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Wood Sliding Door

Sing Core’s revolutionary wood sliding door is unlike any other wood sliding door in the world with features and benefits unmatched by any other Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength door available anywhere at any price.

Sing wood sliding door products are the backbone of the high-end door manufacturing highly guarded secret of the biggest and best wood sliding door manufacturers in the world.

Inventor Peter Sing empowers any ordinary sliding door company to make extraordinary sliding wood doors which can be of enormous size and guaranteed to remain warp-free, including uncompromising structural strength for 50 years. No other company can do that, unless your wooden sliding door has Sing’s secret ingredients inside.

Mr. Sing’s True Flat Team at his Sing Core factory tucked away in the serenity of the plush Pacific Northwest in Washington State, utilizes varying formulations of his patented and patent-pending technologies to produce these one of a kind warp-free wooden sliding door products.

While many of the doors which feature Sing’s “Sing Core” inside their doors are the homes, establishments, and industrial sites of the most elite individuals in the United States and the world, Mr. Sing would like to see every interior sliding door, from closet sliding door to sliding carriage and barn doors featuring his core material in every home.

Then everyone could enjoy wood sliding doors built to last centuries and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years, which also provide these amazing benefits:

  1. Eco-friendly

  2. Lightweight

  3. High Strength

  4. Dimensionally Stable

  5. Impact Resistant

  6. Fully Insulated, for

    1. Sound Isolation

    2. Climate Control

  7. Feature Any Wood Species (subject to availability)

  8. Available in Any Style

  9. Any Size (up to 40 ft., or more)

  10. 50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Due to Sing’s doors being so lightweight, think of the cost savings over the life of your wood sliding door in wooden sliding doors door hardware over time. The initial cost of hardware is based on the weight of the door, the greater the weight of the sliding door, the more expensive the hardware is. Sometimes the sliding door hardware can be more expensive than the sliding door, itself.

Heavy wood sliding doors will present regular maintenance costs over time, as the weight of the door under normal usage conditions will cause the hardware to beak down, requiring service or replacement. These heavy doors also exert stress on the structure over the course of normal operation which leads to other structural maintenance costs over time.

If your wood sliding door has Sing Core inside, the weight of the door will be very light, saving you money on lighter weight-rated sliding door hardware. Plus, regular operation of the Eco-friendly, lightweight and high strength door does not wreak havoc on the structure, which means very little maintenance over time, if any, which greatly reduces the average cost of wood sliding doors overall.

The most modern sliding patio doors and modern sliding barn doors have Sing Core inside as contemporary architects and designers let their creative juices flow thanks to Sing’s invention of Sing Core.

These are often considered among the best wood sliding doors and by far the best-performing gliding patio door as Sing’s invention makes child’s play of the challenges associated with a wood sliding door with one side 100% exposed to the weather (which usually creates many problems for door manufacturers in the field following installation).

If you, or your client, demands the highest degree of stylish sliding doors which can continue to be proud of and can be guaranteed for 50 years of worry-free enjoyment without fail?

Shouldn’t your wood sliding doors (at least the most special ones) have Sing Core inside?

How can you get the best wood sliding door in the world?

Surprisingly, you cannot get a door from Sing Core. Inventor Peter Sing says,

“We do not make doors.”

Which is a little confusing because he does provide the best sliding door manufacturers in the world, as well as custom door makers, and millworks, with his patented core systems to enable them to create these enormously famous one of a kind doors.

So, all you have to do is to contact you favorite door manufacturer, custom door builder, or millwork, and tell them you want “Sing Core inside,” your door.
Then you, too can have one of the world’s best doors for a better world.


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Wood Sliding Doors

Wood sliding doors are by far the top sellers of all door types besides hinged doors of any kind of doors. Wood sliding doors serve a wide variety of applications from residential to hospitality, business, commercial, and industrial wood sliding doors.


A wood sliding door is a very elegant statement in nearly any environment, and can be operated by hand, or electronically articulated and operated by remote control. Remote control wood sliding doors can have problems when operating a large sliding door which is very heavy over time.

If you’re replacing a wooden sliding door, you might consider reducing your regular maintenance costs over time by obtaining wooden sliding doors with Sing Core inside, which provides you with a lightweight impact resistant wood sliding door that is fully insulated and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Modern sliding barn doors are among the most popular trends in interior sliding doors of late, and a large wooden barn door is definitely the most challenging to attempt of all sliding door systems, because the more wood grain in the sliding barn doors, the more tendency they will have to warp, unless you have a warp-free Sing wood sliding barn door.

