Barn doors are popping up everywhere, especially in high-end homes, and they could be located anywhere throughout the project. You will find barn doors as front doors, back doors, garage doors, and inside the home as kitchen doors, bathroom doors, bedroom doors and closet doors, as well as recreational area and room dividers. Custom barn doors are providing a structure-wide approach to replacing regular hinged doors with contemporary barn doors, and Sing Core provides a unique array of attributes which are not available in any other barn door.

Custom Barn Doors

You already know you want the highest and best possible high end barn door, so you start with a custom design, which could be a solid surface, feature custom lite cutouts, or a combination of surface materials, like mirrored barn doors, to make it even more unique.

For custom barn doors with Sing Core inside you know that you’re delivering the best barn doors around imbued with these special characteristics:

Eco-friendly Barn Door
Lightweight Barn Door
High Strength Barn Door
Insulated Barn Door

Custom Warp-free Barn Door

While you might be able to find one or more of the aforementioned attributes in custom barn doors somewhere, but only one custom barn door can deliver all these features, such as Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and warp-free in one barn door, and that’s when you know your high end barn door has Sing Core inside. Plus, only Sing Core can help to create custom barn doors with a, 50 year no fail guarantee.

Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Contemporary architecture design is featuring sliding barn doors in new modern designs which is redefining how custom barn doors are perceived, for barn doors aren’t just for barns anymore; you could find them anywhere to spice up any living area. The beauty of sliding barn doors is in their impact; everyone notices them, wherever you’re hanging barn doors, due to their unique appearance, and as of yet, barn doors are not commonplace, people just aren’t used to seeing them, so everyone takes note.

Aluminum custom barn doors before adding vinyl graphics
Aluminum custom barn doors before adding vinyl graphics
Aluminum custom barn doors after adding vinyl graphics

Custom Exterior Barn Doors

Custom exterior doors represent the most challenging of all custom barn doors, and generally cause uneasiness or problems for the craftsmen, millworks and custom door manufacturers who build them as well as the architects who design them. Why? Because one side of the custom exterior barn door faces the elements (which could include extreme weather condition in heat or cold) and the other side faces the moderately climate controlled in interior. This is just asking for trouble, but Sing Core’s patented premium door core w/patent pending straighteners work around the clock to keep your insulated custom exterior barn doors straight and true and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Custom Interior Barn Doors

Inside the home, interior designers are featuring interior barn doors as a unique, attention-grabbing access point. Custom barn doors featured in the structure’s interior can be in any size of opening where sliding back and forth makes sense, and can also disappear within a wall cavity, like a sliding pocket door. Depending on the opening, interior sliding barn doors could be very large in size. Alternatively, double barn doors could split the difference, or multiple side by side bypass barn doors could traverse a wide area and could double as large room dividers inside the home or office.

Custom Modern Barn Doors

These modern barn doors are not your grandparent’s barn doors. When your custom barn doors have Sing Core inside, you can have faith that you’ve made an investment you can enjoy for a lifetime, if not for many lifetimes, because unlike other types of disposable custom barn doors, these particular doors have a tiny carbon footprint, are sustainable and able to last for lifetimes with little or no maintenance. Plus the strength and integrity of Sing custom barn doors allows the hosting of any flat building material with long-lasting, nearly impervious results over time.

Custom Mirrored Barn Door

One of the most highly sought out look in modern barn doors is to have a French barn door design (like a French door, featuring a large lite cut out) except instead of using glass, a full length mirror is installed and the resulting mirrored barn door is hung from barn door hardware, just like any other barn door. Mirrored barn doors could be used anywhere but are commonly featured in the bedroom as mirrored closet barn doors. With a few design enhancements you could have an unbreakable mirrored barn door with Sing Core inside. See: Unbreakable mirror video.

Building a Barn Door

Sure, anyone can build a barn door, but only Sing Core can empower any architect to design an everlasting custom barn door using the highest precision custom barn door core (+/- .006 in.) enabling any custom barn door manufacturer or millwork taking on the project of building a barn door, ensuring the most amazing results culminating in a one-of-a-kind piece of art which can be fully guaranteed for 50 years, including structure warranty. Let Sing Core help you to build the best custom barn door of all.