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Large Interior Doors

Masters of oversized doors, Sing Core has been enabling the biggest door manufacturers in the USA to make the best biggest doors that can be made and guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. For 50 years, the major door companies opted out of the large door marketplace because the rate of complaint and return was too high, easily eating up year-end profits.

So, the door companies would supply all the standard-sized door while referring the large exterior doors, large pocket door, large interior doors, large glass sliding doors, large garage doors or large wooden doors to a millwork who specializes in one-off specialty doors and let them deal with the service calls.

Then, about 20 years ago the millworks started making doors with Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core inside. Now they could make huge exterior doors and large interior doors, including large wooden doors that would stay straight and true for 50 years, guaranteed. Until the invention of Sing’s core, this was never possible in the large interior door industry.

It took a few years for the standard door manufacturers to come around, but they did. Now you can do to just about any door company and get the entire door schedule for any project including the huge mammoth-sized doors all sourced from one company, plus the entire package could be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty without having to have a rider to exclude the big interior doors or enormous exterior doors.

Sing supplies the warp-free door blanks for each door company’s designer oversized doors which are available in any custom size large doors up to 50 ft. Sing’s interior doors come in a wide variety of styles to accommodate any size or style, allowing architects and designers to freely express themselves in terms of door sizes with unlimited large interior door options.

Floor to ceiling doors are reaching new heights of interior door designs for everything from custom interior to wine cellar doors in contemporary architecture and design projects across the USA. These large luxury interior and exterior doors are available in any flat building material such as wood, steel, and fiberglass exterior, and interior doors, including storm, and patio doors.

No job is too challenging for patented Sing Core. Sing has a specialized True Flat Team which reviews every job that would otherwise be too challenging to consider for any conscious project manager. The team reviews all the data of the fashioned interior door designs and comes up with the best solution(s) to provide a door that is

Lightweight (a fraction of the weight of other solid core doors)

High strength (Sing Core is rated at 600+ PSI, stronger than steel lb. for lb.)

Fully insulated (for sound deadening and climate control)

High precision (Sing’s core +/- .006 in. tolerance)

Warp-free (guaranteed for 50 years)

As many of Sing’s clientele has admitted,

“There is just no other way to do it.”

Sing’s Core doesn’t have too much advantage for use in standard sized doors, though companies who specialize in impact doors, sound proof doors, and high end refrigeration applications do build smaller doors with Sing Core inside.

Where Sing’s core really shines is in doors that start at 48″ x 96″(4′-0″ x 8′-0″) doors and go up from there (to 50 feet?). You probably want to know,

How to buy the best large interior doors for your home

It is easy if you have an architect onboard, your architect simply specifies a door with “Sing Core inside” then the rest of your team just makes it happen. If not, you can contact any of your favorite local door companies or millwork (just Google “millwork near me”) and tell them what you want. Peter Sing and his True Flat Team will use all their resources, patented and patent pending, to create for you the warp-free large interior doors of your dreams.

How can Sing deliver such large doors?

Military and government agencies are able to coordinate transfer of items that are too large for average transport, otherwise Sing designs them as modular big interior doors that can be assembled onsite, with all the precision of being assembled in his factory. This is another piece of the puzzle that Sing has mastered.

So, whether you are looking for the highest quality exterior doors or the widest range of interior door styles then and you desire only the best doors ever made with the best warranty in the United States, then made in the USA premium doors with Sing Core inside are the only doors that will do.

Accept no substitutes. (Don’t get caught trying to switch a regular door with one that has been specified as having Sing Core inside, because when it fails, the customer will contact Peter Sing, and everyone will know that you tried to cut corners… true story.)

Everything from impact resistant slab doors to premium and unique interior doors because every door with Sing Core inside is an individual work of art, which is guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Make sure your handcrafted beautiful custom wood doors and beautiful solid wood interior and exterior doors have Sing Core inside.


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Extra Wide Front Door

The inventor of patented Sing Core invites anyone to challenge his claim to fame being,

“The only way to build an extra wide front door that does not warp.”

Peter Sing’s revolutionary lightweight high strength extra wide front door core is what makes it possible for all the biggest and best door companies in the world, millworks, and specialty custom architectural door builders to build extra wide front doors that can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.


Peter Sing, the inventor of patented Sing Core and many patent pending anti-warp and composite technologies associated with the creation of extremely large door blanks (up to 50 ft. or more) which are high tolerance (within +/- .006 in.) and dead flat.

