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Metal Pivot Door

Metal pivot doors are gaining in popularity among high end homes, government agencies, scientific laboratories and elite commercial establishments. So, whether your interest in a metal pivot door is residential or industrial, Sing Core can help you build one of the best metal pivot doors in the world.

metal pivot doors with waterfall edging

metal pivot doors with waterfall edging

What makes Sing Core’s metal pivot door so special?

Metal pivot doors with Sing Core inside exceed the expectations of door manufacturers around the world in an Eco-friendly manner excelling in significant reduction in weight while remaining high precision, high performance, and stronger than steel pound for pound. No other lightweight door can deliver such results in terms of lightweight and high strength. That’s why only Sing professional metal pivot doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years.

What’s the number 1 use of Sing Metal Pivot Doors?

No matter whether the installation is in a high end multimillion dollar home, or a commercial application, the highest and best use of your Sing metal pivot door is as an impressive pivot front door.

Pivot Front Door

Pivot front doors are more impressive when they are stylishly finished, but even more impressive than the exterior material used, the size of the metal pivot door is even more important. The emphasis on being large and oversized plays an important role in the first impression of anyone viewing a large pivot door the first time you lay eyes on the project.

The most significant highly memorable feature of any structure is the visual impact of a large, oversized pivot door. In fact, the bigger, the better. The height, the width and the thickness of your pivot front door makes all the difference.

Metal Pivot Door Detail

The detail of the metal pivot door is invaluable, and every detail will contribute to the success or failure of your pivot front door. A large metal pivot door, while it is very impressive, does pose a number of problems associated with such a large monolithic structure. The first hurdle is in the managing of the weight of a large metal pivot door. To make it out of solid metal, is generally not practical, because the sheer weight of the large pivot door will create problems for the pivot door hardware as well as the frame and structure surrounding the big metal pivot door. The answer lies in Sing Core’s ability to build a

Lightweight Metal Pivot Door

Reducing the weight of your metal pivot door significantly reduces the cost of the pivot door hardware (as it is calculated based on the weight of the door) which can cost many times the cost of the pivot door itself. This also reduces the cost of shipping, handling and installing an otherwise heavy pivot door. While there are other options for dealing with the issue of weight of a particular pivot door, none are more dimensionally stable or

High Strength Metal Pivot Door

Sing Core is the only method of creating a lightweight, high strength metal pivot door. The strength is achieved by starting with a patented torsion box substructure where the otherwise empty boxes are filled with rigid insulation and sandwiched between two sheets of plywood to provide a solid composite structural core which delivers unparalleled warp resistance and strength (660 PSI). Not only are these metal pivot doors lightweight and incredibly strong, they are the only metal doors that can come with a

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

That’s right. Your professional Sing metal pivot door can be lightweight, high strength and guaranteed not to warp- bend, twist of otherwise fail for 50 years, including a full structure warranty against any other potential failure.

Metal Pivot Entry Doors

Your metal pivot entry door caries along with it a great deal of responsibility, which makes it a security door, either as an intentional specification, or implied as a security barrier. So, it is imperative that your pivot entry doors are strong enough to ward off security compromises as well as being fully

Insulated Metal Pivot Doors

Every Sing metal pivot door is fully insulated to deliver the best climate control and sound deadening capabilities. This insulation is important because in most, if not all cases, your pivot entry door separates two extremes, one being the exterior surface area facing the elements as in the case of an exterior pivot front door, while the other side faces the structure’s interior, which could be vastly different, especially in terms of extreme weather conditions.

Metal Pivot Door Prices

We have a very simple method of determining the price of your metal pivot door. All you need is the height, width and thickness of the door as well as the type of metal and gauge desired on the metal pivot door’s surface. Click Here for Pricing.

Aluminum Pivot Doors

Aluminum pivot doors are the most popular of all large metal pivot doors, which we specialize in. Aluminum pivot doors can be made in any size or style and can include specialty finished aluminum or anodized aluminum pivot doors. And while all Sing Core products are manufactured in the USA, the finish-work is only being completed by the millworks that we work with hand-in-hand to deliver the best metal pivot door results. Although aluminium pivot doors are not the only pivot doors we make, we also provide other metal pivot doors, such as

Hot rolled steel pivot doors

Hot rolled steel pivot doors are increasingly taking the stage in industrial and artistic installations, hosting their signature heat marks as part of the design feature of hot rolled steel pivot doors, or alternatively painted to minimize the heat marks.

