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Interior Sliding Barn Doors

It is not uncommon for interior sliding barn doors to be specified as metal barn doors, such as steel sliding barn doors and aluminum interior barn doors.

Natural wood species top the requests for interior sliding barn doors, by far. While contemporary architectural design fashion shifts dramatically, the most common natural wood grains specified for natural wood architectural doors are:

Top 10 Wood Interior Sliding Barn Doors

1. Pine Barn Door

2. Cedar Barn Door

3. Walnut Barn Door

4. Knotty Pine Barn Door

5. White Oak Barn Door

6. Alder Barn Door

7. Maple Barn Door

8. Hickory Barn Door

9. Mahogany Barn Door

10. Cherry Barn Door

And just in case you were wondering these other natural wood interior sliding barn doors follow the Top 10 in their order of popularity: Red oak, red cedar, teak, birch, ash, white pine, fir, hemlock, beech, and rosewood wood species.

Even though these natural wood species are the most popular, doesn’t mean you are limited by any means. The more high-end the project is, whether it is an exclusive commercial or residential structure, the doors could be specified as very exotic wood.

By using veneer doors as your interior sliding barn doors, you honor and preserve the natural resources by using very thin layers of the natural wood on the surface, which can end up looking like a solid wood door, if you do it right.

Natural wood veneered interior sliding barn doors are a conscious use of natural materials, whereas natural wood veneer may not be recommended for exterior doors. Wood veneer is too thin to be used in an exterior application, as it cannot take much abuse when exposed to the elements. In the case of exterior doors, it is best to stick with wood stave doors, using natural wood planks of at least 1/8” thick.

The Best Interior Sliding Barn Doors

The best interior sliding doors have Sing Core inside. You might ask, “What is Sing Core?” Sing Core is a patented core material invented by inventor, Peter Sing, who is also the president of Sing Core. His experience and fascination with aeronautics led him to create a lightweight high strength building material which could be used in the aerospace industry.

Who knew he would invent the most exclusive sliding barn door substrate material that could be used to build enormous interior sliding barn doors up to 50 ft. that weight a fraction of the weight of other wood-based solid core doors and are stronger than steel pound of pound (independently rated at 660+ PSI).

But Sing’s invention doesn’t stop there, Sing also pre-insulates every one of his door blanks to further enhance its features, such as increased climate control and built-in sound proofing for increased energy savings, safety, and security.

And on top of that, there is the unheard of guarantee that cannot be touched by any other method of building doors, with Sing’s own,

50-year Warp-Free Guarantee

Sing’s invention has enabled the biggest and best door manufacturers in the United States to build these large oversized sliding barn doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail (including structure and lamination) for 50 years, for flawless customer satisfaction.

Proudly manufactured with locally sourced materials and made in the USA by highly skilled craftspeople and artisans, the art of building customized warp-free substrates which are perfectly matched for any surface material and it’s inherit reaction to changes in the environment and tendency to move.

As Sing’s clients have been saying for more than 20 years, now,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

There is no other way to build a large door of any type or style and guarantee that it will basically never warp, guaranteed.

Mr. Sing says, I could not say it, if it wasn’t true. And If it wasn’t true, if even one door warped, I’d be out of business.”

Sing Core is the only way to build a warp-free interior sliding barn door, period.

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Sliding Interior Doors

Interior sliding doors have come a long way, and now you have so many choices available in the most modern sliding door ideas that anyone could have the most stunning side-sliding entry point. From the sliding barn door to the sliding pocket doors, these space-saving sliding interior doors are among the best sliding doors in the world.

The best exterior and interior sliding doors made in the United States of America all have patented Sing Core inside and are guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, including a full structure warranty, and this is not to be found in any other interior sliding doors.

Sliding interior doors may not sound like a complicated job when it comes to including architectural details or incorporating large sliding doors in your designs, but if you’ve had your feet in the clay for some time, you should be aware of the problems which may be presented by internal sliding doors, especially if they are large in size.

First off, the most desirable material for sliding interior doors is any number of natural wood species. Wood sliding interior doors can be a challenge, if not at the outset, then definitely over time. Why? Because wood moves. It may no longer be a part of a tree, but it still responds to changes in the environment, which causes your sliding interior doors to warp.

