At SingCore, our panels’ exacting level of straightness is our product’s defining quality. SingCore doors, oversize doors, and architectural panels will not warp under any circumstances (see our best in the industry warrantee for more information). When you need a perfectly flat panel, then you need SingCore in your project.

Straight as an Arrow

Our team of precision technicians employ top of the line technology to work to a 5 thousandths of an inch during the detailed construction process of our professional level door and architectural panels. This combination of space age aerospace technology and good old fashioned wood working prowess has birthed the flattest and truest panels in the industry.

One look along the length of a Sing panel is enough to prove to the experienced craftsman than SingCore is something special to work with.

An Industry Leading Tru Flat Guarantee

SingCore products are exceptional when used with tight tolerance applications such as hidden doors and pocket doors. Our precision manufacturing process leaves you with a product fit exactly for your needs, and our industry leading “Tru Flat” guarantee provides you with the confidence that your finished product will last for decades to come.

Here a SingCore, we are so confident in our product that we have taken the exceptional step of offering an unsurpassed 50-year warrantee on all our professional level products. This includes custom doors, including oversize doors 8′ and over. Even 30′ doors are supplied with this iron clad coverage. For us, there is no door too large.

SingCore Will Not Warp

The reason we can be so confident about our Sing panels is that we have the history and expertise to know that SingCore will not warp under any circumstances. And, if it does warp, then it will return to perfect straight with proper handling and acclimatization. SingCore has been proven to be likely to handle a wide range of extreme conditions including:

  • Very hot or cold climates
  • Exterior application in the Sun
  • Storm rated or hurricane doors*
  • Heavy wind loads
  • Extreme dry or humid conditions
  • Naval or marine usages
  • High noise and high vibration
  • And so much more

Amazingly Flat

So often our clients wonder just how we are able to sell a product like SingCore. And, the secret is our manufacturing techniques. We spare no expense when it comes to having the right equipment for the job, and the right people to get the job done. Our small team of dedicated custom panel manufacturing experts have decades of experience and engineering prowess.

Your panels are amazingly flat.

 – SingCore Customer

How to Using SingCore in Your Next Project

All we need to know is the length, width, and thickness of the panels that you need for your project. And let our experts do the rest. The fastest way to get started with SingCore is to submit details of your project via our online estimating system, which ask you everything we need to know, and hook you up with a knowledgable sales person to help you choose the right panels for your project.


*Customer will need to perform lab tests to certify hurricane rating for local code compliance.