Cold rolled steel pivot doors ~ Galvanized steel pivot doors ~ Stainless steel pivot doors

Diamond plate steel pivot doors ~ Anodized aluminum pivot doors ~ Brass pivot doors

Bronze Pivot Doors

As well as copper pivot doors and copper plate pivot doors, just to name a few.

Submit your price quote request and find out how Sing Core can assist in making all your metal pivot door dreams come true.

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Pivot Door Systems

Sing Core helps to support your favorite millwork or pivot door company to create the best pivot door systems available in the world today. Your large architectural pivot door is likely one of the most striking and important features leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

As we all know, as impressive as it is, your pivot door is going to present challenges if it is a pivot hinge door over 7 ft. tall. There are factors facing architects and designers who desire to incorporate such a feature into a breathtaking structure.

Here are some of the challenges facing designers of your architectural pivot door:

Problem: Large Pivot Doors

The bigger the pivot door, the more challenges face designers, builders, and installers of large pivot doors. The size of your pivot door creates a challenge in the mere handling of the door. If your architectural pivot door is significantly large (of course, the larger it is, the more impressive it is) the size of it makes it difficult to transport between various stages of the pivot door build, from base manufacture, to millwork, to job site and installation. Each of these phases requires handling of the door, which can take many people and may include the use of heavy equipment for maneuvering the large pivot door.

Solution: Large Pivot Doors

Sing Core teams up with only the best millworks, custom door manufacturers and pivot door companies to provide the best Eco-friendly warp-free pivot door systems in the world, and each custom pivot door is proudly made in the USA. Even if your pivot door system requires a very large pivoting door, such as 40 ft. tall, Sing Core has the solution for any pivot door sizes.

Problem: Heavy Pivot Doors

Big pivot doors means you’re dealing with a big pivot door slab of material which is extremely heavy in weight. These heavy pivot doors are tough to handle by hand, requiring heavy equipment to move them around through the various stages of creation and throughout the installation process.

Solution: Lightweight Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors with Sing Core inside weigh a fraction the weight of other solid core pivoting doors. Significantly lighter weight pivot doors, even metal pivot doors, translates to huge cost savings in terms of manufacturing, transportation and long term maintenance costs over time. The warp-free nature of guaranteed professional Sing pivot doors greatly reduces pivot door maintenance costs, making your pivot doors systems more cost-efficient and sustainable.

Problem: Heavy Duty Pivot Door Hardware

Also note the weight of the large pivot door determines the pivot door hardware that will be utilized in the pivot door systems. Heavy pivot door means heavy duty pivot door hardware. The heavier the door, the more expensive the heavy duty pivot door hardware, which can come with an enormous price tag that can exceed the cost of the pivot door itself. In heavy pivot door systems, the hardware can easily be the most expensive portion of the entire system.

Solution: Eliminate Heavy Duty Pivot Door Hardware

Since the weight of your large pivot door determines the gauge of the pivot door hardware incorporated in pivot doors systems, reducing the weight significantly results in being able to utilize low cost hardware, greatly reducing the overall cost of the pivot door system, thanks to having Sing Core inside your pivot door(s).

Problem: Heavy Pivot Door Maintenance

Large pivot doors do impose heavy maintenance costs over time if they are used very much, due to stress of the heavy pivot door on the hardware, structure and further compromising the pivot door seal because of the pivot door material’s tendency to move. This translates to regular maintenance being required to maintain, repair or replace the supporting structure, frame, hardware and pivot door as necessary to achieve adequate performance expectations.

Solution: Little or No Pivot Door Maintenance

By having your custom pivot doors built with Sing Core inside, you can have nearly maintenance-free enjoyment of your exterior pivot door for 50 years. Of course, you will still need normal routine maintenance of the door’s finish, but you can rest assured that you can avoid having the service life of your pivot door interrupted by experiencing undue stress to hardware, structure or suffering the disappointment of a warping pivot door.

