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Door Drawing

Looking for a door drawing? Look no more because we’re providing you with a free door sketch online just by visiting this page. On that page you can enter your doors specifications and see an immediate 3D rendition of your door rotating on screen. If you like the 3D preview of your door, you can then click on VIEW SHOPS to view, save, or share your door drawing.

This functionality is embedded in Sing Core’s pricing page, but you do not have to submit a price quote to access the power of this user-friendly simple door drawing software.

This is how you can make your door drawing easy as entering your door’s measurements, height, width, and thickness, then selecting a door skin. The resulting is a complete door drawing with dimensions, which will help greatly in you’re getting the door that you want, even if it doesn’t have Sing Core inside.

We understand that not all doors need to have Sing Core inside, unless they are over 7 ft. tall and/or 3 ½ ft. wide, but still, the owner/inventor Peter Sing wants to share his software with you, nearly as much as he’d like to see his patented and patent-pending Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength, and fully insulated building material inside every home.

He hopes you’re able to use his online simple door drawings, which admittedly aren’t the fancy door drawing you might receive for your high-end custom door, but the intention is to make it easier for you to get your free door shop drawings, which are far better than just a simple door sketch.

Sing’s specialty is large doors. He provides his patented and patent-pending large door building technologies to the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom door builders, enabling them to build enormous doors, up to 50 ft. or more, that are lightweight, high strength, and can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Building most any kind of large oversized Eco-friendly lightweight high strength door that doesn’t warp is virtually impossible, unless it has Sing Core inside.

Note that the free door drawings will each represent a flush door drawing which may include a wooden door section detail, or may host other exterior surfaces, such as, aluminum, cold rolled steel, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, or stainless steel, just to name a few.

If you will need glass window lite openings included in your drawing, you will have to annotate those by hand, as this feature is currently unavailable wit your free door drawing.

In this manner you don’t have to worry about how to draw the door as you can use the Sing Core method to provide you with a drawing of a door       which you can then modify to meet your door’s specifications.

Of course, this is not a custom door drawing, but it will indeed get you in the ballpark, certainly enough to express your intentions to get the door you want without having to pay for a professional door technical drawing, and you did it without any expense by taking advantage of Sing’s free custom door drawing online.

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Best Way to Save with Sing Core Now

I’d like to offer you an opportunity to join my Platinum Club for 1 year, which includes the biggest and best door companies, contemporary architects, and millworks who trust me to deliver the best sustainable warp-free products in large quantity regularly. In exchange, they receive the best quantity pricing, which I’d like to pass onto you, if you submit another price quote request within the next 60 days.

I am so excited to share with you all the benefits you will receive from my current factory expansion, including machinery and production system. I want you to witness the high-end quality and high precision of the most sustainable lightest weight and strongest, fully insulated building material in the world at the best prices.

What you will learn, is how to get the best product at the best prices, like my Platinum Club members do, and you will get full access to my Win-the-bid and True Flat teams to maximize every possibility, including new ways to design, create, and build your products, while we help you maximize your profitability.

High-quality Sing Panels are the only Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated reinforced torsion box panels with the most unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee in the industry. Our goal is to provide the best product to reach every person looking for Eco-friendly solutions and sustainable projects by using patented and patent-pending Sing products.

You can enjoy full membership privileges and pricing if you submit a price quote request within the next two months.

New and Exciting Things

New Factory Expansion

Due to our current expansion and new (bigger and better) production system, we can offer to you our premium product line and warp-free substrate at our best price points with the highest precision and quality for use as any type of panels, doors, furniture parts, posts and beams.

Better Pricing

For the next 60 days, you will receive Platinum Club member pricing, and you will also be able to tap into our “Win the Bid” system which will help you get the right product to fit the job at hand, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Instant Drawings

Now, when you use our price quote request, you get to see a 3D rendering, and can also view a drawing of your sing panel, or post and beam, based on your specifications.

I Will Show You How

I believe everyone in the business should be able to compete in the lightweight high strength world of Sing Core, so I will help you every step of the way, to make sure you are learning about how to maximize your Sing benefits without having to spend more than you have to. Let me show you how.

True Flat Team

As a Platinum Club member, you will have access to our True Flat Team to help redesign and reinvent your current product lines and products to take full advantage of all the benefits of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and warp-free Sing Core panels, posts, and beams have to offer.