Sing’s True Flat Team reviews every extra wide front door spec and assists in the engineering of a door blank that can stay straight and true for 50 years.

Finally, thanks to Sing’s door building technologies, the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom door manufacturers are able to build enormous extra wide doors of nearly any material, which would otherwise be highly problematic to use, like solid wood for example, that are Eco-friendly and will not warp.

Plus, there’s more…

If your wide front door has Sing’s core inside the result will be a door which possesses these exciting characteristics:

  1. Eco-friendly
    1. Responsible use of natural materials
    2. Includes recycled materials
    3. Long lifespan
    4. High sustainability
    5. Reusable/easy to repurpose
  2. Lightweight
    1. Weighing in at a fraction of other solid core doors
    2. Less expensive hardware (based on door weight)
    3. Easy and less expensive to ship, handle, and install
    4. Less wear and tear on hardware and structure
    5. Fewer door-related injuries
  3. High strength
    1. Stronger than steel pound for pound
    2. More dimensionally stable
    3. Impact resistant
    4. Will not cup, bend, or twist
    5. Can span unsupported distances without fail
  4. Fully insulated
    1. Built-in insulation provides sound deadening
    2. Excellent separation between adjoining spaces
    3. Increased climate control
    4. Provides safety and security from the elements
  5. Warp-free
    1. Perfectly flat
    2. Meets or exceeds AWI standards
    3. Patented and patent pending warp prevention technologies
    4. Sing Core is the only way to do it, guaranteed
  6. Any Material
    1. Natural wood grain, including exotic woods subject to availability
    2. Aluminum
    3. Cement/concrete
    4. Fiberglass/FRP
    5. HPL (high pressure laminate)
    6. Laminates (including Formica, Masonite, etc.)
    7. Other Metals
    8. Steel (cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized, stainless)
    9. Any other flat building material to specs
  7. 50-year Guarantee
    1. Warp-free guarantee
    2. Full structure guarantee
    3. Includes lamination guarantee
    4. Only doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed 50 years

So, if you’re looking for a wide entry door (“How wide?” you might ask? Up to 50 ft. wide or more), then you will be miles ahead with a low maintenance long life extra wide front door with Sing Core inside.

For some people, a door that is 42 inches wide or 60 x 80 front doors are considered as extra wide front doors, but here at Sing Core, our wide entry doors start at 48-inches and go up to 600-inches or more, so handling your wide front door is not going to be a problem for Sing Core.

How to Build an Extra Wide Front Door

You start with Sing’s patented hybrid torsion box composite wide door core, which is made of natural vertical grain wood fiber metric structure grids filled wall to wall with rigid foam sandwiched between two structure skins to complete the torsion box.

This creates an impervious warp-free surface to which you may apply nearly any flat building material to your specs to create any result you care to achieve.

All the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and large custom door manufacturers know this is the,

“Only way to build a large door that will not fail.”

Only the best extra wide contemporary front doors are made with Sing Core, and yours should be too, especially if it is an extra wide contemporary front door, to make sure you don’t get stuck having to repeatedly fix your door over time, saving you the headaches and costly maintenance costs.

Sing Core is the only way.

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Sacred Horizontal Grain Wooden Doors

Designate Sacred Space

12 ft tall horizontal grain walnut door

A wooden door can be used to designate sacred space. By orienting the wood grain horizontally instead of vertically, a clear separation between two differing domains is indicated. For instance, the “world” may exist on the outside of the door, while the inside space on the other side of the door is deemed as separate, protected, or sacred.

Feng Shui enthusiasts are attracted to wooden doors with Sing Core inside as entry doors, for the strongest doors are those which also separate two domains, that of the world from the structure’s interior, in a sense, keeping unwanted energies from intruding upon inhabitants.

This idea of preserving or honoring personal or sacred space is a concept which is fully embraced by inventor Peter Sing and his patented Sing Core technologies. This combination of horizontal oriented wood grain, superior strength, and sound deadening capabilities in a front door adds to the creation of a respectful barrier.

This method of creating separation is powerful and one can find clues to support the preferential dictates of such a door. Buddhist and Japanese barriers known as “kekkai” are low profile horizontal markers which indicate a barrier which should not be trespassed upon, and to do so dishonors those who have set aside the space on the other side of the maker as consecrated.

