The University of Utah is the state’s flagship institution of higher education, with 18 schools and colleges, more than 100 undergraduate and 90 graduate degree programs, and an enrollment of more than 32,000 students. Recently the university has taken a step forward in spiritual care at the University of Utah Hospital, with an Infinity Chapel and Reflection Room.


The Infinity Chapel and Reflection Room features Sing Core panels at the back of the room opposite of the pulpit. These doors offer excellent soundproofing qualities and are customized to fit the size and style that’s required for the Chapel. Sing Core doors provide durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. This is due to a few factors, the top of which being our patented honeycomb core that we use in almost all of our products. This wood and insulated core is designed in such a way that is incredibly strong, despite weighing a fraction of the other options. The interwoven lengths of wood provide a rigid structure that won’t bend, warp, or break. Plus, our doors are stronger pound-for-pound than steel. While our honeycomb core is where the magic happens, we also laminate our panels with high quality wood to seal the core and add additional rigidity. By sandwiching our core between two high quality hardwood boards, we add another dimension of strength to our product. In addition, this provides impact resistance, as we don’t use just any lumber lumber like some of the  mainstream options. Overall, this provides a door or wall panel that can withstand tremendous force while still being lightweight. 

For this particular project these large doors measure 113 inches in height by 64’’ inches in length, and 1.75 inches thick. And there are 7 panels The UOU or University of Utah’s purpose for their Infinity Chapel and Reflection Room was to have places set apart to offer solace and serenity, and to allow you to connect with the Sacred. People of all backgrounds and spiritual paths are welcome to enter these spaces for personal prayer and reflection, or to gather for spiritual wellness events. The Reflection Room is an intimate circular space that evokes the sky at sunrise or sunset. They invite everyone to write prayers and deposit them in the secure prayer wall. The prayers are honored by the Spiritual Care Team and ritually released. In this space you are offered to sit quietly, or make use of one of the prayer rugs provided by the staff and university. 

Each product is backed up by a 50 Year Sing Core Warranty as a promise that our panels will never warp. Warping presents a huge concern for doors and walls, and particularly large doors are at higher risk of warping just due to their size. A warped door can lead to all kinds of issues, such as sealing problems, difficulty opening and closing, and even up to full failure of the structure or function. Sing Core panels are built using our patented and patent-pending designs that guarantee they will never warp. In addition to never warping, our panels also come with a structural guarantee. This means that if the door fails in a way related to the manufacturing process, we will make it right.