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Modern Custom Pivot Doors

A pivot door rotates on the floor and top jamb, rather than traditional door side hinges. Here at SingCore, we offer pivot doors of almost any size from standard up to extreme oversize in excess of 30′ and or 30′ wide. These doors have become popular in last few years because they are ideal for large panels. They also have a unique modern look and contemporary vibe.

Pivot Door Configurations

Double Pivot

Our double pivot doors (two doors side by side) are built to swing in, out, but not both. SingCore double pivot doors operate as two beautifully balanced panels. Double pivot doors seem almost like they are floating in space, and are great choice for contractors, millworks, architects or designers that are looking for a greater connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, or a seamless, streamlined modern look. Our custom pivot doors are available in with: side lights, no frames in between, and gang pivot. We also offer multiple pivot doors in a row.

Single Pivot

Single pivot doors can swing in both directions, either in or out. SingCore single pivot doors provide a seamless, streamlined look with smooth operation. Additionally, the door panels function with a much larger width and surface area than a comparable hinge door. Our custom pivot doors are available in with: side lights, no frames in between, and gang pivot. We also offer multiple pivot doors in a row.

Pivot Hardware and Handles

High quality pivot door hardware is engineered for dependability, durability, and smooth operation. SingCore panels are compatible with almost any make and manufacture of pivot door hardware on the market. Every panel comes with custom integrated solid wood blocking installed to your unique design and specifications.

Luxurious openings

Currently being specified by top architects, if you are looking for a luxurious door then pivot doors are for you. And,  the most cutting-edge swing door opening, pivot doors are available from SingCore.


Every panel build by SingCore is custom and build directly to your specifications. That means swing in, swing out, or swing in opposite directions can be achievable. Any design that you can imagine could be realized with SingCore’s patented and patent pending door core technology.

Smooth operation

SingCore doors are amazingly strong yet light. This allows for smooth, almost effort free operation. While maintaining the solid look and feel of a door panel that is truly stronger than steel pound for pound. Security, and style can be achieved with a single SingCore door panel.

Material options


Our aluminum pivot doors can be constructed to any hight, and can have a seamless skin have up to 5′ wide. Panels over 5′ wide will have a tight vertical seem every 5′. Aluminum skin doors are suitable for direct exterior use, with proper finishing. They also offer a good substrate for vinyl, paint, or other finish applications.


SingCore offers both hot rolled and cold rolled steel panels in a wide variety of finishes and applications. Seamless doors are available up to 5’x10′, and doors with tight seams up to any size. Steel doors are suitable for doors with an industrial look, or for commercial and industrial spaces, including sound proof and fire resistant doors.


Wood skin doors are available in both veneer and wood stave. Our stain grade wood productions can be had in many wood species including including: walnut, mahogany, teak, sapele, cedar, white oak, cherry, fir, pine, and many others. Ask about availability and sizing requirements for your preferred wood variety.

Finish and Color Matching

SingCore uses the highest quality wood species available on the market, enabling our clients to match any custom wood cabinetry. Mahogany, douglas fir, walnut, cherry, alder and many other wood types are often used.

Window Openings

SingCore provides full custom window opening in any style including side light windows, integrated sidelight style, horizontal slat, multiple horizontal slat openings, vertical slat, or any other configuration of you choice.

High Performance

Because SingCore systems are used in extreme environments, including harsh desert heat and frigid cold ski resorts. But, we always offer and almost unheard of 50 year guarantee on all our professional level door panels.


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Pivot Doors Exterior

When it comes to pivot doors exterior applications of notable size can be precarious for contemporary architects, designers, door engineers, and the various companies charged with the manufacturing of such an exterior pivot door.

The biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom pivot door manufactures are now empowered to build the best pivot doors specifically designed and manufactured to be the most resilient weatherproof of any pivot door’s exterior performance standard.

