Everyone is looking for that new door that speaks to their customers and visitors.  Look no further.  SingCore has the answer!

The Sing Door Advantage

SingCore’s Legendary Curved Door has been called upon in the most demanding situations to turn even the most stale environment into a place where luxury and creativity flourishes.  As a leader in manufacturing large, over-sized, sliding, pivot, metal, hinge, bi-fold, and man doors, SingCore has been at the forefront of our industry because of our ability to make doors that are stronger, straighter, lower in weight, more dimensionally stable, available in more materials, more warp resistant, and more visually appealing.  Moreover, we offer the best guarantee in the industry.  No one else in the industry can offer you doors that are guaranteed for 50 years against warping, twisting, breaking, cracking, and skewing.  Because we have a proven track record of producing door that stand the test of time, we have decided to divert our attention to a new line of doors that are dramatically increasing in popularity.  That is the SingCore Legendary Curved Door.

Light weight marine ply curve door with Sing Core inside

Unprecedented Door Options

These beautiful curved doors are made with a marine ply skin for better resistance to environmental conditions.

Exceptionally strong, straight, and lightweight and more warp resistant than any other panel on the market.  Using SingCore’s patented and patent pending core material, we have the sub straight to provide you with a panel that meets the rigorous needs of today’s environment.  With our advanced methods and special engineering, we can make these doors in many different skin types.  We will build the doors specifically to your specs, using almost any skin you can imagine.  We can also make the doors in any size with any skin, using any type of hanging method.  You can also use any hardware with our doors, because of our revolutionary system of blocking.  Our innovative system allows you specify any kind of blocking you need to get the job done.  Just ask and we will do it!


Curved Door Installed (Photo courtesy of Wirth Woodworking)

SingCore Unmatched Precision

These large curved doors have been made to the exact specifications of the client.  No one can make a door radius as precise and versatile as ours.  Most door companies are not even capable of producing a door that has a radius.  With our cutting edge methods, we can build a door with any radius.  Moreover, it will have the SingCore signature light weight core that allows us to build doors that are more structurally strong, more rigid, more dimensionally stable, less prone to skewing, breaking, and cracking under normal use.  As you can see from our photos, they are much more beautiful than doors from any other curved door manufacturer.  Our doors are solid as a rock.  They go through our rigorous strength testing, including the hammer test.

Curved Door Installed (Photo courtesy of Wirth Woodworking)

Ahead of the Game

The buzz about our Legendary Curved Door Line has been tremendous.  We would like to thank everyone who has reach out to us about these our curved doors.  We would also like to thank Wirth Woodworking for doing such a fine job finishing and installing these doors with hardware available at ghostop.com.  To get your own curved doors, please click the “Pricing” button and submit for a price quote.  You never know.  You might just become the proud owner of SingCore Legendary Curved Doors even before your friends and neighbors install them in their homes.