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Best Wood Veneer Substrate

One of the most unique design elements in contemporary architecture and design includes the use of wood veneer as an artistic outlet and creative expression as an alternative to solid wood. Doing so increases unique design characteristics exponentially, due to nearly unlimited matching options to create a one-of-a-kind wood grain Objet d’art as a feature presentation piece. Not only is wood veneer just as beautiful as solid wood, but it is a green approach to modern building and design due to the responsible use of natural wood grains.

High-end millworks who specialize in the most exclusive veneer work for the least cost inhibited clientele must have not only the artistic eye but have a keen sense of detail and a great deal of expertise to create one of these masterpieces flawlessly, and they have many methods that they use to assemble and manufacture the veneer while maintaining strength, precision, and to guarantee the overall performance over time for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Woodworkers who take on veneer projects must use a substrate to apply the veneer to. Particleboard and plywood are the most common for general use though they may not meet the needs of more discerning clients. Cabinet-grade plywood and MDO are considered upgrades to particleboard and standard-grade ply. And most upscale millworks prefer the smooth surface of MDF to adhere their veneer to.

When using thin veneers, the smallest imperfections in the substrate are magnified on the surface area, so most high-quality jobs are cross-banded for a more satisfactory and natural overall appearance.

In basic cabinetry and furniture making, these are reasonable solutions for substrate due to there being plenty of reinforcement and supporting structure throughout the piece.

Architects and designers who have experience with creating veneer art realize that there are limitations when using veneer designs when factoring in size. If a piece features a span greater than 8 feet in any direction, many challenges begin to arise when trying to manifest the artist’s vision in the real world.

The most common obstacles to creating large spanning veneer projects, like large doors or conference room tables, are heavy weight, decreased dimensional stability, and increase surface flaws.

Surface flaws become apparent anywhere there may be a seam in the substrate material. Carefully pre-finishing and treating the surface material will conceal the seams upon creation of the piece, but any movement in the piece may expose the seam which will become immediately apparent on the surface area and may lead to delamination of the surface material, resulting in product failure.

The country’s biggest and best veneer artists and architectural door manufacturers know that there is an alternative for veneer projects of large to massive size, and for their most important projects they specify Sing Core as the best wood veneer substrate.

The Best Wood Veneer Substrate

For years, since inventor Peter Sing introduced his patented Sing Core to millworks and high-end large door manufacturers, his veneer substrate has been the flawless answer to the questions and challenges facing architects and designers who have overcome the obstacles to long spanning veneer designs.

This unique hybrid composite core consists of a small (2 to 3 inch) metric torsion box made of vertical wood grain fiber, where the cell voids are filled with rigid foam sandwiched between smooth MDF faces for an incredibly lightweight and dimensionally stable high precision base for veneering.

Sing’s core is so substantial that it sports tolerances of +/- .006 in. and is guaranteed not to warp, bend twist, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years.

With such a high-precision non-warping substrate, seams will not fail due to movement, and the longevity of the beauty of your creation is preserved over time.

This is the answer that the millworks and veneer shops have been looking for to address the inherent problems associate with large spanning veneer projects for clients who demand the best and will not settle for less.

Therefore, Sing Core is considered the best veneer substrate in the world, and why it can be found inside the most expensive and oversized veneer artistry in multi-million-dollar estates, corporate and industrial projects, museums, and ultra-chic installations.

If your veneer project requires flawless excellence, high precision, and long fail-free service life, you should use the best veneer substrate, so that you and your clients can rest assured because there is Sing Core inside.


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Secrets of Warp-free Large Sliding Barn Doors Revealed

Large sliding barn doors are an important feature in the biggest warehouses and industrial locations in the United States, from military to aerospace a big sliding barn door is often specified in the architectural designs for practicality and ease of use. But the larger the door opening the harder it is to keep these huge sliders from warping. If you cannot keep the door straight, you may have reduced access due to door failure.

Ceiling mounted barn doors 14 ft. x 3.5 ft. x 2.5 in.

