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Interior Sliding Doors

It is clear that not all interior sliding doors are the same. You never know when you might be seeking out Sing Core for your interior sliding doors. While they are primarily featured in large exterior sliding doors due to their lightweight and high strength as well as their ability to be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. It’s a tall order, but there’s only one way to accomplish such a feat with an exterior sliding door and it requires having Sing Core inside.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

When architects and designers are working on very high end homes (i.e., multimillion dollar estates), their clients want only the best, so they seek out characteristics which can only be attributed to Sing Core. Besides giving the best door companies, millworks and custom door manufacturers the ability to make big interior sliding doors (tall, wide and thick) that are lightweight and high strength, they also feature insulation for sound deadening capabilities and climate control.

Interior sliding doors with Sing Core inside can feature any available flat building material on the surface of the interior sliding doors such as any species of natural wood stave, aluminum, cement, concrete, fiberglass, FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, metal (brass, copper, etc.), and steel (including cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, and stainless steel), just to name a few. So, the possibilities are vast, indeed.

Not just exclusive to the very wealthy, sometimes homeowners just want to have the best (you know who you are), and they have their architects, designers and door companies seek out Sing Core for their interior sliding doors also. Just know that we do not make or sell the interior sliding doors for which we are credited with. We only supply the raw material to the door companies, millworks and custom door makers who make us and doors with Sing Core inside look so good. While we do not deal with the end users, you can have your trade professional(s) deal with us directly.

Some of the best uses of interior sliding doors with Sing Core inside include,

Closet Doors

Closet doors are probably the number one interior use of interior sliding doors with Sing Core inside, especially in very large homes with large closets. In some of these huge homes and estates, the closets can be as big as a normal-sized living room, or an entire small house. These wardrobes can go far beyond what you might think of as a walk in closet, requiring large sliding wardrobe doors.

Often high end closets are climate controlled, all but requiring sliding closet doors with Sing Core inside to complete the safety and security of the temperature and humidity maintenance without wasting unnecessary energy, which also support the Eco-friendly attributes of the most modern closet doors featuring Sing Core.

Of the many types and styles of closet doors being shipped from Sing Core include bifold closet doors (as well as other folding closet doors), closet barn doors, French closet doors, wood sliding closet doors and our classic unbreakable sliding mirror closet doors. And remember, they can be made of anything from beautiful, exotic natural woods to any metal, including silver plate or gold plate interior sliding doors.

Unbreakable Mirror Closet Doors

Ever since the introduction of the Sing Unbreakable Mirror, high end fashion custom door manufacturers have been sourcing Sing Core for their sliding mirror closet doors due to their impervious nature and the ability to create a high end mirrored sliding closet door that is not extremely heavy and potentially very dangerous, both to the weight of the door, and the fragility of the glass mirror surfaces of the sliding mirror closet doors.

Whether you’re a famous actor or rock star, if you want the best mirrored sliding closet doors, that offer both safety and security during the operation of the door (that can come with a 50-year guarantee), then you know you want all your sliding mirror wardrobe doors to have Sing Core inside. Hands down the only way to effectively create lightweight unbreakable mirror closet sliding doors.

Image on the left is a modular large 8×10 door shipped in a pair of 4×10 components cam locked together on site for near seamless paint-ready perfection. Image on right is close-up of near-seamless connection (+/- .006 in.).

Bifold Doors

Interior Bifold doors with Sing Core inside have the distinction of being the most exquisite high performance articulating bifold doors due to Sing Core’s ultra high precision (+/- .006 in.) tolerances. Again for those special jobs requiring large bi fold doors you are likely to encounter problems associate with warping bifold doors which may compromise the operation of these specialty interior doors altogether. With more moving parts, the importance of having non-warping bifold doors is of primary importance.

Internal bifold doors aren’t much good if the operation of the bi fold internal doors’ systems are failing due to warp, bend or twisting interior bifold doors. The same goes with folding closet doors of all kinds which operate with more than the normal number of hinges which might be used in standard hinged doors. Internal folding doors benefit widely when using Sing Core inside folding internal doors.

Sometimes the hardware used for interior bifold doors includes a combination of folding sliding and pivoting hardware in this type of folding interior doors.

Sliding Barn Doors

Interior sliding barn doors are gaining more momentum in the interior sliding door market every day. Contemporary architects are specifying Sing Core inside their large exterior doors, though there is a growing trend of specifying the patented Sing Core as substrate for sliding barn doors, too.

Why specify Sing Core for your interior sliding doors? Mostly because sliding barn doors are more costly than their hinged door counterpart, and the hardware is more expensive. The weight of the interior sliding barn doors determine the type of hinges which are necessary. This task is far easier than one might expect.

Simply weigh the Sing door blank and use the appropriate interior sliding barn door hardware. All hardware for sliding barn doors is determined by the weight of the door. Even though Sing sliding barn doors are more lightweight than other interior barn doors, qualifying them for using lighter weight-rated hardware for sliding barn doors, owners, project managers, designers and architect may elect to select higher-than-current-weight-rated hardware. Why?

Because, since the doors accommodate the higher opening and be very tall and wide, the door designer can opt for a much thicker barn door (which would be next to impossible to build and still maintain a good strength-to-weight ratio) which is all the more impressive, though it would be much less impressive, visually, if the size and weight of the sliding barn door hardware was reduced to match the weight of the interior barn doors.

