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What We Do

What We Do and What We Do Not Do

We get so many inquiries about people who want Sing Core, we thought it might be helpful to help you better find ways to get Sing Core into your hands. With that in mind, let us tell you a little more about what we do and what we don’t do.

What We Do

We do the job that no one else can do. We do not do the work that is better left to more qualified and skilled trade professionals. The reason our clients seek us out is to perform the parts of the job that would not be possible without the use of patented Sing Core. It is the unique combination of what we do best and what the experienced trade professionals do best that results in creating the best if the best, highest quality end products possible.

We have solved the age old problem of warping doors, high end large doors that are lightweight yet extremely strong with the best warranty in the high end door industry. This same invention helps other industries meet or exceed the high expectations or requirements of their most demanding clients.

Sing Core is a patented solid torsion box hybrid core that is lightweight and high strength. We have developed and manufacture this revolutionary building material here in our Pacific Northwest factory. Part of our manufacturing process includes laminating flat exterior surfaces, or skins, to our proprietary core. Our clients often trust our lamination expertise and request our adhering additional flat building materials to the faces and edges, though many of the manufacturers whom we supply apply their own materials to the surface areas of our Sing panel.

We do offer custom interior blocking inserts, custom channeling for utility and wire chases, as well as custom lite cutouts for glass installation per architectural specifications.

We build the biggest lightweight high-strength panels, which can be built as giant slabs (subject to transportation limitations), large oversized doors, or as modular components to be shipped to and assembled on site.

We build to architectural specification only. We only ship to millworks, door companies, custom door builders and manufacturers of almost anything from furniture to bridges and aircraft.

We do build high performance sustainable Sing products with the flattest, straightest, lightweight high-strength material available (Sing Core) with the highest tolerance (+/- .006 in.).

We do participate with architects and engineers on the specifications of products which are built for specific applications for a guaranteed life-span (i.e., 50-year warp-free guarantee) to make certain the Sing product meets or exceeds high performance expectations.

We manufacture all Sing products in our factory in McCleary, Washington, assuring every item is proudly made in the USA.

We ship Sing products directly from our factory to our customers in the United States all over the world.

What We Do Not Do

While we can do a great many things, we leave certain areas of expertise to the industry professionals whom we supply with patented Sing Core products. That said, we do not build any finished product. While we are renowned for the most magnificent large doors built, and the only Eco-friendly lightweight high strength doors in the world, we do not build doors. These luxurious doors are finished by find crafts people who have the highest level of skill and competence which makes our product so beautiful.

We do not do any finishing of any Sing product(s) or build any finished Sing products.

We do not engineer, certify or have any stamped or code-approved stock items. For instance, we do not sell fire-rated doors, even though we build doors to engineer approved fire-rated specifications, which are rated, approved and/or stamped, but this is done by the door companies or other clients.

Likewise, we do not build sound-rated doors, even though we have built doors to architectural specifications which are used and may be rated as acoustical doors and sound proof walls (we even have a local sound testing and rating laboratory nearby, which may be used at customer’s expense). We supply the best door panels for door manufacturers and millwork to meet their client’s demands such as fire rating, sound proof, even bullet proof, etc…

We do not install glass in Sing products, although we can custom pre-cut and/or frame for lite cutouts, which are ready for glass installation by the company responsible for finishing the product.

We do not have stock items, with very few exceptions (i.e., trade show panels) and we do not ship to residences unless it is a job site being managed by our wholesale-approved client.

We do not sell retail. We are licensed only for wholesale and do not ship Sing products to anyone who is not in the business and qualified to expertly finish and ensure proper installation of Sing products.

What We Love

We love helping our architecturally advanced clients enjoy the most prestigious, high end Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength insulated products, panels, posts and beams, and doors that can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.

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Sing Panels with Plumbing and Wire Chase

sing-panel-horizontal-embedded-cable-chase-wire-chase-plumbing-chaseCustom Sing Panels can be manufactured to your architectural specifications which may include special chases for plumbers to route hot and cold water feeds via plumbing or electricians to run electrical wiring, communications and security through a patented Sing panel.

Surface mount conduit and exterior chases can be added to Sing panels as they are, though many users of our patented insulation reinforced torsion box core prefer to use embedded wiring chase of for water supply pre-installed plumbing chase.

Embedded Chases

Embedded chases can be placed at specified locations prior to manufacturing your Sing panel to meet the specific requirement of the job at hand, accommodating communications center needs or the special needs of inplant offices, clean rooms, temporary warehousing, watch towers, guard shacks, portable classrooms, spa expansions, home theaters or any application where running utilities, like electricity, wiring and/or cables or plumbing inside and through your Sing panel may be advantageous.

Common horizontal chases are specified at 16 inches and 45 inches from the base, while the most common location for a vertical chase is in the center of the Sing panel. Regardless, every Sing panel is custom manufactured in our factory, and we can have your wire chase or plumbing pre-installed within your panels at any location specified.

How to Specify Wire Chase Locations

sing-panel-embedded-cable-chase-wire-chase-plumbing-chaseIt is easy to have your embedded chases pre-installed at the proper locations. All you have to do is to be certain to disclose the precise locations and sizes of your wire chase (plumbing chase or cable chase). We will provide you with an architectural drawing of your panel before your custom Sing panel is built for you to confirm the chase’s location.

