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Sing Core Sliding Doors

Sing Core makes large, custom, and unique sliding doors a possibility with our lightweight and strong core.

Sing Core panels have been used for doors in everything from celebrity homes to large commercial buildings.

Future of the Industry

The industry is heading in the direction of sliding doors, and in some areas, it’s already there. Sliding doors are easy to use, take up very little space, and look amazing. They can be designed to fit any aesthetic or workplace, and Sing Core makes these doors even better.

50 Year Fail-Free Guarantee

Sing Core Sliding Doors, like all Sing Core products, come with a 50 year structural and warp-free guarantee. You won’t find this common in the industry, as few products can hold up to it. At Sing Core, we don’t make empty promises. Your door will last for 50 years without structural or warping issues, guaranteed.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Lightweight Stronger than steel
Dimensionally stable Fully insulated Sound deadening Thermal Hot/Cold
Will not warp Will not delaminate Made to any size Any available material

Lighter. Stronger. Straighter.

If you’re looking for a sliding door solution that has advantages such as being lightweight, having superior strength, has an incredibly long life, and is highly accurate, then you’ve come to the right place. Sing Core is the industry best in door and wall panels, and we excel in crafting high-end, large, and/or custom doors. Just watch this video on what makes our product the best and only option when it comes to these features.

What our customers say about us.

Our customers love their Sing Core products. Don’t believe us? Here’s a few of their testimonies:

“Sing Core doors were exactly what we needed…”
– P. Taylor

“Sing Core’s products are highly innovative and have changed the way we think about custom door construction. Well done!”
– J. Dunn

“Sing Core made us a huge high quality door with a 50 year warranty…super lightweight compared to other competitors and a warranty that was 50 times longer. They delivered on every detail as promised.”
– F. Fiat

Why Do You Need a Sing Core Sliding Door?

Sliding Door Problem

Because a sliding door can only be in contact with the door opening at the rollers, there is a very low amount of tolerance when it comes to defects throughout the life of the door. When a sliding door warps, bends, twists, or is otherwise skewed it can cause severe issues in the function of the door. Because the door must open and close in a defined space, warping means the door will not slide properly along the tracks, and may cause it to not fit into the pocket if it is a pocket door. Large, over-sized sliding doors are much more susceptible to warping due to how the environments affect the door’s larger surface area.

Sliding Door Solution

Sing Core has the solution to the major issues with sliding doors. That is why you need Sing Core inside your door, as it is the only way to build a lightweight sliding door that is not only stronger than steel, but also backed by a 50 Year Warp-Free and Structural Guarantee. There simply isn’t a better way.


Sing Core makes MASSIVE sliding doors possible!

Sometimes, you need a big door. You could be updating a barn, run an auto shop, or maybe you just like the idea of designing a massive sliding door for your garage or house. With traditional building methods, this would likely be unreasonable or even impossible. The weight of large doors alone leads to pricey installation and hardware, and they can still break, warp, and be otherwise ruined due to their size.

A Sing Core door avoids all of these headaches. Their lightweight nature means that even the largest doors are still easy to operate and install, plus they don’t have near as much wear on the hardware (such as rollers and hinges) as other door options.

In addition, our doors are strong enough to protect whatever is behind your massive door. Each and every quality of a Sing Core door is present, regardless of size. The assembly is also a breeze thanks to our modular system, meaning you can connect the panels to form a door of virtually any size with ease.

Sliding Door Skin Types

Paint Grade

Crafted with a surface ready for paint or other forms of finishing. Available in MDF, Marine, AB Plywood surfaces, and Vinyl, Mural, or Wallpaper covers.

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Wood Door

Including wood veneer (hot pressed and cold pressed, .020 inches thick) and wood stave (1/8 inch thick) designs.

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Metal Door

Our metal doors can be aluminum (16 gauge), cold-rolled steel, hot-rolled steel, or copper (20 gauge).

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Ceramic Door

Our ceramic doors use a ceramic laminate to give a unique appearance for a variety of uses, including use in tiled rooms and refrigeration purposes.

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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Our fiberglass doors use .090 thick fiberglass reinforced plastic, which outperforms and lasts longer than vinyl and other similar doors. Plus, their maintenance cost is significantly lower than other options.

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High Pressure Laminate (HPL/Formica)

HPL, also known as Formica, is commonly used for countertops, flooring, tables, and other areas that need to be tough and impact resistant. HPL is favored in commercial applications due to its ability to withstand heavy traffic.

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Sliding Door Gallery

These are some of the brilliant sliding doors made with Sing Core panels.

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