Unique characteristics of inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending pivot doors exterior encapsulated reinforced torsion box hybrid core imbue any pivot door with capabilities which are unattainable with any other pivot door’s exterior finish, including high performance benefits, like:

  • 21 ft Pivot Doors Exterior

    21 ft Pivot Doors Exterior

    Any style

  • Any material
  • Any size
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Fully insulated
  • Warp-free
  • Sustainable
  • 50-year guarantee

Architectural pivot doors are now nearly unlimited in scope, function, and design parameters. Door artists, designers, and engineers are now able to create the pivot doors exterior slabs of any size that are virtually impenetrable with the ability to withstand any extreme weather challenge without failure as Sing’s core can keep any door perfectly straight. Your exterior pivot door is guaranteed not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

Even exterior wood doors, which present the highest degree of challenges for the manufacturers of wood pivot doors exteriors because they are more likely to fail due to the natural inclination of wood grain to move according to changes in the environment.

While a one-quarter-inch deflection may be tolerable in a standard door as door hardware is designed to accommodate this amount of movement, once the pivot doors exterior configuration exceeds 7 ft tall and 3-and-a-half ft wide, you are asking for trouble. And this trouble is compounded by two more complications. One being that the door in question faces the exterior elements while the other faces the interior, just begging to warp, bend, cup, or twist. The other, that it’s a pivot door!

Unlike a hinge door which can utilize hinges on one side of the door to help keep it straight (in the most complex circumstances you can use a full length or piano hinge to help keep a large door straight), a pivot door has only two points of contact, on the top and bottom of the door, this puts all the reliance on the door slab’s ability to basically stay straight on its own.

Rather than try to address these issues from the pivot door’s exterior finish, Sing attacks it from deep inside the pivot door. Sing has assembled his True Flat Team, which reviews each exterior pivot door project and they work in concert with the visionaries, architects, engineers, and the end users, to come up with the perfect substrate which is matched to the surface material, taking into consideration, the size of the pivot doors exterior, its location on the structure, and the general performance expectations.

The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years. According to the pivot door company, millwork, and custom pivot door manufacturer who utilizes Sing’s services,

“There is no other way to do it.”

Not being limited to your choice of materials is also very impressive as you may select from pivot door exteriors of any available natural wood, steel, glass, bronze, Corten steel, 316 SS, 304 SS, aluminum, cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, basically any flat building material can be applied to the pivot doors exterior.

You can also combine materials, such as a wood exterior glass pivot door, which features a wooden from with a predominant large lite cutout for glass installation, like a French pivot door. In fact, Sing’s team can create custom glass openings in any pivoting door (and they don’t have to be rectangular) which also expands your potential for creative expression.

Sing’s team reports that first-time clients are shy about asking if we can make a 9 ft wide pivot door at first (which is child’s play for the True Flat Team), then they come back with a real oversized big door order, like a 21 ft tall exterior pivot door, or doors that are 20 ft wide or 40 ft tall. If it’s a big project with a huge door, Sing and his team is up to the challenge.

Let your creative juices flow and let Sing’s True Flat Team make your pivot doors exterior dreams come true, guaranteed (for 50 years).

Best Pivot Doors Exterior Pictures

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Your Guide to Extra Large Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are widely known as the “king of doors.” From the busy avenues of New York City to the posh estates of Beverly Hills, SingCore is making a mark on the pivot door scene all across the United States and all over the world!

How Big Can I Make My Pivot Door

Here at SingCore, there is no pivot door too big. Everything from relatively run of the mill 4 foot by 8 foot door panels all the way up to monster 30’+ panels are well within the means of patented SingCore technology. Our proprietary production process is capable of constructing warp free panels of almost any size.

We make all our panels custom, to order, and are capable of filling your desires no mater the size.

Additionally, we have the capability of shipping extremely large door panels in sections. These smaller sections can significantly decrease the cost of shipping a very large panel as well as reduce the difficulty in handling your large panel on the jobs site. When you are ready to install your extremely large over size panel, just glue the pieces together with the included full length spline biscuit, and your panel will be ready to install the next day.

aia seattle center for architecture design pivot man door

What Style of Very Large Pivot Door are Available?

SingCore offers extremely large oversize pivot door panels in a wide variety of finishing including full length real hardwood staves, and high quality wood veneer. We commonly work with walnut, teak, cedar, white oak, mahogany, Port Orford cedar, birch, fir, pine, maple, redwood, and cherry lumber. But, almost any variety of wood can be had if desired.