No Loss of R Value

To preserve the R-value of your Sing panel it is advisable to have the cable chase filled with spray foam insulation after pulling the wires or routing the plumbing through the embedded channels. Likewise, if a channel is not used, it should also be filled with foam insulation prior to final assembly, unless insulation properties are not necessary for your application.

Panel Chase Options

Although many options abound for electricians and plumbers to install access to services, another popular method includes running cable, wire and plumbing through panel connectors that run the length of your standard Sing panels, or alternatively running services through the floor.

Many creative options are available for adding access to water, electricity and communications without having the necessity of pre-installed chases being embedded in your Sing panels.

Economy Chase Options

An emerging value-minded approach to inexpensive reinforced structural insulated panels is to obtain two economy 1.5 inch Sing Panels from your local Lowe’s Pro Desk. Prior to gluing them together to make a single 3 inch panel, simply router out where you want your chase channel to be, then adhere the two panels together. This is an inexpensive option discovered by price conscious tiny house builders.


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You Have Questions SingCore Has Answers


If you have questions, we have answers. Ask SingCore… Anything

We love to hear from our SingCore supporters and want you to have the answers to all your questions.

If you were not able to find what you were looking for on, please feel free to submit this form to get the answers you are looking for.

We also encourage your sharing your comments and suggestions and appreciate your continued support.

Please feel free to share your information about SingCore with others, while helping to make a better world.

Thank you,

Your friends at SingCore

Fill out my online form.

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What Are Sing Panels?

In the aircraft industry, they call it honeycomb. In the woodworking industry, it is called a torsion box. In the home industry, it is known as a sandwich panel. No matter what you call it, Sing Honeycomb Panels have the strongest, most lightweight earth friendly Sing Core to structure your Sing Panels. Sing Panel has more applications than any known material: use it for home construction, boat building, private jet furniture, home furniture, museum and trade show display, and doors. Patented Sing Panels are a hybrid of torsion box, sandwich, and honeycomb panel. It has the flatness of a torsion box, the strength of a honeycomb panel, and the light weight of a sandwich panel. Sing Panel combines all of these characteristics to form the most earth friendly panel in the industry.


How Do I Order Sing Panels?

If you are an architect, wholesale supplier, millwork, or other trade professional, Submit a price quote from our pricing page.

Dear Homeowner/DIY’er, unfortunately we do not sell to individuals, only to the building trades and commercial/wholesale companies. Please contact your local millwork and request that they order your panels for you and we will work with them to utilize SingCore for you in a project.


What is True Flat?

All SingCore products are guaranteed true flat; that is to say that they far exceed AWI industry standards or ¼ inch deflection to be considered flat. Specific degrees of flatness can be achieved and guaranteed based on your requirements, specifications and application. See What is True Flat? for more information.


What is the difference between your Core and your SingCore Panels?

SingCore Structural Core

Honeycomb Core which is based on Torsion Box technology to be lightweight but strong. You would then add skins and edging as you desire.

SingCore Panel – No Edge

SingCore that has a skin on the front/back of it, which improves its strength and gives you a working palette for your project. You would then edge band as desired.


SingCore Panel – With Edge

is the complete panel

for your use, with core, skins and solid wood edging this is ready to then be completed and installed by you

for your project.



What edging options does SingCore provide?

Sing Panels can feature a 1.25 inch solid wood edging. Other sizes are available as custom options as well. Edge-banding is available at an extra charge. Sing Panels can also be purchased without an edge.


Why Do Sing Panels Have Such a Long Lifespan?

Patented Sing Panels use zero formaldehyde structural glue to bond SingCore and the surface material creating the strongest lightweight eco-friendly sandwich panel/honeycomb panel, see comparison. The patented Sing Panel is nearly unbreakable due to being so lightweight and strong. Even if damaged by rough handling, Sing Panels can be repaired to their original strength (Our patented structural core and stress skins are much easier to repair than solid wood, MDF or plywood).


How is pricing calculated?

Our price is based on the quantity, length, width, thickness, and type of skin (choice of plywood, MDF, solid wood, aluminum, fiber glass, stainless steel, hardy planks, etc.). All Sing panels are sold by price per square foot, so if you need strength, light weight and true flatness, patented Sing Panels are an excellent option.

We make cut to size panels, posts and beams to build the smallest shelf to the largest door or you can even build an entire house (Click here to see an entire Sing Home build with Sing Honeycomb from foundation to roof within 3 days for the California home show in San Jose). All products can be ordered through our pricing page. This includes panels for girdles, joists, floors, walls, roof trusses, roofs, doors, window frames, kitchen cabinets, and countertops.


What is the weight of your panels?

The weight of our panels are based on many factors, W x H x T, the types and thickness of the skins chosen and of course the solid wood edging as well.  But for a rough ballpark estimate the weight of one of our standard panels 4’ x 8’ x 1” (finished size = 47” x 95” x1”) is somewhere in the 25 to 30 lbs range depending on the skin, which is much lighter than standard plywood of the same size/thickness.