Problem: Warping Pivot Doors

Exterior pivot doors are more problematic than interior doors for their tendency to warp by having to separate two different spaces which could (and more often than not do) have quite different environments on either side of the door. This is the main cause of warping pivot doors, which can compromise the seal of the exterior pivot door and add stress to the existing structure and hardware.

Solution: Warp-free Pivot Doors

Sing Core provides the only known solution for warp-free pivot doors of any size. The warp-free true flat engineers and technicians at Sing Core help to design and build your custom door in concert with architectural specification to produce a professional large pivot door which can be guaranteed to offer non-warping performance for 50 years. No other Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength door can have such a guarantee, unless it has patented Sing Core inside.

Problem: Replacement Pivot Doors

Replacement pivot doors, either at the outset (in the design phase) or as the pivot door begin to fail, is the unfortunate story that faces many exterior pivot door owners and/or users and purveyors of various pivot doors systems. Some care is taken in the replacement of pivot doors to find a pivot door solution which is less likely to fail, or provide some degree of reduction in ongoing pivot door maintenance.

Solution: Replacement Pivot Doors

The answer is not found in any millwork, pivot door company, or pivot door hardware company. The answer to the problems and challenges is found inside the door. Doors made with “Sing Core inside,” are lightweight, high strength, high precision, and can be guaranteed to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Pivot door systems featuring pivot entry doors with Sing Core inside are the number one replacement pivot doors, especially in large pivot front door applications.

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Aluminium Pivot Doors

Metal pivot doors are our specialty, especially large oversized pivot doors, that are Eco-friendly, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound. Our best-selling pivot doors include hot rolled steel pivot doors, as well as any other type of metal, but aluminium pivot doors are most in demand as the shift to the very large pivot front door is gaining popularity for high-end pivot entry doors.


Aluminium pivot doors pose several challenges for architectural pivot doors designed for use as an exterior door. The biggest problems are associated with size, weight, insulation, and high precision long life, without the need for a pivot door company or millwork to provide ongoing maintenance of your aluminium pivot doors.

Luxury homes are more apt to feature large modern pivot doors due to upscale curb appeal, as the large pivot entry door creates an immediate visual impression sure you be remembered long after seeing such a large aluminium pivot door as the main access point to million dollar homes, like this one in Beverly Hills.

Large high end pivot entry doors are subject to varying environments on either side of the door, which creates movement of the high end pivot doors according to exposure of one side to the elements and the interior of the structure on the location’s interior space. This can compromise the oversized pivot door system seasonally, requiring regular maintenance and repair over time.

The Sing solution for aluminium pivot doors is to incorporate patented Sing core insulation-packed vertical grain torsion box grid technology to provide an aluminum pivot door that can withstand the changes in exposure on either side of the door to prevent compromise. This is how your professional aluminium pivot door can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. (You will receive written guarantee with your professional aluminum pivot door.)

Of course, besides aluminium pivot doors, Sing Core can also assist millworks, door companies and custom door manufacturers in creating pivot doors made of any flat building material. Our most popular large pivot door materials include all species of natural wood pivot doors, cold rolled steel pivot doors, hot rolled steel pivot doors and fiberglass (FRP) pivoting doors.

Sing core can provide matching interior pivot doors for million dollar mansions. In fact, you will find custom Sing modern pivot doors NYC in the most upscale luxury condos throughout greater New York, NY area. New Yorkers love Sing aluminium pivot entry doors. More than half of all the aluminum pivot doors that Sing Core ship to the greater New York area.

All Sing Core aluminium pivot doors, as well as high performance pivot door systems made of other flat materials (including wooden pivot doors), have built-in insulation and can be guaranteed for 50 years of high precision enjoyment backed by the best warranty in the pivot door industry.