For years, inventor Peter Sing’s patented warp-free sliding barn door solutions have been the answer to these massive sliding barn doors, which using his patented and patent-pending anti-warp solutions can be built lightweight, high strength, and be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years, unheard of before the invention of Sing Core.

Ceiling mounted barn doors closed

Entryway door


If you would like to see the story behind the doors pictured above, click here or either photo.


Interior Barn Doors

As interior design has evolved, the integration of interior modern barn doors in everything from residential to commercial projects has seen rapid growth. Of course, standard-sized interior sliding barn doors do not pose much of a challenge, but if the door exceeds 8 feet tall or a 4-foot width, now you are heading into dangerous territory if you are hoping for a non-warping sliding barn door.

Commercial Steel Barn Door

Warped Large Sliding Barn Doors

Regardless of the application, large sliding barn doors are going to be problematic, so much so that years ago, the biggest door companies in the USA excluded offering the large barn door from their door schedules, instructing contractors to seek out custom door makers or millworks, because they could not cover these enormous sliding barn doors with any warranty because they were destined to warp and fail not long after installation.

After a while, even the millworks started turning down jobs for large sliding barn doors for the same reason, too many service calls during the warranty period, though this did open a door for door service companies whose job it was to regularly maintain doors, though this was extremely expensive for end user of the warping big sliding barn door.

Not Faulty Design

The problem, it turns out was not with the design, as large sliding barn doors were both stylish and practical, so the architects could not be blamed. The problem is with the limitation in building materials. A dimensionally stable door could be made of a thick solid material such as solid steel, but the bigger the door gets, even solid steel will move according to changes in the environment. Sing is able to bring the ideas of the architects and designers to life in such as way as to provide a 50-year solution to such visionary ideas.

Barn Door Veneer

Warp-free Solution

When inventor Peter Sing introduced his warp-free technologies to the large sliding door companies, they embraced Sing’s solutions for warped large sliding doors. Thanks to Sing, they were able to get back into the oversized door market once again. According to them, in their own words. Sing’s core,

“Is the only way to build a lightweight warp-free large door.”

The only way.

Commercial Steel Barn Door

A Door is Not a Wall

It is important to learn what the core structure is made of. Doors are not the same as walls. Doors need to move repeatedly everyday while walls are permanently placed. Walls commonly use 2” x 4” framing methods which do not work well for building doors. If the structure of the door is not strong, it will not feel or sound very solid. When you close the door, there will be rattling sounds and/or it can deform over time. It is very easy to tell, all you have to do is close the door and hear how strong or solid the door is made. It may look the same, but it does not sound the same. You can tell the difference by knockings on the door, you can tell what is inside. Solid like a rick but still light like a feather when you swing the door closed. The structure of the door that makes the difference, not the door skin.

You Want a Warp-free Large Sliding Barn Door

We already know you want a large warp-free sliding barn door. How do we know? Because Sing’s email servers are filled with people asking about how they can get a sliding barn door with Sing Core inside? Unfortunately,

Sing Core Does Not Sell Doors

Even though sliding barn doors with Sing’s core inside are among the best doors in the world, Sing’s factory does not build doors. Rather, they provide the raw warp-free base materials to the door building companies and millworks who create the enormous warp-free sliding barn doors, that the inventor is credited with, even though Sing only provides the base material. So, if you really want one, just contact your favorite door builder or millwork and tell them you want a door, “with Sing Core inside.”

What is the Secret?

How to Build a Large Sliding Door

Undoubtedly, you have wondered how does Peter Sing build such large lightweight sliding barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years? Following are the methods that Sing uses to build warp-free doors of any size, made of nearly any flat building material, secrets revealed.

First, the architect or door engineers, specify the door dimensions and the material that the door will be made of, and submit the specs to Sing’s True Flat Team. The team goes to work, gathering all the data necessary to predict what the challenges will be for the door. Questions like, will it be an interior or exterior door? Will it be exposed to the elements? In what geographical location will the door be installed and at what altitude? Which direction will the door face?