Save Even More

Some of our other high-end Platinum Club members are paying 1/3 of the regular prices by meeting our price break criteria. Click here to see how.

High quality and low cost are a dream for successful business models.

Let us be a part of your production team to reduce the workload and your manufacturing costs.

~ Peter Sing


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How to Save Money on Your Custom Door in 2020

SingCore is well known across the United States for making one of a kind, perfectly flat doors. And we are the only provider in the market willing to guarantee their doors for up to 50 years, with our iron clad structural warrantee.

Yet, our biggest weakness has always been cost. The price of precession construction, custom design, and American craftsmanship is not always commensurate with competing lower quality local and import doors. Until now, SingCore door have been primarily the domain of high end custom millworks, construction firms, and architects. But, we hope to change this.

With an infusion of new technology and industrial machinery, our ultimate stream line our production process so that eventually SingCore can be found in every home in the country. And this means savings. Here are our top 3 money saving ideas when manufacturing a custom pivot door, sliding door, hinge door, carriage door, or bi-fold door with SingCore.

Go Local with Veneer and Finishing

Sing Wood Veneer Door for Slip Match

Although SingCore provides a wide range of finish options, our first love and primary business has always been our patented and patent pending SingCore door technology. To this end we are focusing and reducing the costs of our all custom door blanks.

Our door panels are suitable for a wide variety of finishes including: wood veneer, paint, aluminum, steel, and more.

When you buy the unfinished panels from us and veneer them yourself, you are able to save 50% or more compared to the price of the same panel with veneer already applied. And, because of the regional cost of having a local vendor apply veneer to your panels, you will frequently come out much ahead than if you had bough the pre-veneer door from SingCore.

We would be glad to do it for you because we use the top craftsmen and pay the top price to deliver only the best veneer door skin, or we can supply you with the blank and you can apply the veneer in-house or locally.

In-house Wood Stave by Sing Core

We have all the best equipment and expertise to provide guaranteed top-of-the-line wood stave, look better than solid wood. More precision than solid wood. Guaranteed no other manufacturer can attain these quality standards of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and guaranteed flat for 50 years. Better than AWI standards.

Walnut Wood Stave Sing Door (upgrade from Sing veneer door)

Buy Bulk Discount

FRP Fiberglass Hinge Doors Huge StackSingCore doors are all mode to order in a batch work shop / factory setting. Then, we ship the completed door blanks to your shop or site directly.

Because of the all custom nature of our products and our centralized production facility, it can often be very cost effective to order our product in bulk.

If you are ordering SingCore as an element of a larger project, particularly oversized pivot or sliding doors, we are able to offer extreme discounts if you  include a larger portion of the door schedule in your order. Often, this combined approach can reduce the unit price of our standard size door blanks to be competitive with lower cost manufacturers.

Many Doors with Different Sizes

Additionally, we have the capability of bulk producing panels that can be cut to meet the needs of products that have a relatively large number of similarly sized doors. If your door schedule comprises doors that frequently only vary by 4″-6″ in either or both dimensions, then we can possibly save you money with our bulk order plan, for a trim yourself finishing method.

Not limited to size, type of skins, glass openings, or style, including stile and rail look. 

For more information on grouping your miscellaneous door order to qualify it as a modified bulk order with many different sizes, see How to Save Thousands on Your Next Door Order.

This is our most effective cost-savings program to date.

“Build to Fit Your Budget”

SingCore panels straight strong lightweightOur product at SingCore comes with only the strictest guarantee. Because of that we take our time with every panel we produce, in order to ensue only the highest build quality and that only top quality materials make their way in to your custom door.

However, in some cases, this tedious effort can be overkill, and over expensive.

If your job has lenient conditions like the following, then way may be able to save you money on your door purchase:

  • Interior doors
  • Some allowance for extremely minor warping
  • Flexibility in door dimensions, thickness, and skin material

Let us know if any of these conditions could apply to your order, and we will do everything in our power to get you to a price that you can afford.

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Oversized Exterior Doors

Oversized exterior doors are a challenge for any door manufacturer. Oversized exterior doors can be very large and can run very heavy. These big doors require heavy duty extra strength exterior door hardware to accommodate such a weighty door. Other problems include difficulty to transport and install due to the size, stress and strain on the hardware and the structure, and the likelihood of warping at the next season change, if not before.