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Pivot Door Detail

Sing Core is world renowned for their ability to produce large pivot doors that are free from the problems associated with building fail free pivot doors of any type, style or material of any size. This service is available for your favorite pivot door company or millwork. Simply contact them about building your custom pivot door and remember to tell them that you want, “Sing Core inside.” Find the pivot door detail as follows:

Pivot Door Detail

Your premium pivot door can feature the following benefits and features:

Eco-friendly ~ Lightweight ~ High Strength ~ Insulated ~ Sound Deadening ~ Weatherproof ~ 50 Year Guarantee

Built to architectural specifications, your pivot door with Sing Core inside can be manufactured of any available flat building material, including (but not limited to) any available wood species, aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, concrete, fiberglass (FRP), galvanized steel, glass, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, mirrored glass, or stainless steel.

Sing Core pivot door substrates can be manufactured with specific interior blocking to accommodate hardware connection points and door pulls, also custom lite openings can be pre-cut to allow glass insertion in any shape or size.

Pivot Front Door

There is also a growing trend for designing a pivot front door because of the visual impact. A large pivot front door packs a punch for instant curb appeal. There are some problems associated with large pivot front doors, mainly the weight of the door and its tendency to warp or otherwise fail due to one side facing the structure’s interior and the other facing the elements.

Insulated Pivot Door

Sing Core is the solution for the problems associated with exterior facing pivot doors. A pivot front door with Sing Core inside has insulation providing climate control between the inside and outside of the structure as well as offering sound deadening qualities.

Lightweight Pivot Door

Your pivot door doesn’t need to be as heavy if it has Sing Core inside which is a solid composite vertical torsion box packed with insulation that weight a fraction of other solid pivot door cores. This greatly affects the resulting weight of your door which dictates how expensive the pivot door hardware is going to be. Weight determines the pivot door hardware and a heavy pivot front door will require heavy duty pivot door hardware which can cost many times the price of the large pivot door itself.

High Strength Pivot Door

You want a pivoting door that is very strong indeed, and if your pivot door has Sing Core inside you can rest assured that you have a powerfully strong door sporting a staunch 660 PSI (stronger than steel, pound for pound). That’s why pivot doors with Sing Core inside are the only Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength pivot doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

50 Year Pivot Door Guarantee

Unless your favorite pivot door company or millwork, is already building large doors with Sing Core inside, they might find it hard to believe that such a large pivot door could be built and guaranteed for 50 years. It is customary for contractors to exclude large exterior pivot doors from their warranty. That’s why they love working with us, because now they can deliver the pivot doors that their customers want.

Why Sing Core Inside?

Having Sing Core inside your pivot door is not for everyone. You will find these exquisite pivot doors in everything from science labs to government conference rooms and they can be found anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA). They are found in mansions and multi-million-dollar homes and could be in your project, too.

Click on: PRICING to get a price quote on your project.


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Pivot Front Door

“I want a large pivot front door.”

Increasingly, this is the demand of discriminating clients who want their properties to make a massive first impression anytime anyone approaches the property. A large pivot front door garners immediate attention from anyone who approaches the property and the bigger the big pivot front door, the more impressive and lasting first impression impact.

“I want everyone to say, ‘Wow, that’s a big pivot door.”

That’s exactly what happens when they approach this 48 million dollar home in Beverly Hills, and this is only a 16 foot tall wooden pivot door. Sing Core helps the best pivot door companies to build the biggest pivot front doors made of any material, even pivot front doors made of wood that will not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for years to come.

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

Only an exterior pivot door with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed to remain warp-free, including full structure warranty, for 50 years. Even though pivot doors with Sing Core inside are build to last for centuries, professional Sing pivot doors can come backed with a full 50 year warp-free guarantee. No other lightweight, high strength pivot front door can have such an impressive guarantee.

Pivot Front Door Challenge

The challenge facing designers faced with building a pivot front door is that large pivot doors, especially pivot front doors tend to warp, compromising not only the door but the structure it protects from the elements. That’s why it is customary for the pivot door company servicing the property is likely to exclude the pivot front door from the warranty protected the rest of the job, as they have the client sign a statement that they understand that they pivot front door is not covered by any warranty. That is, unless the pivot front door was properly designed and built with Sing Core inside.

