Warp-free, lightweight, insulated honeycomb panels

Movable Wall in Seattle Tech Giant

Sing Core is proud to accept large sliding door, movable wall, or temporary wall projects the would cause other door core producers. Once example is this amazing door produced in mid 2018. In this project the greatest qualities of Sing Core’s patented honeycomb core come to the forefront:

  • Light Weight
  • High Stength
  • Sound Deadening Qualities
  • Modular Construction
  • Extreme Warp Resistence

Ready for Your Artwork

This wall was designed to be finished with an amazing custom mural. Imagine giant dragons, lush forests, or any image that sets the mood of your company’s work space.

With our spline joining system, seams in your large moving wall not a problem. The stability we provide means your custom art wall will be less likely to be damaged do to cracking paint. And, the panels light weight means it can be both a dream to operate and to look at.

Microsoft Finished White Slider

Join on Site

Although Sing Core is free to make panels of almost any size, sometimes the best option is to make a large panel in section and assemble on site. As seen above, our panels can be joined quickly and easily on site leaving only a very tight seam.

When using the sectional method of construction, you can save cost when shipping from our factory to your build site, and you also make it easier to move the panels around and position on site. If you are building a large internal sliding door or wall late in a project, then this method may be just what you need to bring in the door in sections and join together right at the opening.

A Truly Movable Wall

Some builders decide to make a movable wall as if it was a regular wall, but that comes with many drawbacks. Here at Sing Core, our material design is inspired by aircraft design which lends it: lightness, strength, and rigidity.

Unlike many movable or temporary wall systems,  you can say that Sing Core panels are designed from the ground up to be in motion. See below how easily this 25′ by 9′ panel can be slid on the ground by only two people.

large sliding door movable wall system

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Let Us Know How We Can Help Your Next Project

Sing Core is Standing By

Whether a large sliding door, movable wall, temporary wall, pivot door, or any special project, Sing Core is standing by to contribute our special set of skills to your project. If you have need for a custom panel, and you aren’t even sure if there is a panel strong enough, light enough, or straight enough to meet you needs, ask us how we can help your project.

Sing Core is used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Large / Oversize Doors
  • Sound Proof / Sound Resistant Applications
  • Artistic Works / Movable Artwork
  • Museum Panels
  • Large Cabinet Doors