Thanks to inventor Peter Sing and his inventions at Sing Core, door manufacturers (some of the largest and most prestigious door companies in the world) can create warp-free indoor sliding doors that can be guaranteed to remain straight and true for 50 years.

How to Make Warp-free Sliding Interior Doors

Sing’s patented and patent-pending warp-free wooden door technologies are based on a basic well-known wood crafting technique called torsion box, which is a respected technique for building things out of wood that will resist warping as well as reducing the overall weight of large wooden items such as conference tables and internal wooden sliding doors.

Though Sing’s invention does stop there, his warp-free-door technology goes so much further beyond standard wood working techniques. For instance, he started out by reorienting the direction of the torsion box frame from horizontal to vertical. That, in itself, was a huge improvement for warp resistance and increasing shear strength. But he didn’t stop there, either.

Next, he filled all the individual rectangles (hollow spaces left open in traditional torsion box designs) with rigid foam and secured these metric components between two stress skins using formaldehyde-free glue in the most Eco-friendly manner for the most sustainable substrate known for use in sliding interior doors.

Sing unveiled his truly modern barn door, and the biggest and best door companies, were all over it. Prior to Sing’s invention, the big door companies had all but eliminated the production of oversized doors of any kind due to their propensity to warp, making them impossible to warranty, and repeated service calls made them impractical to offer. If they did take on one or two large sliding interior doors, they would add a rider to the contract indemnifying them from any responsibility due to warp.

Keep in mind that even though the best sliding interior doors have Sing’s core inside, his company does not actually build doors, even though Sing is well known for making some of the most perfect doors, he only supplies the raw product, the door blanks or sliding door core, to the door companies, millworks, and high end custom door manufacturers, who actually create the masterpieces on his canvases for which he is so well known.

They are in the process of expanding their large custom sliding interior door divisions because they can confidently deliver a high precision, high-end solution which includes Sing’s 50 year structure and non-warping guarantees.

So, now you can get large sliding interior doors that are lightweight, insulated, stronger than steel, and made in the USA that are guaranteed not to warp for 50 years. All you must do is to contact your local door provider, and tell them you want, “Sing Core inside.”


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Custom Sliding Garage Doors

SingCore specializes in producing the highest quality sliding garage doors on the market. Our patented and patent pending core material is ultra-light weight yet super strong. Choose any style of door, skin material, or hardware arrangement that you desire. We building custom door panels to match your specs exactly.

How to Build Sliding Garage Doors

Our sliding garage door blanks come “unfinished” but made to your exact specifications in terms of size, hardware blocking, and surface material. SingCore surfaces include the possibility of —

  • Wood stave – white oak, walnut, cedar, teak, cherry, and more
  • Wood Veneer – white oak, walnut, cedar, teak, cherry, and more
  • Metal – aluminum, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, and more
  • Paint grade
  • High tech laminate or fiberglass skins

Bypass Sliding Garage Doors

Bypass doors are just one of the many specialty sliding garage door types available for production by SingCore’s crack team of door manufacturing experts. Bypass sliding door, sliding door with man door, accordion doors, and so much more is possible with our state of the art door production technology.

There is no door too small or too large for SingCore’s aerospace inspired “honeycomb” wood and foam core construction. We guarantee your panel will be perfectly straight (to AWI standards) for 50 years or more! This makes SingCore the perfect companion for your high insulation value sliding doors, where exact straightness is the key to a great seal for a sliding door.

Side Sliding Garage Door Cost

Our custom production line is capable of making custom doors in any quantity. Whether you need a one off door for a remodel project or custom high end home, or you need 1000 doors for your development, SingCore can be you supplier.

Because we make every door to order, the cost varies quite a bit based on quantity. The best way to get an idea of price is to submit a quote request with your project details.

Our estimating team, with decades of experience in custom sliding door design and manufacture, is standing by to answer your questions and to help you design and custom door that meets your needs and fits in to your budget.

DIY Side Sliding Garage Door

For the DIY or home gamer, SingCore may just be the perfect fit. We are not a finished door provider, and we do not provide pre-hung or similar products. Our bread and butter is the production of unfinished door “blanks” designed and built to your specifications.

Because of this, we only sell to individuals with the skills and equipment to properly finish and hang our doors. If you are a homeowner without construction skills, we recommend that you contact a millwork or finish carpenter in your area, and tell them you want “SingCore inside”!