The team starts with Sing’s patented rigid foam reinforced torsion box core, then add additional patent-pending anti-warp technologies to compensate for exterior door skins and environmental concerns.

That is the secret inside these huge warp-free doors.

How Can You Ship Such Large Doors?

Of course, the military can do amazing things with transportation that cannot be accomplished by mere mortals, so Sing has created a modular technology that supports his 50-year guarantee. In this manner, any size of door can be built and shipped in high precision sections that are assembled on-site.

Joining a modular door shipped in sections

This saves so much on shipping and handling costs, and if the large door needs to fit in an elevator or tight doorway, not problem. High precision modular solutions are the answer. Sing Core has built many large doors that are joined on-site without any warping.

Don’t try this at home. Average dowels and even larger biscuit-joining will not prevent door warping. Let’s say you wanted to build a pair of 10’ x 20’ double barn doors that were 2-inches thick. Stacking and joining four 5’ x 10’ x 2” panels together will not be an easy task. But Sing Core has had many years of experience with oversized doors, and has been devoted to solving the common issues with larger modular doors.

If you have a good budget, high precision demand, and no issue accessing the job site then a one-piece large door panel is the way to go, if it can be shipped to your location.

Otherwise, modular door sections joined on-site will be the best option. There are two major factors to achieve high quality when building large doors. One is to make sure there is no warping once the modular sections have been joined. The second issue is maintaining a high precision joint line so that it is not noticeable. This requires a very high precision core to achieve. Sing Core is the most precision door core available, with a tolerance of ± 0.007”. It is important to be sure that the thickness of the core is within these tolerances.

Elegant Mahogany sliding door

Weight and Strength

Strength plays a key factor when building larger doors. Traditional door building methods may dictate that strong doors are heavy and lightweight doors are weak. Weight is a major issue with oversized doors. Heavy doors are significantly more expensive due to additional structure costs, higher labor costs, and extra shipping and handling costs. Heavy door core does not mean that it will have high strength and the larger the door is, the more strength is necessary to maintain a long lifespan.

When using Sing’s metric interior technology where every two inches is mitigating the potential of the exterior surfaces to move two to three inches at a time. Rigid foam insulation is used inside these small torsion box grids made of vertical grain natural wood fiber which pushes and pulls against the surface material’s tendency to move, keeping it straight when it would otherwise warp. It also provides a huge weight advantage over any other method of trying to keep a door from moving following installation.

What type of skin is best to build a large modular door?

Paint Grade – It is easy to hide the seams. Seams can be almost unnoticeable if modular sections are joined with a Sing Spline. If the spline is made of solid wood, it can move or warp after the moisture levels change and it will be reflected on the surface of the door. This can cause the surface of the door to crack after the seasons change.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) – See how precise the joint is using only a Sing Spline. HPL is available in a wide variety of patterns. The best choice for HPL is a vertical pattern to help the joint blend into the surface. HPL is a good choice when ordering one of our modular oversized doors. The patterned HPL allows the joint line to be hidden in plain sight. The door can be as big as 12 feet tall and 40 feet wide without having any noticeable seams.

HPL Barn Door Joint
Metal – If it is paint grade metal, the seam can be filled with joint compound and then painted making a seamless joint. Metal doors are traditionally very heavy, but with Sing Core inside your metal door can weight roughly 1/3 of a traditional metal door. You can choose from any type of metal you would like, but our most commonly made metal doors are Aluminum or Cold-Rolled Steel. Click here to see a paint grade Sing metal door.

FRP – FRP, or Fiber-Reinforced Plastic, can be used to make very large doors and very durable doors. FRP can be smooth or have a textured surface. It is much more visually appealing and functions much better than solid wood which has potential to crack, warp, twist, and cup. Besides, solid wood weights a lot more than Sing wood stave planks. Sing wood stave planks are the ideal material to replace solid wood for such jobs as, doors, tabletops, post and beams, and many more. An advantage of choosing wood staves are that they are much more precise than solid wood because their tendency to move over time is minimal in comparison. On the other hand, wood staves are much harder to match with surrounding patterns than a wood veneer skin.

