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Large Barn Doors

Eco-friendly large barn doors are taking on a whole new look and are a more sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor applications while commanding a unique stylistic approach to contemporary architectural design. The best extra large barn doors are emerging as featured presentations in all types of structures from residential and commercial to hospitality and industrial venues.

This new approach to the modern barn door is creating a stir as simple design of the traditional wood sliding barn door is now able to incorporate exciting characteristics that far surpass the simplicity of your grandfather’s farmhouse sliding door by incorporating this new generation of large architectural barn doors.

So, what makes this superior modern barn door so different from the sliding farm door of yesteryear?

While they may look similar, the large barn door hardware is much more sophisticated, but the biggest secret of all is what is found deep inside the best large barn doors of all time. If you were to look inside, you would find a patented substrate specifically designed to build the ultimate large barn doors.

Inventor Peter Sing is responsible for discovering and manufacturing this unique hybrid composite door core found inside the best modern barn doors today. Sing’s core imbues each barn door with astounding characteristics which cannot all be found in any other type of barn door, anywhere on Earth.

For instance, if your modern barn door has Sing Core inside, you will possess a door which is

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Lightweight
  3. High strength
  4. Solid as a rock
  5. Fully insulated
  6. Warp-free
  7. Guaranteed 50 Years

Large Barn Door Problems

If you were going to make a high-end large barn door for a demanding client or visionary contemporary architect, you would have to hire a door engineer with the ability to design sliding barn doors which could be built to architectural specifications. The goal is to have an end product, a large barn door, which will not warp, fail, or require regular ongoing maintenance to keep it operational over time.

If the large barn door was quite oversized, say anything over three-and-a-half ft. wide and 7 ft. tall, you would find some extreme goings on inside such a door. There would likely be some type of welded steel interior framing and other heavy inserted in an effort to keep such a big barn door from warping, a pretty toxic approach to trying to solve the problems associated with large barn doors.

This is the biggest complaint with failing large barn doors: They warp. And warping barn door, if they are warped enough, will cease to operate, and if they are very heavy, this causes extra stress and strain on both hardware and the structure itself.


Large Barn Door Solutions

Thanks to Sing and his patented inventions and patent-pending solutions there is a way to make a lightweight high strength modern pivot door which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years. There is no other way to accomplish such a feat without Sing Core inside.

Eco-friendly Large Barn Doors

Sing’s manufacturing facility is nestled in the pristine Pacific Northwest, where ecological approaches to building and creating almost anything is of profound importance to its inhabitants. So, Sing’s factory uses the best of both worlds, basic traditional woodworking craftsmanship and advanced cold-press technologies which use very little energy consumption. Sing also uses formaldehyde-free adhesive and responsible use of natural and recycled materials, plus being so lightweight makes them easier to ship around the world using less fuel than other barn door manufacturing methods, assuring Sing’s products have an extremely minimal carbon footprint.

Lightweight Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending technologies empower his True Flat Team to create these amazing hybrid solid composite cores which weigh a fraction of other solid wood-based structure cores. Lighter weight barn doors mean lighter weight hardware and less stress and strain on the structure. This prevents the need for constant ongoing maintenance to the barn door, a huge savings over time.

High Strength Large Barn Doors

You might not need bulletproof barn doors, but you will enjoy having lightweight large barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing’s large barn door core material is independently rated at 660+ PSI and is featured inside some of the highest security doors and impact doors in the world.

You can see that Sing’s panels are so strong that the inventor can stand in the middle of this one-inch-thick 13 ft. panel with little or not deflection. That is an effective strength demonstration.

Solid as a Rock Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending door core technology is based on his solid hybrid composite invention which is basically a vertical grain torsion box panel where the grid which would normally be left empty is filled wall to wall with recycled rigid foam insulation. Once assembled and cured they can take a beating, and unlike other doors can easily be repaired to full structure strength if breached, which is more sustainable than replacing the whole door.

Sing says, “Kick any standard stile and rail and it will break. Kick my door an you will break your leg!”

Fully Insulated Large Barn Doors

Inherit in Sing’s large barn door core invention is full insulation throughout which offers huge advantages to not only end users, but the sound proof door and refrigeration door manufacturers who rely on Sing to provide them with the insulated substrate to make the best rated lightweight large barn doors fully formatted for sound deadening and climate control.