To maintain the visual impact of the modern barn doors the designer may opt for very heavy duty barn sliding door hardware to achieve the impressive appearance from the barn door interior.

Also, barn door closet applications are quite the rage as sliding barn doors continue infiltrate the market of closet doors. So, be on the lookout for indoor barn doors as they become more commonplace as barn closet doors. You can get Sing closet barn doors directly from your favorite local door company, millwork or custom door manufacturer.

Interior Sliding Doors


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Unique Front Doors

When it comes to unique front doors, the top designers, architects and visionary end users, think outside the box to achieve the results of creating the best and most unique front doors of all.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

Why all this fascination with unique front doors?

Think about it, what’s the first thing you see when you approach any structure? In most, if not all, cases, your first impression, the first noticeable component of any structure (beside the structure itself) is the front door. If the front door is unique and has enough impact, it will leave a lasting impression, reminding you of your visit at this specific location, every time you recall seeing such a unique front door.

Unique front doors are many times more effective than a calling card. In this day and age, anyone can find you within a few clicks, but how will they remember you?

How do you create unique front doors?

By thinking outside the box. First, you must determine what a unique door is not. Standard doors are a particular size and operate by swinging this way or that utilizing hinges installed on one side of the door. So, for your front door to be unique you must avoid both standard size and side mounted swing hinges.


Surprising your visitors with either sliding doors or pivot doors that are large in size are effective ways to leave a lasting impression as unique front doors.

Sliding Unique Front Doors

Sliding door make excellent unique front doors because you don’t see them every day, and if they are fairly large sliding doors, then even better. Sliding doors are the most popular alternative to the swing door, because they can still be thin (standard door thickness) but slide side to side. The structure will have to be wide enough to accommodate the sliding door, or in the case of double sliding door, the pair.

Sliding front doors can operate in full view exposing the sliding door in the open position, or as pocket doors, where the sliding doors are concealed in the open position as they retract into a cavity on the wall. Sliding pocket doors are a unique, more advanced approach to the unique front door quandary.

Sliding doors are standard fare, unless they are large sliding doors. Only then, designers and engineers start to run into problems associated with handling, accommodating, and the maintenance of large sliding doors over time. Why? Because large sliding doors warp, and when they do, the results are not pretty. That’s when architects and engineers begin specifying Sing Core in their designs. Large sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the only Eco-friendly lightweight high strength large sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, twist, bend or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years!

Pivoting Unique Front Doors

The most impressive lasting impressions are left by structures hosting large pivot doors. Hands down large pivot doors outperform any other type of door in terms of garnering attention and leaving them something to think about (and talk about around the water cooler).

And big pivot door are not only taller and wider than the normal run of the mill side swing doors, but to raise the stakes even more, they can be many times thicker than an average door, guaranteed to make anyone stop and take notice.

Of course, these impressive large pivot doors are going to heavier than imaginable just by the sheer enormity of expanded height, width and thickness of your unique front door. This causes great expense in terms of manufacturing, shipping, handling, installation, hardware, and maintenance over time due to warping.

Exterior Pivot Doors

Whether you’ve decided to go with unique sliding doors or pivot doors, realizing that your unique front door will be presenting certain challenges, such as having one side facing the interior environment and the other facing the elements. That’s a recipe for disaster, because it will cause your door to move, and too much movement will compromise the doors integrity. Your unique front door might look gorgeous, but if it won’t secure or seal properly, what good is it?

Built with Sing Core Inside

When you build your large sliding doors or big pivot doors with Sing Core inside, you imbue your Eco-friendly insulated unique front doors with incredible attributes, such as, lightweight (a fraction the weight of other high performance large doors), high-strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound. This accounts for Sing Core’s responsibility in the creation of the best sliding doors and pivot doors.

Any Flat Building Material

Since we build to architectural specification, door blanks can be made and prepared with any flat building material as exterior finish, including any available species of wood (even wood planks), aluminum, brass, concrete, copper, fiberglass, FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, metal, steel (cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel), just to name a few. This expands your potential creativity further knowing you are not limited to conventional building methods to achieve the high marks Sing Core brings to the table.

How to Build the Best Doors

Patented Sing Core is a unique hybrid solid structure core that maximizes old and new technologies in a honorably sustainable way by first using a modified torsion box structure (using vertical instead of horizontal wood grain), then the otherwise empty voids are filled with rigid recycled foam (EPS standard, other type of rigid foam/insulation available) adhered and sandwiched between two stress skins. The resulting large sliding door or big pivot door (which could feature any flat building material on the surface) is the only way to build a lightweight sliding door or huge pivot door without risk of failure, plus your premium unique pivot door could be covered by our,

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

With Sing Core inside all of your sliding doors and pivot doors could be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years, including structure failure. Even if your guaranteed sliding or pivot door is damaged in any way (like running into it with forklift blades) it can be repaired to new condition utilizing basic carpentry skills without compromising the strength, performance or longevity of your unique front door.

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Sliding Patio Doors

Sing Core has long been the secret weapon of high end manufacturers or high end sliding patio doors used in mansions, exclusive high rise condos, and the most exquisite multimillion dollar estates in New York, around the United States and the world.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

As ornate and beautiful as sliding patio doors can be, then can present problems over time, or from season to season, simply based on the changes in climate, especially if they have a certain degree of wood, which most high end clientele seem to like to adorn their sliding patio doors with. The result is a patio door that is similar in appearance to a wooden French door with a large window lite glass opening.