You might see these honorable markers on the ground, so as not to obstruct the view, such as a horizontally placed length of bamboo, rope, chain, or other material placed in this manner. In Japan, these barriers are more effective than fencing-off an area, without disturbing the symbiotic resonance of the surrounding environment.

The onus is on you to respect such a discreet boundary and to honor it yourself, just as evil spirits may. This horizontal kekkai may also mark an area as “private property.” Alternatively, a stone may be placed in the center of a walkway (this is referred to as a sekimori ishi) or garden path indicating that you are unwelcomed to pass into this particular area.

In some traditions, chopsticks are placed horizontally between the meal and the recipient of the meal as a boundary separating the host (he or she who would partake of the meal) from the sacred gift (the food).

In this way, a horizontal wood grain door with Sing Core inside fully supports these philosophies and are increasingly being found in spiritual applications in temples and other sacred spaces.

An added benefit of using horizontal wood grain on your large entry door, is that it is a responsible use of natural resources, as a very tall door (over 10 ft tall) would require special considerations as very long lengths of natural wood are often difficult to find and might require the sacrifice of an otherwise healthy, growing tree. Plus, as custom door builders know, solid wood will move, warp, and crack, unless the door has Sing Core inside.

16 ft. warp-free horizontal grain teak front entry door

For exterior doors, it is generally advised to use a little more material because wood veneer is too thin to offer much protection, is easily damaged, and may be difficult to repair. While a layer of wood (referred to as wood stave) which is between 1/8th of an inch and 1/4-inch is about perfect for any door with Sing Core inside. You might be surprised to discover that 1/8th-inch wood stave is far more dimensionally stable and looks like solid wood.

Exterior doors made with Sing Core inside are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for fifty years. No other door can offer such a guarantee, further sustainably honoring you and your sacred space.

3x warp-free horizontal grain hemlock doors 14 ft tall

Horizontal oriented wood grain honors the sacredness of Mother Nature’s gift of wood, maximizing its benefits to the world, while offering a sacred protection adding to safety, security, and peace of mind to you and yours. Elements difficult to find in any ordinary large entry door.

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We Will Make It Together

Times are tough in the unprecedented times, as we all try to figure out what we are going to do to continue to get things done during the current pandemic.

9 ft tall warp-free walnut veneer doors

We are proud to be able to relieve the burden our clients might experience having to deal with those difficult projects, especially those concerned with large doors which could be either too heavy to be practical or too flimsy to be effective, and large quantity door orders.

Warp-free walnut pivot door 50 yr guarantee

We are grateful to serve you in helping to create doors of enormous size which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, as well as door companies with large door runs, which cannot be filled by import doors at the moment.

We can help you fill those large quantity door orders with rapid turnaround Made in USA doors at a price which will enable you to finish those jobs without having to wait for offshore delivery channels to reopen. We’re doing it for our other clients, we can do it for you, too.

We’re open, working hard to ensure all orders are shipped on time, and empowering you to do what you do best, in any way we can.

Together we can make it through this crisis.

If you know somebody, or you yourself, need the solution for all your big door problems, we can help you achieve your goals with our patented and patent pending lightweight high-strength warp-free solution.

Our exclusive solutions have a warranty that is unmatched. In an industry where even a 2-year warranty is desirable, our 50-year warp-free guarantee is unprecedented.

Please keep in mind that we also fabricate standard sized doors in large quantities. We can help your production capabilities when you win those large door orders without having to bear the costs of handling, such as a production run on your own.

Click here to see types of doors and skins.

We make requesting an estimate simple, Get a price quote, which includes free instant 3D rendering of your door and shop drawing, today.

Please visit our web site to see what we do that can help you.

We are not a door manufacturer, but the best door companies in the world use our patented and patent pending Sing panels to build the best doors.

Sing Core is the only way to build doors which will never fail, and that is why the largest door companies in the world trust us for their oversized door building solutions.

Visit Sing Core, where there are pictures or all types of doors, all kinds of designs, and of course, size is not limited. We can help you build the largest doors to remain warp-free for 50 years, better than AWI standards.

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Large Barn Doors

Eco-friendly large barn doors are taking on a whole new look and are a more sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor applications while commanding a unique stylistic approach to contemporary architectural design. The best extra large barn doors are emerging as featured presentations in all types of structures from residential and commercial to hospitality and industrial venues.

This new approach to the modern barn door is creating a stir as simple design of the traditional wood sliding barn door is now able to incorporate exciting characteristics that far surpass the simplicity of your grandfather’s farmhouse sliding door by incorporating this new generation of large architectural barn doors.