Warp-free Large Barn Doors

And Mr. Sing is the King of the Warp-free large barn door. All hanging barn doors move according to changes in the environmental elements which surround them, and to make matters even worse, this is more problematic when in use as an exterior door, where one side is facing a structure’s interior, while the other could be exposed one hundred present to the weather.

Sing proudly guarantees his large barn door cores not to warp, bend, twist, or cup for a very long time, in fact, 50 times more than any other door manufacturer.

Large Barn Doors Guaranteed 50 Years

Unprecedented in the industry Peter Sing fully guarantees his large barn door core not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including structure & lamination. Nobody has ever dared to go there, and Sing who supplies the biggest and best door companies in the world with warp-free door core for all their oversized doors says, “If I couldn’t do it, you would have heard about it by now.”

And they all say the same thing,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

For if there were any other way to make a lightweight warp-free door, you know these companies would do it themselves, but they rely on Peter Sing’s patented innovations to provide what would otherwise be impossible, so they can better serve their clientele.

Should all your doors have Sing Core inside?


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Dutch Door

What is a Dutch door?

Sometimes called stable doors, half doors, and double-hung doors, a dutch door is an exterior entry door that is cut in half, and the top section is hinged to open separately from the bottom. A popular rural look, these doors allow the top half to be opened for ventilation while keeping the bottom half closed to keep in children and pets.

Dutch doors offer a unique rustic look that can bring a ting of nostalgia to your kitchen door, patio door, or other exterior door design.

What is the purpose of a Dutch door?

Dutch doors allow their top section to open independently of the bottom. In essence this allows the door to function as a window, for ventilation and cooling, while keeping the lower portion closed to children and animals.

Likewise, in modern design inclusion of half doors in a design offers the opportunity to connect interior and exterior spaces while maintaining a delineation and element of protection for the inside.

Modern Dutch Doors

SingCore’s slab style construction opens the way for a modern style dutch door. The hallmark of modern style is clean lines and clear shapes. Further, our wood grain panels offer warmth of real wood in either wood stave or veneer.

Blow your friends away with a steel or aluminum skinned dutch door for that high tech finish.

If you can dream it, then we are able to make your dutch door dreams a reality. Other skin options include, paint grade plywood, veneer ready (apply your own styles and rails), HPL, plastics, ceramic ready, stone ready, and more.

Are Dutch doors energy efficient?

Although dutch doors do offer one extra seam, with proper weather stripping they can be just as efficient as other doors.

Additionally, SingCore dutch doors come with our patented foam “honeycomb” core which provides extra protection from sound and the elements. Need high efficiency doors? Ask about our high density urethane foam option for double the thermal protection of our regular professional grade panels.

Can I cut a SingCore door in half?

Our SingCore panels may be cut in half using typical wood working tools. You will encounter foam, wood, and possibly a small amount of aluminum depending on the style of panel. In order to finish the expose edges, you would need to route out the core from inside the skin, and glue in new strips of wood to seal the end.

However, at sing core every panel we make is custom to order. We are more than happy to build dutch door panels directly to your size and specifications. Don’t bother cutting your door in half, when you can have the right panel ready made delivered to your shop or job site.

How much is a Dutch door?

SingCore panels are sold by size, and so a dutch door will be close to if not exactly the same price as a regular door of the same size. For pricing and a free consultation on your next project, request an estimate today.

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How to Get Sing Doors for Less than $120

Everyone knows that doors made with Sing Core inside save you money in the long run, because each door with Sing Core inside is built to last for centuries and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Everyone also knows that using patented and patent-pending Sing Core technologies to build a door are not inexpensive, but did you know?

We Save Our Clients on Entire Door Schedules

Without compromising any details, and your whole door schedule could be fulfilled with doors that have Sing Core inside, at

Less Than You Pay for Your Regular Doors!

How Sing Core Saves Your Thousands of Dollars on Your Door Schedule

You can achieve the same Sing pricing advantage as our regular clients do, if you know how. That said,

Here’s How It Works


Our regular customer has a door schedule with 1 large door, and 42 normal-sized paint grade doors

Qty Pivot Door Price each Ext
1 pc. 60 x 120 $4,823.00 4,823.00
Qty Hinge Doors Price each Ext
4 pcs 24 x 80 $ 503.53 2,014.12‬
20 pcs 34 x 80 713.34 14,266.8‬0
6 pcs 36 x 80 755.30 4,531.80
12 pcs 30 x 80 629.42 7,553.04
Total: 33,188.76

