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Wholesale White Oak And Walnut Exterior Door

Wholesale White Oak Exterior Door With Walnut Inlay

The surplus exterior door has 1/8″ hardwood covering both sides and is comprised of patented Sing Core lightweight core. Having Sing Core inside means that this door is dimensionally stable and crafted with the highest precision. Sing Core inside keeps weight down while preventing warping and is backed by the same 50 year guarantee! Pictured is the White Oak skin with Walnut inlays. Measures a whopping 48″ x 88″ x 2.25″! This door sells for over $6,000, but you can get one today for only $1,900 if you act now. This door only comes in one size at this time, but can be trimmed up to 2″ on each side.

The Only 50-Year Warp-Free Guarantee

We work with patented Sing Core to bring you an Eco-friendly exterior door that can be easily installed, that is lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, fully insulated for climate control and sound deadening capabilities. And the best part? Your standard exterior door is fully guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Includes unfinished door slab only.

Scroll down for more information.

*see below for lead time and rush information


What is included in your order:

Purchase includes the unfinished door slab.




This door slab can be used with pivoting hardware, hinging hardware, or even sliding hardware.

The door slab has a solid wood perimeter that can be trimmed up to 2″ on each side, allowing the door to be anywhere from 48″x 88″ to 44″x 84.”

Lead time


Surplus lead time is 2 weeks. Standard lead time is 6-10 weeks. Rush orders will be accepted and charged accordingly. For more information, click here.




You have the option to customize however you would like. If this is something you are interested in, please make a note in your estimate submission. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email.


Phone: (360) 495-3577



This section is to help in determining what options to choose for your very own Sing Core exterior door.

Choosing the right door size

There are two main measurements to know when choosing the best fit for your new door.


Rough Opening

The rough opening is the space in the bare wall before a frame and door are installed or replaced.


Frame size

The door frame size involves measuring the width of the bare wall before the door or frame is installed, leaving about 1/2″ extra for better fitment. You also need to consider how thick the frame itself need to be to support the door of your choice.

Choosing the perfect skin

Modern doors are available in a wide array of skin options. This exterior door is available in MDF or Wood, the species currently available is White Oak, White Oak with a Walnut inlay, or Hard Maple. See below for examples.

Rush Options

A link to the rush options page is in the Lead Time section above or can be found here. Rush Options

Shipping Information


Our doors are shipped freight. We work with many freight companies to get you the door you need. Shipping times will vary depending on where you are located.

Every order is shipped from our factory in McCleary, Washington.

Ready to order?

*sold to trade professionals only

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Dresser Gallery

Welcome to the Sing Core dresser gallery!

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Standard Doors

Standardized Doors

Are you searching for the best interior door to put in your home? Well search no more! Sing Core offers only the best doors to fit your budget. Sing Core’s patented door design reduces weight, increases insulation, increases sound deadening, and will not warp.

Traditionally manufactured interior doors weigh almost three times more than a Sing Core door. Sing Core produces hollow core doors that provide much greater insulation qualities. Usually hollow core doors have an insulation value, or R value, of 2. Sing Core interior doors boast an R value of 6. With this being said, you can save on your heating bill and save on the cost of replacing your old doors.

Sing Core offers the highest quality of over-sized doors, but also provides the absolute best standard interior doors. Standard doors sizes are available in 30”W x 80”H or 32”W x 80”H. Standard interior doors usually have a thickness of 1 ⅜”. If the door you are looking for is not one of the listed sizes then do not worry, you can contact our salesperson and we can create a custom door just for you.

Currently we are offering our standard interior doors with a fiberglass skin. Traditional standard sized interior doors usually have a medium density fiberboard (MDF) skin or are solid wood. Both of these materials are very heavy, increasing the cost of hardware needed to hold the door. Our standard doors can be used with hinging, pivoting, or sliding hardware.

The standard interior doors are being sold as unfinished door blanks so that you may finish the door as you please. If you are searching for a new interior door, then you have come to the right place. Sing Core doors are among the lightest on the market. Don’t think for a second that we compromised strength to achieve such a lightweight door. Sing Core doors are significantly stronger than doors comprised of traditional materials, not to mention modern hollow core doors.

