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It’s so easy to use Sing Panels to make beautiful doors of any size. All Sing Door Panels are the same price, $8 per board foot. Sing Door Panels have a ten year warranty for internal use. For external use, we offer marine grade plywood. If you need strength, lightweight, insulation, and true flatness, Sing has the answer!

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We offer many different styles of door blanks, when you receive your blank, it is ready for the final millwork touches. Our panels are lightweight and easy to attach trim and hardware to give your home the final touch. Available in any size and thickness for your project.


What makes a Interior Door with Sing Core inside so unique?

Only Interior doors with Sing Core inside are lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, available in vast array of skin types such as natural wood stave, any flat wood-based sheet goods, alternative and hybrid skins, and/or metals. Any size large oversized Interior door up to 50 ft. Best Interior door guarantee in the world: 50 years!

  1. Lightweight
    1. Sing Core weighs a fraction of the weight of other solid Interior door cores
    2. Being lightweight saves the overall budget of the project
      1. Reducing shipping cost
      2. Reducing the cost of hardware (which is based on Interior door weight
      3. Reducing heavy equipment costs on the job site
      4. Reducing risk of injury during installation
      5. Reducing maintenance costs on the door/frame/structure over time
  2. High Strength
    1. Sing Core is lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound for pound
    2. Independently tested at University of Washington
    3. Rated at 660+ PSI
    4. Able to span longer distance with little deflection
    5. Able to support unsupported load stress
  3. Fully Insulated
    1. Patented Sing Core is pre-insulated
    2. Insulation for climate control
    3. Your choice of R 3.5 or R 6.5 insulation value
    4. Insulation for sound deadening (used in sound proof doors)
    5. Insulation for added privacy, safety, and security
  4. Vast Array of Skin Types
    1. Natural Wood Stave Skins
      1. Any available species including responsibly sustainable use of
        1. Exotic woods
        2. Domestic hardwood
        3. Domestic softwood
        4. Imported wood(s)
        5. and any others available per architectural specifications
    2. Other flat wood-based sheet goods
      1. Veneer
      2. Plywood
      3. Marine grade
      4. Generic
      5. Domestic A/B plywood
      6. LVL
      7. MDF
      8. and any others available per architectural specifications
    3. Alternative and Hybrid Skins, such as
      1. Cement
      2. Concrete
      3. Fiberglass
      4. Plastic
      5. FRP
      6. Kevlar
      7. Formica
      8. Masonite
      9. and any others available per architectural specifications
    4. Metal Overlays
      1. Steel
        1. Hot-rolled Steel
        2. Cold Rolled Steel
        3. Galvanized Steel
        4. Stainless Steel
        5. Diamond Plate Steel
      2.  Aluminum
      3. Brass
      4. Bronze
      5. Copper
      6. and any others available per architectural specifications
  5. Any Size Door Can be Made Better with Sing Core Inside
    1. Any door up to 50 ft. tall, or more
    2. Any door up to 50 ft. wide, or more
    3. All attributes are imbued in any size of door made with Sing Core inside
  6. The Best Guarantee in the Interior Door Industry
    1. 50-year warp-free guarantee
    2. 50-year structure guarantee

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