Notice we haven’t gotten the price down, yet. (Most clientele just buy the big door at $4,823.00 from Sing Core, then get the rest from other vendors.) Keep looking to find out how to get your cost of your regular doors for less than $120 and

Save over $‭23,00.00 delivering

50-Year Guarantee Doors

Here’s how the Big Boys do it:


Pivot Door Price Discount Ext
1 pc. 60 x 120 $4,823.00 50% 2,411.50

And reducing the regular-sized doors to two sizes of doors which can be trimmed on site or in house (2 sizes U-trim)

Hinge Doors Price Discount Ext
16 pcs 30 x 80 $ 629.42 75% 2,517.68‬
26 pcs 36 x 80 755.30 75% 4,909.45
Total: 9,838.63

Your net cost per regular sized door:


Submit a Price Request for more information.

Discount Price Breakdown


Total of all 43 doors: 9,838.63
Subtract price of big door: – 4,823.00
Cost of remaining 42 doors: 5,015.63
Cost each (42 doors): $119.42


If you have a commercial door project coming up with a quantity door schedule, Sing Core can help you Win the Bid by delivering the highest precision and performance doors at the lowest quantity pricing with quick turnaround.

Math formulae

629.42 * 16 = ‭10,070.72‬ Disc: ‭2,517.68H‬
755.30 * 26 = ‭19,637.8‬0 Disc: ‭ ‭4,909.45‬

9838.63 – 4823 = ‭5,015.63‬ / 42 = $119.42

33,188.76 – 9,838.63 = $‭23,350.13

Note: Prices shown are examples only. Actual prices may vary

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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

We at Sing Core are so fortunate to support the arts by providing museums and galleries with the best Eco-friendly museum displays and art display materials in the world which are capable of protecting sensitive works art.

Sensitive love storage bays, large art cabinets, and display materials with Sing Core inside are carefully constructed of low volatile organic compounds (VOC) yet have the most unique design characteristics which are not limited in size or scope.

One such project included 10 ft tall cabinets which are for storing sensitive items in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), located at 151 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94103, supporting the arts in all aspects from storage to visual presentation.

If you visit the SFMOMA, you might enjoy visiting Jeff Koon’s $58.4 million balloon dog on display.

Due to the lightweight and high strength of Sing museum wall panels, entire display spaces can be reconfigured easily to control traffic flow for special projects or travelling displays, which are designed to be used over and over again without risk of compromising the visual impact of perfectly straight lines.

Only with the invention of patented Sing Core can museum walls be so easily assembled, disassembled, transported, stored, even reconfigured live in between showings.

And size? Size is no problem, anything from 10 ft tall warp-free love VOC cabinet doors to 40 ft tall sliding elephant doors. No project is too large for Sing Core which specializes in making the impossible possible without compromising the art, environment, or sustainability over time.

Art is precious and should be protected by the only building material which is made to last centuries and can be guaranteed to remain perfectly straight and warp-free for 50 years of faithful service without fail.

That’s why you find Sing Core in the finest historic foundations and art preservation foundations from coast to coast Sing Core is like the transcontinental railway which linked the coasts of America with its varying cultures and lifestyles by bridging the building material gap while preserving the most precious treasures from around the world.

And having access to this patented art and museum material does not have to challenge the budget of your nonprofit organization. Inventor Peter Sing has been known to partner with architects, designers, and artists to help support the preservation of the arts.

Museums and art galleries want a system that is guaranteed to be long lasting, portable, reusable, and easily assembled. Sing Core museum panels provide just that, with the added benefits of being lightweight and eco-friendly.

A two-man team can quickly and easily assemble your Sing museum exhibit in just a couple of minutes. When you are ready to take down this exhibit, the cam-lock system makes our panels easy to disassemble and store flat until you are ready to reuse them. There is no need for complicated hardware to store, catalog, sort, or maintain your Sing Core panels.

American made Sing free-standing museum walls are perfect for executing high-end exhibit displays are elegant, yet lightweight, stronger than steel, and Eco-friendlier than the competition. Our walls require little construction and can be assembled without a large crew. Additionally, our walls can be custom created to be any size according to your and are available in any material.

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Martha’s Vineyard Pivot Door

94 1/2″ x 31 3/4″ pivot door at Martha’s Vineyard Passamaquoddy by Tate Builders

As part of SingCore’s long march to excellence, we sustain our resolve with the knowledge of the role that our humble panels can play, when combined with the intrepid skills of our millwork partners and comrade contractors from the East coast to the West and back again. Here, we would like to take a moment to congratulate our friends at Tate Builders Inc on their successful finishing and installation of SingCore door panels at Martha’s Vineyard Passamaquoddy.

