class from start to finish.  Beginning with our simple quoting process, you will find that our process makes it easier to get the exact product you’re looking for.  Once you submit for a quote you are assigned a salesperson who can go over the details of your project with you and make sure you get exactly the right materials to suit your needs.   During the quoting phase you can change any detail or adjust the specifications to make sure the project fits within your budget.  We provide you with an estimate that suits your budget, all you need to do is make the deposit to get your order in the production phase.  Once in the production phase, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We do all the work.

Fast Turnaround Time

At SingCore, we realize how important it is that you meet your deadlines with your clients.  That’s why work tirelessly to streamline our process so that we can meet your deadlines.  You won’t find a door company which offers a faster turnaround time on custom doors.  When you need lightening speed turnaround time on your doors, come to SingCore or your clients will be beating down your doors!  SingCore helps you get your projects done on time!

Unmatched Beauty

The holy grail of high end wood doors are doors that look like solid wood, yet are light weight yet not susceptible to the same warping solid wood is subject to.  We have solved all of the problems of making beautiful, high end wood doors by making beautiful edges that can appear to meet precisely with the veneer or wood stave on the surface of your door.  We have several methods of making doors, all of which produce amazing results!  This huge walnut door is made with a very advanced method that allows us to make much larger veneer doors than what is possible with other methods.  Our wood stave doors offer you the most premium experience on the market.  With our solid premium wood edge doors, our beautiful wood stave doors look like solid high end wood door.  There are many advantages to these types of doors.  All you need to do is seal and finish these doors and you will have doors that offer the best possible entryway for your friends, family, business associates, and customers.

Best in the Business Warranty

No one else has a warranty that even comes close to ours.  Our warranty offers you 50 years of worry free operation.  It covers you against breaking, cracking, warping, skewing, and delamination.  No other door manufacturer can offer you the same peace of mind!




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Low Cost Veneer Yourself Panels

While SingCore is well know across the nation for high end panels used in the most expensive 10+ million homes on the planet, as well as iconic building such as the world trade center and the Museum of Modern Art, we do have room in our ranks for lower cost projects as well. When quality is of the utmost importance, our stain grade veneer panels and wood stave panels provide the tightest specification possible. However, when price is sensitive, we have the option of producing veneer ready plywood panels for a much reduced cost.

Save When You Buy Our Raw Material

Every one of our cores is custom made directly to your specifications. While we cannot provide a one-size fits all standard sheet of our core material, we can offer low cost raw panels for your project that accepts veneering of any kind:

  • Thin wood veneer (hot or cold pressed)
  • Wood stave 1/8″ +
  • Applied metals
  • Stone / tile
  • Formica
  • Plastics
  • Other

For the price conscious project, where your company already has the tools and skills necessary to finish a wooden panel, then this is probably the most cost effective way to get world class quality of SingCore in your project.

Why Sing Panels are Better

You may ask, “Is it really worth it to buy a Sing panel?” Often times, the returns are not obvious. But, just ask yourself if there is any danger that your old fashioned door would warp? Is weight an issue? Can you guarantee your door panel for 50 years?

What you pay in price for a patented and patent-pending Sing panel is more than made up for in peace of mind. Once you go in with SingCore, you never have to worry about the quality of your large oversize door panels again.

The System Where You Are In Control

Our business model is entirely about control, and giving it to the customer. We specialize in making dreams a reality!

All we need to know is the size of the panel: length, width, thickness. Our plywood skinned panels are low cost and can accept your choice of skin material. Either subcontract out to your local veneer specialist, or apply the veneer yourself.

We only sell panels to experienced professionals is the field who are ready and waiting to buy the best product on the market. Because of the hands on nature of our panels, they are not suitable for direct sales to home owners.

Special Skills Not Required

Our panels are made out of wood and foam, with a small amount of reinforcing patented aluminum stiffeners inserted in some cases. This means anyone with skills in traditional wood working will have no problems working with our panels.

We include, at no extra cost, custom solid wood blocking to match your hardware requirements. This blocking is pressed directly in the panel as it is built, and provides optimum strength and minimal additional weight.

Working with SingCore need not be a chore. When you want an relaxing experience, tell us what you need and let us to the rest!