Sing Core is the only company that guarantees every door to stay straight and not warp for 50 years! No other door company can make such a claim. Our standard sized doors can be used with a wide variety of hardware. You can hang the door with standard hinges, a pivot box, or even make it a sliding door. Sing Core’s lightweight design allows you to save on hardware costs. There is no need for any specialty hardware to support a heavy door.

You could even apply a proper exterior finish to the door for use as an exterior door. The possibilities are endless! Sing Core can customize any door you need, in anyway you may need. Our doors can have a wide variety of skins; including, but not limited to A/B Plywood, veneer, wood staves, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, HPL, MDF, and much much more. For the fastest way to receive an estimate, please check out our pricing page! Just submit for a price quote and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Invisible Doorway

Hidden “Jib” Doors

A door that is hidden in plain sight is commonly referred to as a “jib” door. Jib doors can often be called invisible doors or frameless doors. This type of door traditionally sits flush with the wall and matches any pattern on the wall. Jib doors provide a camouflage entrance to “secret” rooms. Everyone loves a house with a hidden door or secret rooms. We can provide jib doors, concealed cupboards and riser door systems perfect for concealing unsightly riser doors, access panels and service cupboards.

Essentially, it’s a door that is flush-mounted right into the wall—and often without hardware—essentially making it “invisible.” Sing Core provides lightweight and high strength door panels. These panels are crafted with the utmost precision. Sing Core’s door panels are comprised of a specially designed torsion box honeycomb core. This special design prevents warping, even in greatly over-sized doors. Sing Core is one of the only door companies who can guarantee their doors for 50 years. No other door company can make this claim!

Known for their essential “invisibility,” jib doors are flush-mounted directly into the wall allowing them to blend beautifully with their surroundings. The most subtle jib doors often lack any visible hardware. Bookcase doors work perfectly as entrances to panic rooms or vaults for storing firearms, jewelry, documents and other important items. A jib door is nearly invisible, or at least disguised from being recognized as a door. It may have the same moldings or wall treatment as the surrounding wall, creating a door hidden in plain sight.

What is the purpose of a jib door? A jib door or set of jib doors allow you to disguise that old broom closet so no one would even know it is there. Jib doors are very popularly used to keep precious valuables safe and secure. More importantly, jib doors can and are used to conceal your home’s panic room. A jib door is only hidden as well as it is made precise. Do not take any chances, and let Sing Core build your very own custom jib door. Sing Core offers precision unlike any other door company out there. This being said, we can manufacture the most seamless jib doors on the market.

Sing Core builds the most high end and lightweight doors on the market, and remain economically friendly! We custom build every door by hand to ensure the utmost precision as well as the utmost customer satisfaction. Plus, if your invisible door has Sing Core inside, you get the added safety and security of having a fully insulated sound deadening jib door which is also highly effective in maintaining consistent temperature control on either side of the wall door.

Millworks and high-end custom door manufacturers know they can rely on Sing Core’s ability to provide a warp-free door blank which will remain straight and true enough to protect the hidden door’s secret of invisibility over time. Not only can Sing Core offer the utmost precision, but we can offer precision that lasts longer than any other door company. Traditional door materials; such as solid wood, hollow core with MDF, or plastic tend to warp as they age and some are warp the day you purchase them! Sing Core guarantees that every door produced will not warp or fail, and this is backed by the Sing Core 50 year guarantee!

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Over-Sized Cabinetry

Are you thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets or cabinet doors?

Well look no further! Sing Core can help you design and create the best new cabinet doors. Cabinet doors for framed cabinets must be larger than the cabinet opening to look right and close properly. Sing Core builds custom cabinet doors and is your source for cabinet door, cabinet doors, cabinet drawer box, cabinet drawer boxes, cabinet drawer front, cabinet drawer fronts. Whether you want to replace the cabinet doors or the whole cabinet, then we have you covered. You can choose what material you want for your oversize cabinet doors. We can craft your cabinets or cabinet doors from which ever material you may choose.