Manual Sliding Garage Door

Because SingCore is exceptionally light, less than 1/3rd similar solid wood doors, they make great manual sliding garage doors. Easy to operate, highly insulated, and perfectly straight for your lifetime, SingCore siding doors are practically unparalleled on the custom garage door market.

Get A Price Quote Today

The fastest way to get feedback on your project and your questions answered by a qualified sales person is to submit a price quote request. How can we help you today?

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Large Barn Doors

Eco-friendly large barn doors are taking on a whole new look and are a more sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor applications while commanding a unique stylistic approach to contemporary architectural design. The best extra large barn doors are emerging as featured presentations in all types of structures from residential and commercial to hospitality and industrial venues.

This new approach to the modern barn door is creating a stir as simple design of the traditional wood sliding barn door is now able to incorporate exciting characteristics that far surpass the simplicity of your grandfather’s farmhouse sliding door by incorporating this new generation of large architectural barn doors.

So, what makes this superior modern barn door so different from the sliding farm door of yesteryear?

While they may look similar, the large barn door hardware is much more sophisticated, but the biggest secret of all is what is found deep inside the best large barn doors of all time. If you were to look inside, you would find a patented substrate specifically designed to build the ultimate large barn doors.

Inventor Peter Sing is responsible for discovering and manufacturing this unique hybrid composite door core found inside the best modern barn doors today. Sing’s core imbues each barn door with astounding characteristics which cannot all be found in any other type of barn door, anywhere on Earth.

For instance, if your modern barn door has Sing Core inside, you will possess a door which is

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Lightweight
  3. High strength
  4. Solid as a rock
  5. Fully insulated
  6. Warp-free
  7. Guaranteed 50 Years

Large Barn Door Problems

If you were going to make a high-end large barn door for a demanding client or visionary contemporary architect, you would have to hire a door engineer with the ability to design sliding barn doors which could be built to architectural specifications. The goal is to have an end product, a large barn door, which will not warp, fail, or require regular ongoing maintenance to keep it operational over time.

If the large barn door was quite oversized, say anything over three-and-a-half ft. wide and 7 ft. tall, you would find some extreme goings on inside such a door. There would likely be some type of welded steel interior framing and other heavy inserted in an effort to keep such a big barn door from warping, a pretty toxic approach to trying to solve the problems associated with large barn doors.

This is the biggest complaint with failing large barn doors: They warp. And warping barn door, if they are warped enough, will cease to operate, and if they are very heavy, this causes extra stress and strain on both hardware and the structure itself.


Large Barn Door Solutions

Thanks to Sing and his patented inventions and patent-pending solutions there is a way to make a lightweight high strength modern pivot door which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years. There is no other way to accomplish such a feat without Sing Core inside.

Eco-friendly Large Barn Doors

Sing’s manufacturing facility is nestled in the pristine Pacific Northwest, where ecological approaches to building and creating almost anything is of profound importance to its inhabitants. So, Sing’s factory uses the best of both worlds, basic traditional woodworking craftsmanship and advanced cold-press technologies which use very little energy consumption. Sing also uses formaldehyde-free adhesive and responsible use of natural and recycled materials, plus being so lightweight makes them easier to ship around the world using less fuel than other barn door manufacturing methods, assuring Sing’s products have an extremely minimal carbon footprint.

114 x 134 x 2 MDF Large Sliding Barn Door

Lightweight Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending technologies empower his True Flat Team to create these amazing hybrid solid composite cores which weigh a fraction of other solid wood-based structure cores. Lighter weight barn doors mean lighter weight hardware and less stress and strain on the structure. This prevents the need for constant ongoing maintenance to the barn door, a huge savings over time.

High Strength Large Barn Doors

You might not need bulletproof barn doors, but you will enjoy having lightweight large barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing’s large barn door core material is independently rated at 660+ PSI and is featured inside some of the highest security doors and impact doors in the world.

You can see that Sing’s panels are so strong that the inventor can stand in the middle of this one-inch-thick 13 ft. panel with little or not deflection. That is an effective strength demonstration.

Solid as a Rock Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending door core technology is based on his solid hybrid composite invention which is basically a vertical grain torsion box panel where the grid which would normally be left empty is filled wall to wall with recycled rigid foam insulation. Once assembled and cured they can take a beating, and unlike other doors can easily be repaired to full structure strength if breached, which is more sustainable than replacing the whole door.