Now you can fully enjoy these large spanning exterior doors which are fascinating and compelling as they garner the attention of anyone who encounters the beautiful oversized front doors without any of the headaches, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s Sing Core.

Utilizing Sing ‘s patented and patent-pending oversized exterior door blanks, the biggest and best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom large door builders are able to design and build oversize exterior door products which will not fail.

Sing’s high-quality custom front doors includes a highly diversified selection of exterior doors designed for larger and more specialized applications in educational, scientific, industrial, and military channels, where high performance, attention to detail, safety, security, longevity, and sustainability are highly valued features.

The perfect exterior doors are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, high precision, and guaranteed fail free for 50 years. Sing offers a full 50-year warp-free and structure guarantee. That’s fifty years of maintenance-free enjoyment of all your oversize exterior doors, which have Sing Core inside.

Spanning the vast variety of exterior door styles, your exterior single door, double door and doors of enormous size can feature any available flat building material, such as aluminum, brass, cement, cold rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, stainless steel, and any available wood species.

Large modern front doors are fiberglass and steel exterior doors which seem to be standard fare among the large exterior door manufacturers, but thanks to Sing’s core, front doors and exterior doors and now be made of nearly any building material, even solid wood stave.

While fiberglass exterior doors are the standard response to exterior door applications, followed by hybrid steel and wood doors, thanks to Sing’s door core which is specifically designed for oversized exterior doors, any front and exterior door can be made of natural wood grain.

While Sing Core does not actually build doors, they do empower door manufacturers and millworks who design and builds wood doors and panels to your exact specifications the ability to make any door of any material and guarantee such door to remain warp-free for 50 years, guaranteed. The structure strength is also covered including not having to worry about delamination as well.


The result is you’re being able to enjoy all the elegance of solid wood entry doors, without any of the stress or stain associated with exterior doors which plague those who must deal with them endlessly over time, saving both time and money associated with regular maintenance.

Your wood entry door could have Sing Core inside, as well as each entry and patio doors, which is the perfect fit for any exterior or custom door, from exceptionally large foyers to commercial steel doors all with Sing’s comprehensive 50-year guarantee, as is the case with all of Sing’s entry and patio door products.

Even large entry doors, like these large red church doors, which are 100% exposed to the weather, replacing the regularly failing oversized 6-panel entry door system, are now able to operate as storm doors which are virtually weatherproof security doors while still retaining the appearance (or “feeling”) of the original 6 panels entry doors. This effect was achieved by adding molding to the oversized exterior flush doors prior to applying primer and paint.

Regardless of your large opening door systems, you can rest assured that you can have a 50-year guaranteed no fail exterior door system featuring the highest quality custom entry doors by contacting your favorite door manufacturer, millwork, or large custom exterior door builder, and specifying that you want, “Sing Core inside.”

Sing’s True Flat Team works in tandem with your supplier to provide you with the high-quality wood and fiberglass front doors that make the best oversized exterior doors, and many other endless applications as well.

Exterior Doors Gallery

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Exterior Steel Double Doors

Exterior steel double doors are an impressive way to adorn any major egress point, especially as the double front entry doors for a durable steel front or garage-to-home entryway. Exterior steel double doors are most commonly used as entry and patio doors in the most contemporary architecture and design of exclusive high-end homes.

Exterior steel double doors may feature large lite openings for glass inserts to create the French door look in the double door system, which can add an elegant element to a more industrial design style. In fact, you can specify any glass exterior steel doors, just send us your drawing.

As you might guess, solid core exterior steel doors extremely heavy and the weight could cause problems with transportation, installation, hardware, stress and strain on the structure translating to huge maintenance costs over time.

You could build a lighter weight version, using a foam or honeycomb core, but if your looking at anything over 7ft tall or 3 and half ft wide, you will have a lightweight but unstable door. That’s where inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending exterior steel door substrate comes in.

Sing’s invention enables metal door manufacturers to build lightweight exterior steel doors that are fully insulated (R3.5 to R6.5) for climate control and sound-dampening, stronger than solid steel pound for pound, incredibly resilient (660+ PSI), high precision (.006 in. tolerances), and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. There is no other way to accomplish all this.

Steel exterior doors could present even greater problems because one side faces the elements while the other side faces the structure’s interior, a certain recipe for failure, unless your steel exterior door has Sing Core inside. To make matters potentially worse, multiply the potential for problems times two in the case of exterior steel double doors. Admittedly a single door will present half the problems of exterior steel double doors.