Unlike many other door providers, we are happy to provide doors with horizontal wood staves, which offers a unique style and can reduce overall doors construction costs compared to horizontal stave designs, given the possibility of using shorter and easier to source sections of lumber.

We also have a wide variety of metal door finishes available:

  • Cold rolled steel
  • Hot rolled steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Copper
  • and more

Our metal pivot doors have the same strength benefits of traditional metal doors, but generally come in at much less weight.

What About Pivot Door Hardware

Although SingCore does not provide pivot door hardware with our door panels, we do offer FREE custom blocking in our door panels to accommodate the commercial pivot door hardware of your choice. Our panels are suitable for use with any pivot door hinge or other specialized hardware available on the market. And our patented core technology can be easily worked just like wood. This means, you don’t need any special tools or skills to install a SingCore pivot door in your next project.

How Do I Get a SingCore Pivot Door?

SingCore caters exclusively to those is the building trades and professions including architects, designers, millworks, and contractors. That’s why our door panels are some assembly required. To get SingCore on board with your next project, submit an estimate request.

Home owners interested in investing in a SingCore door for their property should contract a trusted local building professional and specify they want SingCore inside.


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Affordable Standard Pivot Door Cost

Sing Core’s latest expansion following the acquisition of a new factory has resulted in a new line of affordable standard pivot door cost savings direct from the factory.

This new division only produces quantities of pivot doors of specific size for retail markets. At present, these standard sized pivot doors are not available directly to the public because they ship in the same unfinished condition as all doors which ship from the factory.


Sing Core only ships to high end custom pivot door builders, millworks, and pivot door companies who are qualified to finish and hang the completed Sing Doors.

The advantage of our new, Class C Division is that they are tasked with only building a limited number of standard-sized doors, while our Class S Division only builds custom doors which are available only in MDF, which can have an unfinished wood look (oak shown above) or standard paint grade. This results in a cost savings of more than 75% per door, and we pass those production savings on to you.

Standard Class C Pivot Door Prices

 Size of Pivot Door

 Avg. Pivot Door Cost

36 x 80 $502.12
32 x 80 $468.55
30 x 80 $451.77
36 x 96 $562.54
32 x 96 $522.26

All Class C pivot doors are only available as 1.75-inch-thick pivot doors, and only in the sizes listed above. At 1 ¾ inches thick, this is the best way to get the best pivot entry door price to the best pivot doors in the world.

Pivot doors with Sing Core inside are the only pivot doors which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

Thanks to our current expansion, you can have affordable pivot doors which greatly reduces your overall pivot front door cost.

This is the most cost-effective way to use pivot doors with Sing Core inside to replace boring hinge doors.

Note price does not include finishing, hardware, pre-hanging, frame, installation, shipping or crate. There are no quantity discounts, but the more you order at one time, the more you save on shipping and crate costs per order.

See Standard Pivot Door Widths, and for our large custom pivot door clientele, see our Affordable Pivot Door Evolution of Entrance Doors.


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Standard Pivot Door Widths

How wide is a typical standard pivot door?

Standard-sized pivot doors in the United States are 80″ tall (6′ 8″) and between 30″ and 36″ wide. The most common width is 36″.

SingCore offers a variety of custom made door panels to fit any size and requirement. From very large, to standard size interior / exterior doors, and even high end cabinet designs.

Don’t let the “standard” constrain your design when you can be free with the amazing pivot door panels offered by SingCore.

Our Standard Pivot Doors exceed standards in every way!  Apply your own finish to make the most beautiful pivot doors found anywhere!

What is the width of a normal pivot door?

Typical pivot doors, including pivot sliding doors, are 36″ wide in the United States, although they may range from 30″ to 36″.

Standard pivot door sizes are:

1. 36″ x 80″ x 1 3/8″
2. 32″ x 80″ x 1 3/8″
3. 30″ x 80″ x 1 3/8″
4. 36″ x 96″ x 1 3/8″
5. 32″ x 96″ x 1 3/8″

For wide doors in a limited space it is common to double up on doors using two doors which open side by side, or an increasingly popular option are custom pivot doors, which offer the grand feel of a wider than standard pivot door while maintaining space savings and usability.