If the opening to the patio is large (which is usually the case for more high end homes) the bigger the door and the thicker the glass. This creates a very heavy door which can present challenges for both the structure and the associated hardware to accommodate such large sliding patio doors.

Sliding door hardware can be expensive, and since we are most likely talking about large and heavy sliding patio doors, they will require heavy duty sliding door hardware, which can be very expensive, often times more expensive than the sliding patio door itself.

To exasperate things even more, unlike interior sliding doors, sliding patio doors are exterior sliding doors. That means on side of the door faces the structure’s interior while the other side faces the elements, which could be quite a contrast on either side of the door. This could potentially cause the sliding patio doors to fail due to warping as it attempts to acclimate to its environment(s). If the sliding door adjusts itself too much, the result may be a sliding patio door that does not seal correctly, or becomes inoperable due to movement.

Other framing treatments may be applied to the sliding patio doors, especially in extreme weather variation locations, like fiberglass sliding patio doors or even aluminum sliding patio doors, in an effort to reduce the inevitable door failure either seasonally or over time.

Enter Sing sliding patio doors. While we do not build sliding patio doors, our sliding patio door blanks are used by the most prestigious door companies, millworks and custom door manufacturers. Using our patented lightweight high strength sliding patio door core, these highly skilled high end providers of the most impressive large sliding patio doors are able to deliver outstanding, nearly maintenance-free large sliding patio doors. These unique one-of-a-kind creations can be guaranteed not to fail due to warping, bending, twisting, or otherwise failing for a full 50 years, guaranteed, including full structure warranty. Even in extreme weather conditions.

Thanks to Sing Core, the best sliding patio doors can feature framing, even large wood framing of a moderate glass lite opening, or even be clad in solid wood, without fear of warp or structure failure.

Plus sliding patio doors with Sing Core inside weigh a fraction of the weight of other heavyweight solid core sliding patio doors. Sliding patio doors which are much lighter in weight reduces the need for heavy duty sliding door hardware, reducing the overall cost of the sliding patio door project altogether.

Other costs are also reduced due to the lighter weight Sing solution, including less handling and shipping cost, carbon footprint, transport, installation, and maintenance costs out of the gate, as well as over time. If your sliding patio door has Sing Core inside, you not only have the best door, but you have made a sound investment in a sustainable sliding patio door which will last the test of time.

You can have the only sliding patio door with a full

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

No other company can do what patented Sing Core can do.

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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Sing Core is the number one source in America for Eco-friendly lightweight high-strength aluminium sliding doors made in the USA. Architects, millworks, artisans, industrial engineers, and door companies are raving about Sing Core being the only way to build lightweight large aluminium sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

No other aluminium sliding door made anywhere in the world can compare to all the revolutionary characteristics of aluminium sliding doors with patented Sing Core inside, such as,

Lightweight Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium sliding doors with Sing Core inside weight a fraction the weight of other solid core aluminium sliding doors, thanks to the combination of new and old technologies fused into a lightweight solid substrate that is lighter in weight without compromising strength.

High Strength Aluminium Sliding Doors

Sing Core imbues any aluminium sliding door with the strength that is far superior compared to any other lightweight structural building material. So strong, in fact, it was independently rated at 660 PSI; stronger than steel pound for pound. Not to mention,

Insulated Aluminium Sliding Doors

As if all the lightweight and high strength attributes were not enough, Sing Core comes along and ramps up the features to include packing the aluminium sliding door with rigid insulation material which adds both increased climate control and sound deadening qualities which are all the rage, adding even more value to any sliding door with Sing Core inside. But wait, there’s more…

Warp-free Aluminium Sliding Doors

One thing all architects and engineers agree on when it comes to large aluminium sliding doors, is that they tend to fail by moving (bend, twist, cup) due to warp, especially in an exterior sliding door application. Aluminum will bend according to sunlight and/or climate difference on either side of the sliding door, rendering it useless. A warped sliding door is a problem, that can now be fixed and backed by Sing Core’s

50 Year Warp and Structure Guarantee

Sing Core is the only aluminium sliding door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail, including full structure warranty, for 50 years, making Eco-friendly Sing aluminium sliding doors the most long-lasting and sustainable sliding doors in the world, proudly invented and manufactured in the USA.

Other Metal Sliding Doors Available

Not only limited to our best selling aluminium sliding doors, you can have metal sliding doors made of any available flat metal material such as

Steel Sliding Doors
Stainless Steel Sliding Doors
Galvanized Steel Sliding Doors
Cold Rolled Steel Sliding Doors
Hot Rolled Steel Sliding Doors

Keeping in mind that any steel sliding door with Sing Core inside will be a lightweight steel door, which are also available in any other materials, including, say, a copper sliding door, or any other lightweight metal sliding door.

See Sing Core for all your sliding metal doors, if you’re interested in the next generation of lightweight metal sliding door.