The magnitude victory of our in this combined struggle is evident at first glance, even to the untrained eye. But in this regard, we must defer to the skill and commitment of the builders.

Our contribution is not clearly visible to the eye, but immediately evident to everyone who has the luxury to work with our product. We manifest three virtues, which are part of our seemingly endless “structural revolution”:

  • The perfectly straight and narrow
  • Unbreakably strong
  • Will not give up for 50 years or more.

Case Study

Technical details about elements of this installation.

  • Finishing and Installation: Tate Builders Inc
  • Location: Martha’s Vineyard Passamaquoddy
  • Type: Pivot Door
  • Hardware: concealed FritzJurgens pivot hardware
  • Dimensions: 94 1/2″ x 31 3/4″
  • Structural Skin: 1/4″ Luan Ply
  • Finish Skin: Textural wallpaper
  • Weight: ~50 lbs

More that Just a Door – An Ideal

At SingCore, we are not in the door business, we are in the People business. Our profound vision is to architects, liberate millworks, construction companies, and all workers of the world from the shakes of large door manufacturing. For use, every door is unique and built directly to suit the purpose at hand.

Our process permits no waste, and very little slow moving. Working with a central goal in mind, every one of our factory workers pours their blood, sweat, and tears in to the realization of our monolithic vision. A new and glorious beginning, and a superior door.

This ideal originated in the mind of one man, who germinated it in the bustling cities of the East, but grew to maturity in the seclusion of the West. Now, it has succeeded in assaulting the very bastions of American capitalism, including Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York.

Yet the vision ever grows stronger through constant turmoil and continual rebirth. This is not the dominion of any one man, but rather the manifest will of humanity, as realized by our benevolent founder, inventor, and SingCore president Peter Sing.

Up Next – The World

SingCore is constantly expanding its vision and authority. There is no one in the door space that can match our prowess and capability. Yet, we are not content to rest on our laurels.

Sing’s star is rising in the east to ever grander apexes of large, custom doors, architectural panels, high end furniture panels, home construction, SIPs, alternative housing. The future is ripe for the taking. We hope there will soon be no room to hide from our reach, which will extend across the planet to touch the lives of every day individuals.

Join the Movement

SingCore is ready to spring to action in defense of your next project. With custom, built to spec panels, all we need is length, width, and thickness to manifest your utopian fenistary vision.

Contact us today!

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Oversize Custom Fire Resistant Doors

Sing core material is not naturally fire retardant, but gain the fire retardant properties of their skin materials. Sing panels can be made with almost any skin, common varieties include:
  • Plywood, MDF, Masonite
  • Formica, HPL, or other plastics
  • Metal such as steel (cold rolled / hot rolled), aluminum, copper
  • Dry wall
  • Other interior finishes
We make our panels directly based on your exact specifications, so all you need to do is choose the skin with your desired level of retardation, and we will deliver.
For a highly fire-resistant door with the surface skin of wood, we have the option of layering several skin materials with outward facing wood stave or wood veneer. Therefor you can have the look of beautiful  wood on the outside but the safety of highly fire resistant materials on the inside.
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See Our Barn Door Rennovation At A Million Dollar Home

The Best Doors Are Made Here…

When looking for doors or panels, you should be looking for the best that your money can buy.  SingCore! Handmade right here in America, our panels can save you time and money.  For the most younique portal experience. you can expect the best of all worlds by using our panels.

Check out our video:

The best contract with SingCore for all of their large panels.

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Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door

Introducing Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door


Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Doors are your ideal solution for freight doors for your entire fleet.

Industry Challenges

The challenge with roll-up freight doors used in commercial applications is that they are big and heavy, which means they are difficult to operate and add significant weight to the load.  Since trucks loads are limited by weight capacity, a heavy door means you can carry fewer packages per load.  These types of doors also tend to be very costly.  Companies that manufacture roll-up doors produce products that are unnecessarily complex, resulting in products that are far too costly.  This can result in huge cost overages, which can severely hamper your bottom line.  Another problem with most cargo roll-up doors is that they are very difficult to install.  Because their products use so many different complicated parts, they can be extremely difficult to install.  This will result in increased labor requirements and cost overruns.  Lastly, truck doors have been highly susceptible to environmental damage from water and UV rays.  UV rays are an excessive problems for standard freight truck overhead roll-up doors.  UV rays will significantly decrease the life of your doors.  Another challenge is doors that are weak and won’t hold up under rigorous, industrial use.  Ever notice how most metal freight doors are dented, bent, and crushed?  Those types of doors do not have a pleasant appearance.  They will also not function well in the long run.