Sing Core is the source of energy efficient Eco-friendly commercial steel double doors the world ‘round. Even so, the majority of Sing’s double door steel doors are found in the greater New York region. You may be surprised to find that your Sing steel double door originates from the serene Pacific Northwest in the heart of Washington state, are proudly made in the USA by local artisans of locally sourced materials, ensuring you the best exterior double door system.

Whether you’re looking for a single door entry door with insulating core or a sustainable steel patio pre hung double door, having your doors made with Sing’s patented exterior steel door blanks as the basis of your door can put you miles ahead of the other steel doors available today.

The largest door manufacturers in the world come to Sing’s True Flat Team when they are faced with a project featuring one or more large oversized exterior steel doors knowing it is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction over time. While there are many ways to build average-sized steel doors with little threat of failure, those big exterior steel doors are problematic and are routinely excluded from the warranty which covers the remaining of the steel door schedule.

Only Sing’s premium steel doors with high definition panels inside can deliver such lightweight, high precision, and long-lasting life and satisfaction, all backed by his 50-year warp-free and full structure guarantee.

That said, many pre hung exterior steel 6 panel double doors have Sing Core inside and the end user way never even know. All they know is that their modern steel door company has provided them with oversized insulated exterior steel doors which are not excluded from the other steel doors covered by the steel door company’s warranty.

Sing Core is a key provider to government, scientific, law enforcement, and military for superior steel exterior security doors used in a variety of applications where safety and security performance is of the highest importance. When safety and security matters, you want a steel security door or steel double door which outperforms other exterior steel door entry doors in terms of sound deadening, impact resistant, bulletproof, and blast proof. Note, inventor Peter Sing says, “You kick my door, you break your leg.”

Sing’s commercial steel double doors are by far the best of class in insulated exterior steel doors and are available in prehung exterior steel 6-panel double doors as well.

Isn’t it time all your doors had Sing Core inside?


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Exterior French Doors

Exterior French doors are increasing in popularity because they encourage a natural connection between a structure’s interior and the great outdoors, especially if maintaining such a connection increases quality of life by being able to enjoy the visual impact of scenic surroundings or for other reasons, such as safety and security.

They are fashionable, can be unique, and framed with attention-grabbing materials such as natural wood grains for that classic look, or metals for a more industrial appearance. Exterior French storm doors may be made of weatherproof materials, such as fiberglass-related products.

What makes a door French, is the inclusion of a large glass cut out equivalent to one-third or more of the door’s surface area. The glass opening is what makes this design so attractive to those who love them.

When a little privacy is desired, a curtain or blinds may be hung and released to cover the otherwise transparent opening of the French door’s glass, though French door glass may also not be transparent and could range from anything opaque to frosted, or stained glass, and may even include a one-way mirror, depending on the application.

Double French Doors Exterior

The greatest impact from an exterior front door access point is by installing double French doors exterior facing entryways. These particular double French entry doors are not standard off-the-shelf French front doors. That means, you specify the characteristics you want to see which adds so much value and curb appeal to your double French Doors exterior.

You can choose from any available surface material, such as any natural wood grain, aluminum, brass, concrete or cement, cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, Kevlar w/Lexan, Masonite, or stainless steel, just to name a few of the nearly endless possibilities.

French front doors are definitely leading the pack in contemporary architecture and design by adding more material to otherwise just plain glass openings for added artistic character.

Warp-free French Doors

While an exterior French door is exposed on both sides to varying climates (one side facing the exterior and the other the interior) this is a certain recipe for door failure due to door warping. That is, unless your French entry doors have Sing Core inside.

All wood French doors exterior are guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50-years, personally guaranteed by inventor/president Peter Sing. Sing’s patented and patent-pending warp-free core material for external French doors is especially designed to prevent any wood French doors exterior from warping.

How to Get French Doors with Sing Core Inside

You can get them from any location that features exterior French doors for sale near you. Though the retailer must have a service for supplying “custom French doors.”

That is, to say, they already have the partners, such as millworks and custom door manufacturers, whom they work with to have their custom French door built for their clients.


Because Sing Core does not build doors. Sing Core does supply the world’s biggest door companies to build doors of enormous size while providing their customers with a 50-year warp-free guarantee (or at least their standard door warranty on doors which are usually excluded from the warranty due to their size).