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Internal Sliding Doors

What’s the latest news in sliding doors in the door industry? Internal sliding doors with Sing Core inside are being specified by architects more and more in their sustainable housing and commercial designs.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Long the solution for exterior sliding doors due to their Eco-friendly, long lasting solution for warp-free lightweight yet high strength as sliding doors which are exposed to weather conditions, sometimes, even the most severe weather conditions. For years, architects and designers have sought out the characteristics that only Sing Core can provide for high precision and superior performance over a long life of the architectural exterior sliding door.

As architects became more and more accustomed to specifying Sing Core in their door specs, they started to develop a taste for specifying large internal sliding doors also. Large internal sliding doors, especially if they are wooden sliding doors, are going to fail due to warp if they exceed a height of 7 ft. tall sliding doors.

Then as the trend to specify Sing Core in internal sliding doors continued to grow, something began to shift. In high end homes, commercial and industrial applications, architects were also specifying sing Core for standard sized internal sliding doors. As this trend continues, the question is,

Why Spec Sing Internal Sliding Doors?

That’s the question, right? And you might be surprised about the answer, because Sign Core is the obvious solution to exterior or large oversized sliding door which have the tendency to warp, bend, twist, or fail structurally not long after installation. It’s the only way to build a lightweight wood exterior sliding door exposed to the elements which can be guaranteed not to suffer from door warping for 50 years. So, that explains exterior sliding doors and large sliding doors, but regular-sized internal sliding doors?

Well, it turns out that inherit deep within the patented Sing Core composite sliding door core, which is a solid composite material made of vertical grain wood torsion box core which is fully insulated with rigid insulation inside. The result? A lightweight, super strong internal sliding door that is insulated and possesses the additional attributes of being able to control climate (an advantage of using Sign Core inside external sliding doors) and also imbuing the door with sound deadening qualities, a useful and highly sought after feature in upscale projects.

Sliding Door Hardware

Due to the lighter weight of the internal sliding doors, there is a great savings in terms of the sliding door hardware. Both in the cost of the hardware due to handling the lighter weight sliding door, but additionally in the installation of the hardware and maintenance over time, as the lightweight sliding internal doors cause less stress and strain on the hardware and structure with regular use over time.

Pocket Door

One of the best uses of internal sliding doors with Sing Core inside is in the pocket door application. Pocket doors are the most important in terms of remaining straight and true because while a sliding door is far more forgiving, warped sliding pocket doors are become destructive to both the pocket door and the pocket which houses it, any further warping renders the sliding pocket door useless.

Pocket Door Hardware

Just as in the savings in sliding door hardware, pocket door hardware associated with sliding pocket doors featuring Sing Core inside is far less expensive to purchase at the outset and reduces the cost of pocket door installation, as well as requiring less long-term maintenance. Not that cost is always of the most importance in the most high end applications, but it means you can use those funds elsewhere in your project without affecting the overall budget.

Internal Sliding Door of Any Type

Whether architecturally specified at the beginning of the project, or as the most predominant use of internal sliding doors with Sing Core inside in replacement doors, your Sing architectural sliding doors are custom built to architectural specifications. They can be made of any available flat building material in any style of door. That is to say, all custom professional grade Sing sliding internal doors are one-of-a-kind warp-free pieces of art that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

50 Year Guaranteed Internal Sliding Doors

If you want the best sliding internal doors, then there is only one way to have slider doors of any size, type, style, made of any desired (and available) materials that have Sing Core inside imbuing them with the unique characteristics of being sustainable, Eco-friendly, built to last for centuries and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, guaranteed.

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Metal Sliding Doors

When it comes to metal doors, there is one supportive resource behind the scenes that you might not even know is there, if you are the proud owner of some of the best metal sliding doors in the industry.


It’s very important that sliding doors be operable, especially in the arenas of bypass sliding doors or double sliding doors, and if your sliding metal doors are large in size, or in use as steel security doors, then other challenges must be taken into consideration in the architectural design and specification of your metal sliding doors.

Architectural specifications requiring Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength metal sliding doors must be spec’d with, “Sing Core inside” to achieve these specifications. There are other benefits of having Sing Core inside your sliding metal doors, such as being pre-packed wall-to-wall with sound deadening and climate controlling insulation, and so much more.

Metal Automatic Sliding Door

If you’re dealing with a metal automatic sliding door, you can have virtually hassle-free installation and very little maintenance over time is your metal sliding doors are lightweight, high strength and warp-free. When sliding metal doors start to fail, bend or warp, it causes undue stress on both the automatic sliding door hardware as well as the structure that houses the hardware. This can cause expensive maintenance issues over time. Unless your sliding metal doors have Sing Core inside.


Warp-free Metal Sliding Doors

Only metal sliding doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. This means your sliding metal doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including the full structure warranty of the door. Plus, the lightweight and high strength characteristics of the door, means less maintenance necessary over time, truly a breakthrough in architectural metal sliding door design specs.

Any Type of Metal Sliding Doors

We, at Sing Core, specialize in creating metal sliding doors that weigh a fraction of the weight of other metal sliding doors, as well as providing all the extra benefits of having Sing Core inside. Some of our most popular types of metal sliding doors include aluminium sliding doors and steel sliding doors, but we also provide the top metal sliding door manufacturers with the best sliding metal doors of different metals, which could include any available flat metal door skins. We make brass sliding doors, bronze sliding doors, and copper sliding doors, built to architectural specifications.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

In our support of architects and the custom metal door artisans, sliding door manufacturers, millworks and metal works companies who dare to deliver only the best aluminum sliding doors available. Sing aluminium sliding doors are made to the highest degree of accuracy and precision. Many types, styles and weights of aluminum are available, including anodized aluminum sliding doors, which are visually compelling when specified by the architect or custom aluminum sliding door manufacturer.