What’s the difference between Standard and Professional SingCore panels?

Standard panels provide more than enough structrual integrity and non-warping properties for most jobs, but for jobs that require true flatness, we also offer a Professional tier of SingCore Panels. Professional panels come with a 50 year non-warp guarantee that feature our aluminum stiffener technology. Learn more about SingCore Professional Panels here.


Can you nail into a SingCore panel?

Yes. We recommend a ⅜ inch skin such as MDO or luan if you plan doing a good amount of screwing or nailing into your panel. You can also nail into a SingCore panel with a ⅛ inch skin as required.

Our craftsmen can also install custom blocking for your projects at an additional cost. Please provide drawings so we can ensure a precise panel.

  • We can place custom hardware in your panels as required by your drawings.
  • Install a solid wood strip every 12 inches (or whatever your needs are).


What are the lead times for new orders?

Lead time for new orders is 4-8 weeks. Every order SingCore manufactures is custom made, so please bear that in mind in regards to your project’s timelines.

If you require a rush order, rush fees are as follows:

Ship in 4 weeks – 20% price increase
Ship in 3 weeks – 30% price increase
Ship in 2 weeks – 40% price increase
Ship in 1 Week – 50% price increase

Rush fee times are counted from the day we receive payment or deposit for your project.


Exactly how strong are your panels?

The strength of our panels depends on factors like span, thickness, and skin type. They have been independently tested by the University of Washington to exceed 660 PSI, and can be custom designed to achieve over 1,000 PSI per your specifications.


How well insulated are Sing Panels?

The R-Value of a Sing Sandwich using EPS Foam is 3.5 per inch. For technical specifications on our EPS foam, please visit this page. The R-value of a Sing Sandwich using Urethane Foam is 6.5 per inch.


How big can you make Sing Panels?

A standard sized panel is 4 ft. x 8 ft. We also specialize in custom sizes, which are available in any dimensions, up to 22 ft. by 40 ft. or larger.


Can you join together Sing Panels?

Yes. One way to join Sing Panels is with a biscuit. View this video to see how to join panels, or visit this page.


Can I bond other materials to the surface of Sing Panels?

Yes. Many of our high-end millworks adhere other surface materials to a Sing Sandwich when used as substrate. Standard lightweight plywood surfaces are easily adhered to with regular carpenter glue and cold-pressed. If your intention is to laminate other materials to your Sing Sandwich, you should check with us first, to make sure that you are using the proper bonding agents) to achieve the results you desire.


Are your lightweight panels weather resistant?

Our panels are resistant to the degree of its surface material and/or its coating. Sing panels can be manufactured to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, and are even used in underwater applications.


Where do you distribute?

We distribute to anywhere in the world, and have delivered panels to Europe and Asia.


Do you do any licensing of your patented products?

We’d be happy to discuss licensing and partnerships. Please get in touch with us via our contact page.


What types of material can I laminate to honeycomb?

Any substrate (skin) that is capable of carrying a load.


What is a torsion box?
A torsion box is best explained by this article.

(  )


What is a “board foot”?

12″ x 12″ x 1″ = 1 Board Foot

12″ x 12″ x ½” = ½ Board Foot

12″ x 12″ x 2″ = 2 Board Foot

Can I get sizes besides 4’ x 8’?

Yes, sizes smaller and larger are available, but you need to email us your custom sizes W x H x T and we will work with you to get a quote together.

We can manufacture panels up to 5’ x 10’.  However, the most commonly ordered and most economical is our size 4’ x 8’* (*finished size is 47” x 95”)  and that is because we’re usually limited by the size of the skins available and whether you can smooth out the seams between skins for larger sizes.  Sizes are also limited by shipping company restrictions.


How much pressure do I use to apply skins myself?

Enough for intimate contact with our honeycomb core with or without solid wood edging but too much pressure can cause damage to the core.


How can I build with my Structural Core and Panels?

A: The different options of our SingCore Structural Core and SingCore Panels allows you to decide how you want to work with our patented core material.  You can choose how much or little work you want to apply to the core*.  (*when applying skins you will need to use a cold-press method)

Purchase just the core, you would then apply the skins on both sides and solid wood edging* (*place edging before apply top skin) or

Purchase core with skins* (*birch or luan) and apply the edge-banding or yourself or hire someone to do it or

Purchase the core as an all in one component* (core, skins (birch or luan) & solid wood edging)and receive your panels complete, just paint/seal and finish as you desire and install



What does paint grade not paint ready mean?

We deliver your panels as paint grade as opposed to paint ready, due to several instances where our definition of paint ready did NOT meet our customer’s definition of paint ready.  Because of these issues, we now leave it up to the customer to get their panels to their preferred finished state.


What surface materials are available for a Sing Sandwich?

·Our standard surface material is Luan (lightweight plywood).


What are the fire retardant qualities of our product?
Foam: level 2, Panel: untested


How do you ship?

LTL Freight Company – common carrier

Arrange for pickup by your preferred carrier

Customer pick up from our facility here in McCleary, Washington


How do I seal the interlock?
It can be sealed with conventional caulking or waterproofing.



