SingCore specializes in producing the highest quality sliding garage doors on the market. Our patented and patent pending core material is ultra-light weight yet super strong. Choose any style of door, skin material, or hardware arrangement that you desire. We building custom door panels to match your specs exactly.

How to Build Sliding Garage Doors

Our sliding garage door blanks come “unfinished” but made to your exact specifications in terms of size, hardware blocking, and surface material. SingCore surfaces include the possibility of —

  • Wood stave – white oak, walnut, cedar, teak, cherry, and more
  • Wood Veneer – white oak, walnut, cedar, teak, cherry, and more
  • Metal – aluminum, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, and more
  • Paint grade
  • High tech laminate or fiberglass skins

Bypass Sliding Garage Doors

Bypass doors are just one of the many specialty sliding garage door types available for production by SingCore’s crack team of door manufacturing experts. Bypass sliding door, sliding door with man door, accordion doors, and so much more is possible with our state of the art door production technology.

There is no door too small or too large for SingCore’s aerospace inspired “honeycomb” wood and foam core construction. We guarantee your panel will be perfectly straight (to AWI standards) for 50 years or more! This makes SingCore the perfect companion for your high insulation value sliding doors, where exact straightness is the key to a great seal for a sliding door.

Side Sliding Garage Door Cost

Our custom production line is capable of making custom doors in any quantity. Whether you need a one off door for a remodel project or custom high end home, or you need 1000 doors for your development, SingCore can be you supplier.

Because we make every door to order, the cost varies quite a bit based on quantity. The best way to get an idea of price is to submit a quote request with your project details.

Our estimating team, with decades of experience in custom sliding door design and manufacture, is standing by to answer your questions and to help you design and custom door that meets your needs and fits in to your budget.

DIY Side Sliding Garage Door

For the DIY or home gamer, SingCore may just be the perfect fit. We are not a finished door provider, and we do not provide pre-hung or similar products. Our bread and butter is the production of unfinished door “blanks” designed and built to your specifications.

Because of this, we only sell to individuals with the skills and equipment to properly finish and hang our doors. If you are a homeowner without construction skills, we recommend that you contact a millwork or finish carpenter in your area, and tell them you want “SingCore inside”!

Manual Sliding Garage Door

Because SingCore is exceptionally light, less than 1/3rd similar solid wood doors, they make great manual sliding garage doors. Easy to operate, highly insulated, and perfectly straight for your lifetime, SingCore siding doors are practically unparalleled on the custom garage door market.

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