Steel Sliding Doors

Next up, our most popular metal sliding door are made with a variety of steels, to get that extra special, high-tech and ultra exclusive visual impact that can only be enjoyed if you have your cold rolled steel sliding doors, diamond plate steel sliding doors, galvanized steel sliding doors, hot rolled steel sliding doors, or stainless steel sliding doors manufactured to architectural specifications with Sing Core inside.

Metal Exterior Sliding Doors

Metal exterior doors can pose additional challenges, especially if they are large metal sliding doors that have one side 100% exposed to the elements. That’s just asking for trouble due to warp, but nor for your Sing metal exterior sliding doors, because they can be made not to warp. You also have the quandary of having one extreme environment on one side of the door and the other side facing the structure’s interior which also contributes to door warping. Now there is a solution to large metal exterior sliding doors, and the solution is having Sing Core inside.

Metal Kitchen Sliding Door

Besides exterior applications, interior metal sliding door applications include application specific metal sliding doors, such as metal kitchen sliding doors, and cold storage metal sliding doors. Whatever your application whether it is interior or exterior, Sing Core can help your favorite metal sliding door company to build the best metal sliding doors to your specifications and expectations.

Serving the Top Metal Sliding Door Manufacturers in the World

Sing Core provides professional Sing Core metal sliding door core to the top four metal sliding door manufacturers in the world (with billions of dollars in annual sliding metal doors) enabling them to create a high precision, high performance custom metal sliding door that can be Eco-friendly, made in the USA, lightweight and high strength sliding metal door, that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

See also: Metal Sliding Door Gallery

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Sliding Wood Doors

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Sing sliding doors make the best sliding wood doors in the United States and around the world. No other Eco-friendly lightweight sliding door core is stronger. Weighing in at a fraction of the weight of solid wood door core, patented Sing Core is stronger than steel pound for pound (660 PSI). This is the only way to make large oversized sliding wood doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Each professional sing sliding wood door can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, including a full structure warranty. This is why Sing Core sliding wood doors are making such a huge impact on the door industry across the USA and abroad.


Any type or style of sliding wood doors can be made with Sing Core inside, such as exterior sliding doors, sliding barn doors, interior sliding doors, sliding patio doors, sliding room dividers, French sliding doors, stile and rail sliding doors, just to name a few.

Patented Eco-friendly Sing Core sliding wood doors are proudly made in the USA, using sustainable manufacturing methods using less energy, with responsible use of recycled and renewable resources, including natural wood fiber, producing little or no waste or loss of energy, leaving a negligible carbon footprint.

There is just no other way to make 20 ft. tall sliding wood doors that will not warp. Wood is a very difficult resource to use for anything over 7 ft. tall because of its tendency to move, especially in exterior sliding wood doors. For instance a sliding wood door that faces the elements on one side and the structure’s interior on the other is going to warp. That’s why no door company guarantees warp resistance of a wood door for more than one year, that is, unless it has patented Sing Core inside.

So, how can you get sliding wood doors with Sing Core inside? It’s easy, just go to your favorite architect, sliding door manufacturer, mill work, or sliding door company, and tell them what size door you want and be sure to ask for, “Sing Core inside.” We cannot sell or ship Sing Core doors directly to consumers or do it yourselfers, as we are the manufacturer supplying Sing Core sliding door core only to door manufacturers and builders of custom doors.

Large oversized wooden doors are the greatest hurdle facing architects and designers, because though there is little more impressive than a huge wooden door to catch your attention, so the bigger the better, but then there’s the issue with warping, which is a constant struggle for the owner to secure regular maintenance of such a beautiful door, likely at least seasonally.

Thanks to having Sing Core inside, you will never have to worry about warping doors again. While they are built to last for centuries, each professionally guaranteed Sing wooden sliding door can be non-warping and include a full structure warranty for 50 years. No other Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength can have such a guarantee in the world.

And what if you’re looking to build a large sliding door out of a material other than a natural wood grain? No problem, your sliding doors could be made out of any available flat building material, such as aluminium sliding doors, cement, concrete, fiberglass (FRP), glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, steel (cold rolled steel, steel diamond plate, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, etc.) as well as the only unbreakable mirror sliding doors, just to name a few.

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Sliding French Doors

One of the best uses in emerging technologies attributed to the Sing Core solution for sliding doors is that of sliding French doors. In the scope of sliding French doors, the door is framed with a significant amount of solid material detail, such as is found in wooden sliding doors or aluminium sliding doors, but the main visual feature of the doors is a large pane of glass, similar to that of a glass sliding door. The result is a French sliding door which features the best of both worlds, an elegant frame with a large glass opening (lite opening).

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Large Sliding French Doors in Office Building

Large Sliding French Doors in Office Building

Sliding French doors are more common in exterior uses, such as sliding patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors


Sliding French doors make fabulous sliding patio doors which can feature many patio sliding doors in a line to offer greater visibility between the indoors and outdoors. Plate glass sliding door can be extremely heavy and may risk injury of little fingers which may be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The lighter weight Sing sliding door solution helps mitigate the risk of injury from sliding patio doors, while offering increased safety and security as wells as a degree of insulation which would not be possible for a simple sliding glass door left to itself.

