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Secret Revealed: How to Keep Large Doors Straight

Inventor Peter Sing discloses how he and his True Flat Team can build enormous doors of any size and/or material and keep them straight and guarantee them to remain warp-free for 50 years.

First, there is the standard answer. Sing uses his patented torsion box hybrid composite core to build large doors that will not warp. Doors with Sing’s patented core inside are Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, and are fully insulated for increased temperature control and sound deadening capabilities.

How is it possible to build a large warp-free door?

This question is indicative of the problem facing door companies with doors over a standard height. If a door is over 7.5 feet tall, it is generally excluded from the warranty which might cover the rest of the doors in the build package. You will have to sign a waiver if they do decide to build the big doors for you, but it is more likely that they will have you get it from someone else.


Because they know there is the likely inevitability that those oversized doors are going to warp at the next change of season (or sooner) and they don’t want to be hassled with servicing the warped door.

How to Build a 50-year Warp-free Door

While the simple answer is to use Sing’s patented core, it is far more complicated than that. Peter Sing and his True Flat team have a toolbox full of patented and patent pending anti-warp technologies that they use on each large, oversized door, as no two huge doors are alike. Well, unless they are a pair of matched double door, then they are likely to be the same.

There are so many considerations that Sing and his team review prior to deciding how to build the door. First, it is the door’s dimensions. The bigger the door, the more engineering and warp-resistance needs to go into the door.

Then it is the door’s application. Will it be interior or exterior? Will it be exposed to the elements? If it is an exterior door, what area of the country will it be located? What altitude will it be installed at and which direction will it face?

Finally, what will the intended exterior surface material be made of?

The best parts are under the skin

Under the skin, the exterior surface material of the door, you will find a complex array of Sing technology fighting against the natural inclination of these big doors to move in response to any change in the local environment, including moisture, barometric pressure, heat, cold, just about anything you can imagine, Sing has a technology to keep that door straight.

In the most extreme cases, Sing’s team might be exposed to something new. A new unforeseen challenge, like wood grain’s reaction at high altitudes, or concrete in extremely cold temperatures. Necessity is the precursor to invention, which leads to another new patented Sing solution.

Then there are other considerations to take into account.

Are there any specific expectations such as final door weight, water, fire, sound, or bullet proofing? Impact resistance? Insulation R-value?

Every door with Sing Core inside is a work of art

As you may have guessed, a door that is going to be operated mostly in outer space (NASA) would be built quite differently from a door used in a submarine (US Navy). Just like an exterior front entry door made for Hollywood California would be different from a front door in New York City, even though they look the same and are made of the same basic materials.

Sing and his True Flat Team take all these things in consideration to make sure that the door you install today will not warp tomorrow, or anytime in the future (up to 50 years guaranteed).

This enables the biggest and best door companies in the world to build the biggest and best doors in the world complete with Sing’s 50-year guarantee.

It’s the only way to do it, and all you have to do is to contact your favorite custom door manufacturer or millwork near you and tell them you want a door with, “Sing Core inside,” and Peter Sing and his team will make sure you end up with a lightweight high strength warp-free door you can be proud to have for 50 years or more.

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Veneer Door

Veneer doors are the most responsible use of natural resources because the declining supply of available natural wood grains are mediated by slicing very thin layers of grain into sheets of natural material which can be applied to a flat surface, such as plywood, panels, or used as door skins.

Most Popular Veneer Doors

While the various wood grain varieties of doors change, some veneer types are more popular than others around the USA. Right now, the two most popular wood veneer doors are,

Walnut Veneer Doors       and       Oak Veneer Doors

Walnut and oak veneers are tied for first place in the world of veneer doors, followed by maple, birch, teak, mahogany, cherry, ash, cedar, and pine veneer doors, in that order.

A veneer door is indeed beautiful, but this elegance is only skin deep. The attributes of the veneer door’s underlayment are the key which greatly enhances or diminishes the appeal of your veneer door, which is the best predictor of your veneer door’s performance over time.

Veneer is an excellent way to build a standard-sized door, but when you are reaching for door heights which pass the 8 foot mark or widths that are greater than three-and-a-half feet wide, you start running into the risk of door failure.

Even if you run into a problem with a standard sized door, it’s not too much of a problem, because factories (most offshore) are churning these out by the thousands every day. So, when your door fails, you just run down to your local hardware store and buy an inexpensive replacement door and you are back in business. This is often less expensive than hiring a millwork to service or repair your veneer door.

