It is not our intention to brag about being the only way to build large high-end doors, but the insistence by our clients is that,

“Sing Core is the only way to build high-end large doors.”

This International call comes from the US distributor of a high-end European door and window manufacturer who has a job calling out many warranted large doors of different sizes over 10 ft. tall. The distributor was told that using Sing Core inside was the only way to build these doors. There was no way the European company could do it and offer a one-year warranty to the client.

So, now those doors are being created with Sing Core inside and using a local millwork for the finish work.

Creating extremely large doors that are lightweight, fully insulated, and stronger than steel pound-for-pound is what Inventor Peter Sing uses his patented and patent-pending technologies to make high precision (Sing’s core sports +/- .006 tolerances) that can be covered by Sing’s

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

That guarantees your big door will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years. And they are right,

There is no other way to do it.

There is no known lightweight, Eco-friendly way to build these enormous doors, that can have such a guarantee associated with them. Even though Sing offers the 50-year guarantee, the European door and window company will only offer its standard 1-year warranty, because that is all they need for the job. And they know that if anything happens to those doors, Mr. Sing will have their back.

And They Are Ready and Willing to Pay for It

They are prepared to pay high prices for such a solution to those big door challenges. These companies are paying as much as you might expect to pay for a new Mercedes to have a warp-free large front door with Sing Core inside. Fancy doors with Sing Core inside are the crown jewels of high society and can be found in luxury homes valued at $10 Million or more.

DHL Delivers Huge Doors with Sing Core Inside Anywhere

This International door and window distributor will be flying enormous doors with Sing Core inside all around the planet with confidence to fill the gap in all those projects with any doors over 10 ft. tall, whether they are specified by the architect or not. Why?

Because they know, using Sing Core is the only way to create such a beautiful behemoth which can operate faithfully for 50 fail-free years.

Architects Love Sing Core

Architects spec Sing core in their huge doors because they trust Sing’s core to provide the high-precision, lightweight and dimensional stability, which makes them look good when it comes to these oversized egress points, building credibility with their clients. They know there is no known door construction method that can accomplish such a feat.

Unlimited Possibilities with Sing’s CNC Doors

Mr. Sing’s latest pursuits include filling the need for large warp-free canvases for CNC artists to create the most intriguing architectural doors on the planet. This melding of technologies yields the most artistically creative door designs and Sing’s doors can emulate the look and feel of any large door of any kind, including stile and rail door.

Imagine a perfectly flat and smooth MDF surface to work to your heart’s delight with incredible high precision and structural integrity guaranteed for 50 years. Now that is art.