Wood Veneer – Wood veneer has an average thickness of 0.020″-0.030″ and is very difficult to hide joint line in the face of the panel. Wood veneer is often much more challenging because it is usually very thin, normally only 0.020” thick. We always suggest using thicker wood staves which are usually 0.125” thick rather than veneer. However, Sing Core has a proprietary technology to make a veneer panel seamless as large as 10′ by 16′. This requires the veneer to be staggered and hot-pressed. It is very costly to use veneer, oftentimes we use wood staves to build larger doors.

For a tighter budget, we recommend using a paper backed veneer which only requires being cold-pressed. Sing Core provides the smoothest MDF skin for our clients to hot-press. Cross banding is not required with our smooth and high precision substrate, which may be hard to believe for some people. We have been doing this for many years with our innovative technology. We always recommend that our clients purchase our veneer substrate, complete with the same warp-free guarantee, and hire your local veneer contractor or do it yourself to save some money. One advantage to using a wood veneer as the skin for your door panel is that veneer can be easily matched to the surrounding area. One disadvantage to using wood veneer skin is that it is not well suited for exterior purposes, such as entrance door, and it can be difficult to repair if damaged. Veneer skins are the also limited to the maximum door size of 10′ by 16′.




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Hollywood News

End Your Warped Door Nightmare

A predominant actor has sold his $40 million dollar home and is moving across the continent to a penthouse suite. He loves the flat but the first thing he noticed was that the new 8 ft. tall doors were already misaligned and starting to warp. Unacceptable to this multiple academy award nominated actor whose star can be found on the walk of fame.

Sing Core to the Rescue!

All these doors have to go!” Sing Core is helping to create replacement doors that will aesthetically match the previous doors. “Admittedly,” says inventor Peter Sing, “we usually only get called on by the rich and famous to do big doors. I mean, 16 foot or taller doors. But in this case, we were summoned for 8 ft. tall replacement doors.”

As everyone in the door industry knows the standard 7 ft. tall door is the standard door height, which is determined by its warpability. According to AWI standards a ¼” warp is allowable and considered normal in a 3-0 7-0 door, and all door hardware is manufactured to take this variance into consideration.

Not so with doors that have Sing’s patented core technologies embedded inside. These doors are

Guaranteed Not to Warp for 50 Years!

Why do the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and high-end custom door makers seek out Sing Core?

Not only is it,

“The only way to build a large warp-free door,”

according to Sing’s long list of discriminating clienteles, but you also get a lengthy list of advantages from having a door with Sing Core inside. Such as,

Eco-friendly – Lightweight – High Strength

Fully Insulated – Sound Deadening – Increased Climate Control

Impact Resistant – Weatherproof – Sustainable

Even though they are so lightweight, only 2 to 3 lbs. per square foot, they are stronger than steel pound for pound.

As much as you might doubt Sing’s ability to deliver the goods when it comes to a 50-year warp-free guarantee? You know, if it wasn’t true, that would be the end of Sing Core, and for 20 years, the most important door makers of the most high end doors in the world depend on the patented Sing Core technology to do it. And to this day, they say,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

Shouldn’t you be doing it too?

Do You Have a Warped Door Story?

Sing Core has been helping the high-end door builders make warp-free super large doors for many years, and to date, not even one of them has warped.

One of the largest high-end door companies has been known to say,

“Since we started ordering large door panels from Sing Core, we have never had any problems with doors warping.”

Sing Core has endless applications… See Here

All doors made with Sing Core are structure guaranteed for 50 years, yet lightweight, 2 to 3 lbs. per square foot average, but if you try to breach the door, you will know it is solid as a rock, yet packed with insulation and sound deadening material.

Please tell your friends, especially if they are architects, millworkers, door manufacturers, or general contractors. They will thank you for introducing them to Sing Core.

Life is Short

The best you can do is to hope to leave something good behind, to try to make the world a little bit better than before you came, for your family, their families and the world at large.