Isn’t Lauan difficult to work with?

Our Lauan is in the form of veneer, so the natural fragility of the wood isn’t a factor.


How do you fasten panels?

Fasten your panels with dowel, bolts, biscuit, camlock (rotorlock), or edge to edge glue. Visit our Fastening Page for details.


What kind of wood do you use for solid wood edging?

We use soft wood because it’s easy to control the moisture content and to fasten. Soft wood also weighs less than solid hardwood.


What if you use a basic interior door as an exterior door?

It’ll bend because moisture will get inside the door and press outward on the skin. We don’t guarantee for weather exposure because we don’t control how you treat the surface. If treated properly with urethane, your doors can withstand the weather.

For FAQ around our other products, view these links: Doors | Trade Show Panels | Tiny House | Log Homes


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How Can You Get SingCore?

SingCore is the manufacturer of patented SingCore products, like Sing Panels and Sing Post and Beam that could be used for nearly any application when you would like to take advantage of Eco-friendly SingCore’s insulated, lightweight, high-strength characteristics.

To Get SingCore in Your Home

  1. Know what you want

    1. Have at least an idea or drawing of what you want
    2. Determine how many and what size of panels you will need for your project
    3. Know what exterior material you want on your panels
  2. Decide how you will manufacture your project

    1. Seek out a professional
      1. Architect, Designer, Design/Build, General Contractor, Mill Work, etc…
        1. Give them your drawing
        2. They will deal directly with us
  3. Congratulations!

    1. You are the proud owner of your new completed project that is
      1. Eco-friendly
      2. Lightweight
      3. High-strength
      4. Insulated
      5. High-performance (non-warping true flat doors, walls, furniture, etc…)
      6. Will last longer than anything made with any other material with these benefits

Regrettably, we are unable to provide patented Sing products for retail or directly to homeowners as we only support architects, millworks and door companies. See full apology.

As the manufacturer we are unable to sell to the general public, only wholesale to businesses positioned, authorized and licensed to deal with consumers.

If you are an architect, millwork, manufacturer or distributor, you are probably qualified for a wholesale account to buy directly from SingCore.

By specifying that you want “SingCore inside” we will do everything we can to work hand-in-hand with your trade professional to get the results you want, including our 50 year warp-free and full structure guarantee. See a sample of our Clients List

Feel free to Ask Us and questions that you have, and we are sincerely grateful for your support in helping us spread the word for a better world.

The best way for homeowners to get SingCore is to contact your local trade professional, like:

• Architect
  They can learn the best use of SingCore product for your project. If you are working on a high end project then you need a designer or architect to fully develop the best results of your Sing products whether it is a door, prestigious furniture, or any building components.
• Millwork
  Millworks have the right equipment and experience to use SingCore to build almost any product that you are looking for with the highest quality and result.
• Manufacturer
  Find the trade professional expert who specializes in the product that you are looking to achieve for the best quality.
 > Door & Window Manufacturer
 > Table Manufacturer
 > Garage Door Manufacturer
 > Furniture Manufacturer
• Homebuilder
• Contractor
  (make sure they have millwork support to finish your Sing product at a proficient standard, otherwise they may not be able to achieve the expected quality or performance.)

Find a trade professional in your area, simply Google millworks in (insert your geographical location). For instance, if you live in New York your search would look something like:

Google millworks in new york

Thank you,

Your Friends at SingCore

Fill out my online form.

Some of the industries we supply include:

SingCore serving AIA Turner Construction Reilly Windows and Doors I M Pei NASA

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Sing Core Definition of Terms


Sing Core panels acclimatizing: According to the type of the skin. Aluminum, metal, plastic skin, concrete, and ceramic skin will be delivered in perfectly straight condition without any acclimatizing. Plywood, hardboard, and HPL will take much less time to acclimatize than MDF. The best way to acclimatize is stand panels on edge with 4” or more of equal spacing between each panel.


Contrarian Sing Core purports to introduce a new degree of Eco-friendliness in sustainable building materials, not expendable and disposable import products which dominate the present day architectural landscape. Sing Core is ecologically conscious throughout its Made in the USA manufacturing process. The factory expends very little energy, local manpower, to manufacture Sing Core which is built from the smart use of a combination of natural wood resources, insulation and formaldehyde-free adhesives in the non toxic manufacturing process of the sustainable lightweight and high strength building material designed to last for centuries.


Edges of Sing Panels can have a variety of options. They can be open-faced (no edges) which means the patented Sing core material would be exposed and visible from the edge, between the two surface materials (skins). Edges can be embedded and pre-sealed between the surface skins per specification. Standard edging is 1.25 inches solid wood. Edge-banding is commonly applied by millwork or other finishing agent.

Embedded Chases

Chases or channels for cable, electrical or other services (such as water) can be pre-installed to specifications during the manufacture of your Sing Panels. Contact your Architect or Sing Representative to make certain your embedded chases are manufactured to meet your needs or specifications in advance.