Inventor Peter Sing is famous for providing the highest precision and functionality in large lightweight wood sliding doors relieving the stress on wooden sliding door hardware as well as the structure, delivering high performance and each individual door can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years, regardless of size.

Sing’s modern sliding patio doors are the most impressive wood patio doors. Each one of these individual sliding glass doors is essentially a one of a kind piece of artwork, specially designed and engineered from the inside out by Sing’s True Flat Team. The individual characteristics of each of these modern doors results in every wood sliding door being specifically engineered to perfectly fit the application, exposure to the elements, type of sliding door hardware, impact resistance, sound deadening qualities, any type of exterior surface material.

If you’re in search of the ultimate sliding patio door, you pretty much need to have Sing Core inside, if you want a high precision gliding patio door, which outperforms all other sliding glass patio doors. Now, thanks to Sing’s invention, you can have sliding patio doors that are commonly referred to the best patio sliding doors. It’s no wonder you find them in the most expensive multi-million-dollar homes in America.

The most common sliding French wood patio doors you find with Sing’s core inside are the perfect balance between wood and glass, with a beautiful wood frame holding transparent glass in the center of the sliding French wood doors.

The insulation value of Sing’s core allows him to provide both sound dampening and climate control to wood sliding doors, either on purpose, or as a pleasant added benefit, even if you’re designing a custom wood glass sliding closet door.

Often referred to as the best sliding wood doors, sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the latest evolution of sliding door ideas, since, (well, sing forever).

So, how would you go about obtaining sliding wood doors with Sing Core inside for your home? It really is very easy, but you won’t get them from Sing’s factory. The inventor is very clear in his assertion that,

“We do not make doors.” ~ Peter Sing

How can that be, when Sing’s doors are featured in so many of the most upscale projects in the world?

According to the inventor and CEO, Sing Core only provides the base door or sliding door blank to the millwork, door manufacturer, or custom door shop. The rest is up to the other professionals to finish creating this work of art, as well as installation. It takes a village to design and build the best wood sliding doors.

You are not limited simply to wood doors, as Sing Core also supplies the world’s biggest and best door companies with large custom aluminum wood multi slide door blanks and large aluminum wood sliding doors.

Best Sliding Wood Doors Images

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Custom Sliding Door

The new and improved custom sliding door projects at Sing Core are always exciting as they specialize in solving the problems associated with large custom sliding doors for the most expensive homes in the world as well as custom & replacement doors for closets, media rooms, garages, bedrooms and offices.

While the biggest custom sliding door presents many problems to the contemporary architecture and design firm, using the finest large sliding door engineers, Sing Core reaches out offering solutions to any of the problems which may be faced when trying to create a visionary’s custom sliding door ideas to life.

If you are looking for a custom manufactured sliding door system, you would be well-served to seek out inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending custom sliding door systems and solutions, resulting in Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength custom sliding doors which are built to last for centuries but guaranteed for 50 years.

Sing’s True Flat Team at Sing Core rises to the task every day to take the headache out of realizing your custom sliding door vision, especially if you are struggling with a large sliding door opening, and wrestling with a building material which is difficult to keep straight, such as the case of natural wood sliding doors.

Natural wood presents the biggest problem for door manufacturers because wood moves, what we in the business call, “door warping.” There is little pride associated in building any custom sliding door that will warp months or weeks after installation, regardless of how beautiful it might be.

Enter Sing’s invention of Sing Core, the only way to build an Eco-friendly lightweight custom sliding door that is stronger than steel pound for pound (independently tested at 660+ PSI) and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Sing has creating warp-free large custom sliding doors down to a science utilizing his inventions to build any door you want around his warp-free door core substrate which is engineered and manufactured to match your choice of any surface material to keep any custom sliding door of any size, even up to 40 ft. tall and/or wide or larger from warping, whether they are interior sliding doors or exterior sliding doors.

The most problematic large sliding doors are exterior sliding doors because one side faces the interior of the structure while the other side may be one hundred percent exposed to weather. This is the perfect recipe for warping doors, unless they have Sing’s patented core inside.

Which makes the Sing solution a perfect match for custom made patio doors which could be made of any available flat building material, which not only gives you a true flat, warp-free panel sliding patio door, but you get the added safety and security that comes from having insulated custom patio doors.