Large Veneer Door

Large veneer doors are an entirely different animal. These oversized doors do not come off of a conveyor belt. They are usually a one-off build by a highly skilled artisan or team of craftsmen who are building these big veneered doors according to engineered architectural specifications.

There are many things to take into consideration for a large door with a natural wood veneer on it. The first consideration is the veneer, itself. How thick is it? What will the substrate be made of? How will it be applied to the substrate. If, laminated, what is the method used, what adhesive will be applied, and how long will the lamination last, before it starts to delaminate?

Wood veneered doors are more commonly used indoors, as the thin veneer is not well-suited for exposure to the elements, such as in a large front door application. In this case, you would be better off using a thicker surface material such as an eighth to a quarter inch-thick wood stave skin (planks) for exterior doors.

Most importantly, you want to pay close attention to how the door will be made from the inside out, especially in large veneer doors over a standard 3-0 7-0 door? Why? Because they will warp. Almost any material used in building an oversized veneer door will move according to variations in the environment where the door resides.

I say, “almost,” because there is one way to build a large veneer door that will not warp.

Warp-free Veneer Door

If there’s one thing that the high-end custom veneer door manufacturers know, it’s that if it’s large and, “If it doesn’t have Sing Core inside, there’s no warranty.” Why? Because all large veneer doors move. That is to say, they warp, bend, twist, or delaminate, because they do not have Sing Core inside. All due to the movement of the door over time which breaks down all the necessary components and compromises the operation of the door.

Thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s invention of his engineered composite hybrid warp-free veneer door core, doors can be made to remain straight and true for years to come. They are also the lightest weight strongest (stronger than steel pound for pound) door blanks in the world which are also fully insulated for added sound deadening and climate control capabilities.

Even though Sing says, “We do not build doors,” he is responsible for some of the biggest most beautiful doors in the world that deliver the highest precision (Sing’s core boasts +/- .006-in. tolerances) most sustainable doors in the world with unsurpassed longevity. Each door with Sing’s core inside can be backed by Sing’s unprecedented,

50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

This is the truth. Sing guarantees his doors to remain warp-free for 50 years. He has been providing the biggest and best door companies in the nation with warp-free door core. And if you ask these door companies, “Why?” They answer,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

There is no other way to build a big veneer door that will not warp without Sing’s core. That’s why we rely on Peter Sing’s invention to deliver the goods. And, as Sing says, “If it wasn’t true. If I couldn’t do it, even once, I could never offer that guarantee again.” And he’s still here without even one warped door in ten years.

How do you get Sing Core?

Increasingly, Architects are specifying Sing Core in all their high end essential large door projects. But if you want one, all you have to do is to go to your local millwork or large custom door manufacturer, and tell them what you want, but be sure to tell them, “I want Sing Core inside,” and leave the rest up to us.

It takes a village to build a large veneered door.

Architects and engineer’s work on the concept and the design, then there are the door companies and millworks who are responsible for the hardware and finishing aesthetics, and finally fine craftsmen hang and install the door.

Your veneer door with Sing Core inside is a one of a kind work of art.

That’s why you find Sing’s core in the tallest doors in the tallest building, on the top floor of the Freedom Tower at World Trade Center in New York, and anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA).

Let us help bring your dream door to life.

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The Biggest Door Secret in the USA

The most highly regarded secret of the largest door manufacturers in the United States is that their most high-end doors have Sing Core inside.


These are among the most profitable privately held companies in the country, and there was a time when they avoided taking on the hard jobs; those jobs that included large doors over 7 ft tall. Why? Because of customer complaints and returns. They were better off excluding that part of the job, and let the individual millworks fight over trying to deliver those big doors.

Then, the millwork that won the job would have to deal with the complaints of having to replace or continually service large oversized doors that were bound to warp and fail periodically over the life of the door.

That is, until these dominant door manufactures learned the true secret; that Sing Core empowers them to create the high-end doors which allowed them to expand and evolve into even more profitable door companies in the USA.


Because they could now provide the largest and most unique door creations with the highest precision (+/- .006-in) and the best guarantee, bar none, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent pending large door building technologies.

50-Year Guarantee

Whether they pass the guarantee onto their end users or not (as their company policy might be only to provide a 1-year guarantee, if any at all, as large doors are normally exempt from any guarantee) the resulting doors with Sing’s core inside are guaranteed for 50-years.