Sing says, “Kick any standard stile and rail and it will break. Kick my door an you will break your leg!”

Fully Insulated Large Barn Doors

Inherit in Sing’s large barn door core invention is full insulation throughout which offers huge advantages to not only end users, but the sound proof door and refrigeration door manufacturers who rely on Sing to provide them with the insulated substrate to make the best rated lightweight large barn doors fully formatted for sound deadening and climate control.

Warp-free Large Barn Doors

And Mr. Sing is the King of the Warp-free large barn door. All hanging barn doors move according to changes in the environmental elements which surround them, and to make matters even worse, this is more problematic when in use as an exterior door, where one side is facing a structure’s interior, while the other could be exposed one hundred present to the weather.

Sing proudly guarantees his large barn door cores not to warp, bend, twist, or cup for a very long time, in fact, 50 times more than any other door manufacturer.

Large Barn Doors Guaranteed 50 Years

Unprecedented in the industry Peter Sing fully guarantees his large barn door core not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including structure & lamination. Nobody has ever dared to go there, and Sing who supplies the biggest and best door companies in the world with warp-free door core for all their oversized doors says, “If I couldn’t do it, you would have heard about it by now.”

And they all say the same thing,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

For if there were any other way to make a lightweight warp-free door, you know these companies would do it themselves, but they rely on Peter Sing’s patented innovations to provide what would otherwise be impossible, so they can better serve their clientele.

Should all your doors have Sing Core inside?


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Architectural Sliding Doors for 2020

In the new decade, large over-size sliding doors are landing large amount architects and design professionals all over the United States. Whether a man door type for convertible office spaces or a movable wall design for that open concept in to private meeting space ascetic, large sliding doors are set to be the hallmark of the coming decade of design. Architects, millworks, interior designers, and high end contractors all best be aware of this coming trend.

What are the best sliding doors?

SingCore makes the best sliding doors. SingCore doors are exceptionally strong, straight, and lightweight, which makes them ideal candidates for architectural projects in 2020 that push the boundaries of creative design. Tight tolerance pocket doors, 30′ or greater sliding walls, all in exotic or unusual materials can all be realized in a cost effective manner with SingCore’s core inside.

Our patented and patent pending core material is guaranteed to maintain perfect flatness over its lifetime, and comes with an unparalleled 50 year guarantee. This means when you install SingCore in your large sliding door project, you have the certainty of mind that your client will come to enjoy the use of their SingCore door for many decades. And that 2070 will arrive with your SingCore panel in fine structural shape.

New Trends in Large Sliding Door Design

In this decade of 2020, new trends are emerging in architectural design of large sliding doors.

Man Door Sliding Door Trends

Increasingly, the use of man doors, smaller 3’0 x 7’0 or similar doors built within a massive sliding door are becoming increasingly prevalent in large interior sliding doors. Man doors allows for one opening to be used for three different uses:

  1. Entrance and exit of personnel while in a privacy configuration
  2. Reconfiguration of the space for an open concept or large space for special use cases / events
  3. Movement of larger equipment or groups of people between spaces

Moveable Wall

The use of movable walls is also finding increasing use in office space design where the tenants desire the capability of an open combined use space that can be reconfigured in to smaller meeting spaces when the need arrises.

SingCore is particularly adept in large movable wall uses because our material is extremely light for it’s size, making it easy to install, easy to operate, and cheaper to install based on hardware costs. Our patented core material also boosts insulating foam material which provide excellent noise suppression and well as thermal properties.

Curved Door

In the effort to move beyond the ordinary, oversized curved doors are starting to find place in the bespoke construction industry. Curved doors offer a distinctive look that can better utilize space in many situations.

SingCore offers curved doors built to your specifications. They can be built to any size and any profile, without compromising strength or rigidity. While we can’t promise that your curved door will be “true flat,” we can promise that they will have just the right curvature for you needs, and stay that way for the duration.

Contact SingCore Today

The best way to get SingCore involved in your next project is to submit a price quote request with your specifications.

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Sliding Doors NYC

Welcome to the biggest and best sliding doors NYC ever heard of! The inventor and president of Sing Core hails from New York City and so it’s no surprise that most of the sliding doors in New York that have his patented and patent-pending lightweight high-strength warp-free core inside can be found in the Big Apple.