What is the standard width of a bathroom door?

The most common size for a bathroom door is 32″. Your pivoting bathroom door, should fit inside the door opening For instance, add 3 1/4 inches to the width of your pivot door slab and 4 inches to its height to determine the necessary size of your rough opening for your pivot door. Although, in tight spaces bathroom door openings can be as little as 28″ or 24″ inches wide. For spaces that require wheel chair access, doors should be at least 36″ wide to accommodate all ability levels.

When building a bathroom door, be sure that you have considered every eventuality. Particular to bathrooms are concerns about moisture and sound penetration. SingCore panels are particularly suited to harsh environments. We guarantee the structure of our panels for 50-years, which means you are able to count on your bathroom door functioning flawlessly for years to come.

Further, we offer patented foam and wood composite hybrid cores for increased sound deadening and climate control far beyond commonly found door designs. Keep your private time private with SingCore.



What is a standard pivot door height?

Standard pivot doors in the United States are 80″ tall (6′ 8″) and between 30″ and 36″ wide. The most common width is 36″, but may be as narrow as 30″ depending on the width of the door opening. Be certain to allow for 3.25 (width) and 4 (height) inches room within the rough opening to allow for hardware and door frame.

Standard-size exterior pivot door size

Typical exterior pivot doors in the United States are 80″ tall and 36″ wide. There is some variation in width from 30″ to 36″ inches. 36″ wide doors are recommended to allow for easy access for the disabled, or wider (custom) and must use an extreme edge pivot hardware to fully access the door opening.

SingCore also offers “standard oversize” pivot doors at 8′ by 4′ (actual size 97.5″ x 47.5″) that are suitable for designs that stand above the crowd without excessive expense. In particular, we are well known for our work with custom oversize pivot doors, huge sliding doors, metal skin doors, and solid “wood stave” doors for higher end applications.

Standard bathroom door size

Although there is no standard door size, the majority of the bathroom doors in the US are 80″ tall and 32″ wide. Some doors vary between 28″ and 36″ wide. Be sure to measure your door opening, allowing extra four -inches to the opening height and three and a quarter-inches to the width for proper door articulation.

American standard pivot door size

Although there is no mandatory standard size, interior doors are typically 80″ tall and 36″ wide, while exterior doors can be as much as 96″ tall and 36″ wide.

Proudly Made in America

Standard pivot door height

Since most door openings are 80″ tall in the United States, so are the doors that match or are replacement doors. While 80″ is likely the replacement height of your pivot door.

For a unique or above average look, SingCore recommends 95.5″ tall door openings for installation in a typical residential home, and taller for multimillion dollar homes or commercial spaces with high ceilings. Note these will require a custom pivot door solution.

Pivot Door Pricing

Standard Pivot Door Pricing for a normal size 3 ft. wide by 6′ 8″ tall would be in the $15,000 range for finished door, hardware and installation. Range expands exponentially according to increased size. For instance, a 9 ft. by 11 ft. pivot door would have a price tag of well over $20,000. Just the unfinished pivot door blank can run $3,000 to $20,000 itself.

What Can We Do for You?

SingCore offers a wide variety of finishes and completely custom sizing for high end pivot door panels, and other architectural pivoting panels. Contact us today with details about your next project to see how SingCore can help you!

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Exterior Pivot Doors

When it comes to exterior pivot doors, there is now a way to assure that you have the best Eco-friendly exterior pivot door made in the USA today. How do you know you have the best exterior pivot doors? Because only exterior pivot doors with Sing Core inside are guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years!

Of course, there are many ways to build a pivot door, but if you have the highest expectations for pivoting doors, then you desire a door which has the following pivot door characteristics:

You Want Your Exterior Pivot Doors to Be

1. Lightweight
2. High strength
3. Fully Insulated
4. Dimensionally Stable
5. High precision
6. Eco-friendly
7. Versatile (any size, any style)
8. Sustainable
9. 50-year structure guarantee
10. 50-year warp-free guarantee

And there’s only way to wrap up all those benefits in one door, and that’s to have patented Sing Core and patent pending anti-warp technologies built-in to the exterior pivot doors before they are manufactured.