How to Build the Best Pivot Front Door

Your true flat pivot door team at Sing Core can help your favorite pivot door company to create the best Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight high strength pivot door. The best pivot door must be engineered correctly to maintain high precision and performance over the life of the door. To do so, means taking into account the geographical location of the pivot door, direction the pivot door faces, its exposure to the elements and varying barometric pressure and humidity to be expected. Also affecting the pivot front door’s performance, one must factor in the external material being used on the door (wooden pivot doors providing the highest degree of challenge). The team then goes about working hand in hand with the pivot door company to build a pivot door that will meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

Advantages of a Sing Pivot Front Door

Your pivot front door with Sing Core inside can be big, very big, in fact, up to 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide, and up to 8 inches thick, if need be, so a 20 ft tall pivot front door would be a piece of cake for the Sing pivot door team. A properly designed and built professional Sing external pivot door will have the following features:

  • Lightweight

  • High strength

  • Insulated

  • Sound dampening

  • Improved climate control

  • Sustainably Eco-friendly

  • 50 year warp-free guarantee in writing

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Pivot Hinges for Doors

Making its way into modern architectural designs across the USA and throughout the world abroad, pivot hinge doors are marking their territory, especially when the client or homeowner desires to make an impact at first sight of the dwelling’s pivot front door. Not to be only dominating the upscale housing market, high end commercial establishments are also seeking out a large, unique pivot hinge door to welcome their clientele. This leaves the playing field wide open for pivot door manufacturers as well as the hardware companies supplying pivot hinges for doors throughout the industry.

While the pivot door market is growing by leaps and bounds, finding a pivot door company that specializes in pivoting doors, especially large pivot doors, is still hard to come by. Why? Unlike other side hinge doors, pivot hinges for doors that pivot are another type of door altogether.

Pivot hinges for doors

The pivot hinge door has two pivoting points where the pivot hinge is located. One on top of the pivot door, and one on the bottom of the pivot door. The center pivot door (indicating the center hung pivot hinge’s location in the door) is by far the most traditional location of the pivot door’s pivoting hardware, thought the current trend is to feature an offset door pivot hinge.

In the case of the offset pivot door, the pivot hardware is located to the left or right of center, or in an extreme edge pivot door the door pivot hinge is located closer to the outside edge of the door. This not only offers a unique visual impact of having an offset pivot door, there is also the advantage of having a wider opening when the door is in its opened position. With the offset door pivot hinge, the pivot door is not limited to one half of the pivot door’s frame, which provides more open access when using pivot hinges for doors that are offset (to one side of the center of the pivot door, or the other).

There is no doubt the pivot hinge doors is staking its claim on the front facing home as a pivot front door. The responsibility of the pivot front door is greatly escalated, as an exterior door one side of the pivot front door faces the elements, while the other side of the pivot door faces the home’s interior. This is asking for door trouble from the get-go, as front doors, especially for wooden pivot doors, due to their tendency to warp, bend or twist under these extreme circumstances.

There is one solid solution to the problems associated with large wooden doors used as pivot entry doors, and it is none other than Sing Core. If your pivot hinge doors is built with Sing Core inside, your pivot door will weigh in at a fraction of the weight of other pivot doors, while remaining extremely strong (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound). So strong, in fact, that your professional Sing pivot door can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. That means you don’t have to worry about you’re your door’s tendency to bend, twist cup or otherwise fail, including a full structural guarantee for 50 years. No other sustainable, Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength door can be backed with such an amazing guarantee.

Pivot doors prices can be very expensive doe to the nature of the doors to warp, and many steps have been taken in the past to keep these pivot doors straight, but at what cost? Adding an interior frame that is resistant to warp, like aluminum or steel may well keep the pivot door from warping but the pivot door then becomes very heavy, and heavy pivot doors mean heavy duty pivot door hardware.

When you’re staring a pivot hinge heavy duty in nature, you’re facing a large ticket item, as heavy duty pivot hinges can be very expensive indeed. If a pivot door is heavy, it is not unusual for the pivoting hardware to be many times the cost of the pivot door itself.

Think of all the savings which may be realized by having your pivot door built with Sing Core inside. You will save in shipping and transport, as well as installation, hardware and continued maintenance over time, because you have a lightweight Sing pivot door, without having to compromise in precision or high performance.

If you have a Sing professional pivot door, congratulations, you could have the best pivot door available today.