So, what makes this superior modern barn door so different from the sliding farm door of yesteryear?

While they may look similar, the large barn door hardware is much more sophisticated, but the biggest secret of all is what is found deep inside the best large barn doors of all time. If you were to look inside, you would find a patented substrate specifically designed to build the ultimate large barn doors.

Inventor Peter Sing is responsible for discovering and manufacturing this unique hybrid composite door core found inside the best modern barn doors today. Sing’s core imbues each barn door with astounding characteristics which cannot all be found in any other type of barn door, anywhere on Earth.

For instance, if your modern barn door has Sing Core inside, you will possess a door which is

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Lightweight
  3. High strength
  4. Solid as a rock
  5. Fully insulated
  6. Warp-free
  7. Guaranteed 50 Years

Large Barn Door Problems

If you were going to make a high-end large barn door for a demanding client or visionary contemporary architect, you would have to hire a door engineer with the ability to design sliding barn doors which could be built to architectural specifications. The goal is to have an end product, a large barn door, which will not warp, fail, or require regular ongoing maintenance to keep it operational over time.

If the large barn door was quite oversized, say anything over three-and-a-half ft. wide and 7 ft. tall, you would find some extreme goings on inside such a door. There would likely be some type of welded steel interior framing and other heavy inserted in an effort to keep such a big barn door from warping, a pretty toxic approach to trying to solve the problems associated with large barn doors.

This is the biggest complaint with failing large barn doors: They warp. And warping barn door, if they are warped enough, will cease to operate, and if they are very heavy, this causes extra stress and strain on both hardware and the structure itself.


Large Barn Door Solutions

Thanks to Sing and his patented inventions and patent-pending solutions there is a way to make a lightweight high strength modern pivot door which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years. There is no other way to accomplish such a feat without Sing Core inside.

Eco-friendly Large Barn Doors

Sing’s manufacturing facility is nestled in the pristine Pacific Northwest, where ecological approaches to building and creating almost anything is of profound importance to its inhabitants. So, Sing’s factory uses the best of both worlds, basic traditional woodworking craftsmanship and advanced cold-press technologies which use very little energy consumption. Sing also uses formaldehyde-free adhesive and responsible use of natural and recycled materials, plus being so lightweight makes them easier to ship around the world using less fuel than other barn door manufacturing methods, assuring Sing’s products have an extremely minimal carbon footprint.

114 x 134 x 2 MDF Large Sliding Barn Door

Lightweight Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending technologies empower his True Flat Team to create these amazing hybrid solid composite cores which weigh a fraction of other solid wood-based structure cores. Lighter weight barn doors mean lighter weight hardware and less stress and strain on the structure. This prevents the need for constant ongoing maintenance to the barn door, a huge savings over time.

High Strength Large Barn Doors

You might not need bulletproof barn doors, but you will enjoy having lightweight large barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing’s large barn door core material is independently rated at 660+ PSI and is featured inside some of the highest security doors and impact doors in the world.

You can see that Sing’s panels are so strong that the inventor can stand in the middle of this one-inch-thick 13 ft. panel with little or not deflection. That is an effective strength demonstration.

Solid as a Rock Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending door core technology is based on his solid hybrid composite invention which is basically a vertical grain torsion box panel where the grid which would normally be left empty is filled wall to wall with recycled rigid foam insulation. Once assembled and cured they can take a beating, and unlike other doors can easily be repaired to full structure strength if breached, which is more sustainable than replacing the whole door.

Sing says, “Kick any standard stile and rail and it will break. Kick my door an you will break your leg!”

Fully Insulated Large Barn Doors

Inherit in Sing’s large barn door core invention is full insulation throughout which offers huge advantages to not only end users, but the sound proof door and refrigeration door manufacturers who rely on Sing to provide them with the insulated substrate to make the best rated lightweight large barn doors fully formatted for sound deadening and climate control.

Warp-free Large Barn Doors

And Mr. Sing is the King of the Warp-free large barn door. All hanging barn doors move according to changes in the environmental elements which surround them, and to make matters even worse, this is more problematic when in use as an exterior door, where one side is facing a structure’s interior, while the other could be exposed one hundred present to the weather.

Sing proudly guarantees his large barn door cores not to warp, bend, twist, or cup for a very long time, in fact, 50 times more than any other door manufacturer.