For fifty years they are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, delaminate, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Zero Complaints

For many years, these companies who use this highly guarded secret, they have not had a single complaint, completely eliminating rejects, returns, and replacement doors, all because when necessary, they make sure their high-end doors have Sing Core inside.

We have been told that before Sing Core they constantly had complaints and recalls for these specialized large doors because they would fail due to warping or door or structure being compromised due to materials used or heavy weight.

The reason?

Sing Core is the only way to do it (that’s what they say) and they are backed by the best guarantee in the door industry without fail.

So, we highly recommend that you look into this if you would like to be counted among the best high end millworks and door companies.

How to Build the Best Wood Stave, Veneer, and Paint Grade Doors

Click the following links to discover how to build the best:

Secrets of high-end door building photos

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Double French Doors Exterior

Exterior French doors are all the rage because if they’re done right, they offer superb safety and security while being Eco-friendly, lightweight, and fully insulated for increased sound deadening and climate control. The only way to create a sustainable lightweight pair of large double front doors that possess these double French doors exterior characteristics, which are also stronger than steel and guaranteed not to warp for 50 years, is with Sing Core inside.

Why is Sing Core so important for the most particular door afficionados in the world?

Granted doors with Sing Core inside may not be necessary for the masses, as standard doors available in standard door sizes are less expensive and adequate for normal everyday use. “Normal” doors move. The AWI standard for a normal 3-0 7-0 door is one-quarter-inch of movement, and the normal door industry from the door manufacturing companies, the hardware industry, and installation contractors all follow the guidelines of allowing a quarter-inch of movement without affecting normal door operation.


While you may think that glass is fairly stable, the frame which holds the glass (the French door) is subject to movement. It is the unforgiving glass which makes French doors more prone to failure, for if one corner is the slightest bit out of plum, the opposing diagonal corner will stick out like a sore thumb.


Multiply the potential for failure times two, if you have two times the doors. A double door, two doors side by side, can potentially have uncooperative movement, even in normal-sized doors of 7 ft heights, double doors can have up to one-half inch of potential movement and still not be considered officially as warped doors, yet this exceeds the efficacy of the hardware, rendering the double doors inoperable.


To further complicate the problem with door movement over the life of a door which is more likely to move more often according to changes in the environment, and even more so, if one side of the door faces the structures interior and the other is exposed to the elements. This is the recipe for the perfect door disaster. That is why interior doors cannot be used as exterior doors. Exterior doors need to be made to different specifications to maintain the same “normal” quarter-inch movement allowed.


As you may have guessed, by putting all these elements together in one set of doors, you have the makings of the greatest numbers of challenges associated with a single point of entry. Incredibly special attention should be in place when considering double French doors in an exterior front door application.


While French doors may look like there is little at risk of compromising your egress point, there is much to take into consideration as each of the materials used in the construction of your exterior French doors has its own unique set of challenges as in integrates with the glass and its response to changes in environmental surroundings.


The biggest problem with the door industry is with size. Normal movement of a door may be tolerable in a door that is 7 ft tall but once the door exceeds the 7 ft height, the rate of movement increases exponentially. The biggest problem with bigger doors is this increased movement which is referred to as door warp.


Solving the problems associated with double French doors exterior is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending door technologies are changing the way door are made around the world, and his True Flat Team is prepared to take on any unique and challenging combination of sizes, styles, and materials.


The largest door companies in America trust Sing Core with their modern double front door solutions to provide their customers with the best in high-end double French doors exterior or interior, especially if they are very large in size, and they are backed by the best guarantee in the door industry: 50-years of flawless service.


Double front doors made with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty and guaranteed not to delaminate. 50 years! No other door company can do that.


No other lightweight Eco-friendly exterior double door promises flawless longevity like Sing Core, and while it is lighter in weight than other solid core doors, Sing’s patented core is high precision (+/- .0006-in. tolerance) and stronger than steel pound for pound.

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Extra Wide Front Door

The inventor of patented Sing Core invites anyone to challenge his claim to fame being,

“The only way to build an extra wide front door that does not warp.”

Peter Sing’s revolutionary lightweight high strength extra wide front door core is what makes it possible for all the biggest and best door companies in the world, millworks, and specialty custom architectural door builders to build extra wide front doors that can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.