Sing’s custom sliding glass and hinged patio doors are the contemporary glass opening approach to having that French door design access connecting the structure’s interior with the outside whether doors are secured or wide open for the most modern sliding patio doors. This also makes the Sing solution the top resource for replacement sliding patio doors which may never need replacing again.

The fully embedded insulation in Sing’s hybrid design sports an R-value of 3.5 to 6.5 per inch in thickness, assuring you more safety, security, privacy, and climate control with fully customized sliding doors for your home that are beautiful, and energy efficient impact resistant doors.

Peter Sing works together with the contemporary architects and modern designers to create custom made sliding doors unique to the design, function, and high precision expectations while delivering the best dimensionally stable results possible with his new hybrid custom sliding door technology, available in nearly unlimited and extreme custom sizes.

So, if you’re looking for bringing your superior custom sliding door design to life, regardless of size and limitations of your most desired materials, Sing Core can help to bridge the gap between what was previously impossible and the birth of all your replacement and new oversized sliding doors.

To either create or re-create your indoor/outdoor living space with custom sliding doors, all you have to do is to contact the sliding door company of your choice and tell them what you want. Give them the specs of your dream door, including the height, width, and thickness, as well as what material you would like to have the door made of, and don’t forget to tell them you want, “Sing Core inside.”

No two sliding doors are the same as Sing’s 100% custom sliding doors are created with the love and care of fine handcraftsmanship in his factory nestled in the scenic Pacific Northwest in Washington State. Even though his location is somewhat remote, Sing Core ships every day to destinations across the United States and around the world.

The number one delivery location is the greater New York area. It’s a good thing that Sing’s Custom-made sliding door blanks are so lightweight, that shipping them across America is far less expensive than other materials of the same size.

The rest will result in all your architecturally beautiful interior sliding door and custom sliding door dreams coming true for you and your most discerning clientele, all backed by inventor Peter Sing’s 50-year warp-free guarantee.

Every door with Sing Core inside is custom-made in the USA and built to last centuries.

For more information, Contact Sing Core

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Sliding Doors Seattle

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may have the occasion to search for sliding doors Seattle. You could be looking for anything from an interior sliding door to huge exterior commercial sliding doors which could be over 40 ft. tall and/or 40 ft. wide (or even larger sliding doors). If you are looking for the most high-precision and high-performance door in Washington State, chances are, you will come across Sing Core dot com.

Sing Core dot com represents the next level of sliding doors in the greater Seattle-area which are lighter in weight yet stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing Core is the back-end support for the sliding door company of your choice for large sliding doors which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

That’s a tall order to fill, especially if you’re talking about a large sliding door which is exposed to the elements in the moisture-rich Pacific Northwest. This new generation of modern contemporary interior sliding doors are being hailed as the best sliding doors in Seattle, Washington, due to their Eco-friendly hybrid composite technology resulting in a truly sustainable sliding door which is built to last for centuries without fail and guaranteed for 50 years.

Seattle patio door replacement experts partner with Sing Core to provide you with the most comprehensive solution for Seattle replacement doors for your home, apartment, or business.

Your replacement doors can be superior enough to never need another Seattle, Washington door repair service because if your sliding door was built in concert with Sing Core, it is a unique solution to the problems which owners of sliding doors face in the geographic locations of Western Washington which are often plagued by heavy rains and changes in weather conditions.

Contemporary modern sliding patio door is an excellent match for the features and benefits which are enjoyed by the owners of multimillion-dollar homes throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as the rest of the United States and the rest of the world, for that matter.

You may never need worry about doors replacement, or the constant maintenance of commercial and industrial door repair services burdening your bottom line.

While Sing Core is a replacement door company offering sliding entry doors and entry door replacements, “We do not make doors,” says owner/inventor, Peter Sing. Sing’s company provides a unique service to manufacturers of custom architectural wood windows and doors in the greater Seattle area.

Sing’s invention (Sing Core) is a combination of his patented insulated reinforced vertical grain torsion box core combines with other patent-pending anti-warp technology to provide a base door blank to the millworks and custom door manufacturers which is fully insulated, a fraction of the weight of other solid wood-based door cores, yet is so strong that the inventor can stand on this one-inch thick panel with a clear span between two saw horses with little deflection. This is just one example of how strong Sing’s door core is.

