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Desk Gallery

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Sing Log Homes

It is not uncommon for entire homes to be built out of Sing Core building materials. Home owners, builders and developers can confidently build square log homes that will stand for hundreds of years using Sing Core for everything except for the glass and hardware.


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Sing Log Profiles

Sing logs square log profiles insulated non warp eco friendly profileSing square log profile for sing log homes insulated non warp logs

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Sing Homes Under Construction

Interior Sing Log Homes – – Exterior Sing Homes

Here are some examples of Sing Log Homes:

Beacon Hill, Seattle

Open living room with dining area


Insulated Sing composite – open concept home design


With Sing composites any size, shape, or style of home can be achieved.

Beacon Hill, Seattle

Sing Core homes have design flexibility that can bring your dream to life

Beacon Hill, Seattle

Sing Core Cedar Dining Room

Beacon Hill, Seattle

Sing Core bedroom nested with natural wood fragrance


Sing Core living room with 31′ high ceiling. 3 story space inside house

Beacon Hill, Seattle

Natural wood kitchen


Sing Core homes built in the foothills of a national park

Beacon Hill, Seattle

Sing Core homes create a simple, functional, elegant, and eco-friendly lifestyle

Beacon Hill, Seattle

Cozy living room


Pioneer 3,000 sq. ft. Sing Home


Sing Core home with a view


Mountain top winter hide away



Wanting your home to look its best? Then why not build with the best. Click here to learn more.

Looking to build a Sing Home? Visit experienced builders, like:

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Bi-folding Door Gallery

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Ideas for Using Sing Products

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We’re so enthusiastic about helping our clients achieve the results that they desire, especially in terms of superior strength and lightweight. Bring your architectural or design issues to Sing Core and we will help you overcome your challenges with stellar results, guaranteed.

Video Links

How to join Sing Panels with our biscuit joint

How to use a CNC Router with SingCore



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Click Here for More Customer Photos

Thanks to our happy clients and customers who continue to share their photos with us. If you would like to send your favorite Sing Core picture, to us, simply attach to an email to and we may include your creations also.

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Floor Gallery

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Building Components Gallery

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Building Components

See: Building Components for more information


See: Door for more information

Sliding Door

See: Sliding door for more information

Barn Door

See: Barn door for more information

Cold Storage

See: Cold storage sliding for more information

3-1-1-1-3 Glass sliding door

Pocket Doors

See: Sliding pocket doors for more information

Sliding Door Hardware

See: Sliding door hardware for more information

Large Oversize Doors

See: Large oversize doors for more information

See also: Large oversize sliding door

See also: Large aluminum doors

See also: Large aluminum/wood composite

See also: Large oversize custom doors

See also: True flat oversize door

Exterior Door

See: Exterior door for more information

Interior Door

See: Interior door for more information

Flush Door

See: Flush door for more information

French Door

See: French door for more information

Carriage Door

See: Carriage door for more information

Overhead Garage

See: Overhead garage door for more information

Pivot Door

See: Pivoted door for more information

See also: Painted door

See also: Wood door

Aluminum Door

See: Aluminum door for more information

3-1-1-13 Metal door

Steel Door

See: Steel door for more information

Fiberglass Doors

See: Fiberglass (FRP) door for more information

Ceramic door, Cement board door, Bi-fold door

See also: Sound proof door, Truck door

Click for More Building Components Gallery

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Building Components Gallery Continued

Building Material Continued…

Previous Building Components Gallery


See also: Floor

See also: Wide plank floor

See also: Large floor panels

See also: Ice hocky and ice skating event floor

Portable floor, Raised floor, Lightweight high rise commercial floor

See also: Stage floors

Mezzanine floors, Clean room floors

See also: Temporary industrial floor


See: Walls for more information

See also: Wall panel

See also: Structure insulated panel wall

Rain screen wall

See also: Curtain wall

Aluminum insulated panel wall, Modular office wall, partition wall, Aluminum insulated panel wall


See also: Museum display walls

Movable walls

See also: Recording studio walls/Sound booths


See: Elevator wall panels for more information

See also: Whiteboard walls

See also: Sound proof walls


See: Ceiling for more information

Cloud ceiling, Ceiling

Roof, Roof structure/Sing beam, Roof/Sing timber truss

Window frame

Out door structure

Storage units

See: Storage unit for more information

Out door deck, Stepping stone, Portable garden concrete floor, Out door furniture, Stair

See also: Wood stair tread

Metal stair tread, Cement board, Concrete Stair tread, Rail for stair

Post and Beam

Post and Beam Trade Show Display

The modular Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display is likely the best improvement in economical Eco-friendly lightweight high strength modular trade show displays.

See: 8×8 Post and Beam Trade Show Display

See: Post and beam for more information

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