So, Sing Core works hand-in-hand with your favorite door company’s custom door manufacturer or millwork to provide you with the best prehung exterior French doors in the world.

If you were to order any Exterior French Doors directly from Sing Core, you might be sorely disappointed, as Sing Core provides the millworks and custom door manufacturers with the raw, unfinished materials to make the best and most beautiful large French doors ever, with the most extraordinary 50-year guarantee in the industry.

It takes a specialized team to build the best exterior French doors in the world, and Sing Core is the only way to do it with the highest precision, and highest performance over time, guaranteed by president and inventor Peter Sing

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Extra Wide Exterior Doors

You want them. They’re so impressive. They’re nearly impossible to get or have custom-built, and those extra wide exterior doors look magnificent when they are expertly designed and installed, only to disappoint at the following change of weather, because those extra wide exterior doors are likely to fail not long after installation.

What are you going to do?

If you find a custom millwork who is brave enough to build your extra wide exterior doors, it is certain they will have you sign a waiver of exclusion from any standard warranty they might offer on any of their other work on your project (which is normally a year). This is common for any unconventionally wide doors.

As all experienced millworks and custom door manufacturers know, a wide door is going to present problems for door warp. It’s simply the nature of the building materials which will move according to changes in the environment. Especially for extra wide external doors because one side faces the interior and the other faces the elements. This is a certain recipe for failure.

When the temperature is different on either side of the door, it will move. When it rains, or sunlight falls directly on the door, change in barometric pressure, just about any change will cause the door to move.

This is accepted as a standard in any type of door. In fact the AWI standard for a regular-sized door is to allow up to ¼” movement for any door up to 7 ft. tall and 3-and-a-half ft. wide to be considered “normal.” All door hardware is constructed to allow for this variance.

Once you exceeds the height and width of what is considered “normal” the differences are increased exponentially, and it doesn’t take much to have your wide doors become inoperable as they warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail due to movement which will naturally occur.

That is, unless your extra wide exterior doors have Sing Core inside.

Lightweight High Strength Sing Core

Inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patented-pending wide door building technologies allow the biggest and best door manufacturers in the world to produce large doors of enormous size which can be covered by Sing’s

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

If you are a premiere door manufacturer dealing with high profile clientele, you really want to deliver the goods when it comes to that one-of-a-kind extra wide front door. You don’t have to disappoint your customer because now you can offer Sing’s 50-year Warp-free Guarantee, which guarantees that your door will not warp-, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for fifty years.

No need to be afraid about that extra wide entry door in your latest door schedule because you can now offer a full 50-year guarantee for any extra wide door built with Sing Core inside.

Endless Design Possibilities

Sing Core empowers contemporary architects and designers to create doors of impressive proportions in any available wood species, door skin material, glass texture, size or shape. You are now set free to create any modern extra wide front door without hesitation or fear of failure, thanks to the true Flat Team at Sing Core.

You are not limited to any design style, number, shape, or style of lite cutouts for custom glass inserts, or surface material, for Sing Core is a predominant supplier of the best large wood, aluminum, brass, fiberglass, glass, HPL, and steel exterior, interior, storm and patio doors in the United States, and Sing Core products are proudly sourced and made in the USA.

The possibilities are endless as you team up with Sing Core to build your next large custom extra wide contemporary front door, and don’t be surprised when you discover that for the most part standard extra wide exterior doors are pivot doors and sliding doors which though they could be made of any flat building material, feature either beautiful natural wood grains or fiberglass and steel as extra wide entry doors.

What will your next door for extra wide openings look like, will you consider wide front doors used double wide front doors, or a pair of French doors to add that special appearance to any extra-wide doorway.

Remember, you can have any size or shape of lite cutout for your custom glass inserts, to create your best extra wide exterior doors for you or your upscale clientele.

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Exterior Door Skins

Looking for exterior doors? Some are known to be better than others. You might know what you want, but is that the right exterior door skins to use on a door which may present challenges not long after installation?

The exterior surface material of your door (referred to as “door skin”) is a huge decision to make. While you might absolutely be able to see a particular type of door in your mind’s eye, you may find the door you’ve set your sights on will offer you far more problems than aesthetic beauty. Definitely worth considering before you settle on your decision to select certain exterior door skins over others.