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Oversize Walnut Wood Veneer Sliding Door

9′ Tall, 8′ wide, super light walnut veneer door panel

At SingCore, we know that doors should come at any size with any skin finish that you desire. For this reason we make doors custom to order, based on your exact needs and wants.

This oversize walnut skinned sliding door, for example, push the edge of extremity for a typical door manufacturer. But, is well within our wheelhouse when it comes to the exacting standards of SingCore oversized architectural door panels.

Our doors are:

  • Light weight (up to three times lighter than wooden doors)
  • Stronger than steel (pound for pound)
  • Perfectly straight (guaranteed to meet or exceed AWI standards for 50 years or more)
  • Eco-friendly (heavy reliance on renewable resources)
  • Custom designed (inside and outside made to meet your exact specifications)

Walnut Door Slab

Our specialty is to produce unfinished (raw wood) slab door panels for use by millworks, contractors, architect firms, designers, and other builders in projects with demanding specifications. We provide slab panels that without any particular ornamentation or hardware, which leaves you free to apply the design of your choice to the surface, or keep the modern sleek look of slab doors.

We do provide the following services with our slab doors:

  • Light openings for glass, man doors, or other ornamentation
  • Solid wood or veneer “edge banding”
  • Interior solid wood blocking (soft or hardwood optional)
  • Trim and final dimensioning services (optional)

Perfect Flat Walnut Sliding Door Panel

Walnut Veneer Interior Doors

SingCore panels are designed to work as both interior and exterior doors without additional modification. Our panels come highly insulated with dense foam as part of the core construction. At either 3.5 R or >6 R per inch of core material, there is plenty of thermal insulation for exterior applications. Likewise, the foam provides exceptional sound dampening for indoor applications.

Walnut Front Door with Glass

When it comes to glass doors, french doors, and other amazing light opening panels, there is a reason we are called the “King” of the front door.

We can provide walnut front doors with glass of any size, shape, finish, or otherwise that you desire. Every panel we make is custom to you order and specifications.

All panels are provided raw, without finish applied, and without glass.

Prehung Walnut Doors

We do not provide prehung door panels, but our panels are ready for your installer, millwork, or contractor to finish and install hardware. The best part of our panels in their ability to fit in to any project and any style. There is no problem matching our panels to the rest of your door schedule, because they can be finished on site to match the other materials exactly.

Black Walnut Interior Doors

We provide door panels custom made with any finish. Wood veneer finishes include:

  • Walnut (Black Walnut, English Walnut, Northern California Walnut, Colombian Walnut, and more)
  • Redwood
  • Cedar (Western Red Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, and more)
  • Oak (White Oak, Red Oak, and more)
  • Fir
  • Mahogany/Teak
  • Maple
  • Cherry Wood
  • and more

If you are looking for a look, we have it.

Dark Walnut Front Door

Dark walnut front doors ooze style. We would be very happy to produce at front door of any dimension and look. All we need from you is the height, width, and door thickness. Then, let us handle the rest.

Dark Walnut Door

You may be surprised to hear that our doors are perfectly flat. But in fact they are and always will be. That is something that our company guarantees for 50 years.

When you go with dark walnut for you door, the expense of such an exclusive material means that you want to certain of. There is no reason why your door should warp or prove to be less than fully functional for the life of the building. That is why you need SingCore front and center of your construction.

Order Today

Submit for a free estimate for your next project today! Free consultation available to let us help you choose the best SingCore panel for your project.

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Master Quality Door Veneer Surfaces

Our Master Quality Doors are Complimented by Our Ultra High Quality Skin and Surface Choices

Wood Veneers

Veneer allows us to create a high end finish with less weight and cost while offering a wide assortment of beautiful door surfaces.  There are a number of different types of veneers that all provide excellent options that will compliment the styles of your structures.   Difference species generally demand a different price.  Some popular examples are Maple, White Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Alder, and Hemlock.  Veneers are sold in bundles and range in price, but generally use the most flawless wood to provide the absolute most appealing visual aspects for your doors.  Standard veneer thickness is .020″, and is often used to decorate high end furniture, cabinetry, cabinetry, floors, and even plywood. You can trust Sing Core to veneer your doors, alternatively you can get substrate only and have your veneer applied locally.*

The beauty of veneer is the high quality wood grain appearance that provides you with the most natural aesthetics.  Each piece is completely unique, because it is cut from the actual logs.  Not only does this allow you an amazing modern appearance, but also you can achieve a more vintage, timeless, or antique look.  Normally, better quality veneers are used for doors, because customers want the best looking doors they can possibly get.  Door grade veneer comes in a few distinct grades.