Even though Peter Sing and his factories are located among the pristine forests of the Pacific Northwest in Washington State, the majority (53 percent) of his warp-free door cores ship to New York, NY 10001, while the rest could ship to anywhere around the USA, or the world.
What makes Sing’s the most desirable sliding doors NYC craves?

Sing’s inventions allow the biggest and best door manufacturers, high-end millworks, and custom door builders in New York to build large oversized sliding doors which possess unique characteristics which cannot be found by any other sliding door manufacturing method.

Safety, Security, Privacy

If you live in New York, you may have noticed that New Yorkers value their safety, security, and privacy, so it helps to have a sliding door that is strong enough to be a deterrent to any unwelcomed breach, and insulated enough to keep your goings on from spilling over to the next room.

Stronger Than Steel, Soundproof

Sing’s patented sliding door core has been independently rated at 660 PSI, that’s stronger than steel pound for pound, and is fully insulated for both soundproofing and climate control. These are the primary characteristics you might desire in a high-end impact resistant door in The City That Never Sleeps.

But that’s not all.


Eco-friendly Doors with Sing Core inside are also lightweight, one-third or less the weight of any other conventional wood-based solid core door. This light weight offers many advantages, including but not limited to, less expensive to ship, easier to maneuver, handle on the job site, and install.

Save on Hardware and Maintenance

You save a great deal on hardware because the hardware is based on the weight of the sliding doors in NYC. The heavier the door, the heavier duty (and more expensive) the heavy-duty hardware will be. Also, all that heavy weight puts added stress and strain on the hardware and the structure, causing the need for regular maintenance on the NYC sliding door over time.

You don’t have to worry about all that ongoing maintenance because doors made with Sing’s core inside are covered by Sing’s

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

That’s no typo. That the truth. Sing’s doors come backed with a 50-year no fail guarantee, which means your door will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination and full structure warranty) for 50 years!

That’s why Sing’s best clients admit,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

No other door can do what Peter Sing’s doors can do.

And there’s more…

Any Type of Door

Architects love specifying Sing Core doors because Sing empowers door manufacturers, millworks, and custom door manufacturers to create doors out of any available flat building materials, including any natural wood grain species, aluminum, brick, brass, bronze, cement, concrete, cold rolled steel, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, glass, hot rolled steel, HPL, laminates, or stainless steel, just to name a few.

And your super strong lightweight impact door can have the appearance of any style of door you can imagine. Just check in with Sing’s True Flat Team to see how to have your existing doors re-engineered to look like your old doors, but perform like Sing’s new doors, as has been done in historical restoration products using Sing’s patented building materials.

Any Size of Door

If you have a big door opening, not problem. Sing’s sliding door in New York, NY can reach heights and span openings up to 50 feet or more, no problem.

All backed by Sing’s 50-year warp-free guarantee.

That’s why you can find doors with Sing Core inside anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between, when it makes a difference to you or your family to have The Best Doors in New York.

Don’t believe me, visit Sing Core dot com and check it out for yourself, and say, “Hi,” to Peter Sing, a fellow New Yorker, who is working hard for you and to make New York a better place from 3,000 miles away every day.

Submit a Price Quote Request

Sliding Doors NYC Photos


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Warehouse Sliding Door

Sing Core breathes new life into the vast array of warehouse sliding door products while solving the problems associated with survivability of immense sliding doors for factories and industrial units with very little maintenance service over the life of your warehouse sliding door. If built with Sing Core inside, your warehouse sliding door will serve your facility fail-free for 50 years, guaranteed.

Inventor Peter Sing provide the door industry with the only lightweight, high strength fail-free way to build doors which could potentially last forever and are guaranteed for a 50-year life of service.

How can Sing build a warehouse industrial sliding door to last so long? The secret lies inside the door, where Sing’s patented and patent-pending insulation and warp-free technologies do their magic. The value in Sing’s core revolves around his patented insulation reinforced torsion box core. This is used to create a solid sustainable hybrid composite base that is lightweight, solid as a rock, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Increasingly, Sing’s core is being specified by contemporary architecture and design purveyors who are open minded and interested in expanding modern door building possibilities for large projects, like distribution or warehouse facilities, who commonly require large industrial sliding doors.