Inventor Peter Sing is revolutionizing the entire large door industry, surprisingly, without ever manufacturing a door. Which, at first blush, looks like a contradiction.

If pivot doors with Sing Core inside are the only exterior pivot doors which can be fully structurally guaranteed as well as non-warping for 50 years, and Sing’s factory does not make doors, how can the most desirable pivot front door in America not come from the Pacific Northwest factory?

The truth is, it takes a village to create the best door in the world which can be guaranteed for 50 years. This is an extremely complicated task, especially for pivot front doors which may be exposed to the elements.

There is an exacting science which goes into each door which is built with Sing’s patented and patent pending core materials inside. So, I’m sure you’re wondering,

How Do You Make a Sing Door?

You start with a visionary idea about what you want your exterior door to look like, by answering these questions:

How tall would you like it to be?
How wide and how thick?
What style/What would you like it to look like?
What material would like to have it made from?
Where will the exterior pivot door be located?
Will one side be 100% exposed to the weather?
Where will the pivot point be located (center/offset/edge)?
When do you need it?

The answers to these questions are provided to your door engineer, custom door designer, or architect, who works in concert with Sing Core behind the scenes.

All of these are factors which determine how the inside (exterior pivot door blanks) of your modern custom pivot doors will be built. This is where patented sing Core technology shines.

With this information in hand Sing’s True Flat Team of experts goes about co-engineering the base door to which external materials will be added to complete the door.

Once the exterior pivot door blank is completed, it is sent to your favorite millwork, custom door manufacturer, or pivot door company for final finishing which may include hardware and prehung.

And you’re not done, yet. If you’re going to want to have the best door in the world installed on location, you’re going to need highly qualified craftspeople to properly install and hang your door to maintain the precision and performance of your high quality

All these factors are raising the bar for pivot entry doors in general but certainly for oversized pivot doors and impressive exterior pivot doors which present challenges for translating your visionary custom exterior pivot doors to trouble-free real-world expression and functionality.

Modern Style Pivot Doors

Among the most progressive contemporary architecture and design, modern style pivot doors are cresting the landscape of the most leading-edge creations breaking new ground daily. And by the looks of things, it looks like the bigger the modern pivot doors, the better.

The evolution in the modern pivot entry door arena seem to prefer large sized pivot front doors to maximize curb appeal and instantly impress anyone who encounters such a magnificent oversized pivot door which leaves a lasting impression.

Floor to ceiling pivot doors are leading the pack, followed by the modern steel pivot door, which until the invention of Sing Core were just entirely to heavy to articulate and be practical.

French Pivot Door

Exterior pivot doors can act as a bridge between the structure’s interior and the landscape which expands beyond the egress point. If the lite cut out in your exterior pivot door accounts for one-third of the door’s surface area or more it is considered to be a French pivot door.

This is a blend of glass pivot door which provides style and grace which helps to minimize the separation between the indoors and outdoors. While these wood and glass pivot doors are primarily found in commercial applications, they are starting to make their way into the most high-end homes in the United States, and abroad. As is the case in modern pivot entry doors, the larger French pivot doors seem to garner the most attention.

Metal Pivot Doors

Your metal pivot doors can be the best metal pivot doors if they are manufactured with lightweight Sing Core inside which is stronger than steel pound for pound (660 PSI). Aluminum pivot doors are the most common of the metal pivot doors.

Even though the aluminum pivot door appears to be the most popular, the noticeable growing trend in large pivot doors is in the exterior steel pivot doors arena. Sing Core provides the best metal pivot door fabricators with pivot doors made of cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel. But it’s not just cold rolled steel pivot doors and hot rolled steel pivot doors which are configured and manufactured at the Sing Core factory. You will also find, Diamond Plate Steel Pivot Doors, Galvanized Pivot Doors, Quilted Steel Pivot Doors, and Stainless-Steel Pivot Doors, just to name a few.

Custom Wood Pivot Door

By far, the custom wood pivot door is where Sing Core’s abilities are in the highest demand because of natural wood’s natural inclination to move in accordance to changes in the environment. When wood is used to create exterior pivot doors, especially if one side is exposed to the weather, this creates the perfect storm for warped doors.