Huge Pivot Door Mahogany Wood Veneer

Gorgeous Massive Mahogany Wood Veneer Door

Face Cut Options

Rotary Cut Veneer – Created by spinning the log and peeling off sheets, almost like unrolling a roll of toilet paper, rotary cut veneer is the most common type of veneer.  The advantage of this type of veneer is that it results in one continuous sheet.  It is a very cost effective way of producing veneer, but it results in a very unpredictable grain pattern.

Plain Sliced or Flat Cut Veneer – This is the second most common cut.  In this method, thin layers are sliced one at a time along the width of the log.  The slices, which are also called leaves, because the blade works its way from the top of the log to the bottom, there is a gradual transition in the grain pattern.  This method of cutting parallel to the growth rings results in a V-shaped pattern that is often seen on sheets of plywood.


Rift Cut Veneer – Another interesting method is the rift cut process, which allows for a more straight-grained look.  In this method the log is quartered, then cut perpendicular to the grain in repeating arches.  The advantage to this is that you get a relatively uniform grain appearance.  The disadvantage to rift sawn veneer is that it costs more, because the process is more time consuming.

Quarter Sliced Veneer – This type of veneer is also sometimes called quarter cut or quarter sawn veneer.  This cut is often specified when the customer wants an exceptionally straight grain appearance.  First, the log is quartered, which allows each quarter to be sliced perpendicular to the growth rings.  Since leaves are cut more narrowly than plain sliced, they are much more easily lined up with other leaves, allowing for superior uniformity.  Despite it’s vast advantages, this method requires a larger log diameter compared to the alternative methods.  This method also achieves a sort of flaking appearance, created when the veneer knife bisects medullary rays in the tree.

Beautiful Maple Veneer Skin

Beautiful Maple Veneer Skin


Veneer Matching Options



No matter what cut of veneer is applied, without proper veneer matching, your project will not turn out as expected.  Veneer matching is a true art form.  The job of matching veneer is a precise job that requires a detailed approach.  The appearance is partially determined by how the veneer slices are lined up on the doors.

Book Match Veneer – Every other veneer leaf is turned over, like the pages of a book.  With this method, the veneer will be mirrored between each consecutive two leaf section, resulting in a repeating series of symmetrical patterns.  This method is preferred by many, because of the continuity of grain.  This method produces both ascending and descending prominent characteristics of the grain.  Not all cuts of veneer can be used with the Book Matching method, however, but plain, quarter, or rift sliced veneers can all be used for this purpose.  This book end formation tends to reflect light and accept stains differently.  With this method there is also potential for wide color variation, known as “barber pole” in some species or flitches.  Despite these variations, they are still considered desirable.

Random Match Veneer – This method produces a more chaotic appearance, because pieces are generally unmatched, as if the applicator has taken a series of boards and lined them up on the surface of the door.  This produces a more old fashioned look, as something that was perhaps built before modern methods of veneer were invented.  With this method, there is often a deliberate method to reduce grain consistency.

Continuous Match Veneer – This is when the pieces of veneer are used for both the door and the transom, allowing for a very consistent look between the door and the transom.

End Match Veneer – This is generally selected for doors with transoms.  This match uses a single piece of veneer that runs from the bottom to the top of the door.   Veneer can be turned turned at the joint to achieve this appearance.

Slip Match Veneer – This is one of the quickest methods of matching veneer, but requires higher quality veneer that is fairly uniform in appearance.  Sheets are slipped out on the the surface one after the other, creating a wave of repeating patterns.  Some frown on this method, because of the abrupt joints.  This differs from book match veneer in that book match is better at hiding the joints.  Uniformity of color is superior in this method, because each piece has a similar level of light refraction.  It also allows for a relatively straight grain pattern.