Inventor Peter Sing has made his mark by introducing his patented invention of Sing Core to us which is changing the way big doors are made all around the world. One day the world will know that using Sing’s Core is the only way to build an Eco-friendly large door that will not warp.

The nearly unlimited possibilities of Sing Core boggles the mind, in the endless applications where Sing’s lightweight, true flat building material that is stronger than steel pound for pound could be used for anything from cutting boards, to entire homes built of Sing Core.

But there is no doubt, that Mr. Sing enables the biggest and best door companies to build the biggest and best doors in the world that can be guaranteed to remain

Warp-free for 50 Years

No other company can match Sing’s unparalleled high precision, performance, and longevity, guaranteed for 50 years.

See for yourself:

That’s what Sing’s clients say,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

And Peter Sing could not say these things about his true flat doors it if they were not true.

This is Peter’s legacy: To change the way things are made to last forever (or 50 years, whichever comes first).

No Other Way

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Best Way to Save with Sing Core Now

I’d like to offer you an opportunity to join my Platinum Club for 1 year, which includes the biggest and best door companies, contemporary architects, and millworks who trust me to deliver the best sustainable warp-free products in large quantity regularly. In exchange, they receive the best quantity pricing, which I’d like to pass onto you, if you submit another price quote request within the next 60 days.

I am so excited to share with you all the benefits you will receive from my current factory expansion, including machinery and production system. I want you to witness the high-end quality and high precision of the most sustainable lightest weight and strongest, fully insulated building material in the world at the best prices.

What you will learn, is how to get the best product at the best prices, like my Platinum Club members do, and you will get full access to my Win-the-bid and True Flat teams to maximize every possibility, including new ways to design, create, and build your products, while we help you maximize your profitability.

High-quality Sing Panels are the only Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated reinforced torsion box panels with the most unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee in the industry. Our goal is to provide the best product to reach every person looking for Eco-friendly solutions and sustainable projects by using patented and patent-pending Sing products.

You can enjoy full membership privileges and pricing if you submit a price quote request within the next two months.

New and Exciting Things

New Factory Expansion

Due to our current expansion and new (bigger and better) production system, we can offer to you our premium product line and warp-free substrate at our best price points with the highest precision and quality for use as any type of panels, doors, furniture parts, posts and beams.

Better Pricing

For the next 60 days, you will receive Platinum Club member pricing, and you will also be able to tap into our “Win the Bid” system which will help you get the right product to fit the job at hand, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Instant Drawings

Now, when you use our price quote request, you get to see a 3D rendering, and can also view a drawing of your sing panel, or post and beam, based on your specifications.

I Will Show You How

I believe everyone in the business should be able to compete in the lightweight high strength world of Sing Core, so I will help you every step of the way, to make sure you are learning about how to maximize your Sing benefits without having to spend more than you have to. Let me show you how.

True Flat Team

As a Platinum Club member, you will have access to our True Flat Team to help redesign and reinvent your current product lines and products to take full advantage of all the benefits of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and warp-free Sing Core panels, posts, and beams have to offer.

Save Even More

Some of our other high-end Platinum Club members are paying 1/3 of the regular prices by meeting our price break criteria. Click here to see how.

High quality and low cost are a dream for successful business models.

Let us be a part of your production team to reduce the workload and your manufacturing costs.

~ Peter Sing


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Happy Holidays from Sing Core

News Release: Holiday Greetings from Sing Core

Santa is bringing lots of new BIG toys for Sing Core’s expanding warp-free door manufacturing facility. This has us all “Singing” and rocking around the Christmas tree as the Sing-elves are installing all the new amazing gear! We are celebrating the addition of some of the most powerful machines in the lightweight, high strength, non-warp panel, post and beam industry, further expanding the revolution of Eco-friendly material to create a better world is not just an inventor’s dream.

And now, with the biggest door building factories and equipment in the United States and the world, Sing Core is even better positioned to build the most extravagant big doors or enormous size which can be guaranteed to remain fail-free for 50 years.