Large Barn Doors Guaranteed 50 Years

Unprecedented in the industry Peter Sing fully guarantees his large barn door core not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including structure & lamination. Nobody has ever dared to go there, and Sing who supplies the biggest and best door companies in the world with warp-free door core for all their oversized doors says, “If I couldn’t do it, you would have heard about it by now.”

And they all say the same thing,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

For if there were any other way to make a lightweight warp-free door, you know these companies would do it themselves, but they rely on Peter Sing’s patented innovations to provide what would otherwise be impossible, so they can better serve their clientele.

Should all your doors have Sing Core inside?


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Best Way to Save with Sing Core Now

I’d like to offer you an opportunity to join my Platinum Club for 1 year, which includes the biggest and best door companies, contemporary architects, and millworks who trust me to deliver the best sustainable warp-free products in large quantity regularly. In exchange, they receive the best quantity pricing, which I’d like to pass onto you, if you submit another price quote request within the next 60 days.

I am so excited to share with you all the benefits you will receive from my current factory expansion, including machinery and production system. I want you to witness the high-end quality and high precision of the most sustainable lightest weight and strongest, fully insulated building material in the world at the best prices.

What you will learn, is how to get the best product at the best prices, like my Platinum Club members do, and you will get full access to my Win-the-bid and True Flat teams to maximize every possibility, including new ways to design, create, and build your products, while we help you maximize your profitability.

High-quality Sing Panels are the only Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated reinforced torsion box panels with the most unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee in the industry. Our goal is to provide the best product to reach every person looking for Eco-friendly solutions and sustainable projects by using patented and patent-pending Sing products.

You can enjoy full membership privileges and pricing if you submit a price quote request within the next two months.

New and Exciting Things

New Factory Expansion

Due to our current expansion and new (bigger and better) production system, we can offer to you our premium product line and warp-free substrate at our best price points with the highest precision and quality for use as any type of panels, doors, furniture parts, posts and beams.

Better Pricing

For the next 60 days, you will receive Platinum Club member pricing, and you will also be able to tap into our “Win the Bid” system which will help you get the right product to fit the job at hand, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Instant Drawings

Now, when you use our price quote request, you get to see a 3D rendering, and can also view a drawing of your sing panel, or post and beam, based on your specifications.

I Will Show You How

I believe everyone in the business should be able to compete in the lightweight high strength world of Sing Core, so I will help you every step of the way, to make sure you are learning about how to maximize your Sing benefits without having to spend more than you have to. Let me show you how.

True Flat Team

As a Platinum Club member, you will have access to our True Flat Team to help redesign and reinvent your current product lines and products to take full advantage of all the benefits of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and warp-free Sing Core panels, posts, and beams have to offer.

Save Even More

Some of our other high-end Platinum Club members are paying 1/3 of the regular prices by meeting our price break criteria. Click here to see how.

High quality and low cost are a dream for successful business models.

Let us be a part of your production team to reduce the workload and your manufacturing costs.

~ Peter Sing


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Large Pocket Doors

For years, large pocket doors were not being installed in new builds due to problems associated with pocket doors which exceeded the normal range of door sizes. The biggest concern with these big pocket doors was their tendency to twist or cup according to the season.

If you haven’t experienced such challenges, it doesn’t take too much stretch of one’s imagination to entertain how frustrating it would be to open or close your large pocket door only to find it had seized up either inside or outside of its pocket housing.

Pocket doors are a magnificent way to cordon off an area or open up two adjoining spaces quickly and easily, and if your sliding pocket doors operate as expected, it’s an elegant sight to behold as the sliding doors smoothly disappear into their wall cavities. This is why they are sometimes referred to as a hidden pocket door or concealed sliding door. No swinging into the room so as to disrupt the area or require clearance for opening and closing, and not to be seen in the open position, as if they were never there in the first place.

Thanks to inventor Peter Sing, large pocket doors are coming back into new builds and remodels because he has provided the door industry with the warp-free technology required to create warp-free large pocket doors which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail, for 50 years.


Large Sliding Door Strong Straight Warp Free

Sing’s core, which he calls, “Sing Core,” enables pocket door manufacturers to create large pocket doors of immense size built of any material, measuring up to 50 ft or more, and still be guaranteed to offer fail-free service for 50 years.