Peter Sing, the inventor of patented Sing Core and many patent pending anti-warp and composite technologies associated with the creation of extremely large door blanks (up to 50 ft. or more) which are high tolerance (within +/- .006 in.) and dead flat.

Sing’s True Flat Team reviews every extra wide front door spec and assists in the engineering of a door blank that can stay straight and true for 50 years.

Finally, thanks to Sing’s door building technologies, the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom door manufacturers are able to build enormous extra wide doors of nearly any material, which would otherwise be highly problematic to use, like solid wood for example, that are Eco-friendly and will not warp.

Plus, there’s more…

If your wide front door has Sing’s core inside the result will be a door which possesses these exciting characteristics:

  1. Eco-friendly
    1. Responsible use of natural materials
    2. Includes recycled materials
    3. Long lifespan
    4. High sustainability
    5. Reusable/easy to repurpose
  2. Lightweight
    1. Weighing in at a fraction of other solid core doors
    2. Less expensive hardware (based on door weight)
    3. Easy and less expensive to ship, handle, and install
    4. Less wear and tear on hardware and structure
    5. Fewer door-related injuries
  3. High strength
    1. Stronger than steel pound for pound
    2. More dimensionally stable
    3. Impact resistant
    4. Will not cup, bend, or twist
    5. Can span unsupported distances without fail
  4. Fully insulated
    1. Built-in insulation provides sound deadening
    2. Excellent separation between adjoining spaces
    3. Increased climate control
    4. Provides safety and security from the elements
  5. Warp-free
    1. Perfectly flat
    2. Meets or exceeds AWI standards
    3. Patented and patent pending warp prevention technologies
    4. Sing Core is the only way to do it, guaranteed
  6. Any Material
    1. Natural wood grain, including exotic woods subject to availability
    2. Aluminum
    3. Cement/concrete
    4. Fiberglass/FRP
    5. HPL (high pressure laminate)
    6. Laminates (including Formica, Masonite, etc.)
    7. Other Metals
    8. Steel (cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized, stainless)
    9. Any other flat building material to specs
  7. 50-year Guarantee
    1. Warp-free guarantee
    2. Full structure guarantee
    3. Includes lamination guarantee
    4. Only doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed 50 years

So, if you’re looking for a wide entry door (“How wide?” you might ask? Up to 50 ft. wide or more), then you will be miles ahead with a low maintenance long life extra wide front door with Sing Core inside.

For some people, a door that is 42 inches wide or 60 x 80 front doors are considered as extra wide front doors, but here at Sing Core, our wide entry doors start at 48-inches and go up to 600-inches or more, so handling your wide front door is not going to be a problem for Sing Core.

How to Build an Extra Wide Front Door

You start with Sing’s patented hybrid torsion box composite wide door core, which is made of natural vertical grain wood fiber metric structure grids filled wall to wall with rigid foam sandwiched between two structure skins to complete the torsion box.

This creates an impervious warp-free surface to which you may apply nearly any flat building material to your specs to create any result you care to achieve.

All the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and large custom door manufacturers know this is the,

“Only way to build a large door that will not fail.”

Only the best extra wide contemporary front doors are made with Sing Core, and yours should be too, especially if it is an extra wide contemporary front door, to make sure you don’t get stuck having to repeatedly fix your door over time, saving you the headaches and costly maintenance costs.

Sing Core is the only way.

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Sacred Horizontal Grain Wooden Doors

Designate Sacred Space

12 ft tall horizontal grain walnut door

A wooden door can be used to designate sacred space. By orienting the wood grain horizontally instead of vertically, a clear separation between two differing domains is indicated. For instance, the “world” may exist on the outside of the door, while the inside space on the other side of the door is deemed as separate, protected, or sacred.

Feng Shui enthusiasts are attracted to wooden doors with Sing Core inside as entry doors, for the strongest doors are those which also separate two domains, that of the world from the structure’s interior, in a sense, keeping unwanted energies from intruding upon inhabitants.

This idea of preserving or honoring personal or sacred space is a concept which is fully embraced by inventor Peter Sing and his patented Sing Core technologies. This combination of horizontal oriented wood grain, superior strength, and sound deadening capabilities in a front door adds to the creation of a respectful barrier.

This method of creating separation is powerful and one can find clues to support the preferential dictates of such a door. Buddhist and Japanese barriers known as “kekkai” are low profile horizontal markers which indicate a barrier which should not be trespassed upon, and to do so dishonors those who have set aside the space on the other side of the maker as consecrated.