As you know, Inventor Peter Sing does not actually build doors, but he does offer his patented and patent-pending door technologies to the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom door manufacturers in the world.

These revolutionary door building technologies enable door companies to offer their clients the biggest, most outrageous, and enormously magnificent doors of any size, up to 50 ft or more.

And size, while it is important, and fills one’s mind with awe and wonder, there are other attributes you will be able to enjoy if your best door clients have doors with Sing Core inside, such as

1. Lightweight (a fraction of other wood-based cores)
2. High strength (stronger than steel pound for pound)
3. Fully insulated (for sound-deadening and climate control)
4. Impact resistant (kick this door and break your leg before you break the door)
5. 50-year Warp-free Guarantee (the only non-warp and structure guarantee in the world)

Our current Sing Core factory expansion is benefitting high-end door manufacturers to more than double their production without having to hire more skilled workers. This is accomplished by ordering Sing-manufactured door blanks which are less than 4 ft x 8 ft at a lower cost that it would take to manufacture themselves.

Prior to adding this new equipment we were limited as to quantity production, so only focused on our specialized field of super-large doors (anything between eight and fifty feet or more), but now we can make efficient quantity production runs of regular sized door blanks, just for you.

So, the next time you get a quantity door order, we can help reduce the burden on your normal production operations, and we will do that part for you, more often than not, for much less than you could produce them in your factory.

Saving You Money on Doors Through the Year

We are excited to be helping the biggest and most successful door companies in the world increase their bottom line by taking over the burden of large door orders which pertain to size (oversized doors that are problematic due to potential warp) and volume (large quantity uncommon door size orders). Let us pick up the slack for you and make those doors for you at much less than it would cost you to produce in your own factory.

We have the new equipment in our expanded factories to help you increase your bottom line as well. See: How to Save Money on Your Custom Door in 2020

Not limited to size, type of skins, glass openings, or style, including stile and rail look. 

For more information on grouping your miscellaneous door order to qualify it as a modified bulk order with many different sizes, see How to Save Thousands on Your Next Door Order. This is our most effective cost-savings program to date.


You get the same Sing-guarantee. All of your doors could be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years!

Note: Most of the door companies we supply with blanks do not pass on our 50-year warranty (though they could), and only continue to offer their own standard warranty. How would a 50-year warranty help you on your next door bid?

That’s what we’re here for, to make your life and/or work easier.

Although we are famous for providing the high-end door industry with patented and patent-pending non-warp door technology. Sing Core has the best management team to provide an easy online pricing system. All you have to do is fill out the length, width, and thickness of your door panel, or any panels – even beams, which require lightweight and high strength.

You will get a drawing instantly online, and your preliminary price quote will reach to you within 24 hrs if we have proper information about your inquiry. There are endless applications for Sing Core for people seeking a sustainable Eco-friendly solution to build a better world.


Happy 100 New Year is our new domain name for Sing furniture. It will be active before the year 2020 new year.

Sing Core provides the strongest, lightweight, warp-free modular and interchangeable Sing panels to create endless furniture applications. We guarantee no other flat pack furniture will meet the standard of 100 year long life span of Sing modular furniture.

Sing flat pack furniture is easy to construct and dismantle for 100 times or 100 years without disposing in a land fill, which is being filled daily by the largest flat pack furniture provider of disposable furniture made of particle board.

These inexpensive imports are cannot be assembled and disassembled repeatedly without deterioration or failure, unlike furniture made of Sing Core which is made to be reused and repurposed at any time.

50 Year Door Photos

100 Year Furniture Photos

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Save Thousands on Your Next Order

There is a new door making technology to build door blanks for door manufacturers and millworks for any type or design of door with almost any door skin for less guaranteed by inventor Peter Sing. Less than half the labor of stile and rail door. You can save hugely on entire door schedule and get our 50-year warp-free guarantee on all your doors.

With our patented core technology and high production capacity, we are able to produce the highest quality doors at a very low price with very quick turnaround times. 