One-stop Solution

SingCore has solved all of the problems of large overhead roll-up freight doors with our Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door designed for heavy duty rigorous use in trucking and freight applications.  Your simple solution to easy freight loading and transport.

[table id=2 /]

Super Light Weight

Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Doors are the lightest weight truck freight doors on the market, our doors mount on universal truck roll-up door tracks, so you won’t need any special mechanisms that add weight to your installation.  Our door panels are lighter.  You will save around 100 pounds from your load, which means you have more capacity for your freight.  In turn, you will earn more money.  Lighter weight means our doors are less taxing on your hardware and your track systems.  They also require less expensive hardware to install and are easier to operate.

Ultra High Strength

Often, you will see truck cargo doors on the road and they are dented and bent.  This is because they are not built to tolerances meant to withstand the rigorous use freight doors must undergo to meet the needs of shipping and transport companies.  The secret to making the highest strength panels on the market has to do with SingCore patented and patent pending SingCore material.  With SingCore inside, we can make you the strongest Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Cargo Doors on the market.  Our doors are designed to hold up under the most rigorous conditions.


Easy to Install

Because our doors are the lightest weight on the market, they are easier to transport, lift, and install.  This means you need less manpower and less expenses to complete your installation.  Moreover, you need no special tools.  All you need is a wrench and a screw driver.  The panels are so light weight, they can be easily lifted with just one finger.  They require less hardware.  Thus, there are fewer parts to assemble.  All of this results in the fastest, easiest to install overhead roll-up freight door system on the market.

Weather Resistant

Our doors hold up far better than wood overhead roll-up doors because they’re skinned with aluminum.  Plywood doors tend to allow water to seep in and destroy the integrity of the door.  We also use a special design to prevent water from seeping in around the edges.  Sing Aluminum Overhead Roll-up Freight Doors are designed to withstand all sorts of environmental conditions.  If used carefully, these may be the only doors you will need in the lifetime of your truck!

More Functional

Because of the light weight, sturdy nature of our panels, no door on the market functions as easily as ours.  Our doors can commonly be opened with just one finger.  You will not find another one finger opener on the market.  They are so light weight, children and elderly folks can open them with ease.  Because of this, you will expend less energy opening our doors.  You will be able to save more energy to actually unload your cargo.

Cost Effective

Most overhead roll-up freight doors are hugely expensive ranging from $1,200.00 to several thousand.  Sing Aluminum Overhead Roll-up Freight Doors are more affordable and more functional than any other system on the market.  Our system is simple and uses less hardware, so it saves you considerable money on the expensive hardware used with competing systems.  Because our doors are so much more reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting than competing product, we save you from the high cost of replacing your doors on a frequent basis.  Moreover, our doors are less costly out of the gate because of our low price.  Lastly, with our special pricing, you will be able to outfit your whole fleet at a fraction of the cost from our competitors.

Better Safety

Lighter doors mean better safety.  Heavier doors are more difficult to operate, especially when used in overhead situations.  They can come crashing down and smash or cut off fingers.  They can cut off and crush limbs.  You can pull muscles, break arms or legs.  You can even break your back on large doors.  Light doors means easy operation.  It means you will minimize your chance of injuring your joints, arms, and back.

Universal Track System

Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Freight Door system works with standard freight door track systems, so you don’t have to install new tracks or seek any addition hardware for adapting to our doors.  Simply remove your old doors and install our doors on your existing tracks.  You can even use your existing hardware with our doors.  You can accommodate almost any hardware.

Visually Appealing

It has been said that our doors have a stunning appearance.  You be the judge.  For a low price, you can purchase our doors and see how beautiful they are.  They can be painted in any cover or treated.  You can even apply your own customer graphics to our panels.  We can even make you a door with an amazing aluminum finish or anodized aluminum for one of the most visually appealing overhead roll-up freight truck doors on the market.

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Sing Core Patented Modular Large Door System

Sing Core Patented Modular Large Door System

Massive Sliding Door, 25′ x 9′ x 2″, can be easily transported and joined on site.