Sliding Internal Doors

While sliding doors are used to separate the indoors from the outdoors, increasingly they are finding their way inside the home in a variety of sliding internal door applications. Sliding internal doors appear in a variety of sliding door designs. The most modern sliding doors are stylistically fashioned after the sliding barn doors of yesteryear.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are set apart from other types of sliding doors due to the type of sliding door hardware which is a major component of the design of the sliding barn doors. Sliding barn door hardware traditionally is on top of the door from which the sliding barn door hangs. Exposed wheels roll back an forth on an exposed track, which gives the impression of an old style rolling barn door, like you might have seen out in the country or in old movies, or TV shows depicting barns which featured this type of sliding barn door.

Though the architectural sliding door design features may vary depending on the presentation, as the sliding barn door surface material may have a rustic appearance, or a highly polished modern sliding barn door appearance, which may feature wood, or other more contemporary sliding barn door materials.

Sliding Wall

One of the most popular uses of an interior sliding door is the concept of the sliding wall, which is not unlike the sliding patio door design, but usually features a solid door facing which could be either wood or some type of metal, such as aluminum sliding doors or steel sliding doors, used as a method to provide insulated separation between adjoining rooms, or dividing a large space into two or more separate rooms, while still retaining the large space, when needed. In this case, sliding doors room dividers can be sliding internal doors, feature barn door sliders, or a combination of folding sliding doors, depending on the architectural specifications of the sliding partition wall units.

Wooden Sliding Doors

Wooden sliding doors are the most problematic doors due to Mother Nature’s wood grain’s tendency to move according to the environmental conditions within the proximity of the faces of the wooden sliding door. In this sense, the door can seem very alive as it tends to bend or cup. This is one of the primary benefits of featuring Sing Core inside any type of wooden sliding door because it’s the only known method of creating a strong, lightweight, solid core wooden sliding door that can be guaranteed not tio warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Warp-free Sliding French Doors

Sliding French Door Specs

Sliding French Door Specs

The only known method for manufacturers of sliding French doors to create a warp-free sliding French door is to start with patented Sing Core’s insulation reinforced torsion box composite solid core material with patent pending warp-free technology to prevent the large oversize sliding door from failing for the service life of the wooden sliding doors, which would otherwise fail. Sing Core provides the sustainable Eco-friendly lightweight,  high strength, torsion box composite technology to sliding door manufactures that can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

A sliding door that moves can jeopardize the sliding door lock, making it difficult, if not impossible, to secure. Let’s face it, a door that cannot be secured, is not much of a door at all. While warp-free is a huge advantage of sliding doors with Sing Core inside, another benefit is huge savings in sliding door hardware and maintenance over time. See also: How to Build Large Non-warp Exterior Sliding Doors

Sliding Door Hardware

The weight of the sliding door determines the size and nature of the sliding door hardware to be used to accommodate the sliding door’s operation. Whether the doors operation is as an automatic sliding door, or manual sliding door operation, the sliding door mechanism and hardware must be suited to the weight of the door. For heavy sliding doors, the sliding door hardware could cost many times the cost of the sliding door itself, which includes the sliding door handles. Fortunately for sliding doors that have Sing Core inside, they weigh a fraction of the weight of other solid core doors, which accounts for being able to utilize lighter weight sliding door hardware to match the sliding door, which also reduces stress and strain on both the structure and the hardware over time saving time and money over the life of the sliding door.

Sliding Door Repair

Of all the materials with which a sliding door company could build a sliding door, Sing Core is the most sustainable Eco-friendly material made in the USA, and can easily be repaired on site. For instance, in commercial sliding door operations, heavy equipment could damage the door, such as being punctured by forklift forks. If the doors are made of other traditional core material, the entire door might have to be replaced. But if you have Sing Core inside, the door can easily be repaired without compromising the high performance, precision, strength, security or insulation qualities of your sliding door with Sing Core inside.


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Wooden Sliding Doors

Wooden sliding doors are the most sought out sliding doors in the marketplace today. Increasingly, among contemporary architecture design the latest designs feature not only wooden sliding doors, but wooden sliding doors that are larger in size. Even though these large wooden sliding doors are highly sought after, the nature of the natural wood in wooden sliding doors does present some challenges.


Wooden Sliding Door Problems

Wood is Beautiful but Unstable

While we all appreciate the natural beauty of wood, the fact remains that this material comes from a living tree and naturally adorned with grain that is unique to each variety of tree giving it the elegant design feature of natural wood grain. The nature of the wood grain when we are so drawn to is also the most problematic feature when trying to create a sliding door which can remain straight enough to function properly. Natural wood grain, while it appears to be elegant in every way, moves as if the tree were still alive. In the sliding door industry sliding door manufacturers and those servicing sliding door accounts, there are specific words used to describe the conditions of wooden sliding doors when they fail, such as warp, bend, twist and cup.