Note that Sing’s core was independently tested at the University of Washington whose results rated his invention at 660+ PSI. Compared to other lightweight cores used in the aerospace industry, which are rated at 10 to 110 PSI, the possibilities are hard to comprehend.

This has had a huge impact in the sliding door replacement and patio door replacement needs of the Seattle area, because if you possess one of the best home doors, commercial doors, home replacement sliding doors, patio doors, replacement doors, and commercial sliders with Sing Core inside, you may never need sliding door replacement or repair services again.

So, if you’re in the greater Seattle area, and are looking for high quality replacement doors, whether they are standard sliding doors or large industrial automatic sliding doors, then you just might to have Sing’s core inside your door.

How to Get Sing Core in Seattle

Getting Sing Core inside your door is as easy as contacting your favorite custom and/or replacement window & door manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest and tell them you what kind of door you want, the size of the door (the width of each door slab you want, the width, and the thickness), and what you want the door to be made of (referred to as the “door skin”), and be sure to say you want, “Sing Core inside.”

This is how you can get the best replacement sliding doors and patio doors in Seattle.

You can have any kind of high quality, innovative bifold, accordion, multi slide, French patio doors, swing and sliding doors which are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years guaranteed by owner/inventor Peter Sing.

Including commercial sliding doors, power sliding doors, and Seattle garage doors, too.

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Large Sliding Door

Sing Core introduces the problem-solving warp-free large sliding door systems to custom fit any opening, up to 40 feet wide or more, that are fully insulated for sound dampening and climate control, lightweight, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Sing non-warping large sliding doors, create large exterior openings that provide superior weather performance when closed due to the high precision manufacturing process featuring insulation values to meet or exceed your architectural door specifications.

This unique patented and patent-pending large sliding door technology allows door designers, architects, and highly specialized door engineers to create large sliding doors of enormous size with the highest performance standards, each of these unique large sliding panels, providing additional strength and protection to any space from industrial and commercial to utility and residential applications.


It might not be uncommon for you to be looking directly at a product with Sing Core inside when you are in the presence of large sliding mirror wall panels. Large sliding mirrors could be extremely dangerous if they are not attached to a wall’s surface area. Free-hanging large mirrors creates many challenges. That’s why the best large mirror sliding door has Sing Core inside, with its “unbreakable mirror” technology.

Among the high-profile museums and art galleries, entire sliding art walls are also examples of Sing Core’s best of show, which are basically the same as our interior sliding doors, specifically designed for displaying art in the most elegant ways.

You may also find Sing Core inside uniquely fashioned large patio doors, which can limit the view when closed, or have large window openings, such as French doors, and can be one large sliding door, or multiple sliding doors when used as multi-slide patio doors.

Large door openings are made for Sing American French doors or large sliding doors guaranteed to insulate any interior space from and exterior conditions with specially designed swinging doors and French doors, each one an individual work of art, proudly made in the USA.

The Sing Core factory is nestled inside its remote location in the scenic Pacific Northwest where all the magic happens and inventor Peter Sing works in tandem with the largest door companies in the world to create one-of-a-kind doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

There is only one way to build a warp-free door. So, if you have an Eco-friendly lightweight long, large sliding door installed in your doorway opening which is stronger than steel and has a 50-year warp-free guarantee, you can bet it has Sing Core inside.

No matter whether you’re looking for the perfect large feature doors or large factory doors, you know that you can depend on Peter sing’s invention(s) to have the best large sliding door solutions for all your aviation, commercial, industrial, agricultural metal building system needs.

Sing’s reinforced insulated torsion box core has revolutionized traditional sliding door technology, which can be applied to any functional door application from large opening folding door systems to sliding doors for large façades.

Eliminate heavy regular maintenance of your large format interior or exterior sliding door systems by applying the most innovative solutions by Sing’s True Flat Team, who help create larger sliding doors than were fiscally unapproachable before.

New possibilities abound when you no longer have to worry about having to deal with all the challenges that are associated with large heavy door, when you can create lightweight high strength doors in any shape, style, or size with Sing Core inside.

And how easy is it for you to get this new generation of large sliding door?

Just go to your favorite custom large sliding door company and tell them what you want, the height, width, and thickness, as well as the exterior surface material you would like to see on your door, and if you want one of the best doors in the world, make sure you tell them, “I want Sing Core inside.”