Factories and warehouses often require huge access points of entry, not unlike airplane hangars. Sing and his True Flat Team are revolutionizing the large sliding doors used in aerospace, commercial, industrial, as well as agricultural metal building systems all over the world.

The benefits of Eco-friendly sliding doors with Sing’s core inside include being lightweight (one-third or less than other building materials), high strength (660 PSI), fully insulated (R 3.5 minimum) for sound deadening and climate control, make these the most sustainable sliding door systems for industrial needs which can also be found in clean room and freezer applications requiring strong insulated sliding commercial doors.

Taking a new approach to all your warehouse door needs means not only do you get more door for your money, but your door warehouse dollars stretch so much further when you start using doors with a 50-year warp-free guarantee.

The Only 50-year Warp-free Warehouse Sliding Door Guarantee

There is only way to build a lightweight insulated warehouse sliding door that is stronger than steel pound for pound and that is by having it built with Sing Core inside. Only warehouse doors with Sing’s patented solid hybrid insulation reinforced torsion box composite core enhanced with his patent-pending anti-warp technologies can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Sing’s steel warehouse doors are unprecedented and can be featured as the front door warehouse or interior door warehouse application for 50 years without fail.

While metal warehouse doors have been in vogue for some time, Sing’s approach to building the best commercial warehouse doors is growing in popularity as you find them being specified in contemporary architecture and designs across the USA and abroad.

No more need to resort to heavy-duty sliding door that weighs so much, can be difficult to ship, handle, and install. Now you can rely on your regular maintenance staff to install your industrial warehouse plant sliding doors, including very large barn and commercial sliding door systems without the use of costly heavy equipment and extraneous skilled staff.

You now have the advantage of a nearly unlimited range of industrial and warehouse sliding door solutions where your warehouse industrial sliding door is only a moment away. The reason you are not limited in scope or materials is because every industrial warehouse sliding door Sing Core helps to build is a one-of-a-kind artist’s masterpiece thanks to Sing and his True Flat Team.

The most sustainable high-performance insulated sliding door in the world has Sing Core inside. Should all your warehouse sliding doors have Sing Core inside? Maybe all your doors should.

Warehouse Sliding Door Photos

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Big Sliding Doors

Welcome to the world of big sliding doors, where we bring all your biggest sliding door dreams to life and guarantee worry-free enjoyment of your warp-free big sliding doors for 50 years.

Thanks to the patented and patent-pending technologies provided by inventor, Peter Sing, for the first time, you can enjoy the biggest sliding doors of all without all the headaches and problems associated with large, oversized doors.

Sing’s door core allows the warp-free door factory located in Washington State to build the most Eco-friendly, lightweight and super-strong big sliding door which will not warp, and as you know, heavy doors that add wear and tear to the structure and hardware, as well as door warping are the biggest challenges associated with big sliding doors.

So, what kind of big sliding door do you have in mind?

Our most popular big doors are wooden sliding doors. They might not be the most popular sliding doors in the world, but here, at Sing Core, the wooden large sliding door is in the most demand. Why? Because natural wood is notorious for moving according to changes in the environment.

And in most cases, the bigger the sliding door, the bigger the problems you will have with that particular door over time. It’s just the nature of the business, and specifically natural wood, is by far the most beautiful but impractical. That is, until the invention of Sing Core.

Sing’s True Flat Team helps to engineer or re-engineer big sliding doors to adhere to high performance standards which are unheard of in the industry. Sing’s core is the highest precision (+/- .006 in. tolerance) and highest strength (660+ PSI) lightweight and Eco-friendly large sliding door core in the world. This in combination with Sing’s anti-warp stiffening technologies can help to create a big door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years, regardless of the material it is made of.

Of course, Sing’s proprietary anti-warp science is unique to his reinforced vertical grain torsion box hybrid core and unique integration of warp-reversing technology, and the results are not duplicatable outside his factories which are primarily located in Washington State, in the Pacific Northwest.

Most of Sing’s clientele admits,

“There’s just no other way to do it, without Sing Core.”

How else could you make a lightweight failure-proof huge moving wall system with enormous gliding doors or large operable wall systems with big sliding door panels made of wood that are fully insulated, stronger than steel pound for pound, and warp-free, even if one side is fully exposed to the weather? Impossible. That is, unless you have such a system engineered and built with Sing’s core inside.