By making the same size doors, we can cut the production time in half. We add special solid edging to the doors so you can trim them yourself.

We were able to bring a customer’s order total down from

$27,500 to $13,500

for a total of

$14,000 in savings.

We did this by changing their order of 21 different door sizes down to 4 different door sizes.  The customer easily trimmed their own doors. SingCore gave the same 50 year no-warp guarantee to this customer’s order.

Here is what their order looked like before we offered them half price on their order if we could reduce the variations of door sizes:


Quantity Application Description
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 45.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
2 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 23.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
7 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 38.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 30.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 30.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 20.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 30.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 33.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 34.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 37.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 31.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 33.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 34.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Pocket Door 106.5″ x 46.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 76.0″ x 24.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 80.0″ x 36.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 28.5″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 
1 Hinge Door 106.5″ x 19.0″ x 2.0″; 1/8″ 

Here is what the client’s order looked like after we had negotiated removing many of the variations of door sizes:

Quantity Application Description
6 Other Door 106.0″ x 40.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″
7 Other Door 106.0″ x 36.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″ 
16 Non-Door 106.0″ x 27.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″ 
1 Non-Door 106.0″ x 19.0″ x 2.0″; 3/8″ 

A typical order from a customer may consist of many different variations of door sizes. The different sizes of doors take us longer to full fill an order. If instead you place an order with all the same size doors, we can streamline our manufacturing process which saves us time and money. We in turn share those savings of time and money with you.

Let us do the most labor intensive parts and you finish the rest to build the best door in the world, especially very large door, but our standard-sized door panels are very affordably priced.

SingCore Applications

Our patented core technology has been used in many applications. Click the links below to see how SingCore can help you achieve your aesthetic and business goals:










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Patented Sing Core door substitution trick

We do our best to look out for the interests of the architects we work for and with, but there is only so much we can do. We know how important it can be to work with people that you can trust and we will back you up in any way we can, so exercise caution when working with others on your project.

For instance:

We got a call from the East Coast early in the morning. It just so happened that the owner/inventor picked up the call from an architect in Florida, who reported that six months following the installation of a high-end door with Sing Core inside, the “16 foot tall door was warped,” and that there was an unbelievable “bow in the door,” rendering it inoperable.

The inventor was shocked, “How could this be?”

The architect, as well as the architect’s client, were upset because they had specified and paid for a top-of-the-line door with Sing Core inside that was guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50-years, and here we were only six months in and already the door was not working.

Immediately, Sing Core took responsibility for the condition of the door and set out to find out how exactly such a thing could have happened. We took down all the pertinent details provided by the architect including the size of the door, the exterior wood species which was applied to the door, the approximate date the order would have been placed, the identity of who ordered, received, and installed the door.

Pictures were provided of the door which clearly showed that the door was warped and that it could not be used in such a condition.

We were tasked to find out which team worked on that door to hopefully discover what could have possibly happened during the manufacturing process of the door which might have caused it to fail.

With all our efforts we could find no record of the door being ordered or manufactured, but there was a match. A record of a price quote which was created and sent to the contractor who was named by the architect. No job order, no cut list, no approved drawing(s), no order for materials, no bill of lading.

This shed a great deal of light on the concerns of the architect and his client, for it turns out, no 16-foot-tall door was ever made at our factory for this project.

The door which was installed by the contractor and paid for by the client clearly did not have Sing Core inside. Any door of that size with natural wood grain on the surface would warp. That’s why people rely on Sing Core to keep their doors straight and true.


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Sing Core Referral Program Pays $500+

Sing Core Referral Program

Introducing the Sing Core referral program. After you sign up as an affiliate, you will receive a special tracking code which enables you to invite others to take advantage of either of two offers which appeal to separate target audiences.

Referral Program Pays $500+

refer-a-friendWhen our affiliates refer a customer to Sing Core via their coded link, we track your referral for 90 days. If your referral submits a price quote at any time within 90 days of your click, you get full credit for that sale, after the product(s) have been paid for and received by the client.

There are two Sing Core affiliate opportunities. 