Grid Size

Due to the specifications and requirements of your Sing Panel or door substrate the size of the wood torsion box grids inside can be adjusted to fit your needs or performance expectations. Three sizes of torsion box grid size are available. Small grade: 2×2 inch grids. Medium: 2×3 inch grids. Large: 3×3 inch grids. Default size is 2×3 inch unless otherwise specified. Check with your Architect or Sing Representative to make sure you have the right structure grid size for your project.

High Strength

Even though extremely light in weight compared to other lightweight honeycomb and/or substrates, patented Sing Core was independently tested for structure strength and rated at 660 PSI (which can achieve higher ratings, if necessary for your specs) making it stronger than steel pound for pound. Other lightweight materials have structure strength of 10 to 110 PSI. This is what gives patented Sing Core its stellar reputation for high strength with little or no deflection over long spans with little substructure.

Hot Press Ready

Hot Press Ready grade panels are our Professional grade panels with an extra aluminum sheet under your skin selection that your shop can hot-press. Hot Press Ready grade panels provide a 50-year non warp guarantee when used in appropriate applications.


The otherwise left empty voids in traditional torsion box is filled with rigid insulation material which serves as rigid material which shores up the vertical grain torsion box walls imbuing patented Sing Core with its unparalleled structure strength, while adding insulation qualities of climate control (R-value) and sound deadening (STC-rating) attributes. The insulation used inside the Sing Core torsion box structure grids can be altered to meet architectural specifications and/or performance expectations.

Internal Blocking

Internal blocking or solid implants can be strategically placed inside your Sing Panel or door blanks per your specifications. Please double-check your specs prior to having your Sing Panels or door blanks manufactured.

Large Door

Where Sing Core shines in the door industry is in the ability to provide a lightweight high-strength door blank to door manufacturers and millworks for doors over 7 ft. tall and 3.5 ft. wide that will not warp. Solving not only issues associated with door warp, but also minimizing the weight of large doors without compromising strength. How large can a door be with Sing Core inside? Sing Core can build large door blanks in nearly any size up to 50 ft. tall and/or 50 ft. wide, or more.


The average weight of a Sing panel is 1/2 pound to 2 pounds per square foot. Weight is determined by many factors including torsion box grid size, rigid insulation material and glue used as well as other components of the panel’s composition including patent pending professional warp-free stiffeners, surface materials (sins) and adhesives used in the manufacturing process. Your architect or Sing representative can present you with a projected weight estimate prior to manufacture.

Paint Grade

We deliver your panels as unfinished “paint grade” as opposed to paint ready. Under normal circumstances, Sing panels and door blanks are provided as paint grade to millworks and door manufacturers who prepare the surface area for paint if necessary or required. If you require paint ready Sing panels or door blanks be certain to specify expectations prior to manufacture.

Post and Beam

Post and beam is only represents the depiction of a specific dimensional characteristic of an otherwise normal Sing panel, where its dimensions dictate the proportions and function of it as a post or beam. When used as posts and/or beams, Sing Core offers unique advantages over traditional wood and/or metal posts and beams.

Professional Grade

Professional grade panels can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years. Composite stiffener technology is integrated with the structural core, which prevents warping and provides a truly flat panel. Professional grade panels provide a 50-year non warp guarantee when used in appropriate applications.


A Sing panel is classified as a Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel (RSIP) due to its underlying reinforced torsion box grids which is the heart and soul of patented Sing Core.
Sing Core

Patented Sing Core is the key to the success of Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength Sing products. The specifics of the design features small (2 inch to three inch) vertical wood grain torsion box grids where the voids (which would otherwise be left open) are filled wall to wall with rigid insulation material. This core material is sandwiched between two surface skins and may (or may not) be framed with wood or an alternate framing material inside the exterior stress skins.

Sing Panel

A Sing Panel consists of a substrate of patented Sing Core sandwiched between two stress skins of any available flat building material which may or may not feature exposed edges or closed (framed edges).


The dimensions determining the size of any patented Sing product are determined by architectural specifications and include: length or height x width x thickness (in inches). These dimension are necessary for a preliminary price quote.


Skin refers to the flat building material that acts as the stress skin for completing the reinforced torsion box design. While the core supplies the vertical torsion box walls, the exterior stress skins seal the top and bottom of all interior boxes. Skins can be made of any flat building material including any available species of natural wood, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass/FRP, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, Metal, Steel, etc… These skins are adhered in an Eco-friendly manner using formaldehyde-free glue, cold pressed with very little energy expended and little no toxic fumes or unnecessary waste.

Standard Grade

Standard grade panels utilize our patented torsion box core and provide unparalleled strength and lightweight properties unachievable with traditional building materials. Standard grade Sing Core is not guaranteed to any degree of flatness, though easily out performing any AWI allowed variance in warp for a door which is considered to be flat. AWI allowance equivalent to ¼ inch along the greatest distance for a standard sized door. There is no expectation for warp resistance for large doors (doors over 7 ft. tall).

Storage and Protection

Store your Sing Core door in an upright position and allow to acclimate to room temperature following shipment receipt or prior to finishing or installation.

Strength of Sing Core

The strength depends on the thickness of the panel. For instance, if you double the thickness it will be 4 times the strength. The thickness of the skin could make up the extra strength but increasing the thickness to gain strength will result in added weight, which may compromise the end result. The answer is usually a combination of matching the right Sing Core width with the appropriate surface material to achieve the desired results without loss of structural integrity or unnecessary additional weight.