According to Sing,

We Can Make Any Style of Door

Now, this is an interesting concept. One that is used in high security impact resistant doors with Sing Core inside. For instance, Sing’s True Flat Team, helps to design large modern sliding doors that look like they are built with traditional style and rail door technology. The truth is, the door base is solid composite patented Sing Core, where the door skins are applied in pieces to duplicate the look and feel of stile and rail design.

If you were to kick a stile and rail door at the seam, the door would cave in. Sing says, “If you kick my door, you break your leg,” not Sing’s door.
Plus, the added insulation offers both sound deadening and climate control capabilities to your big sliding door that you would be hard-pressed to find any other way.

So, whether you’re looking for expanding your scenic access to the outdoors with large sliding glass doors, big patio doors, which would be like a wall of large sliding French doors, or a huge double sliding patio door, maybe you should be considering jointly engineered large scenic sliding door systems designed and built in concert with Sing’s True Flat Team.

Well known for his “unbreakable mirror,” you might also want to consider, as many have, using Sing’s services for your next large mirror sliding door project.

Photos of Big Sliding Doors

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Wooden Sliding Door

Introducing the next generation of warp-free wooden sliding door with Sing Core inside. A genuine hybrid of old world and new space-age technologies melded together to create a uniquely new type of wooden sliding door which is changing the way a door, especially a large wooden sliding door is made.

Your wood sliding door could have all the attributes of wood sliding door products which are pre-configured and manufactured with Sing Core inside which yields the result of producing the best sliding wood doors possessing the following characteristics:

 Eco-friendly Wooden Sliding Door
 Lightweight Wooden Sliding Door
 High Strength Wooden Sliding Door
 Fully Insulated Wooden Sliding Door
 Warp-free Wooden Sliding Door
 Sustainable Wooden Sliding Door

This is the only way to build an Eco-friendly wooden sliding door of any size which is lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound-for-pound, which is fully insulated for sound deadening and climate control. When you build a wooden sliding door with Sing Core inside you can have the only sustainable wooden sliding door in the world that can be

Guaranteed True Flat for 50 Years

Let there be no mistake, this is the only way to build an interior sliding door, closet sliding door, barn door, exterior slider door, or any other type of large wooden sliding doors which can have the best door guarantee in the world, thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent pending warp-free core technology for 50-year guarantees for sliding wood doors.

Until the invention of Sing Core, wooden sliding doors and barn doors were notorious for presenting problems for architects, designers, engineers, custom door manufacturers, installers, and door maintenance contractors due to warping following installation.

Why Is My Wooden Sliding Door Warping?

Unfortunately, this is the nature of natural wood grain. Left to itself it will move as it adjusts to the environmental conditions which surround it. Especially frustrating, are sliding patio doors, and external wooden sliding doors which have one side of the door exposed one hundred percent to the weather.

This is a certain recipe for wooden sliding door disaster because a warped wooden sliding door can be potentially useless if it warps to the degree that it may not be easily slid back and forth, and in cases when such a sliding wooden door requires a degree of security, may not be able to be closed, latched, or locked.

That’s why contemporary architects and designers are increasingly specifying “Sing Core inside” their wooden sliding door designs as the premiere solution to for all your potential wooden sliding door problems.

Nobody intentionally specifies or installs barn doors, sliding closet doors, or sliding carriage doors with the intent of having them fail, require regular heavy maintenance, or sliding door repair. Pre-engineering your sliding doors with Sing Core inside ensures you have the best, most cost effective and sustainable sliding door system available in the world today.

Modern Sliding Patio Doors

The most comprehensive modern sliding patio doors with the highest precision featured in the most expensive homes, commercial, and industrial locations around the world are guaranteed to be warp-free for 50 years because they know there is no other way to manufacture such a sliding patio door.

Modern Sliding Barn Doors

Modern sliding barn doors are the most unique of all wooden sliding door designs as they are increasingly featured in modern interior designs and decorative treatments without compromising functionality or longevity.

Your wooden barn door can have all the benefits of having Sing Core inside your sliding barn doors by contacting your favorite door company, millwork, or custom door manufacturer who knows how to make a sliding barn door that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.

10×12 ft 3″ thick warp-free 1/8″ oak 520 lbs

Now you, too, can have the best sliding wooden door system in the world.

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