Sing’s Eco-friendly patented and patent-pending warp-free technologies enable his factory to create non-warping substrates which are high precision (+/- .006 in.), fully insulated (R3.5 or R6.5) for sound dampening and climate control, lightweight (1/3 or less the weight of other wood-based solid core large pocket door blanks), high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), and backed by Sing’s unprecedented 50-year guarantee.

All that reduction in weight and increased strength, precision, and insulation changes the whole dynamics of a sliding door inside wall which would otherwise be problematic, so you don’t have to worry about your pocket sliding door that goes into a wall which may never come out. You can rest assured that your sliding doors into wall cavity will serve your safely, securely, and reliably over their 50-year guaranteed service life.

If you really want to upgrade your efficiency and the impact garnered by operating your precision large pocket doors, install a double pocket door. That’s right, two separate large double sliding pocket doors side by side, each sliding doors into wall cavity respectively independently or in unison. Make them full floor to ceiling large dual pocket doors for full effect.

Joining Large Sliding Pocket and Pivot Doors-Animated

Using Sing’s technology, you won’t have to worry about shelling out the big bucks for heavy duty large pocket door hardware because the hardware rating required to operate your door efficiently is based on the weight of your pocket door. Large pocket doors with Sing’s core inside weigh far less, enabling designers and installer to use less expensive pocket door hardware reducing the overall pocket door price.

Heavy duty pocket door track is unnecessary, as are expensive pocket door rollers, or other heavy-duty hardware or equipment. Sing’s lighter in weight large pocket doors are much easier to transport, manhandle, move about the job site, and install resulting in savings in pocket door cost all the way around.

Now you can have a heavy-duty impact resistant large pocket door that is lightweight and high strength without all the added expense and regular maintenance of any other type of heavy duty pocket door.

DIY Pocket Door

Okay, since you asked, “Can I create a DIY version of a large pocket door with Sing Core inside?” The answer is (with respect to Sing’s patents), you could create your own wood pocket door in do it yourself fashion using Sing’s ideas.

You will need some carpentry skills, woodworking tools, and a shop if you’re thinking about adding a pocket door to your DIY list of projects. If you’re ready, you’ll need a perfectly flat work surface a little larger than the size of your proposed custom pocket doors. You will also need a DIY cold press system, which could include lots of clamps or a vacuum bag lamination system.

First, you will need to build the torsion box grid substructure. You can find directions online using Google how to build a torsion box grid, but note that unlike the instructions you will find, Sing using vertical grain orientation in the wood fiber used for the torsion box, not horizontal, for added shear strength.

Sing also knows the small the individual cells of the torsion box, the more strength, so his cells vary depending on the application from 2×2, 2×3, or 3×3-inch cells.

Build your torsion box inside a wood frame and insert any necessary hardpoints (wood blocking for door hardware). After you’ve completed the torsion box in the desired size, glue rigid foam (Sing uses recycled EPS foam as his default in the factory, but clients may specify other materials) inside the empty spaces inside the otherwise empty torsion box centers, and let dry.

Precision sand this reinforced wood fiber/foam core to the exact desired thickness.

Now you have a dimensionally stable lightweight core which needs to be sandwiched between two stress skins (say quarter-inch plywood) and this is cold-pressed and left to cure.

You’re on your way to building a pocket door by laminating your desired wood surface material and any edge trim you may want as you’re getting ready to be adding pocket door to existing wall(s) in your project location (home, office, etc.).

This should be suitable for making a pocket door which is lightweight, high strength and will work for any 8 foot pocket door or less.

Why 8-ft. pocket door or less? Because Sing’s True Flat Team uses additional patented and patent-pending anti-warp technologies which take into account the size of the large pocket door, the surface materials, its application, whether it will be an interior pocket door or exterior pocket door, how often and when will it be used, and in some cases which direction the door faces to determine the exact components within his composite hybrid core.

Sing is well known for using this patented method to build the best pocket door in the world because his factory is staffed with both the craftsmen and equipment (the biggest panel saws, glue machines, sanders, and presses in the industry) to create large pocket doors in a reasonable amount of time.

The biggest and best pocket door manufacturers, millworks, and custom pocket door builders rely on Sing’s ability to deliver such high precision pocket door cores in time and within budget to get the job done, without having to risk the embarrassment of selling a potentially warping large pocket door.

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Large Barn Door

In a world where anything could change in a minute you might wonder if this is one of those moments in time when your ideas about any large barn door could shift radically, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s invention, as we discover how his revolutionary patented large barn door core is changing how doors are built. And, yes, we said large barn door. That means any large barn door of any size, up to 50 ft or more.

Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies empower architects, door engineers, millworks, custom door builders, and the biggest and best large barn door manufacturers to build any extra large barn door of any size, and guarantee them not to warp for 50 years.

In most cases, barn doors are inexpensive, and the sliding barn door hardware is easy to find. Basically, any do-it-yourselfer can build a diy large barn door by hanging a 4×8 sheet of plywood from any sliding barn door hardware which is readily available from any hardware store.

This is why you find them erected on farms and other industrial settings because it doesn’t take a lot of engineering to figure out the basic details of any large barn door project.

DIY Large Barn Door

reclaimed wood w/Sing Core inside

Sing Core & reclaimed wood

Basically, in a diy large barn door application, all you need to know is the size of the opening, and determine whether you can obtain or make the large barn door panels the size to fill the opening.

Once you have determined the size of the opening and materials, the weight and width of the barn doors will help to determine the hardware which will be required to hang said barn doors.

This is a fairly simple and inexpensive method of dealing with openings you’d rather be able to secure to some degree if your expectations are low, and if the size your barn doors are exceeding the limitations of available building materials (i.e., 4×8 or 5×10) then it can be increasingly difficult to create panels large enough that will offer an acceptable degree of longevity.

Large Modern Barn Door

Barn doors are expanding greatly in size and application as modern interior designs are featuring a vast variety of barn door ideas as expressed in contemporary architectural designs the world over. No longer are sliding barn doors limited to closing and accessing large barn door openings, industrial, warehouse, or aerospace applications.

Today, it is not uncommon to find modern barn doors in living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dens, garages, and even featured as sliding front doors for a unique greeting and main egress impression for visitors to unique homes.

In large front door applications, the barn door hardware is located inside the home (not outside as in an actual barn site) or hidden within the adjoining wall spaces, like large front entry pocket doors.

That said, you will be finding more and more modern barn doors springing up all over your property’s exterior and interior locations, and when they are large sliding barn doors, the only way to assure their remaining straight and true is to have them built with patented and patent-pending Sing Core solutions embedded within the doors themselves.

Sing’s patented large barn door core is the only way to build fully insulated Eco-friendly lightweight barn doors of any size or material which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free, including full structural warranty, for 50-years.

How to Build a Large Modern Barn Door

To understand how to build a large modern barn door that can be backed by a 50-year warp-free guarantee is to understand the basics of patented Sing Core. Sing Core starts with a basic small grid torsion box matrix built of natural vertical grain wood fiber (many times more rigid than standard horizontal grain). Instead of leaving the torsion box voids empty, they are filled wall to wall with rigid recycled insulation. Finally, this is all enclosed using formaldehyde-free bonding agents between stress skins, and this is the basis of the embedded power of warp-free Sing Core.

The remainder of the large barn door is built around this revolutionary building material, the brainchild of inventor Peter Sing.

Oversized Wood Barn Doors

Of all wood sliding barn doors, oversized wood barn doors are the most problematic due to the natural tendency of wood grain to change in response to the environmental conditions surround the barn doors themselves.

For instance, a knotty alder sliding barn door is going to present problems due to the prevalence of knots throughout the barn door’s surface which greatly increases the tendency to warp. In the case of a knotty alder sliding barn door, Sing’s True Flat Team will go to work to further enhance the patented Sing Core substrate by inserting various anti-warp technologies to effectively counteract any of the knotty alder’s potential movement or warping.

High Precision Modern Barn Doors

This is how you create the highest precision sustainable modern barn doors known to man, with patented and patent-pending Sing Core inside. No other substrate is so lightweight, with stricter tolerances (Sing Core is +/- .006 in.), non-warping, fully insulated, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

While such high precision may not be necessary to fill the opening of a barn or warehouse, modern barn door applications, especially as an exterior front entry door, require higher levels of accuracy and consistency to effectively protect and fully separate the two main adjoining spaces.

When used as a front door, it is imperative for the modern barn door to remain straight and true to properly seal and protect the interior from the exterior environment. And if the main access door were to warp, it could compromise the ability of the entry door so much as to render the barn door unusable.

50 Year Large Barn Door Guarantee

If you have your large barn doors built with Sing Core inside, you can be assured to enjoy 50 years of low maintenance fail free service. Sing guarantees every large barn door not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail (far meeting or exceeding AWI standards) for 50 years, including full structure and delamination.