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Sliding Metal Doors

Sliding metal doors were all the rage in commercial, industrial, and residential applications in the fifties and sixties. The only problem with these doors was that they were costly to maintain because these sliding metal doors were so heavy. It’s a lot of extra weight to add to a structure, especially if the structure isn’t manufactured primarily of concrete and steel.

Rollers would breakdown, bearing would fail, tracks would deteriorate, as the maintenance costs piled up over the lifespan of the door. Now, thanks to Sing Core, there is a solution for making Eco-friendly sliding metal doors which are lightweight, with Sing’s patented solid hybrid core.

The classic design and look of sliding metal doors are making a comeback in modern contemporary architectural designs and it is having huge impact, especially if the sliding metal doors are very large in size.

This new resurgence in metal sliding door design is implementing all types of metal, primarily focused upon aluminum door, stainless steel door, galvanized steel door, cold rolled steel door, and hot rolled steel door, in that order of popularity among modern architects and designers.

When contemplating the incorporation of a large metal sliding door into your design, there are many considerations to take into account. Will there be maintenance required regularly over the life of the door? In most cases, large doors will need regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly, and to repair or replace them if they either become damaged or start to warp.

Any metal door could be made of any type of available metal, though some types may be cost prohibitive, and others may be too soft to deliver consistent high performance over time, so it’s best to know your metals before you specify the material, unless, of course, price and regular maintenance are not an issue.

Aluminum and steel sliding doors definitely lead the pack over all metal sliding doors, and exterior steel doors are a hot item, and when they encounter direct sunlight, that’s when things start moving. That’s a problem which could prevent the steel sliding door from operating correctly and may cause undo stress on hardware, leading to all kinds of other problems.

When a warping metal sliding door is of concern, Sing Core is the solution, especially for modern metal doors over three-and-a-half feet wide and seven feet tall. Inventor Peter Sing can help architectural door designers to create large metal doors which can be guaranteed warp-free for fifty years.

In fact, if you have a large metal door with a 50-year warp-free guarantee, that door has Sing Core inside and it was designed, engineered, built, and finished to achieve those special results.

While Sing Core is found inside the best metal sliding doors in the world, Sing Core does not make sliding doors. Sing Core works hand-in-hand with the best millworks and metal door fabricators in the world. The result of this massive team effort to achieve such high-end sliding metal doors. No detail is overlooked.

It takes a village to build a lightweight, high strength, metal sliding door that is a one of a kind piece of work which is made to last for centuries and guaranteed to remain warp-free for at least 50 years.

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Walnut Sliding Doors

Walnut Sliding Door 148 1/8″ tall x 53″ wide x 2″ thick. Solid 1/8″ walnut wood stave skin.

Looks matter! For a super light weight cutting edge modern door design, Sing Core is your best bet.

This beautiful walnut sliding door is  148 1/8″ tall x 53″ wide x 2″ thick. Solid 1/8″ walnut wood stave skin gives a natural look that is both modern and stylish. Yet our panel is one third the weight of wood yet stronger than steel by weight

Exterior Sliding Walnut Doors

Our panels look amazing outdoors and in doors. Strength of Sing Core panels include:

  • Core is mostly highly insulated foam with an internal wood structure
  • Sound deadening characteristics
  • Weather proof (when properly finished).
  • True Flat means door remains easy to operate and tightly sealed for the lifetime of the door

Interior Sliding and Pocket Doors

The beauty and sound deadening properties of sing core doors are doubly appreciated when used as an interior sliding. Furthermore, interior sliding doors can be frequently operated, such as closet doors or large room dividers. Such frequent use is facilitated by the light weight nature of the panels. Yet the dense and strong construction feels like a solid piece of wood to the user.

9′ Tall Walnut Wood Veneer Door Panel

Walnut Double Sliding Patio Doors

If your are in need of a distinctive, one of a kind, custom made patio door for your project, look no further than Sing Core. Every one of our panels is made custom — to order — to meet your precise specifications.

Custom blocking, light cut outs, edging, and other features can be included or removed to meet your needs and pricing concerns.

Panels can be used in any door application, including sliding and double sliding doors. The same panel, with different internal support and blocking, works perfect for pivot doors, hinge doors, overhead garage doors, carriage doors, pocket doors, and hidden doors.

12′ Tall Walnut Wood Stave Door

Walnut Sliding Door Hardware

SingCore doors do not come with hardware, but are designed to work with the hardware of your choice. Any commercially available hardware or custom hardware package can work with our doors provided they support the weight required.