You might see these honorable markers on the ground, so as not to obstruct the view, such as a horizontally placed length of bamboo, rope, chain, or other material placed in this manner. In Japan, these barriers are more effective than fencing-off an area, without disturbing the symbiotic resonance of the surrounding environment.

The onus is on you to respect such a discreet boundary and to honor it yourself, just as evil spirits may. This horizontal kekkai may also mark an area as “private property.” Alternatively, a stone may be placed in the center of a walkway (this is referred to as a sekimori ishi) or garden path indicating that you are unwelcomed to pass into this particular area.

In some traditions, chopsticks are placed horizontally between the meal and the recipient of the meal as a boundary separating the host (he or she who would partake of the meal) from the sacred gift (the food).

In this way, a horizontal wood grain door with Sing Core inside fully supports these philosophies and are increasingly being found in spiritual applications in temples and other sacred spaces.

An added benefit of using horizontal wood grain on your large entry door, is that it is a responsible use of natural resources, as a very tall door (over 10 ft tall) would require special considerations as very long lengths of natural wood are often difficult to find and might require the sacrifice of an otherwise healthy, growing tree. Plus, as custom door builders know, solid wood will move, warp, and crack, unless the door has Sing Core inside.

16 ft. warp-free horizontal grain teak front entry door

For exterior doors, it is generally advised to use a little more material because wood veneer is too thin to offer much protection, is easily damaged, and may be difficult to repair. While a layer of wood (referred to as wood stave) which is between 1/8th of an inch and 1/4-inch is about perfect for any door with Sing Core inside. You might be surprised to discover that 1/8th-inch wood stave is far more dimensionally stable and looks like solid wood.

Exterior doors made with Sing Core inside are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for fifty years. No other door can offer such a guarantee, further sustainably honoring you and your sacred space.

3x warp-free horizontal grain hemlock doors 14 ft tall

Horizontal oriented wood grain honors the sacredness of Mother Nature’s gift of wood, maximizing its benefits to the world, while offering a sacred protection adding to safety, security, and peace of mind to you and yours. Elements difficult to find in any ordinary large entry door.

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Solid Core Door Blanks

The new generation of solid core door blanks delivering high precision results for the most sustainable doors of any size, even exceptionally large doors, which are lightweight, stronger than steel, and guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Inventor Peter Sing supplies the biggest and best door companies with his patented and patent pending warp-free door solid core door blanks which enables them to deliver what are commonly referred to as “the best doors in the world” to their clients who demand the top of the line for their homes and projects.

Sing’s solid core door blanks are unlike any other solid core door blank thanks to Sing’s inventions combined with the expertise of his True Flat Team which works hand in hand with architects, door companies, engineers, millworks, and custom door manufacturers, to achieve stellar results which are impossible to do any other way.

Sing’s clientele is often overheard gladly admitting that,

“There is just no other way to do it.”

To make a large door lightweight, so strong, that is fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control, and be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years, is inconceivable by any other known method besides using Sing’s unique inventions, science, and technology.

Until now, traditional solid core wood doors were destined to be heavy, especially if large in size, and most likely to fail not long after installation. Wood solid core doors in particular because, well, wood’s natural inclination, being a natural product that moves in response to changes in the environment in which it resides.

That’s why it is standard practice for door companies to exclude large oversized doors from the standard warranty which covers the rest of the door schedule. Large solid core wood doors are generally included on a waiver which exonerates the designers, creators, contractors, installers, and anyone else associated with those big, heavy doors from any responsibility for the door’s performance whatsoever.

Because until now, there was no way to make commercial grade solid core wood doors that had such high performance. For instance, a solid core wood slab door with Sing Core inside,

Moisture content is the main enemy for any large solid core MDF door slab, so proceed with caution when approaching the integration of any MDF door where moisture may be present. Areas to be avoided include bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens, and MDF is not recommended for use as exterior doors.

In terms of high precision, Sing’s unfinished solid core door are straight and consisted with .006-inch tolerance and 660 PSI for strength. Its statistical data, like this, which makes Sing’s solid door core break the boundaries set by traditional building methods.

The most popular wood solid core prehung interior doors are found at Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement, though you will not find solid core door blanks with Sing Core inside at those locations because Sing Core does not actually make doors. But what they do make is the only Eco-friendly lightweight solid core door blanks that will not warp, and Sing’s factory also provides a premiere unfinished solid core veneer composite door slab that outperforms anything else available.