Allowable Wooden Sliding Door Warp

Due to the nature of wood to warp, the AWI standard allowable warp for a door up to seven feet tall is a quarter of an inch of warp. ¼ inch warp in a 7 ft. door is considered a straight door. For wooden sliding doors over 7 ft. there is no limit to acceptable warp due to the nature of natural wood and its tendency to move subject to changes in the environmental conditions on either side of the door. The most problematic wooden sliding doors are exterior sliding doors because one side faces indoors, while the other side faces the elements. Interior doors have fewer problems with sliding door warp, but if they are over 7 ft. tall, will continue to present problems with sliding door warp.

Wooden Sliding Doors Are Heavy in Weight

The weight of natural wood is another issue to take into consideration when entertaining the idea of including a large wooden sliding door in your project’s design. Heavy wooden sliding doors will create added expenses very early on in the inclusion process, such as the added cost of shipping and handling. Moving the door from point A to point B will incur expenses based on the wooden sliding door’s weight. After the heavy sliding door arrives on the job site, installers must manhandle the door, and use heavy equipment to help maneuver the door on site. Additionally, a heavy wooden sliding door will require heavy duty sliding door hardware, which may cost many times more than the wooden sliding door itself.

Wooden Sliding Doors Have No Insulation

Large wood sliding doors vibrate, like a speaker, transferring sound from one side of the door to the other, which may not be a problem if your location is in the remote wilderness. Besides sound transfer, loss of energy is significant as wood is unable to maintain climate separation from one side of the door from the other, which is also many times more problematic for exterior sliding doors or doors separating two spaces that may have separate activities occurring on either side (such as office, meeting or recreational spaces).

Wooden Sliding Door Solutions

Warp Free Wooden Sliding Doors

The true flat team at Sing Core has a proven track record of providing warp-free sliding door solutions of any size (up to 50 ft.) based on its patented reinforced torsion box composite core and patent pending stiffener and straightening technology that enable them to make the only large sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

Wooden sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the most dimensionally stable Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) sliding doors made in the United States of America.

Lightweight Wooden Sliding Doors

Thanks to the Sing wooden sliding door solution, wooden sliding doors can be made lightweight without compromising strength. Hollow core doors are lightweight but are relatively useless and insecure but better than leaving the doorway empty. A lightweight door does not have to be weak, thanks to patented Sing technology that enables door manufactures to create a lightweight door that is stronger than any other known door core material, and weighs a fraction of the weight of any other solid core wood-based material.

Insulated Wooden Sliding Doors

The patented Sing Core wooden sliding door solution creates a one-of-a-kind sliding door that is as unique as your thumbprint. Every Sing wooden sliding door is an individual work of art, specially designed and built to meet or exceed architectural specifications, regardless of size or applications. One of the unique attributes of the patented Sing torsion box core is that it is pre-insulated. The empty spaced of the torsion box voids are insulated which imbues the wooden sliding door with characteristics of an insulated sliding door that offers climate control R-vale and well as sound dampening.

Sing Wooden Sliding Door Styles

Your patented Sing wooden sliding door solution can be applied to any type or style of wooden sliding doors, including but not limited to the following sdoors made of any kind of natural wood or any available wood-based skin material:

Sliding Front Door Sliding French Doors Sliding Security Doors
Sliding Wardrobe Doors Sliding Barn Doors Sliding Double Doors
Sliding Patio Doors Internal Sliding Doors Automatic Sliding Doors
Sliding Room Dividers Sliding Barn Style Doors Sliding Interior Doors
Sliding Wall Systems Exterior Sliding Doors Sliding Doors Room Dividers
Barn Door Sliders Hangar Doors Sliding Pocket Doors
Sliding Folding Doors Hanging Sliding Doors Modern Sliding Doors
Sliding Patio Doors Kitchen Sliding Door Large Sliding Doors
Custom Sliding Doors Sliding Panel Doors Commercial Sliding Doors
Sliding Partition Doors Steel Sliding Doors Triple Sliding Door
Multi Slide Doors Concealed Sliding Doors Sliding Front Door
Sliding Back Doors Sliding Restaurant Doors Sliding Industrial Doors

Types of Warp-free Wooden Sliding Doors

These revolutionary warp-free wooden sliding doors can be made of different types of wood to make the strongest wooden sliding doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist and remain structurally sound for 50 years. You can have the following warp-free wooden sliding doors with Sing Core inside:

Ash Wood Sliding Doors Beech Wood Sliding Doors Birch Wood Sliding Doors
Cedar Wood Sliding Doors Cherry Wood Sliding Doors Fir Wood Sliding Doors
Fruitwood Wood Sliding Doors Hard Rock Maple Sliding Doors Hemlock Wood Sliding Doors
Hickory Wood Sliding Doors Knotty Pine Wood Sliding Doors Mahogany Wood Sliding Doors
Maple Wood Sliding Doors Oak Wood Sliding Doors Pine Wood Sliding Doors
Port Orford Cedar Sliding Doors Red Cedar Wood Sliding Doors Red Oak Wood Sliding Doors
Rosewood Wood Sliding Doors Spruce Wood Sliding Doors Sugar Maple Wood Sliding Doors
Teak Wood Sliding Doors Walnut Wood Sliding Doors White Oak Wood Sliding Doors

… Just to name a few, as warp-free Sing wooden sliding doors can feature any wood surface, including rare, exotic wood(s) when available.