Structure Warranty

The structure warranty that accompanies professional grade or hot press ready grade Sing panels or door blanks warrants your Sing product against structure failure. Also ensures that your Sing products are not disposable, are reusable and can easily be repaired if damaged, often on site without disassembling using regular woodworking skills and tools.


When Sing Core representatives reference the thickness of a Sing panel or door blank, it generally includes the thickness of the Sing Core insulated reinforced torsion box core, as well as the thickness of the exterior surface materials (skins) included.

Torsion Box

Sing Core’s patented torsion box design is a significant improvement on the torsion box design which has been used in traditional wood working. In Sing Core’s patented design the torsion box grids are not made with horizontal grain wood, it is instead flipped on its side so that the grain runs vertically (up and down instead of sideways) and the size of the individual boxes are small (2 to 3 inches). The voids, which are left vacant in traditional woodworking torsion box structures, are filled wall to wall with structurally rigid insulation and this substructure is sandwiched between two skins of plywood or any other applicable sheets of flat building material to complete the composite panel.

Trade Professional

Sing Core only supplies their patented material to trade professionals, like architects, cabinet makers, millworks and door manufacturers. Sing Core does not offer materials for retail. If you are a home owner who desires to have Sing Core products incorporated in your home, contact your local trade professional (architect, contractor, builder, cabinet maker, manufacturer or door company) for more information. As you know, we do not ship finished materials and only ship to authorized finishing facilities (millworks) who are responsible for finishing your Sing products. These are the people that make us look so good.

Trimmed / Untrimmed

The default condition of Sing products is normally untrimmed. This means your sing products will arrive at your millwork or finisher with unfinished, untrimmed edges and exposed glue may be visible from the edges of the Sing panel or door blank. Alternatively, your Sing panels or door blanks can be trimmed by request, leaving a clean, smooth finish on the edges. Allow ¼ inch for trimming, if requested to be completed prior to shipping from Sing Core. Be certain to specify “trimmed” when ordering your Sing products, as they will have to be build oversized to allow for the ¼ trimming.

True Flat

True flat is what Sing clients have referred to Sing products as. It is not an industry term, but it did become common vernacular in reference to Sing products which outperform any known lightweight, structurally strong product in terms of flatness or lack of deflection under load and among long spans. True flat is considered proprietary nomenclature and does not have a scientific definition or industry-wide classification because nothing compares to Sing Core in terms of Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength.

Turnaround Time

The standard turnaround time for Sing products is approximately four to eight weeks, so take this into consideration when you are ordering your Sing products. In a hurry? Check with your Sing representative, rush service may be available for an additional fee.


The standard condition for delivery of Sing products is, “Unfinished.” That is to say Sing products are not manufactured to be an end-sale product. Sing Core’s standard method of operation includes wholesaling and shipping Sing products to millworks, cabinet shops, finishers or door manufacturers who complete the process and ready the items for installation or resale. Sing products are not retail-ready and not available directly to consumers.


Warp-free is the Sing Core promise for the condition of professional Sing panels which are built for specific purposes and high precision expectations. Professional grade Sing products are a concerted effort of the designers , architects and the True Flat team at Sign Core to create a Sing panel or door blank that will endure the environment and circumstances facing the regular use of said panel or door over a 50-year lifespan. A professional Sing panel built to these specifications and used for its prescribed conditions can be delivered wit an accompanied hard copy signed certificate insuring the product to be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Wood Stave

Wood staves (a narrow length of natural wood “stave” with a slightly beveled edge) can be utilized to form the exterior of Sing Core panels or door blanks. These can be used to replace other types of solid wood building materials. Natural wood stave species are subject to availability. Standard wood stave exterior measures 1/8 inch and is available in other thicknesses according to architectural design and specifications.


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How to Build a Tiny House Photo Video

Expires August 25th, 2017

There are many ways to build a Sing Tiny House. Here’s an step-by-step example of a highly energy efficient tiny house with R-27 walls being built from scratch.

How to Build a Tiny House Videos

How to build a Sing tiny house

Strongest EPS Sing tiny house

Insulated Sing tiny house easy to build

Lightweight panel tiny house

DIY Sing tiny house

Modular Sing tiny house

Sing tiny house DIY friendly


How to Build a Tiny House Photos

3X Sing Tiny House Completed

24 Sing Core Tiny House floor plan

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Tiny House News

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How to Build a Sing Door

There is no doubt that Sing Core is responsible for the best doors in the world that can be built in any size for any functional purpose that can be guaranteed to not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for a full fifty years of regular use, even though Sing Core does not build doors.

Some individuals can be confused when they visit Sing Core and expect to just buy a pre-hung door that is the best door in the world, only to find that Sing Core does not actually make the door. Sing Doors are made of Sing Core, although we only supply the pre-configured base door material to achieve the results sought by the most demanding clients in the world.

Standard Size Sing Door Blanks

By popular demand SingCore introduces patented door core in economical and easy-to-use standard door width door blanks.