At present, the Sing Core factory does not create any solid core door prehung but they do provide their exclusive warp-free solid core door blanks to the very best high-end door companies, millworks, and large custom door manufacturers in the world.

That might leave you asking,

How can I get a Sing Core door?

Even though you can not just run down to your local Home Depot or Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse and pick one up, its not as difficult as you might think. If you are working with an architect, he can simply spec a door “with Sing Core inside,” then Sing works in concert with the entire team to bring your dream door(s) to life.

If you are working with a local millwork, they will order up the solid core exterior wood door blanks that they need to get the job done and take it from there.

Your local door company is the best way to get a Sing solid core door prehung, because in most cases that is what they do. Unless they are a highly custom door manufacturer, most door companies get their doors made off-site (most of those doors are not made in the USA), then they (if necessary) finish and prehang them on site.

In this case, the door company will order up whatever Sing solid core door slab they need, finish, and hang the door, then you can pick it up, or you can arrange for door installation at your desired location.

The best way to get to the next level in the world’s best solid core door blanks by Sing Core, Submit a Price Quote Request. You will be assigned to a salesperson who can help you work out all the details of helping bring your dream door come to life.

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Warp-Free Wood

Introducing warp-free wood to the woodworking industry is a tough nut to crack.  Since mankind has begun to craft items from wood, it is known that natural wood grain is so elegant, but the fact remains that the wood continues to respond to the elements even after the tree is harvested for building materials.

Of course, some wood grains have a greater propensity to move than others, and only some designs can accommodate a certain degree of movement.  For instance, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) allows for this movement in wood doors.  They say if a door warps ¼” or less along a 7 ft. span, this is considered a straight, not warped door.  Manufacturers of door hardware, pre-hangers, and installers all allow for this movement of doors that are considered to be straight.

That was prior to inventor Peter Sing’s introduction of his patented and patent-pending warp-free wood technology.  Door configurations are made of warp-free wood panels, but Sing Core’s warp-free wood in also available in warp-free post and beam configurations as well.

You can see how this might affect the woodworking industry, a market segment that for many years, an idea of having a warp-free wood product would be inconceivable.

Yet, here the door industry is, embracing Sing Core’s warp-free technology wholeheartedly.  The best door companies, millworks, and custom manufacturers of large or oversized doors all rely on Sing Core to solve the problems associated with warping wood.  This is particularly a pressing issue when considering whether to take a project that features larger doors.

The main concern is that those huge doors are going to warp, and everyone knows that.  It is increasingly difficult to build and maintain customer confidence when offered a warranty on the entire project, but not the oversized doors.  Those will not be covered, and the builders don’t particularly want to be tasked with servicing them.  Then, the customer is referred to a company which exists only to service and repair failing doors.  Yes, this has created a whole new sub-industry for door repair shops.

Now, there is a solution:

Warp-Free Wood

Now, door companies who rely on Sing Core’s warp-free wood to solve the problems of warping wood doors can include and cover those oversized doors with their standard warranty.  Maybe their standard warranty is 10 years.  No problem, because they are also covered by Sing Core’s

50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

Yes, wooden doors made with Sing’s core inside are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years.  A claim like this is unheard of in the wood industry, and no other Eco-friendly, lightweight building material could come close to making such a promise.

And as these most prestigious architects, engineers, companies, and craftspeople know and confess,

“There is just no other way to do it.”

That’s what they all say.

Of course, many other things could be made of Sing Core’s warp-free wood.  But, large doors lead the pack; because the bigger the door, the more prestigious the project.  There is only one way to keep it straight and true.

Accomplishing such a feat is not easy.  Sing Core has an entire team, referred to as his True Flat Team, which reviews all the aspects of every door.  This includes the proposed materials, the application, where the door will be located (structurally and geologically), and how its interior should be designed to accommodate its regular use.

Highest Precision

High-end projects and discerning clientele only want the best and insist on having such precision with Sing Core inside their doors which boasts .006-inch tolerances, besides being warp-free.

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Unique Exterior Doors

Unique exterior door can be the detail which makes any project come to life. Certainly, the most impressive detail which leaves the most lasting impression are the unique front doors which are appearing in the most significant contemporary architecture and designs.

