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Custom Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to custom sliding glass doors, Sing Core help to free the imaginations of the contemporary architects and designers who dare to dream big. And the biggest custom sliding glass doors in the most exotic and expensive applications in the world have Sing Core inside.

If you don’t already know about Sing Core’s large custom sliding glass door solution, then you probably have not been faced with an oversized project door detail which has resulted in periodic failure of large sliding glass doors due to failure.

Hopefully, you discovered the Sing Core custom sliding glass door solution without having to encounter the problems associated with calls from your clientele regarding failure due to warping or some other reason.

Routinely, door companies, brokers, or millworks will review a job to be considered for a bid estimate. If the job mostly consists of standard-sized doors, they may exclude the oversized doors from the job and let someone else deal with those, or if they decide to include and bid on them, they will be certain to exclude them from their standard warranty.

It is customary to exclude any large custom-sized sliding doors (anything over 4×8) from the door schedule and/or warranty because there is a high probability of failure, especially if the doors in question are exterior doors.

Why are exterior sliding glass doors so problematic? There are a number of reasons why custom sliding glass doors fail. Basically, the weight of the door causes stress and strain on both the hardware and the structure when operated. The more it is used, the more potential for moving, or twisting. You will see evidence of this first in the breakdown of weather stripping and locking mechanisms.

This is considered normal wear and tear at first, so the solution is to replace the weather stripping and locking mechanism. Yet, that heavy door continues to wreak havoc, and not long will need repair again, only now, the door will start sticking, which indicates trouble in the area of the rollers. So, the next round of repairs includes the replacement of the rollers when the weather stripping and locking mechanism is replaced again.

You see how this goes, all this ongoing maintenance on a custom glass sliding door system that continues to deteriorate over time.

This is why door companies seek out Sing Core for replacement sliding glass and hinged patio doors. When you start with a top-of-the-line solution, like Sing Core, you’ve won the ongoing maintenance war by eliminating your door problems altogether by starting with

Lightweight Custom Sliding Glass Doors

Weighing in at a fraction of other door systems is only one of the benefits of a custom sliding glass door with Sing Core inside. This eliminates the extra wear and tear on the system of such a heavy door, which saves costly repairs to sliding door hardware, locking mechanisms, and rollers which tend to deteriorate due to the sheer weight of the door.

Warp-free Custom Sliding Glass Doors

This is the big hit among those big oversized custom sliding glass doors. Sing Core keeps your doors perfectly straight, and in doing so keeps the door from bending slightly (which may be barely noticeable, at first). When your custom sliding glass doors are built with Sing Core inside, they are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.


50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Your Sing doors are built to last for hundreds of years but are guaranteed by the inventor and president of Sing Core, Peter Sing, to remain warp-free, including full structure warranty for 50 years.

Using Sing Core to build your custom sliding doors is the only way to guarantee them from warping or failing for any reason for a full fifty years.
And your doors can have this full structure warranty and warp-free guarantee for 50 years regardless of size.
Replacement Sliding Patio Doors in Custom Sizes

Anything from standard door sizes to really big oversized doors (up to 40 ft. or more) to fit your dream specs. With Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending sliding door systems which are custom fitted to any opening for hospitality, commercial, industrial, or residential, with unmatched high precision (Sing’s core +/- .006 in. tolerances) and sustainable long life (50-year guarantee) you can rest assured that your purchase is sound.

Sing has a reputation for supplying the best energy-efficient aluminum sliding glass door to military, science, and tech industries all over America.
Speaking of sound, Peter Sing’s invention is providing sound deadening capabilities across America in everything from soundproof booths, recording studios, office telephone booths, the potential applications are endless.

So, if you’re looking to replace an existing or create a completely new custom sliding or hinged patio door, you will find Sing’s custom-made patio doors are the standalone option, if you care to have the very best.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

There is little doubt that Sing Core can add value to any door including sliding glass patio doors, and offer incredible advantages in wood patio doors, which have the biggest tendency to warp, but not after they have Sing Core inside.

A heavily insulated, high precision sliding patio door makes a huge amount of difference, in terms of performance, and cost savings by all but eliminating costly maintenance and repair.

Your sliding glass patio doors can be smarter and work harder for you if they have Sing Core as their basis. Modern sliding glass patio doors can be feature traditional wood, or have glass cutouts for lite openings, such as French-style sliding glass doors.

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Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems

Horizontal Sliding Walls (HSW) are by far the best way to divide any two adjoining spaces. In a minute you can have one or more well defined spaces and in the next, one-large open expansive space. Well-known among the architectural, engineering, and design industries HSWs can pose problems, especially for the larger horizontal sliding wall systems.

The premiere solution for dealing with any large spanning opening, sliding wall panels are the primary ingredient in effective horizontal and folding sliding wall systems.

In high end HSW Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems and FSW Folding Sliding Wall Systems, the most discerning clientele seeks more than just another way to either block a gaping hole or divide a large space into one or more sensibly usable areas.

This new generation of high-end user wants more than just a visual blockade. They want lightweight, multi-panel systems can span across a vast expanse while delivering added safety and security without having to worry about warping sliders.

Besides containment, they also desire climate control and sound deadening qualities which may not be offered by an off-the-rack horizontal sliding wall system.

Horizontal sliding walls can offer the end user many options and benefits when selecting sliding walls and sliding doors as components in the overall system. A custom horizontal sliding wall is an innovative development in approaching a multi-panel door system that can top hung from the ceiling or frame and/or can slide atop a single channel track which can be recessed into the floor.

Other options include movable wall systems with stacking wall panels in folding sliding systems, and can be architecturally specified in pocket door, sliding wall, and sliding bypass formats, resulting in horizontal sliding wall solutions that make your life easier than before.