As you know, a warped door is not much like a door at all, if it can not function as a door, even if it was based on the most beautiful pivot door ideas.

Wood pivot doors comprise the popular exterior pivot doors, but problems are inherited massively throughout the life of what would otherwise be such a beautiful door. The constant ongoing maintenance of such a masterpiece can make the owner of the project wonder why he or she ever allowed themselves to conceive of such a pivot door.

Thanks to Sing Core, you can have the perfect warp-free exterior wood pivot door which are built to last for centuries and can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, just like our world-famous exterior mahogany wood pivot doors.

Shouldn’t your exterior pivot doors have Sing Core inside?

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Save Money Get More Front Door

The newest development in front entry door conversions gives your clients so much more for so much less.

Now you can have any single front or double entry door with sidelites and transom custom made for you in a one-piece pivot door for less than half of the price of your ordinary front door system.

Never before has this been possible until the invention of Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength Sing Core. Inventor Peter Sing is making this technology available to the biggest door manufacturers in America.

Now you could have access to this technology, and help to convert your front entry door systems into this unique pivoting front door that’s sure to impress.

Why have you never seen this before?

Because it just was not possible before.

One of the biggest problems with doors over 7 ft tall and 3-and-a-half feet wide is that they will warp. That is, unless they have patented Sing Core with patent pending anti-warp systems inside. This the the only way to build a door that can be

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

There simply is no other way to do it.

Now, your doors can be just as appealing as your single front door or double entry doors including sidelites and transoms, all in one pivoting front door, which is raising the bar far beyond where it has ever been at an

Insanely Affordable Price

You get so much more than what you would get with any other multiple piece front entry door system. This is what you can expect:

Visually Identical

We can duplicate the look of any multiple component front entry door system in a one-piece pivot door, finished or unfinished, with or without hardware, ready for you to hang, or pre-hung pivot front entry door with pivot door hardware installed. You decide how you want it.

Send us a picture from Google or Pinterest, and that’s what you’ll get in a single pivot door solution, and size does not matter (up to 20 ft.).

Looks just the same, but with the following characteristics, which cannot be obtained otherwise:

1) Made in the USA
2) Eco-friendly formaldehyde-free manufacture
3) Lightweight (1/3 or less the weight of other wood doors)
4) High strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel lb for lb)
3) No particleboard – ever
4) One-piece pivoting design
5) Fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control
6) 50 Year Guarantee for Warp-free, and
7) Full structure

Resulting in the most sustainable front door system ever available to you at far less than you would pay for any other system, packing the biggest wallop for those who experience such a door for the first time.

You can have a door with curb appeal and impact, leaving a prolonged affect on anyone who sees it.

Guaranteed by the inventor and president, Peter Sing, of Sing Core.

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The Pivot Door Revolution 2020!

 Whoever invented “trickle down” economics must have been thinking of SingCore when they did!

Once only seen in the most expensive 10+ million dollar homes in the country, SingCore pivot doors has always at the peak of the market. Clearly within the top 1% of door manufacturers on the planet. However, times are changing!

Don’t Get Left on The Side Lights

The next time to you think about including a side light door in your project — think again.

Side light doors are gone like the dodo. In 2020, a front door revolution is set to ignite. And we are the match.

A luxury previously reserved for the wealthiest, high class individuals, is now available to all at a reasonable price. Our exclusive “professional” grade pivot doors come in a wide range of designer finishes including

  • Wood stave — walnut, oak, teak, cedar, and more
  • Metals — cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, and more
  • Paint ready high grade plywood
  • Or, anything you can imagine.

Anyone caught using a side light door in their home from this day forward aught to regret their choice of actions. At the cost and volume of production we propose to exceed, there will be no question that SingCore pivot doors are the only true option available.



Join the Wave

Like a rumbling in the ocean, the brilliant minds at the very core of SingCore are shaking the world to it’s very foundations. Soon, there will be no denying the outcome. Across the land, people will be forced to stand up and recognize the vision before them.

And, in 2020, what were once deep and still waters will spring up like a giant, oversize movable wall of water. Flooding from West to East, we will cover every inch of the market place with products home owners and many industry professionals thought were completely out of their reach.