In order to match with the hardware of your choice, SingCore embeds custom solid wood blocking in the core of the panel around the edges, measured precisely to meet with your hardware configuration.

SingCore panels can be worked just like wood. And, will be familiar to millworks, cabinet makers, wood workers, and contractors who have experience with traditional doors.

SingCore is the best choice for your project!

Sliding French Walnut Patio Doors

Sliding french patio doors offer a distinctive look for the discerning home owner.

Sing panels are uniquely suited for french doors because of their ability to be cut in to any configuration of windows or light openings to suit your need without loss of strength.

Consider our panels to be the clay for your sculpture. We can form them to meet almost any need, any size, any thickness, and any surface material.

Contact SingCore today and request a free consultation and estimate for your project.


12′ Tall Walnut Door Only 177 lbs

Pivot Door Gallery

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Wooden Sliding Doors that Don’t Warp

When you need a large door that doesn’t warp, especially a sliding door made of wood, then look to Sing Core for you salvation.  No one is able to guarantee our wooden sliding doors don’t warp like we do, with a warp free 50 year guarantee.

How do you stop a wooden door from warping?

The easy answer is to buy Sing Core for your door. Our patented light weight torsion box material is able to withstand extreme conditions and maintain perfect straightness over the life of the door. Wood can always warp but sing core never will, despite being a wood and foam core. The aerospace inspired construction methods push the capability of wood to beyond the strength of steel pound per pound and lighter than an equivalent wood door of traditional construction

How do you straighten a warped interior door?

There is no easy way to straighten a typical wood warped door. But Sing Core’s patented and patenting pending aluminum stiffener technology, found in all “professional” grade wooden sliding doors we make, allows warped doors to rebound.

The process is simple to un-warp a Sing Core wooden sliding door that may have warped during transport or during storage before finishing and installation.

  1. Support the wooden sliding door on it’s side in a dry area
  2. Allow the panel to sit with equal circulation on both sides for 3-5 days
  3. Enjoy your perfectly straight sliding door panel

Once sealed and installed, perfect straight Sing sliding door panels will never warp.

JB Duke Hotel Doors Perfect Straight Light Weight Super HIgh Strength

Does staining wood prevent warping?

Staining wood does not prevent warping. Sing panels, once sealed with an appropriate wood sealer, will never warp. Traditional wood doors, however, are prone to warping even after sealing due to aging effects of the wood.

What causes cabinet doors to warp?

Traditional cabinet doors generally warp because of uneven moisture infiltration due to near by water sources such as sinks, showers, and steam from cooking. Everyone knows that wet wood tends to warp.

Similarly, if the wood used in the cabinet is not perfectly dry or has natural imperfections then the panel will warp no matter how it is treated.

Unlike traditional cabinets, Sing Core does not derive it’s strength from lumber, but from our patented core. This core is impervious from warping, is much lighter than a traditional wood cabinet door, and provides better insulation.

Barn doors that won’t warp

If you want a barn door that stays perfectly straight no matter what, you will have extra difficulty if you use a pure wood door. Barn doors only have 2 points of contact per panel, and therefor cannot benefit from mechanical stability of 3 or more points of contact.

Sing Doors, although not the cheapest on the market, can save time and money because you can be confident that our attractive natural wood panels are backed inside with a space age technology.

How to build a barn door that won’t warp

To build barn door that won’t warp:

  1. Order a sing core panel of your chosen length, width, and thickness
  2. Choose your skin thickness and finish
  3. Finish to you choice of color the raw wooden sing panel
  4. Mill out and install hardware

Why do doors warp

Doors warp because of uneven humidity causing dimensional change in the panel. Additionally, imperfections in the wood and stress on the door over time can lead to warpage.

Sing doors combat all these issues with out patented Sing Core material that is stronger than steel by weight and the times lighter than wood. All our “professional” grade panels come with a pure lifetime 50-year structural guarantee. Doors with excessive warpage will be replaced, with only minimal questions asked.

Order Today

If you have any questions about how Sing Core can help with your project, please contact us directly!

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Large Sliding Doors in Stable Renovation

Take a look at what our friends over at SHED Architecture did when they combined Eco-friendly insulated lightweight high strength patented Sing Core with a horse stable repurpose transforming the site into an elegant workspace studio and extra bedroom thanks to a few large sliding barn doors with Sing Core inside.