Clients want a sliding door or wall system that is both offers convenience and automation in their movable wall systems. Due to the expansive options offered by using a horizontal sliding wall substrate, like Sing Core, sliding wall systems can be horizontal and folding sliding wall systems using this new generation of sliding wall panels.

Basically, a well-designed hand-crafted horizontal sliding wall and sliding door system can feature nearly a limitless number of configurations, and with the aid of Sing Core, your horizontal sliding walls can be of huge and enormous size (up to 50 ft tall or wide) without having to be concerned about difficulty of transport, installation, or failure over time.

Of the most demanding clientele including scientific, industrial, and military applications, soundproof wall systems, blast resistant horizontal sliding walls, or used as a horizontal sliding fire door system.

The spectrum of jobs where you find a Sing Core horizontal sliding wall (HSW) system range from sliding walls residential to United States military and space programs, like NASA, and everywhere in-between in high-end commercial or industrial sliding wall applications.

Your design can be brought to life using Sing’s Horizontal Sliding Units which are are custom-built to meet or exceed your end-user’s custom expectations.

Patented Sing Core is featured inside all Sing Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems which comprise multiple panel door systems that are lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.

You can expect the highest customer satisfaction from your Sing reinforced HSWs in full floor to ceiling sliding panels. Depending on the operation and conditions of your ultimate project, the sliding doors can be custom-designed to be stored in shallow recessed pockets in walls to be fully concealed within a host cavity when open or not in use.

Sing also offers modular walls systems which can be assembled and disassembled on the fly at a fraction of the time necessary to build traditional drywall barricades.

Horizontal sliding wall systems are light enough to be operated by hand even if very large HSWs or can be automatically operable walls of individual panels which slide easily with the push of a button.

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Custom Sliding Doors

Custom sliding doors is what Sing Core is all about. Yes, we do supply high end Eco-friendly building materials that are lightweight, high-strength and more dimensionally stable than any other material with all these characteristics, but when it comes to helping AWI millworks and custom door manufactures create the perfect custom sliding door, if the customer is satisfied and the custom sliding door is backed by a 50-year no fail warp-free guarantee, you know it has Sing Core inside.

The best designers, architects, millworks and custom door manufacturers seek patented Sing Core out due to its impressive attributes, plus, as many of our clients have reported, “it’s the only way to build large custom sliding doors that will not warp.”


And since custom sliding doors is the name of the game, more and more you will be finding Sing Core inside a variety of applications of custom made sliding doors, such as,

Custom Patio Doors

You will find Sing Core inside the best sliding patio doors. We are proud to be at both ends of the process in patio sliding doors, because we shine in exterior doors which are far more prone to sliding door warp. The top architects preemptively spec Sing Core patio doors at the design phase, while contractors and door companies are likely to search for Sing Core as their patio sliding door replacement following the failure of previously installed sliding patio doors. If you know about patio doors that have Sing Core inside, then you know why.



Custom Exterior Sliding Doors

Just like custom patio doors, the reason for having Sing Core inside your custom exterior sliding doors is because using Sing Core is the only way to assure that your custom exterior sliding door is warp-free. If you’re in the business of custom sliding doors, you know that exterior sliding doors are asking for trouble, even if they are moderately sized, but if they’re big oversized exterior sliding doors, especially when one side faces the elements and the other faces the structure’s interior, you know you’re asking for trouble unless you have Sing Core in your custom sliding doors.


Custom Interior Sliding Doors

Manufacturers of custom sliding doors don’t have too much trouble with interior sliding door that are 7 ft. tall or under, as well as under three-and-a-half ft. wide. But when your interior custom sliding doors exceed the normal range of interior doors sizes, stability over time is going to be a challenge, an obvious advantage of having Sing Core inside your interior custom sliding doors. Then, why are more regular sized custom interior sliding doors specified with Sing Core? Because of the added benefits of having sound deadening and climate control, as well as being able to sport a 50 year warp-free guarantee.


Custom Wooden Sliding Doors

Then there is wood. Who doesn’t love the wow factor of seeing custom wooden sliding doors? Nothing is as beautiful or impressive as custom wooden sliding doors. While we have a huge amount of respect for Mother Nature’s gift of wood grains, the very grain which draws our attention to its energy like a magnet, if the same material which causes the custom sliding door to be compromised, or fail. Not so, if you have Sing Core inside your custom wooden sliding doors.

Custom Sliding French Doors

There’s nothing we like more than making custom sliding French doors for millworks and custom door manufacturers, partly because we get to play more in the creative design environment. See, when you think about what a French door is, you have a certain image in your mind, but when designs for custom sliding French doors come in, almost every one of them is like an individual work of art. What you might not know is that custom sliding French doors could have custom lite cut outs for placing glass in any number, shape or form. Just be sure to mention your ideas prior to having your custom sliding French doors built.


50 Year Guarantee Custom Sliding Doors

If you’re anything like our thousands of satisfied customers, you like having a product you can stand behind, because they’re standing behind you. It’s the high-tech/low tech patented Sing Core that makes all of this possible, exponentially backed by this level of commitment of Sing Core to you and you to your client that make Sing Core the highest and best solution for builders of custom sliding doors and their clients.

You might have a story, like,

“We always all of our work with a 10-year guarantee, but have a disclaimer excluding any custom sliding door over 7 ft. tall. Now that we use Sing Core for everything over 7 ft. we can easily include our 10-year guarantee, because Sing Core has our back for 50 years!”

Now, you no longer have to compromise, you can hold your head high, thanks to having Sing Core on your side.