How does it Work?

In the real world, an architect, engineer, designer or the client conceives of the concept of their desired door. In many cases the high concept doors are problematic; some of them are large doors, which tend to fail due to their enormous size, while others may feature exotic materials that are susceptible to warp. Sing Core has the technology to create a lightweight substructure that is stronger than steel pound-for-pound and can be structurally guaranteed for 50 years under normal designed and manufactured use.

It might be helpful, for you to follow us on a journey through the making of a Sing Door.

A Day in the Life of a Sing Door

Door idea dream door concept any size any material any shape any design1 STARTS WITH THE DESIGN

The first step is the idea of the door, that beyond conceptual design is reduced to its most simplest form: The height, width, thickness of the door and the exterior material that is to be featured on the exposed surface(s) of the door.

Custom door design specifications sing core insulated torsion box door core2 SUBMIT TO SING CORE

The idea is then submitted via trade professional (possessing wholesale privileges) via our online quote request. The doors’ specifications are reviewed by our Non-warp True Flat Specialists, who can help determine what materials will be used inside the door to achieve the results expected by the end user.

If the client’s expectations include trouble-free high performance over a long life, the resulting design will be given special treatment resulting in a professional door base.

Exterior door guaranteed custom doors no door warp blank3 CREATION OF BASE DOOR

The resulting specifications are sent to Sing Core’s factory to custom assemble all the substructure components and composite materials necessary to achieve the results sought by the client.

This includes interior framing, insertion of Sing’s patented torsion box core material, solid inserts, lock blocks, fusion of other inner and surface materials plus any specified lite cutouts for installation of glass windows.


Exterior door handmade custom doors any size large door torsion box coreAfter the Sing Core factory has created the base door (door blank) it is sent to the door finisher; this could be a door manufacturer, custom millwork, industrial engineers or high end craftsperson specializing in ornate doors for elite consumers.

The door finisher applies the final finish to the door (trimming, edge routing, painting or other finish treatment), drilling, preparing the finished door for hardware and will likely install the glass (if specified, though sometimes this is done on site depending on the project).

The door finisher may (or may not) pre-hang the door (install all hardware and attach frame).


Then the door is packed up and sent to the job site, where the attending licensed contractor installs the final door.

Sing Crowd Manufacturing

In this sense, each and every Sing Door is a crowd manufactured project; it is a cooperative effort of many individuals from concept-to-installation, without whom no Sing Door would ever be made.

So, How Can I Get a Sing Door?

The process is simple; if you are a door company or qualify for a wholesale account, you deal directly with us, otherwise, you must seek out a professional anywhere within the Sing chain who will contact us and deal with us directly and they will partner with us by submitting your request to make sure you get the best door in the world custom-designed for the high performance that you demand.

If you are seeking out a Sing Door, we know who you are; you desire only the very best and will not settle for less and we are proud to be the only door partner in the world who can help to make you a door of any size using any material and meeting or exceeding your expectations, guaranteed.

Sing door blanks are created at our factory

Then they go to the door shop

Delivery to job site for installation

Non warp door blank for building non warping doors of any sizeYou could be one of the best door builders by outsourcing your OEM non warping door blanks.

Sing Core has served the building industry by providing the only Eco-friendly, insulated non-warp high-strength, lightweight door. Contractors who build Sing Homes (entire homes built of Sing products) want the added strength, stability, insulation and non-warping doors in all egress points for added safety and security.

First, we have to talk about what makes the best door in the world; it has to be:

1 Non Warp

Even the very challenging doors, large doors, sliding doors, pivot doors, all can be professional SingCore warp-free guaranteed for 50 years. The secret of the best door makers in the world is that they can use the Sing solution as their door’s base material to create a warp-free door, which is the best solution to the problem of warping doors, especially large doors which would otherwise be extremely prone to warp.

2 Lightweight, high strength, insulated and Eco friendly

The strongest lightweight door in the world is made with Sing Core inside. This revolutionary Eco-friendly building material is based on patented technology that is the best of old wood craftsmen’s technology (torsion box) and new composite technology (recycled rigid foam insulation) fused with advanced adhesives and enhanced with patent pending non-warp stiffeners. The result is an extremely lightweight panel that can span distances without deflection that has not been accomplished before in any affordable manner.

3 Easy to Install

Even the largest strongest sound deadening door can be installed in half an hour. This 500 pound Sing pivot door panel measures 10 ft. tall x 12 ft. wide x 3.5 inch thick and took less than half an hour to install in the Seattle Center for Architecture and Design.

Then, we will explain how to build the perfect door, step-by-step, showing the pictures of the entire process (even the most complicated French door, sliding door, pivot door, exterior door, etc…) with all types of skins/surface material.

How to build a patented Sing French door

Here’s how it’s done: Purchase a Sing door panel decide on custom lite cutout design and hire a pre-hung door company or millwork to install lite, hardware, sand and finish, then deliver the resulting door to your job site or customer.