Usually, cabinets along with their doors consist of plywood and/or medium density fiberboard (MDF). The issue is, plywood is unstable and MDF weighs too much. In many online forums, cabinetmakers suggest alternatives, and that is where Sing Core comes in. Sing Core makes top-quality panels that are extremely lightweight without compromising strength. Our panels weight about a third of traditional materials. This being said, our cabinets or cabinet doors are among the lightest replacement kitchen cabinet doors can be purchased today. Some skin options include, but aren’t limited to, paint grade hard maple, red oak, cherry, birch, pine, etc… Skin options include more than just wood skins, one can opt for aluminum, steel, formica, HPL, MDF, and much much more. Choose the right skin that adds a graphic punch to your kitchen and bath cabinets! We offer decorative over-sized cabinets and doors. If you are looking to purchase cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your project, you came to the right place! We can build for the larger, wider cabinet doors, or for the standard sizes. No matter what your need is, we can help you remodel with confidence.

Purchase unfinished cabinet doors, cabinet door, custom wood, maple wood cabinet door. As is true of raised panel cabinet doors, slab doors can be constructed in many ways, and the construction methods used here at Sing Core are designed to save you time and money when finishing and installing your brand new cabinets or cabinet doors. For those who are interested in buying our cabinets or cabinet doors, you have come to the right place. You can get in contact with a salesperson by checking out our “pricing” page here, or you may have noticed the orange button on the top right-hand side of our web page. The pricing page will have you input your information about your project, but don’t worry, once you are connected with a salesperson we can customize your project however you want. Even if you are not interested in cabinets or cabinet doors, check out the other web pages we have. Sing Core specializes in over-sized hinge, pivot, sliding, or carriage doors. If you are in need over lightweight, strong, and non-warping panels, then look no further! Sing Core can provide any size panel you may need and can apply any skin you may choose! The possibilities are endless!

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Eco Friendly Qualities of SingCore


SingCore’s patented core material is one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the market, combining state of the art strength and flatness with Earthly friendly materials and manufacturing practices.

Build from Sustainably Harvested Renewable and Recycled Materials

The primary components of SingCore’s system are a wooden vertical grain torsion box infilled with recyclable foam cells. SingCore uses all locally sourced wooden components in the core material. Wood from sustainably managed forests is an eco-friendly resource, with no VOAs, formaldehyde, or other potentially toxic chemical components added.

SingCore uses recyclable EPS foam that includes post-consumer or post-industrial content. The foam components are free of HCFCs, dyes, and formaldehyde and include the following environmental credentials:

  • LEED certification credit
  • Compliant with the NAHB/ANS National Green Building Standard
  • Energy Star approved
  • Compliant with ASHRAE standards
  • Title 24 (California’s Stringent Standards) compliant

Our patented and patent pending material uses only a fraction of the wood and the total resources of standard wooden construction. This makes our core both light as well as efficient.

Earth Friendly End of Life

At SingCore, we take product end of life seriously, which is why our core is built to impact the Earth in a healthy way.

The main wooden structural components of the core material are all biodegradable materials which form a natural part of the environmental cycle. We abstain from the use of chemical preservatives and other chemical processes which might taint the wood and pollute the environment.

Foam components of the core are 100% recyclable, themselves being made with post-consumer and post-industrial content.

With proper end of life management, SingCore components need not contribute to landfill bloat.

Energy Efficient, Low Green House Gas Producing Production Process

SingCore products are built in the United States using low energy processes. Our highly efficient cold-presses and streamlined hand production methodology ensures that very little electricity or fuel is consumed during manufacturing of SingCore.

Further, SingCore is placed in rainy Washington State, and so has access to clean hydroelectric power. Washington State produces the most green power in the country and accounts for more than 1/4 of all hydro power nationally.

SingCore locally sources the majority of our manufacturing inputs, to reduce overall transportation related greenhouse gas production, and ships directly to your factory or job site using LTL freight to further decrease environmental costs.

Highly Insulated

Because of the foam cell construction of SingCore panels, we are able to boost greater than R-3 / inch of core material, with and optional boost to R-6.5 / inch of core when upgrading to Urethane foam in the core. Combined with our perfect flat construction, which leads to superior weather sealing, our panels are saving energy every day in high efficiency construction projects.

Built for Longevity

The hallmark of SingCore is that we build for longevity. SingCore doors are the only doors on the market that come with a full 50-year structural guarantee.

Products with long life spans means there is less overall waste and fewer products making their way in to the waste stream. Our SingCore is made to stand the test of time, and to last a lifetime if not more.