That’s why the biggest door companies, best mill works, and most prestigious custom sliding barn door manufacturers in the world say,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

Referring to Peter Sing’s patented core, especially in extra large barn door applications.

Photos of Large Barn Doors

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Large Entry Doors

You may never look at large entry doors the same again after you’ve learned about how patented Sing Core increases the design capabilities exponentially across the board for all types of exterior doors. Now, large entry doors can be built without the limitations of former custom door building methods resulting in warp-free entrance doors which can be guaranteed for 50 years.

Why are you seeing more contemporary architecture and design specs calling out Sing Core in their modern large entry doors’ specifications?
The top architects, door companies, designers, engineers, millworks, and custom door manufacturers are overcoming the challenges associated with designing and building large entry doors which are prone to failure, requiring continued regular maintenance to keep these front entry doors operational over the life of the doors.

Large entry doors present the greatest number of challenges for those tasked with creating, installing, and providing regular maintenance on such doors.

Steel Entry Doors

If your large door project features steel entry doors to solve the problems associated with these oversized entry doors you will have found a partial solution, but you will have to make compromises to accommodate your steel solution.

The biggest problem with steel entry doors is that they are extremely heavy. All that extra weight adds concerns regarding entry door hardware, which is based on the sheer weight of the door. The heavier the door, the more heavy-duty door articulating hardware needs to be, which is much more costly than standard exterior door hardware (may be many times more expensive than the door, itself).

Heavy steel doors are costly to ship, handle, transport, and install due to the sheer weight of the steel entry door, and not only does that weight create challenges for the door hardware but using a door like this regularly also adds stress and strain to the structure leading to even more costly maintenance over time.

You will also have to sacrifice some degree of precision as large steel doors are welded and the application of heat will cost you in and otherwise very strong door, and as strong as steel entry doors are, they will warp when exposed to the elements, such as sunlight.

That is, unless your large entry doors are made of steel with Sing Core inside.

The True Flat Team at Sing Core can help to design and build an Eco-friendly large entry door that is fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, and can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

Inventor, Peter Sing, has patented and patent-pending technologies which specifically solve the problems associated with large entry doors, and his secrets are hidden deep inside each and every door which Mr. Sing and his True Flat Team help to create.

What will you find inside?

Sing starts with his patented reinforced vertical grain torsion box solid hybrid core, which is fully insulated, providing both greatly reduced weight and unsurpassed rigidity even through long spans under load stress.

Sing’s core is also noted as being extremely high precision, boasting tolerances at +/- .006 inch, and if his True Flat Team is supplying the steel, no welding is used in his process to preserve the highest precision in his approach in building the most high precision doors in the world.

Wood Entry Doors

As beautiful as they are, if your large entry doors are made of wood, these are the most problematic for all concerned because as you already know, wood entry doors are going to warp due to the nature of wood grain to move, expand and contract , in response to changes in the environment, especially if your door is over seven ft tall, and three-and-a-half ft wide.

The door industry allows for some door warping due to the nature of doors to move. In fact, the AWI standard allows for a quarter inch of movement for every 7 ft span of the door, and all door hardware is manufactured to accommodate these variances in the overall straightness of any door. But thanks to Sing’s core, you don’t have to compromise.

The inner matrix of Sing’s door core keeps any basic door straight and true, depending on the door’s exterior (such as the case of building a large entry door using natural wood), Sing’s True Flat team goes to work engineering a unique combination of Sing Core and Sing’s anti-warping technologies to best serve the door industry.

Every surface material, every type of wood grain, has different tendencies to warp, and based upon these individual characteristics, the team designs an interior anti-warp design to incorporate with Sing’s hybrid core to create a wone-of-a-kind warp-free door substrate which can be backed by Sing’s 50-year guarantee.

50-year Guaranteed Custom Entry Doors

Sing says he builds his door blanks to remain fail free for centuries, so a 50-year guarantee is no problem. And his guarantee covers everything. If your door has Sing Core inside you can bet it will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including full structure) for 50-years, guaranteed.

No other Eco-friendly door manufacturer can do that.

With other doors, you’d be lucky to get a 1-year guarantee. Now, you can get 50-times the guarantee and 50-times the door.

So, if you’re looking to take your large entry door project to the next level, you might be well ahead if you were to first consider to

Contact Sing Core

Large Entry Door Photos