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Pivot Hinge Door

Sing Core has been supplying the only warp-free pivot door substrates that allows the best pivot door companies to offer their high end clients an exterior pivot front door of any size that can be included in their standard warranty work (most high end millworks offer a warranty on their work for one year or more, with the exception of large pivot doors over 7 ft. tall which tend to fail at the first sing of climate change) because if your pivot hinge door has patented “Sing Core inside,” it is covered by our 50 year warp-free guarantee. This enables the millwork, pivot door company, custom pivot door manufacturer and their clients, all to breathe easier, without having to worry about large pivot door pivot hinge challenges.

Due to the characteristics of the Sing Core inside the best pivot doors, your pivot door can feature a pivot hinge of any type or style which may be problematic when attempting to accommodate a large pivot door without Sing Core inside. Attributes of pivot hinge doors with Sing Core inside include lightweight (a fraction the weight of other solid core pivot doors), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), high precision (+/- .006 in. tolerance), high performance (long life without fail) and Eco-friendly (made in the USA with formaldehyde free adhesives, very little energy consumption or waste, with the sustainable use of natural resources).

Large pivot doors made with the absence of Sing Core are likely to fail. This is why they are normally noted on the contract and excluded from the other items on the job covered by the contractor’s warranty.

The lighter weight of the pivot door opens more opportunities for creatively applying various pivot door hinges which make the resulting pivot door even more impressive or adding a commercial door pivot hinge. The offset pivot hinge is gaining popularity among pivot door manufacturers and by utilizing Sing Core inside your pivot door, you can save substantially due to the lighter weight of your pivot door as pivot door hinges are determined by the weight of your pivoting door. Heavy pivot doors require a heavy duty pivot hinge, while your Sing pivot door can use a lighter weight pivot hinge.

Heavy duty pivot hinges are expensive and can be many times the cost of your pivot front door. That’s another reason why building your pivot hinge door with Sing Core makes so much more sense. Pivot door hardware companies, such as rixson pivot door hardware are available in many styles including top hung, offset pivot door sets as well as the more conventional center hung pivot hinge.

Pivot entry doors can come in a wide variety of types and styles and can be made to outperform any other type of pivoting door including aluminium pivot doors, any available type of natural wooden pivot doors or even a stainless steel pivot door. Your pivot hinge door could be made from any available flat building material, including woods or metals.

If you’re tired of dealing with the constant maintenance issues with dealing with large pivot hinge doors over time, then maybe starting off at the right place would be your most advantageous move by specifying your door has, “Sing Core inside.” If it’s too late, and you’re already struggling with problematic pivot hinge doors, no problem. Sing Core pivot doors are the most in demand replacement doors in the United States and increasingly throughout the world, as Sing Core products are routinely exported worldwide.

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Pivot Entry Doors | Pivot Door

With the prevalence of pivot doors | pivot entry doors are being included in high profile contemporary architecture design, the most impressive pivot entry doors are oversized. These large pivot doors are generating a great deal of inquiries to one pivot door company for solutions to a variety of challenges associated with the large pivot entry doors.

Sing Core is providing the solution to the best pivot door companies for most of the problems associated with the large pivot entry doors.

Helping your favorite pivot door company create warp free wooden pivot doors of any size ~ guaranteed

Pivot Entry Doors | Warp and Structure

First of all, most of the most impressive architectural pivot entry door features natural wood. It doesn’t take much effort to imagine what the problems might be for a natural substance, like wood. The very nature of the grain, which add to the elegance and beauty of any pivot entry door, is the problem, especially for exterior pivot doors. While natural wood grain is so very attractive, it is natural and tends to warp, bend and twist due to changes in the environment. Even if the exterior pivot door is not made of wood, the structural integrity may fail, especially if the door is over 8 ft. tall and/or 4 ft. wide.

Pivot Entry Doors | Weight and Pivot Door Hardware

Secondly, a large pivot entry door is going to be very heavy in weight, which is expected with any door of significant height, width and thickness. Current trends to an increase of pivot entry door sizes pushes the physical limits of the capabilities of any standard pivot door company or their ability to accommodate pivot door sizes that are over 8 ft. tall. Additionally, the weight of these large pivot doors determine the type, style, and size of the accommodating pivot door hardware required. Heavy duty pivot door hardware appropriately matched can cost many times the cost of the pivot entry door, just for the pivot door hinges. Heavy large pivot entry doors also are problematic to ship to and handle at the job site, adding extra charges to installation costs.