Patented Sing Core solid wood stave sliding door blanks feature the newest technology in the door industry for composite sliding doors yielding the only eco-friendly, lightweight, fully insulated, high-strength sliding doors with wood blanks of any size (up to 40 ft.) that can be guaranteed true flat and to stay flat for 50 years.

Large sliding door versus regular-size sliding door challenge (i.e., over 4 feet wide and over 8 feet in length):

Large sliding doors are heavy, dimensionally unstable, require more strength due to the heavy weight, and are a challenge to manufacture, ship and install.  High-end jobs require precision and true flatness to please the customer.  A homeowner’s architect, general contractor and mill worker must solve the problem of warped sliding doors.  The solution to the challenge is to use patented professional Sing door blanks to make your sliding doors.

Sing Core wood stave door blanks help door manufacturers to create the only solid wood sliding doors that will not warp, bend, twist or cup following installation.  This means no more continuous service calls for maintenance of big sliding doors that cannot possibly stay straight due to the limitations of solid wood – or any other sliding door core – that is subject to failure.  Sing sliding door blanks have a patented honeycomb/torsion box interior which gives lightweight yet unsurpassed strength (pound-per-pound stronger than steel) and stability to any door, and allows Sing Core to provide a 50-year guarantee

Interior Wooden Sliding Doors:

Sing sliding door blanks make amazing designer doors in any style.  With Sing sliding door core, fragile sliding doors such as French doors are made lightweight yet strong, not warping or breaking hinges, which will last for many decades.

Exterior Wooden Sliding Doors:

Sing sliding door blanks make sturdy exterior doors in any style.  With Sing sliding door core, exterior sliding doors are lightweight and strong, even when oversized.  Our professional wooden sliding doors are guaranteed to stay true flat and not warp or twist for 50 years

When is a door not a door? When it fails to function as a door.

The problem is that all sliding door core materials are either not high precision, too heavy or will move when exposed to moisture, humidity or change in temperature resulting in sliding door failure.

Heavy solid metal or steel will not warp, bend or twist, but is not high precision due to welding (sing core tolerance is + or –  .006 inch!) and is often impractical due to the overweight issues causing excess strain on both the hardware and structure, causing continued maintenance issues.  The solution is our patented lightweight yet strong Sing core wooden sliding door technology.

Finishing a wooden sliding door blank:

There are two types of finish for door blanks:  paint grade and wood grain.  Paint grade includes such finishes as domestic and marine plywood, etc.  Wood grain finish includes such finish as solid wood stave and/or thin veneer.

Why Use Solid Wood Instead of Veneer?

Never settle for substandard veneer sliding doors again. Door engineers prefer to use inexpensive veneer as opposed to real solid wood facings because veneer is thought to be less likely to warp, bend or twist.  But thanks to the super-strength of patented Sing Core technology, you can use solid wood stave and wood blanks with confidence knowing that your wooden sliding door can be guaranteed true flat and will stay flat.

How can a solid wood-faced sliding door stay true flat? As every woodworker knows, when using a solid wood surface, the grain will move according to moisture or temperature change causing the door to fail. When using our patented Sing Core as a substrate you can safely use solid wood because the patented solid torsion box composite material is continually keeping the wood grain straight and true.  Whereas wood stave has more wood fiber giving it more of a chance to warp than thin veneer due to the unbalance of the both side of the door moisture contents, patented Sing technology solves this problem by combining patent pending stiffening materials throughout our Sing core.  This warp-free Sing wooden sliding door technology eliminates the troublesome movement of the sliding door blank — warping is no longer a concern when wood stave is combined with reinforced patented Sing core.

In addition, solid wood is easy to work with, install (no need to hot press), repair and remodel.  That’s why professionals trust Sing Core’s years of expertise in helping to design the only wood stave sliding doors (that look just like solid wood sliding doors) that can stay straight and true for many decades while respectfully honoring the beauty and elegance of solid wood, which far outlasts easily-damaged veneers, yet can be sanded and repaired if necessary.

Celebrate your real wood!

Our Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength alternative is the best   solution for combating the issues associated with weight and size,   especially large doors.  Only our patented Sing torsion box/foam   composite core combined with our years of experience provides   guaranteed solutions for oversize sliding doors.

That’s why this technology is found everywhere, from beneath the sea   (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in-between.

Sing sliding door blanks may be made using almost any wood species, like   mahogany, redwood, teak wood, cherry wood, walnut wood, cedar   wood, Ipe wood, sapele wood, poplar wood, ebony wood, ash wood,   oak or any other hardwood or exotic wood types available.

This same wood sliding door blank composite technology is also a common solution for high-end projects like engineered hardwood flooring, shiplap, wood furniture, wood shelves, decking, shed doors or any other application demanding high precision and exemplary performance over time.

Domestic Wood Grain Plywood Sliding Doors

As an alternative to wood stave, domestic wood grain plywood could be used to create a nice wood grain surface, even for large sized wooden sliding door applications.

Note the seam is tight but visible when joining two pieces of domestic plywood together to create a large panel.

How is wood stave/veneer added to Sing panels?

Wood stave is added directly to the metal or wood skin of our patented Sing cores.  Wood veneer may be added to an 1/8-inch mdf attached to the metal skin.  Call us for a free consultation on the best option for your project.

How to vacuum-press (video) with Sing Core

Wooden Sliding Doors