High end custom architectural doors are sprinkled throughout all the latest emerging structure designs as not only attention grabbing unique front doors but are included as a unique home designs security door which add to the appeal of the vast array of unique exterior doors appearing across the most modern architectural designs.

Leading the pack, are the designers who push the envelope of size and materials. While extremely large doors command the lion’s share of the most attention commanding performances, there are many kinds of unique front doors and another emerging technology includes the unique home designs security door, where Sing Core is playing an important part.

These doors may look unique at the surface level but far more unique goings on have taken place deep inside these doors, so what’s happening inside these doors is far more unique than was observable with the naked eye.

Inside the unique front door décor you will find inventor Peter Sing’s patented “Sing Core” along with other patent and patent-pending anti-warp technologies hard at work to keep these doors perfectly straight and true, regardless of what challenges they might face.

Whether you’re looking at individualized high security impact doors or unique storm doors, Sing’s core delivers not only warp-free door tech but also imbues these doors with other satisfying characteristics, such as being fully insulated to provide sound deadening and climate control. These are exciting features which can be found from installing a door with Sing Core inside.


Your unique front doors can possess all these exciting attributes found inside the highest quality architectural doors across the nation and the world, just by having your architect specify Sing Core doors.


Sing’s patented core technology enables his factory to pump out solid hybrid door blanks which weigh in at a fraction of the weight of other wood-based solid core doors. Rivaling the weight of a hollow core door which has virtually no strength, tends to warp and is damaged easily, Sing’s substrate, while extremely lightweight is not weak. In fact, the strongest and straightest lightweight doors in the world, have Sing’s core inside.

13 foot lightweight panel strength peter sing core


Talk about strength, Sing’s invention has allowed the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom door manufacturers to design and build enormous oversized large doors, that are lightweight (see above) and extremely strong. In fact, independently rated at 660+ PSI, Sing’s core is stronger than steel pound for pound, yet very lightweight. See inventor, Peter Sing, standing amidst a 13 ft. span of a one-inch panel with little or not deflection. Any other material would have crashed to the ground.


Among high-end, scientific, and military circles, Sing’s core is the only known method to build a lightweight warp-free door of any material known to man, especially if the door sis very large, or features a natural woodgrain material (which is the most notorious for moving in response to changes in the environment). That’s why you’ll find Sing’s core in use anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and anywhere in between. Sing is so successful at building warp-free doors and other products that he offers a 50-year warp-free guarantee.


While standard project allows for give and take of available building materials, such as AWI Standards’ allowance for ¼” variance at any time or location amidst a standard-sized door (7 ft. tall or less), Sing’s core hosts the highest tolerances (+/- .006 in.) enabling you to build high precision unique doors of any kind, whether made of wood, synthetics, or metals, even stainless steel.



While most end-users who seek out Sing’s core are looking for something lightweight that doesn’t warp to solve existing issues which have arisen in a current project, having a product to build such a door that is fully insulated offers a huge advantages, even if it wasn’t your primary focus when you first sought out the Sing Core solution to solve your door problems.


Whether for security reasons, studio separation, or just privacy and peace of mind, Sing’s sound deadening door core is the way to go when attempting to address issues related to sound transmission. Sing Core is routinely used in the manufacture of soundproof doors because it can bear the weight of dense and heavy sound proofing materials without fail.


Unique front doors can also offer smart climate correction which can be offered by a door which is fully insulated but still not be compromised by exposure to the elements. Sing’s patented climate control door core is used in refrigeration, heat and moisture exposed applications (like saunas) and can still outperform other available Eco-friendly lightweight building materials in side-by-side comparisons.


You don’t have to be in a high-security environment, a government or military facility to appreciate the added safety and security of having a unique front door with Sing’s core inside because a door should be more than just visual separation, you should be able to feel safe on your side of the door. Inventor, Sing, says, “If you kick a standard 6 panel door, it will crash. If you kick my door, you will break your leg.” That is to say, you will break your leg before you can break Sing’s door.


Sing’s door substrates are manufacturing using the strictest Eco-friendly methods of manufacture. They are made with little energy, feature recycled materials, extremely responsible use of natural materials such as wood fiber and Sing uses formaldehyde-free adhesives, while producing no toxic material waste. Sing’s substrates have an extremely small carbon footprint even though they are shipped around the world because their transport costs less and consumes less fuel due to being so light weight.

That’s just a few of the reasons why more architects are specifying Sing Core inside their doors.