Pivot Entry Doors | Ongoing Maintenance Costs

With the continued use of heavier large entry pivot doors over time, the regular articulation of the pivoting door causes extra stress and strain on the pivot door hardware, frame and structure as it is used. In addition to regular maintenance of the exterior pivot door’s tendency to move (warp, bend, twist or cup) other maintenance costs include repairing and/or replacement of pivot door hardware, framing and the building’s structure.

Pivot Entry Doors | Replacement Doors

Sooner or later, the owner or manager is faced with the task of locating a replacement pivot entry door. When contemplating replacing architectural pivot entry doors, management is faced with having to deal with the entire process all over again in hopes of a better resulting outcome. The replacement of architectural pivot entry doors is the result of the complexity of building a pivot entry door that is less likely to fail, or to fail less than its predecessor. This is why pivot entry doors, especially if they are over 8 ft. tall are excluded from warranty of the pivot door company at the time of installation (see your contract paperwork for the exclusion).

Pivot Entry Doors with Sing Core Inside

Pivot Entry Doors | Warp-free with Structure Guarantee

Only pivot entry doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including a full structure warranty. Keep in mind, these architectural pivot entry doors have one side facing the elements and one side facing the structure’s interior. No other architectural pivot entry door over 8 ft. tall can have such a guarantee such as the one offered by Sing Core’s professional warp-free guarantee.

Pivot Entry Doors | Lightweight Pivot Door Hardware

Pivot Entry doors with Sing Core inside are lightweight, a fraction of the weight of other solid core pivot entry doors, thanks to the patented insulation reinforced torsion box composite core, augmented with patent pending warp resistant stiffeners. The true flat specialists at Sing Core work in tandem with your architectural design team to create a door substrate that can be covered with any flat building material, even solid wood stave, without compromising the structural integrity, weight or performance of the resulting pivot entry door with Sing Core inside.

Pivot Entry Doors | Cost Savings for 50 Years

Owners of these professional lightweight pivoting entry doors with Sing Core inside, enjoy the advantages of huge savings in pivot door hardware, transportation, handling, installation and maintenance costs over time, back by their 50 year guarantee.

Pivot Entry Doors | Replacement Doors

One of the main functions of Sing Core’s warp-free expertise, enables them to be the go-to specialists who can help design and build replacement architectural pivoting entry doors solving many (if not all) structural challenges and problems in one fell swoop. If your pivot entry door has problems, Sing Core’s characteristics combined with their true flat expertise are the solutions, guaranteed for 50 years.


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Large Pivot Doors

21 ft. tall large pivot door

There’s no doubt about the growth in the pivot door market. Just a few years ago pivot doors were the exception to the rule, today more and more people want to make an impact statement by featuring a pivot front door, and nothing packs more curb appeal than large pivot doors, leaving an everlasting impression. In fact, the bigger the pivot door, the better.

You know what having a large pivot door means? You got it = large prices, on everything. Everything is more expensive when you’re dealing with a large pivot door. Think about it… Large pivot doors are large and thick, that means they’re cumbersome and they’re hard to manage on the job site, sometimes requiring extra heavy equipment just to move them about the site. Of course, they are heavy, which means transportation is going to be expensive, as well as the heavy duty pivot door hinges (also expensive) because the weight of the large pivot door determines which hardware is needed to support the extra weight.

The extra weight can be a problem if it is being used regularly, causing extra strain on both the hardware and the structure itself; resulting in costly maintenance and repairs to the pivot door and the structure as well over time.

But wait, there’s more: Since everyone wants to have a large pivot front door that means one side of the door faces the structure’s interior while the other side is exposed to the elements, and you know what that means? You got that right: Warped doors! When is a door not a door? When it’s so warped you can’t secure it. There you go = more costly repairs.

