If there are any two words which easily define what Sing Core does, “large doors,” and there is no better large door in the world. Other words which are part of the Sing Core culture are “lightweight,” “high strength,” and “Eco-friendly.”

Why are large doors the main commodity of Sing Core?

Because oversized doors, if they are over seven feet tall and/or three and a half feet wide present a number of problems inherit to the limitations of available door building materials, most importantly if you are attempting to build large wooden doors.

Large oversized doors will move according to changes in the environment. This is the nature of natural wood grain, which as beautiful as it can be, will move or warp. Warping large doors is the number one reason the world’s biggest door manufacturers seek to engineer and specify Sing Core inside their large doors.

Large Exterior Doors

Large exterior doors (or just plain old exterior doors for that matter) are more prone to warp than interior doors because one side faces a temperature controlled (to some degree) environment, while the other side can be 100% exposed to the weather. This is the perfect recipe for ending up with warping large doors.

These large residential doors can include large feature doors, modern front doors, large pivot doors, and steel front doors, which are among the top few large door requests which are encountered by Sing Core every day.

People do not want to compromise with the primal focal point of their home. The front door is the first point of engagement when someone approaches your home, and for some, making an impact with visiting guests is important to those who are specifying “Sing Core inside,” their doors.

Among other styles of big doors are patio doors, also often big doors which, like large front doors, are subject to warp due to changes according to surrounding elements.

Large Wooden Commercial Doors

Then there are large wooden commercial doors which are problematic when bridging the gap between the creative genius of the contemporary architect and designer on one side and the abilities to create and install such a door by the door manufacturer and contractor on the other.

Frequently we are seeing large sliding glass doors appear more often in drawing boards which feature a wood frame, not unlike large French doors that host a large glass cut out for viewing the expansive outdoors. We are building these large sliding panel doors with big glass cutouts for all kinds of commercial door applications both in interiors and exteriors.

It is not uncommon for us to see large commercial doors, wither with glass or just solid wood surfaces, which span large openings or for separating one or more large open areas, thereby subdividing a large room into several smaller rooms until the large wooden commercial doors are fully opened to expose the entire area of the expanse.

Large Industrial Doors

Large industrial doors can come in any size and covered with any exterior surface material based on the design recommendations of the architects and engineers working on the project. If the project includes a very large door, the True Flat Team works in concert with engineers and architects to produce an Eco-friendly door which is high precision (Sing Core sports +/- .006 tolerances) can be lightweight, stronger than steel, and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

You read that right. Inventor and CEO Peter Sing is so confident about his patented and patent-pending counter-warp materials that he stakes his reputation on it.

His insulated reinforced torsion box hybrid core is so rigid, he says anything built with it will last for centuries, but he guarantees it for 50 years.

Gone are the days when inexpensive products fill our landfills and contaminate the environment. As more and more products are built with Sing Core inside, they could virtually last forever, and individual components could be repurposed into something new.

So whether you are in search of large pocket doors, large sliding closet doors, a large garage door, or large hangar door, you and your clientele would be best served by making certain your large doors are specified with Sing Core inside, especially for your large, expansive doors and window projects.