Professional vs Standard

Professional Door

SingCore panels can be made in either “professional” grade or “standard” grade.

Professional grade panels come with patented internal stiffeners and are backed by our strictest 50-year guarantee. We recommend this grade of panel for oversize panels greater than 4′ x 8′ or any project that benefits from a long term guarantee.

Standard grade panels are a lower cost alternative for standard size doors, smaller panels, and specialty projects that do not need any structural guarantee.

In some cases, we may recommend or require that some panels are made with either professional or standard grade core, given the size and application of the panel.

Trimmed vs Untrimmed

As a convenience, SingCore offers both “trimmed” and “untrimmed” options for the majors of its panel offerings. Untrimmed edges are less expensive but trimmed edges may be more convenient.


Plywood Skin Untrimmed Panel Corner With Solid Wood Edge

Untrimmed Edges

Untrimmed panels are preferred for clients that intend to trim their panels to final size in the field, or would like to save money by performing the work themselves.

Untrimmed panels come with some amount of glue squeeze out and potential for misalignment between the skin and frame.

Specify your untrimmed panel 1/2″ over size in both dimensions, and rip off 1/4″ from each edge.


Plywood Skin Trimmed Panel Corner Solid Wood Edge

Trimmed Edges

Trimmed panels are offered as a service, at slightly increased costs, for clients who may have difficulty trimming very large over size panels to size accurately.

Trimmed panels are cut exactly to the final size you specify in your order. This leaves a clean and presentable edge, ready for finishing.

Light Openings

SingCore panels are fully customizable in regards to light openings. We can supply door panels with any number of openings in any configuration for windows, architectural details, and man doors.

Openings require 6″-8″ of clearance between any other opening or the edge of the panel in order to maintain structural integrity.

All panel openings come with 1″ solid wood frames around the openings to facilitate installation of glass or other hardware.

Choose from one of the options above, or specify your own configuration.


Example solid wood blocking

SingCore panels can be used with any suitable hardware on the market. Our panels come with fully custom blocking to accommodate the hardware system of your choice.

In our shops (example to the right), dashed lines indicate the bounds of integrated solid wood sections of the panel.

Door panels typically come with 1 1/4″ solid wood frames around the outside of the panel, and 1″ solid wood framing inside of any light openings.

SingCore does not provide hinges, latches, slides, or any other hardware with our door products.



Door panel weight can vary quite a bit depending on skin material and size. As a rough estimate, Sing panels weight about 4 lbs per sqft. More exact weight estimates are provided with your initial estimate.