What If…

What if one type of large pivot door could overcome all the hassles associated with other large pivot doors. I mean, if the laws of physics could be suspended for a moment, and you could have a large pivot door any way that you wanted it, what would that large pivot door look like?

Large warp-free wooden architectural pivot door w/50 year guarantee

Pivot Door Size

To start, size would not be an issue. You could have any size large pivot door in any thickness you wanted, without having to make a zillion calls to find anyone who would undertake such a challenge.

Pivot Door Options

You would want to be able to specify any material to have the large pivot door manufactured out of, and it wouldn’t matter if it was concrete, natural and/or exotic wood, including any metal from aluminum to hot rolled steel, or any other available flat building material. You could have whatever you wanted.

Hot rolled steel large pivot door for upscale winery

Lightweight Pivot Doors

If you could have it any way you wanted it, you would have this large pivot door weigh a fraction of any other pivot door, so that you could reduce transportation, installation and hardware costs at the get-go, as well as having less expense over time, because the lighter weight means less stress and strain on hardware and structure, and less maintenance costs.

High Strength Pivot Doors

If the large pivot door is going to be lightweight, we do not want it to be wimpy. I want to know my family is safe a secure from forced entry, and if someone tries to kick in the pivot door, I want them to break their leg. And if I accidentally drive a pair of forklift forks through it, I want to know that it’s strong enough to take the impact without compromising the pivot door, and can easily be repaired (without having to remove the large pivot door).

Beautiful warp-free wooden pivot door in 48 million dollar mansion

Warp-free Pivot Doors

Might as well throw in the idea of having a large pivot door with superior warp resistance; how warp resistant would you want? Okay, let’s say it. We want a door that does not warp, period, even if it is used as an exterior-facing pivot front door.

Pivot Door Insulation

Just for fun, we might like to throw in the idea of having a large pivot door that is well insulated to provide more safety and security from sound deadening and energy savings to superior climate control.

Large pivot doors double extreme edge wood pivot doors with man door

Customizable Pivot Doors

I’d want to be able to customize the large pivot door any way I wanted to, including custom lite cutouts in any shape and style I wanted (not being limited to having to pick from a few options). I want it the way I want it. Can we do that?

You Can Have It All

You can have all this and more! What? Surely you jest. Nope, I am being totally honest with you. You can have everything you could imagine, like unlimited size restrictions for your large pivot doors, made out of any flat building material available, weighing in at a fraction the weight of other solid core pivot doors, yet stronger than steel pound for pound and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of fail structurally for a full 50 years.

Oh, and you can have all the insulation you want for sound dampening and saving energy, as well as custom lite cutouts, where you want, in any shape you like.

Now, that is the perfect large pivot door

The most exciting thing about all this, is that it is not just a fantasy, but Sing Core does actually help the best millworks and door companies to supply their customers with the very best large pivot doors available in the world today.

Large pivot doors made in the USA 50 year warp-free guarantee

How is it possible?

The large pivot door technology was birthed from the imagination of inventor, Peter Sing, whose next generation reinforced torsion box design enabled him to be able to accomplish all these feats, outperforming other aerospace-inspired lightweight core materials (rated at 10 to 110 PSI), while Sing’s core clocks in at 660+ PSI. And if you want a high precision pivot door (which is why you see Sing’s products featured from beneath the sea [US Navy] to outer space [NASA]), very few materials can be made so high precision (+/- .006 in.).

With all these features and benefits, who wouldn’t want a large pivot door with Sing Core inside?

How Can I Get A Sing Large Pivot Door?

Here’s the tricky part, and I will lend you a hand, hopefully making it easy for you to get a Sing large pivot door. It’s tricky because Sing Core does not make the doors themselves, they only supply the millworks and custom pivot door manufacturers with the raw materials they need to create these large pivot doors that are anything short of amazing. And that’s the secret.

All you have to do is to go to your favorite local millwork or custom pivot door manufacturer and tell them what kind of pivot door you want, and be sure to say, “I want Sing Core inside.” It’s as easy as that. While Sing Core does not build or finish doors, they do supply the best door makers with the best material available to create the best pivot doors ever manufactured in the United States of America. And, yes, Sing Core is proudly made in the USA.