Transporting, moving, managing, and installing large doors on site has always been a tremendous task.  Often your clients call for large doors installed in the most inconvenient locations, on the top floor of a house, or in the penthouse suite of a building with no elevator.  Your crew may need to carry large doors up multiple flights of stairs.

Revolutionary modular door joining system!

Our system is so great , you will not find any other system that allows you to move your panels on site with ease.  Even carrying your panels up the stairs is easy with our system.  You will our system allows you to run crew the fraction the size of a conventional crew, because transporting and assembling our panels is so easy.

Large Modular Patented and Patent Pending Biscuit System

Sing Core Has the Solution

Our Patented system provides you with the easiest, most secure modular door system that allows you to achieve any size door, because you can transport your doors onto the job site in sections.  That way, you save money by hiring a smaller crew and purchasing less equipment heavy equipment for moving and loading panels and doors.  Sing Core provides you with the only door system which allows you to achieve large, even huge, modular sliding, pivot, or pocket doors that are just as stable as doors made in one piece.

Modular Door System Simple Easy Stable
Hands down, the quickest, easiest, most stable door joining system

Sing Core Features List Check Strong LightStrong – Pound for pound, stronger than steel

Sing Core Features List Check Strong Light

Light Weight – Up to 80% lighter than comparable sized doors

Sing Core Features List Check Strong Light

Warp Free – Better than AWI Standards

Sing Core Features List Check Strong Light

Guaranteed – Our Professional Panels are guaranteed warp-free for 50 years

Sing Core Features List Check Strong Light

Visual Appeal – Our products can accommodate any skin

Sing Core Features List Check Strong Light

Custom Made – We build precisely to your specifications

Sing Core Features List Check Strong Light

Perfectly Straight, from Start to Finish


Many manufacturers shy away from larger sized doors, because of their propensity to warp.  The larger the door, the more innovative the design must be to prevent doors from warping and skewing.  If your doors warp or skew, they may cease to function as doors.  Sliding doors, pivot doors, and pocket doors have an obligation to be extremely straight, because the hardware requires this to function properly.

Strong, light weight, perfect straight doors, guaranteed for 50 years!

That is why we build our panels to the absolute highest precision possible, within tolerances of +/- .006 inches.  With our doors, you can rest assured that your openings will be functional for decades and decades to come.




Any Size Door

Because you  can join our panels, you can build much wider or taller doors than ever before.  Your imagination is your limit.  If you want a wider door, simply order more sections.  Transportation is much easier, and they can be joined on site with no expertise.

Sing Core make it possible for you to build doors you absolutely never thought possible before with our revolutionary patented and patent pending Large Modular Door System.


Large Sliding Door Mural Strong Light Warp Free
Beautiful Large Sliding Doors with murals are more popular than ever before.

Built to Your Exact Specifications

Sing Core has made the process of ordering so simple.  All you have to do is click the orange “Pricing” button on any page of the Sing Core website.  You will receive a price estimate with48 hours of submitting.  Just plug in your specifications.  We make the doors and panels exactly how you want them.  The moment you make the down payment, we do everything for you, including the shop drawings. 

No other large door system

No other door system on the market allows such easy on site assembly.

Made with Any Skin

We can ship your door panels with any  skin.  One popular feature among our customers is that you can order our panels with so many more skins than most other businesses can provide.  Our customers rely on us to bring them the ultimate visual appeal.  We have had all kinds of requests for different types of skins.  Among them are Mahogany, White Oak, Hemlock, Fir, Cedar, Alder, Maple, Walnut, Ash, bamboo, Eucalyptus, Teak, Acacia, Cocobolo, Bocote, and more.  We can also supply you with Luan Meranti Marine Ply. AB Ply, MDO, or MDF substrate ready for you to prep, prime, and paint.  We can also apply FRP fiberglass.

any door skin hard wood metal aluminum
Order your doors with any wood or metal skin

More popular options are our HPL Laminate, Formica, or Masonite.  Click here for more information about our wide variety of skins.


Hand Made and Guaranteed

Certrified Professional Sing PanelIn this day of outsourcing and importing, very few products in America are truly hand made anymore.  American products are well known for their exceptional quality and precision.  Sing Core products are the pinnacle of that philosophy, bringing you top of the line panels that are 100% handmade in the USA, using materials that are nearly 100% sourced from America.         


Sing Core is Proudly Made in America
Sing Core is 100% handmade in America