Like a flash, everywhere you look, there will be nothing but SingCore. And, at reasonable prices!

Become our Partner in Design

SingCore is not greedy. We share our lunch with everyone, and do not seek to eat the lunches of those around us. While, we seek to bring high-end door panels within reach of the masses, we know our limits.

That is why we need your help and the help of industry professionals around the country from general contractors and millworks to architects and designers. Our unfinished panels will not make a splash without the knowledge and support of our glorious partners, friends, and clients who take our raw clay and build a fine vessel.

Our only request is that you leave the building to us. With our patented and patent-pending technology, combined with our lightning fast production process and unbeatable business sense, there is no way to out compete our commodity sing panels. Instead, work with us, finishing and installing our panels, sold at a reasonable price with room for a comfortable markup. And, let us handle the core.

How Can We Help You?

Our team of exceptionally talented and generally likable estimating and sales team are ready and standing by to serve your needs. Submit a price quote today for your next door needs, and let us show how we can help you!


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Pivot Front Entry Doors

Pivot front entry doors are all about making a statement. If you’re really seeking to impress someone with your front entry door nothing sets the stage better than a large, oversized pivot front door. Especially if it has Sing Core inside.

Sing Core helps the biggest and best door manufacturers in the world make large pivot front entry doors that are uniquely engineered and manufactured in such a way as to deliver unparalleled high-performance results which could not be achieved in any other way.

These unique, Eco-friendly modern large panel pivot doors are fully insulated, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound. You will find them in industrial applications for their superior climate control and sound dampening capabilities. In multi-million-dollar estates, their high precision and warp-free performance, even if made of wood stands head and shoulders above anything else.

Peter Sing’s True Flat Team helps to pre-engineer and create one-of-a-kind warp-free solutions for the most demanding clientele who seek to push the envelope of contemporary architecture and design. These are highly unique custom high-end pivot entry doors that stand out from the crowd, in terms of elegance, high precision, and performance.

Your pivot front door can have all these high-end characteristics if it has Sing Core inside. You don’t have to be the President of the United States or The Pope to have Sing products in your home. The stylistic approach to pivot front entry doors not only lends itself to modern style doors or contemporary pivot door design as you might expect, because Sing pivot door blank can be individually stylized to take on any classic door appearance.

Exterior pivot doors can create problems for owners as they are often exposed to the elements on one side, while the other side faces a climate-controlled interior. In a sense, this crates the perfect storm, where the result is the warping of your pivoting front entry doors, which could render them inoperable.

The bigger your large panels and pivoting doors, the greater the degree of warp and the more challenging a solution would be, especially if you’re facing problems associated with modern pivot wooden doors which are the bane of the large pivot door industry, because natural wood moves.

Sing Core’s patented and patented-pending technologies help to create a hybrid solid core perfectly matched for the surface materials and counter-act any tendency of the pivot door’s exterior to move. It’s quite a science based on Sing’s original reinforced torsion box core entrusted to Sing’s True Flat Team.

And custom light openings are no problem as you are not limited to a basic selection of cutouts for glass inserts, such as custom French and pivot doors with glass accents. You can be are creative as you can allowing your imagination to expand, enabling you to bring your dream pivot entrance door to life, for the ultimate custom pivot entry door.

Now, you can have an Eco-friendly pivot energy-saving exterior wooden entry door, that is fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Let there be no mistake, Sing absolutely guarantees each and every one of his pivot doors, entrance doors, and pivoting doors which have been designed and built to last for centuries, but he personally guarantees for 50 years. These are considered the highest quality pivot entry and front doors. No other equivalent door can make such claims unless it has Sing Core inside.

So how do you go about getting Sing’s pivot doors, entrance doors and entry doors?

For you, the process is easy, just contact your local custom door builder, millwork, or pivot door company, giving them the dimensions of the door your opening you would like to fill along with the height, width, and thickness of the door. Have a good idea of what kind of pivot front entry doors you want. Will you need glass openings? What do you want the surface material to be?

If you’ve given your supplier this information, next you want to remember to say that you want, “Sing Core inside,” and we will work in tandem with your pivot door manufacturer to build the best pivot front entry doors guaranteed for 50 years.