Blueprint Veneer – is sequential veneer from a single source to cover an entire area. Complete rooms are the most impressive when they are blueprint veneered. Some jobs include matching blueprint door skins as well. Proceed with caution, making sure there is enough source material to complete the job, and there is no room for mistakes.

Natural Variations

Because wood is an organic product, each piece has its own characteristics.  There is a vast array of grain patterns and formations, which can vary among trees and different flitches.  Because of that, some trees may not meet standards.  Other trees may considered of exceptional quality.  Prices may also vary depending on the quality and appearance of the veneer.  Because of variations in natural grain of each tree and differences in cuts, you can experience amazingly unique grain, pattern, and color, for each leaf of veneer, which translates into an an unlimited variations in door appearances.

In all cases, the natural wood quality will improve and compliment design elements, especially if the wood is applied in its natural state, unfettered by paints and enamels which might hinder the actual beauty of the wood.

Some species, like maple and birch can show a wide variety of color ranges.  When it comes to maple and birch unlimited amounts of sapwood and heartwood, large portions may be unusable, because of unacceptable color.  Sapwood lighter in color, while heartwood is darker in color.  There is also the issue with light, dark, and color streaks, spots, and color variation that results from mixing sapwood with heartwood.  If these sorts of variants in color and grain are not desired by you or your customers, veneer must be selected accordingly.  If lighter shades of veneer are desired, you must specify sapwood maple or birch.  If darker shades are required, you should select heartwood, however, this type is often limited in supply.

 * = Professional veneering can be very tricky. If you are getting substrate from Sing Core and having your millwork (or someone else) apply the veneer, be certain to affirm that they have the expertise to apply the veneer appropriately. We use the highest level of professional veneer professional and techniques. We can guarantee our veneering, if you have veneering done off-site, it is their responsibility to do it correctly. A faulty veneer could jeopardize your Sing warranty.


Door Graphics and Murals

Very Large Sliding Door With and Without Mural

Our doors make an exceptional surface for applying murals, canvases, or printed wraps and images.  This is an excellent way to make an otherwise standard looking door, beautiful and vibrant.

In recent years, graphics, scenes, or photos applied to the surfaces of doors that turn your openings into true works of art.  This style of door is only limited by your imagination!  Some examples are as follows:

  • Fine Art: Amazing portraits, scenery and landscapes, animals, objects like cars and still life images
  • Photos: Nature, wildlife, underwater scenes, forests
  • Designs: Patterns, colors, shapes, and other abstract art
  • Wood Grains: Any sort of wood species, style, or colors
  • Plants: Beautiful flowers, leaves, barks, and other plant based imagery
  • Textures: Pebbled, rusted, grainy, smooth, baked earth and other textures
  • Other: Anything you can imagine can be printed Sing Core doors as long as you have high quality electronic images and graphic files.

We start with a smooth tempered board or Medium Density Overlay (MDO) for a best quality finish, or select a wood veneer or paint grade option for your highest quality finishes.  This is only limited by your imagination!



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July 1, 2014

Sing Core surplus veneer sale.

Sing Core has a warehouse full of high-quality wood veneers in a variety of wood species. Call: 360-495-3577 for prices.

Sawmills and Wood Production in Canada Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Has Been Updated

The industry was challenged by slowly recovering demand from downstream industries over the past five years; going forward, the industry will benefit from more vigorous growth. For these reasons, industry research firm, IBISWorld, has updated a report on the Sawmills and Wood Production industry in its growing industry report collection. New York, NY (PRWEB) June 30, 2014 The … (continue reading)

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Engineered Wood Lauded As Superior Building Material

Cross-laminated timber is being recognized again, this time by Clay Risen in the March 2014 issue of Popular Science. His article claims that wood is the “most advanced building material.” Commonly known as CLT, cross-laminated timber uses the same cross-grain construction concept that gives plywood its great versatility.

While conventional wood-frame construction is expected to continue as preferred for building residences, CLT’s qualities outstrip those of conventional wood. CLT is stronger, and can be used in high-rise buildings. CLT was used in a recently-completed 10-story apartment building in Australia, and has been approved for use in a 34-story tower to be built in Sweden. It is also safer in a fire than steel, and more eco-friendly than steel or concrete.

Source: Timberbiz.com, May 8, 2014.