#1 – Promote Sing Doors and/or Panels

#2 – Make $500 for Recruiting Sing Mfg

#1 – Promote Sing Doors and/or Panels

Pays $500 or 10% (whichever is greater) per first time sale made by first-time buyer.
Sing Doors and Panels are the only Eco-friendly lightweight (1/3 or less the weight of other wood-based products) and high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) made with Sing Core inside which are high precision (+/- .006 in.) and can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, regardless of the size (could be huge).
Primarily used in high-end residential (multimillion-dollar homes), military applications, security, commercial, industrial, and scientific industries.
Affiliates paid on client’s first order, following shipment and receipt of order.

#2 – Make $500 for Recruiting Sing Furniture Maker

Pays $500 per person recruited as a Sing Furniture Manufacturer.
Sing Furniture Makers are home-based businesses. The incorporate the basic woodworking skills of local craftspeople to assemble, sell, and distribute patented Sing furniture made of modular furniture components.
Participants desiring to participate in the Sing Furniture Maker Program, pay $4,000 for kit to start, affiliate gets paid $500 for referring new Sing Furniture Maker. Sing Furniture Makers gets $12,000 (or more) worth of furniture to assemble and get paid, as many times as they want, with new incentives to pay less or make more along the way.
3 to 4 weeks delivery. Referral fee paid following receipt of kit by SFM.

Contact Sing Core

Whether you are participating in our referral Reward Program or acting as a Sing Core Customer Representative, you must contact Sing Core prior to referring or representing to ensure that you receive the proper credit for your efforts.




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The Highest Grade MDF in the Industry

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a popular material, especially because it can be precision sanded and remain very smooth which is an excellent surface area to treat, paint, or apply other materials, anything from vinyl and Masonite® to natural wood grain and metals. The upside to this material is wide open, while the downside presents a challenge.

The biggest problem with MDF is that it is not very stable or strong. The phrase we hear commonly is, “we love it, but it warps like…” (add expletive).

Patented Sing Core and our warp-free technologies enable us to provide millworks and artisans with a high end MDF surfaced material which is lightweight, high strength, and extremely dimensionally stable. Now, you, too, can have the highest grade MDF in the industry to use in your most important high precision projects without risk of failure.

This technology moves the smooth surfaced material which can easily be high precision sanded to a whole new level!

That’s why you find this revolutionary newly invented patented and patent pending warp-free technology atop the tallest building in the United States of America.

Now you can have a warp-free large MDF panel which our clients use to apply almost any laminate surface because it is so smooth, and you can even apply natural wood grain, and it can still be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Sing Core is the secret weapon used by the top millworks, large furniture designers, and the biggest and best door companies, to keep their MDF straight and true.

It is not uncommon to find Sing’s patented MDF-solution inside the most prestigious locations around the world and from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

large pocket door panel perfect straight

In fact, this is the business arena where patented sing Core shines: If you have a problem keeping it straight, inventor Peter Sing’s core and his True Flat Team can provide you with a rock solid hybrid composite core covered heel to toe in MDF which can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

No other Eco-friendly lightweight material can achieve such feats.

Here is a photo of the inventor standing on a 13 ft span of his core suspended between two sawhorses.

You can see even at only one inch thick there is very little deflection.

And if that weren’t enough, here’s two people standing on a 20 ft span.

Even though Sing’s patented insulation reinforced vertical grain torsion box core is often compared to honeycomb core materials, it’s plain to see that no other lightweight honeycomb core material can compare.

Whether Sing’s core is used as substrate inside panels, posts, and beams, or as warp-free door core, you will find architects, designers, and engineers empowered by having access to the most revolutionary building material which is changing the way things are made.

You will find the most famous door companies in the world entering the field of large custom door making, which they would not have even considered prior to the invention of Sing Core. Why? Because everyone knows that once a door exceeds 7 ft tall and/or three and a half feet wide, you’re looking for problems, for which now there is a solution.

That solution is Sing Core MDF, the highest grade MDF in the industry today.