Photo Tutorial

How to create lite openings for glass installation

How to Get Sing Core to Build Your Best Door

  1. Know what you want
    1. Have at least an idea or drawing of what you want your best door to look like
    2. Determine how many and what size of panels you will need for your door project
    3. Know what exterior material you want on your door panels
  2. Decide how you will manufacture your project
    1. Seek out a professional
      1. Door Manufacturer, Architect, Designer, Design/Build, General Contractor, Mill Work, etc…
        1. Give them your drawing, specifying Sing Core inside
        2. They will deal directly with us
    2. Do it Yourself (DIY)
      1. Fill out your advanced order form and take it to your local Lowe’s Pro Desk
      2. Pick up your panels at Lowe’s when they arrive
      3. You will do the finish-work
        1. You have good woodworking skills to complete your door finish and installation
        2. Lowe’s can help provide you with the finish materials and hardware you need
  3. Congratulations!
    1. You are the proud owner of the most advanced door in the world that is
      1. Eco-friendly
      2. Lightweight
      3. High-strength
      4. Insulated
      5. High-performance (non-warping true flat doors, walls, furniture, etc…)
      6. Will last longer than anything made with any other material with these benefits

Mini Large Door Gallery

The size of the average non-warp guaranteed Sing door is 9 to 14 ft tall and/or 6 to 8 ft wide.

How to build a hinged door – How to build a non warp hinge door – How to build a sliding door slab with glass – How to build a pivot door panel – How to build a flush door – How to build a carriage door


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Sing Panel Solid Edge Options

Sing Panel 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.5 inch with embedded solid wood edges

Here at Sing Core, we’re proud to be providing the Custom Sing Panel to the high end architects, millworks, designers, engineers, and contractors around the world. It is our sincere desire to see Sing Panel in use in all American industries and applications.

A Sing Panel has Sing Core inside and solid or closed edges. Enclosing and encapsulating patented Sing Core can take on a variety of forms depending on specifications, function, the useful purpose and high performance standards of your application. Many different options are available and there are no hard-and-fast rules. Or Sing Core true flat experts will be able to assist you in having the performance and connectivity options that you (or your clients) seek, meeting and likely exceeding expectations.


Edge banding sing sandwich lightweight high strength honeycomb panelEdge-banding can take on many different forms. The first method, as when working with a standard Sing Sandwich with plywood surface, would be to use a similar strip of wood to match the surface material cut to the thickness of the panel, then gluing the strop to the exposed area and finish the edges to your specifications. You may use a material that does not match the surface as edge-banding materials are readily available in almost any material including nylon, plastic, aluminum and other composite materials. See also: T Molding

Interior Blocking

Interior blocking solid wood closed edge sing sandwich lightweight high strength honeycomb panelYou can use any solid material cut to size for interior blocking to seal the edge of your Sing Panel. In most cases, this is a slender piece of wood that can be used not only as an edge but for purposes of connecting hardware (perfect for using cam locks) or joining to other panels. The default material is a 1.5 inch solid wood edge that is evenly flush with the edges of the surface material.

T Slot Panel

Interior T slot closed edge sing t slot panel lightweight high strength honeycomb panelAdding T Slot stiles and/or rails to our patent-pending T Slot Panel is one of the most high precision methods used by our most exclusive industrial clients that enhances all the attributes of Sing Panels without compromising the most precise connection methods while taking advantage of all the readily available hardware options offered by the growing T slot industry.

U Channel

The U channel is an effective manner of closing the edge of a Sing Panel and it can be used in three alternative fashions depending on your intended application of your Sing Panel. Having three closed sides and one open side, the U Channel could be made of any material, like wood, plastic, aluminum, etc… and it can be embedded and pre-bonded into place when the panel is manufactured in any one of these ways.

1 End Cap Closure

U channel end cap closing sing sandwich lightweight high strength honeycomb panelEmbedding the U cannel to the exterior of the exposed edge seals the edge nicely. While this is quite common it is the method that leaves a slight lip that may or may not affect the end product. The other U channel methods leave smooth edges without a ridge.

2 Embedded Open Cavity

U channel inside open cavity sing sandwich lightweight high strength honeycomb panelEmbedded open cavity reverse U channel extruded aluminum closing the edge of sing panelUseful in many high tech designs, the embedded U channel with the cavity exposed can be elegant and useful when integrating your Sing Panel into your design. Possibilities about with the exposed cavity for running utilities, adding hardware, using as a track over rollers, and joining panels.

3 Embedded Closed Cavity

U channel embedded concealed cavity sing sandwich lightweight high strength honeycomb panelFor a sleek, smooth effect using an embedded U channel, embedded inside with the closed edge exposed is an excellent way to use your U channel. Certain advantages come with using this method, especially if your U channel is made of aluminum or steel for machining, etc…

Embedded Aluminum Square Tube

Embedded aluminum square tube sing sandwich lightweight high strength honeycomb panelLike the embedded closed-cavity U channel, extruded aluminum tubes in a square format (closed on all four sides) can also be embedded in your Sing Panel offering extra reinforcement and connection options.

Edge Fill

Edge fill closure sing sandwich lightweight high strength honeycomb panel Edges can be mildly routed out to your specifications and filled with any specified materials, like epoxy, to achieve the closed end results that you desire.

… And these are only some of the most popular ways of closing the edge of a Sing Panel.