For instance, some flat building materials that you might like to use as exterior door skins may be sensitive to changes in the environment and may have a problem facing the elements or extreme weather conditions. The good news is, new external finishing products are emerging regularly to help protect underlying surface materials from moisture penetration.

These new technologies can be helpful in protecting metals that might rust or natural woods which might soak up rain, like a sponge.


The world’s best millworks are fully up to speed on all these latest technologies which help to protect your exterior door objet d’art from the elements. This helps solve one-half of the dilemmas which face door engineers and technicians. Then, there is the other half: Door warp.

Pretty much, all doors warp to some degree, so the American Woodworking Institute has established a standard for doors, which basically says that any door which does not deflect over one-quarter inch over a seven-foot-span is straight. Any deflection over a quarter of an inch would be considered as “door warp.”

All doors, door jambs, and door hardware take this ¼” variance of “straightness” into account in the design of all the adjoining components.

That’s where inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending Sing Core comes in.

With the advent of Sing Core’s warp-free door blanks, the top door manufacturers in the world can create oversized exterior doors of any size which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. This is an unparalleled 50-year warp-free guarantee which was unheard of in the door industry previously.

There is little doubt that natural wood grain poses the greatest challenge for door warping in exterior door application. As beautiful as wood grain is, it is notorious for moving according to environmental changes. No matter how well you protect it from the weather by sealing the door completely (which is an important part of the process) wooden doors will warp, unless they have Sing Core inside.

Sing’s groundbreaking technology empowers architects to spec the most contemporary architectural doors made of ornate wood grains in any size, even large oversized doors, that can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years, and Peter Sing puts his signature on the line.

Most of the most contemporary architects are willing to spec a sixteen- to twenty-foot-tall door with Sing Core inside without hesitation, though other industrial aerospace and military projects could feature large sliding doors reaching 70 ft. tall and over 200 ft. wide.

No matter what size your large sliding door is, if its 100 percent exposed to the weather, you don’t want it to warp, and there’s only one way to create such a warp-free door, and that’s with Sing Core inside.

Now, you can have natural wood grain skins on your exterior doors without fear of failure for the most sustainable exterior doors ever made in the USA and guaranteed for 50 years.

Wood Grain Exterior Door Skins

Not limited to wood grain doors (which are the most challenging), you may also use any other available flat building material and receive the same high precision and 50-year guarantee.

Other Exterior Door Skins

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Save Thousands on Your Next Order

There is a new door making technology to build door blanks for door manufacturers and millworks for any type or design of door with almost any door skin for less guaranteed by inventor Peter Sing. Less than half the labor of stile and rail door. You can save hugely on entire door schedule and get our 50-year warp-free guarantee on all your doors.

With our patented core technology and high production capacity, we are able to produce the highest quality doors at a very low price with very quick turnaround times. 

By making the same size doors, we can cut the production time in half. We add special solid edging to the doors so you can trim them yourself.

We were able to bring a customer’s order total down from

$27,500 to $13,500

for a total of

$14,000 in savings.

We did this by changing their order of 21 different door sizes down to 4 different door sizes.  The customer easily trimmed their own doors. SingCore gave the same 50 year no-warp guarantee to this customer’s order.

Here is what their order looked like before we offered them half price on their order if we could reduce the variations of door sizes:


Quantity Application Description
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 45.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
2 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 23.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
7 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 38.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 30.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 30.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 20.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 30.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 33.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 34.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 37.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 33.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 34.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 46.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 76.0″ x 24.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 80.0″ x 36.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 28.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 19.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 

Here is what the client’s order looked like after we had negotiated removing many of the variations of door sizes:

Quantity Application Description
6 Other Door 106.0″ x 40.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″
7 Other Door 106.0″ x 36.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″ 
16 Non-Door 106.0″ x 27.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″ 
1 Non-Door 106.0″ x 19.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″ 

A typical order from a customer may consist of many different variations of door sizes. The different sizes of doors take us longer to full fill an order. If instead you place an order with all the same size doors, we can streamline our manufacturing process which saves us time and money. We in turn share those savings of time and money with you.

Let us do the most labor intensive parts and you finish the rest to build the best door in the world, especially very large door, but our standard-sized door panels are very affordably priced.

SingCore Applications

Our patented core technology has been used in many applications. Click the links below to see how SingCore can help you achieve your aesthetic and business goals: