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The Best Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are the perfect way to complement to your home’s individuality. Sliding doors are ideal for smaller spaces, due to their space saving nature. Some sliding doors even slide completely out of sight and into the interior of the adjoining wall. These doors create a pristine and merely seamless entrance to any room. We are glad to provide you with the best sliding doors in the industry.

Sliding doors consist of one or more door panels that open by either gliding on a track or hanging from rollers mounted above. This style of door is very sensitive to weight, as the entirety is often hanging from the top of the door jamb. If the doors are too heavy, this can cause some serious and potentially dangerous issues. Sing Core have the solution to these issues.

Traditionally built sliding doors have a tendency to warp over time. That may not seem like a big deal, but it can make the door fall from its track. It is very dangerous when this happens especially when someone is nearby… Ouch! Whether your sliding door is a patio style door or a sliding closet door, its best to have it lightweight and truly flat for the entirety of its lifespan.


Sing Core provides the best substrate to make very lightweight doors that will remain truly flat for many years to come. With our patented technologies we can manufacture high strength, yet lightweight, sliding doors that last a lifetime.

Our sliding doors are among the best sliding doors in the industry. With our technologies, our doors tend to weigh roughly one third of traditionally built doors. How can we do this?

We use our patented torsion box honeycomb reinforcement along with our patented composite stiffeners to ensure a perfectly flat door for many years to come. Our technologies are always evolving to bring you the best doors in the industry. When you want the best, you have to work with the best. That’s why you come to-




Our company is devoted to providing only the best substrate for your door needs. Whether it is a luxury entrance door or a simple closet door, Sing Core has you covered. We manufacture the best sliding doors for existing homes in need of an upgrade and also for new constructions. Our doors will always enhance the aesthetic of any home.

Our technologies are so advanced that we guarantee every door for 50 years! No other door company has guarantee for even half of that amount of time. Usually, other door manufacturers will guarantee their doors for about a year; but shortly after that time, the doors will warp and potentially fail.

Why worry about your sliding doors?

There is no need to worry when you have Sing Core inside! Sing Core provides high strength and long-lasting dimensional stability so your door will be truly flat and last a lifetime.

We offer many different skin choices. Our choices range from concrete, metal, fiberglass, exotic woods, MDF, to even plywood. Click here to see our skin choice page. We specialize in custom doors, so if you do not see what you need just ask!


To order, go to our pricing page and fill out one of our pricing forms. This is the fastest way to get in contact our salespeople. Click here to go to fill out a pricing form.

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Indoor Barn Doors

Interior barn doors are the fastest and easiest way to fill an opening. Depending on the wall and it’s opening, a creative interior barn door solution might be something that you might like to look into before you decide on your final indoor barn door specs.


And when it comes to indoor barn doors, size makes a big difference. If your sliding barn door is over wider than a 48 inch barn door or taller than an 8ft barn door, you should consider seeking out a millwork or custom barn door manufacturer who specializes in big barn doors.

The reason you need to seek out a professional large sliding barn door builder is because it takes extraordinary skills and abilities to create a tall or extra wide barn door will not fail long after installation due to warping.

Sliding barn doors need to remain fairly straight and true to operate efficiently. The industry (according to national AWI standards) allows for up to ¼ inch deflection over a 7 ft. span to be considered straight. Hardware manufacturers and installers are conscious of movement of indoor barn doors and they allow for the quarter-inch movement.

If your large modern barn doors are over standard sized interior sliding barn doors, you will have problems with warping barn doors which will move in excess of AWI standards when there are environmental or climate changes. The bigger the indoor barn doors, the bigger the problems are due to being so large. It is exponentially more problematic for oversized wood sliding barn doors.

So, if you are particular about your interior sliding barn door, whether it is among the categories of rustic barn doors, classic barn doors, or modern barn doors, you want indoor barn doors that are not going to warp or cause you headaches due to requiring constant maintenance or replacement of your barn door.

Or, the next time you go to specify or purchase a barn door, you might look for a door that is the perfect match for this request,

“I want warp-free indoor barn doors that are guaranteed for 50 years.”

Asking that question will get you what you want because there’s only one way to build an Eco-friendly lightweight and high strength tall or wide barn door that can remain warp-free for 50 years, and that’s with,

“Sing Core inside.”

Now, you could try to build yourself some diy barn doors because for the most part, your local door company is not going to even offer to attempt building a barn door which is very big, because they know if they do it, they’re going to look bad when it fails. If the end user insists, they make have the barn door custom made for you, but it will likely to be excluded by means of a waiver from any warranty that might cover the rest of the job.

But, if you’re working with the biggest and best door companies in the world, when you ask for

Warp-free indoor barn doors

They give you warp free interior barn doors that can be guaranteed to remain straight and true for 50 years.

How do you build a warp-free rolling barn door?

After your sliding barn door company gets your specs, they contact inventor Peter Sing, the creator of patented Sing Core as well as other patents and warp-free solutions which are patent pending. His factory, located in the lush Pacific Northwest’s Washington State, creates the lightweight high strength warp-free barn door substrate which is revolutionizing the way indoor barn doors are made.

To answer the question, “How do you build warp-free sliding barn doors,” you must start by having the basic details about the measurements of your sliding barn doors. You will need to know the height, width, and thickness of the indoor barn doors you want.

Will your order consist of one big modern barn door, or will there be many sliding barn doors in many different sizes?

It’s also a good idea, early on, to know what type of material you would like your interior barn doors to be made of.

You can specify nearly any flat building material to be used for your custom sliding barn door. Some types of indoor barn door include:

Aluminum Barn Doors

Brass/Bronze Barn Doors

Ceramic Barn Doors

Cold Rolled Steel Barn Doors

Copper Barn Doors

Diamond Plate Steel Barn Doors

Fiberglass Barn Doors

Formica Barn Doors

FRP Barn Doors

Galvanized Steel Barn Doors

Hot Rolled Steel Barn Doors

HPL Barn Doors

Laminated Barn Doors

Masonite Barn Doors

Stainless Steel Barn Doors

Wood Species Barn Doors

Just to name a few.

Plus, Sing’s patented and patent pending indoor barn doors offers many other characteristics that are the envy of any other method of manufacturing any kind of door in the world. Some of the features you will be happy to have, thanks to Sing’s core include (but are not limited to):

1. Eco-friendly

Made naturally in the Pacific Northwest with low energy consumption and conscious use of raw materials such as natural wood grain stock, recycled goods, formaldehyde-free adhesives, and the light weight of Sing’s core consumes less energy in the shipping process, reducing the carbon footprint of every door with Sing Core inside.

2. Lightweight

Sing’s sliding barn door solutions weight one-third or less the weight of other wood based indoor barn door core material. The lightweight of sliding barn doors with Sing’s core inside means, less expensive hardware (which is based on the weight of the door), less stress and strain on hardware and structure over time, easier to handle, ship, and install.

3. High Strength

No Eco-friendly lightweight structure material is stronger than Sing Core. Other honeycomb cores are weak (only 10 to 110 PSI), while Sing’s core has been independently tested at 660+ PSI, that’s stronger than steel pound for pound. Mr. Sing’s strength demonstrations are well known as he stands on unsupported large spanning one-inch panels with little or no deflection.

4. High Precision

Patented solid composite hybrid Sing Core is very high precision with high tolerances (+/- .006) with the most impressive shear strength, and can be precision-sanded within thousands of an inch.

5. Fully Insulated

Sing’s core is fully insulated for both sound deadening and climate control. Standard R-rating is R3.5 to R6.5 per inch and can be re-engineered to meet higher specifications and STC ratings.

6. Any Size Barn Door

Sing’s core enables him to help create warp-free large sliding barn doors or immense size up to 50 ft. or more that can be guaranteed for 50 years.

7. Any Style Barn Door

Using Sing’s core as the base material of your indoor barn door you (or more correctly, your custom door manufacturer, millwork, or door company) can create any style of barn door from complex architectural surfaces to stile and rail designs of all kinds, supporting any available flat surface material.

Wood Sliding Barn Doors

Large wood sliding door are making a comeback. While wooden barn doors have the striking look and visual appeal, just trying to keep them straight was a real problem. Before the invention of Sing’s core, the answer was to use faux wood doors. Doors that were stamped and made of synthetic materials but made to look like wood. Now, you can have your real wood doors back again, thanks to Sing Core.

Top 10 Wood Sliding Barn Doors

Here of some of the more popular natural wood indoor barn doors that people order from Sing Core:

1. pine barn door

2. knotty alder barn door

3. oak barn door

4. walnut barn door

5. knotty pine barn door

6. alder barn door

7. white oak barn door

8. cypress barn door

9. black walnut barn door

10. cedar sliding barn door

Stile and Rail Barn Doors

Peter Sing and his True Flat Team have many specialized methods of creating indoor barn doors to meet the specs of architects and designers who want the best most sustainable doors on the planet. And when it comes to Sing’s infamous stile and rail doors, you might be surprised to find that they aren’t made of stiles and rails at all.

According to Sing,

“Stile and rail doors are weak. If someone kicks your door, it will break. If you kick my door, it will break your leg!”

Though Sing’s stile and rail and multi-panel doors look like they’re made of many pieces, it’s really just a Sing Core slab door with decorative wood or molding added to make it look like a panel barn door, or stile and rail door. It’s really Sing’s impact resistant barn door panel treatment.

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Large Barn Doors

Eco-friendly large barn doors are taking on a whole new look and are a more sustainable solution for indoor and outdoor applications while commanding a unique stylistic approach to contemporary architectural design. The best extra large barn doors are emerging as featured presentations in all types of structures from residential and commercial to hospitality and industrial venues.

This new approach to the modern barn door is creating a stir as simple design of the traditional wood sliding barn door is now able to incorporate exciting characteristics that far surpass the simplicity of your grandfather’s farmhouse sliding door by incorporating this new generation of large architectural barn doors.

So, what makes this superior modern barn door so different from the sliding farm door of yesteryear?

While they may look similar, the large barn door hardware is much more sophisticated, but the biggest secret of all is what is found deep inside the best large barn doors of all time. If you were to look inside, you would find a patented substrate specifically designed to build the ultimate large barn doors.

Inventor Peter Sing is responsible for discovering and manufacturing this unique hybrid composite door core found inside the best modern barn doors today. Sing’s core imbues each barn door with astounding characteristics which cannot all be found in any other type of barn door, anywhere on Earth.

For instance, if your modern barn door has Sing Core inside, you will possess a door which is

  1. Eco-friendly
  2. Lightweight
  3. High strength
  4. Solid as a rock
  5. Fully insulated
  6. Warp-free
  7. Guaranteed 50 Years

Large Barn Door Problems

If you were going to make a high-end large barn door for a demanding client or visionary contemporary architect, you would have to hire a door engineer with the ability to design sliding barn doors which could be built to architectural specifications. The goal is to have an end product, a large barn door, which will not warp, fail, or require regular ongoing maintenance to keep it operational over time.

If the large barn door was quite oversized, say anything over three-and-a-half ft. wide and 7 ft. tall, you would find some extreme goings on inside such a door. There would likely be some type of welded steel interior framing and other heavy inserted in an effort to keep such a big barn door from warping, a pretty toxic approach to trying to solve the problems associated with large barn doors.

This is the biggest complaint with failing large barn doors: They warp. And warping barn door, if they are warped enough, will cease to operate, and if they are very heavy, this causes extra stress and strain on both hardware and the structure itself.


Large Barn Door Solutions

Thanks to Sing and his patented inventions and patent-pending solutions there is a way to make a lightweight high strength modern pivot door which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years. There is no other way to accomplish such a feat without Sing Core inside.

Eco-friendly Large Barn Doors

Sing’s manufacturing facility is nestled in the pristine Pacific Northwest, where ecological approaches to building and creating almost anything is of profound importance to its inhabitants. So, Sing’s factory uses the best of both worlds, basic traditional woodworking craftsmanship and advanced cold-press technologies which use very little energy consumption. Sing also uses formaldehyde-free adhesive and responsible use of natural and recycled materials, plus being so lightweight makes them easier to ship around the world using less fuel than other barn door manufacturing methods, assuring Sing’s products have an extremely minimal carbon footprint.

114 x 134 x 2 MDF Large Sliding Barn Door

Lightweight Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending technologies empower his True Flat Team to create these amazing hybrid solid composite cores which weigh a fraction of other solid wood-based structure cores. Lighter weight barn doors mean lighter weight hardware and less stress and strain on the structure. This prevents the need for constant ongoing maintenance to the barn door, a huge savings over time.

High Strength Large Barn Doors

You might not need bulletproof barn doors, but you will enjoy having lightweight large barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing’s large barn door core material is independently rated at 660+ PSI and is featured inside some of the highest security doors and impact doors in the world.

You can see that Sing’s panels are so strong that the inventor can stand in the middle of this one-inch-thick 13 ft. panel with little or not deflection. That is an effective strength demonstration.

Solid as a Rock Large Barn Doors

Sing’s patented and patent pending door core technology is based on his solid hybrid composite invention which is basically a vertical grain torsion box panel where the grid which would normally be left empty is filled wall to wall with recycled rigid foam insulation. Once assembled and cured they can take a beating, and unlike other doors can easily be repaired to full structure strength if breached, which is more sustainable than replacing the whole door.

Sing says, “Kick any standard stile and rail and it will break. Kick my door an you will break your leg!”

Fully Insulated Large Barn Doors

Inherit in Sing’s large barn door core invention is full insulation throughout which offers huge advantages to not only end users, but the sound proof door and refrigeration door manufacturers who rely on Sing to provide them with the insulated substrate to make the best rated lightweight large barn doors fully formatted for sound deadening and climate control.

Warp-free Large Barn Doors

And Mr. Sing is the King of the Warp-free large barn door. All hanging barn doors move according to changes in the environmental elements which surround them, and to make matters even worse, this is more problematic when in use as an exterior door, where one side is facing a structure’s interior, while the other could be exposed one hundred present to the weather.

Sing proudly guarantees his large barn door cores not to warp, bend, twist, or cup for a very long time, in fact, 50 times more than any other door manufacturer.

Large Barn Doors Guaranteed 50 Years

Unprecedented in the industry Peter Sing fully guarantees his large barn door core not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, including structure & lamination. Nobody has ever dared to go there, and Sing who supplies the biggest and best door companies in the world with warp-free door core for all their oversized doors says, “If I couldn’t do it, you would have heard about it by now.”

And they all say the same thing,

“It’s the only way to do it.”

For if there were any other way to make a lightweight warp-free door, you know these companies would do it themselves, but they rely on Peter Sing’s patented innovations to provide what would otherwise be impossible, so they can better serve their clientele.

Should all your doors have Sing Core inside?


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Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Custom sliding barn doors are all the rage in the burgeoning interior décor amidst new home designs, as well as becoming a creative space control alternative to expandable business offices, commercial spaces, and industrial locations which can be elegant as well as functional.

Custom sliding barn doors have the advantage of being, well, custom. That is to say they are fully customizable modern barn doors. These are not some off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, you, your office, or facility has an opening of indeterminate size. Simply measure the opening and have your custom barn doors made to fit the opening perfectly.

Depending on the opening and the walls which run parallel to said opening, your sliding barn doors can be custom built in length, width, and thickness to fully solve any issues you may have with the opening in question.


If the opening is an extremely large opening, say twenty feet, then you could use one 20 ft. wide custom barn door to fill the gap, assuming you have twenty feet of wall space on either side of the opening to slide the sliding barn door to in the fully open position. If there is only ten feet of wall space on both sides, then you could use double custom sliding barn doors to fill the need.

One of the advantages of custom sliding barn doors, is ease of installation. Hanging barn doors has always been a breeze, and that’s why they are so often found on barns (hence their name “barn doors”). Sliding barn door hardware is fairly basic as it only involves installing a rod for hanging the barn doors and attaching wheels to the barn doors which roll back and forth atop the rod. Quick, easy, painless.


It’s just as easy to install interior barn doors and the accompanying barn door hardware just about anywhere you have an opening, especially since you can have custom barn doors of any size made specifically for your requirements.

Some of the problems associated with custom sliding barn doors are associated with weight and strength. Commonly, custom sliding barn doors are very heavy. Heavy solid wood sliding barn doors can be problematic in that they cause stress and strain on the hardware and the structure. The larger the interior barn doors, the heavier they are, requiring heavy duty sliding barn door hardware (which can easily be more expensive than the door itself) and requiring more maintenance and repair over time.


Also, solid wood sliding barn doors are prone to warp, as the natural characteristic of wood grain is to expand and contract adjusting to changes in the environment. Large doors made of nearly any flat building material is likely to move as well if it is over 7 ft. tall or 3 ½ ft. wide. Therefore, weight and strength have huge impact on custom sliding barn doors, if they are large oversized custom barn doors.

That’s where president and inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending lightweight high-strength warp-free Sing Core comes in. Using sing’s core, any custom-made sliding barn door can be made of any material in any size, up to 40-50 ft. and be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.


This blows the doors off any limitations which may face architects, designers, and door engineers faced with the task of building sustainable custom-made barn doors because they can now be made of any material in any size, hung from less expensive barn door hardware and have little or no maintenance or repair over time (50 years) as long as they have Sing Core inside.


No need imagining that you could have custom wood interior doors in any style, size, and species without fear of warping or costly ongoing maintenance because thanks to Sing’s inventions, this is the new reality.

Custom Sliding Barn Doors with Glass

Want to stand out of the crowd, go ahead and design your custom made sliding barn doors with windows placed at specific locations in any shape for that extra “something special” which sets you apart.

You are the creator of your own custom milled barn doors, so go ahead, cut out those lite openings anywhere you want and make a signature statement easily and effectively where you have any gap between two adjoining walls.

Note that at Sing Core, we don’t actually build the beautiful doors for which we have become so acclaimed. Sing Core is the Eco-friendly secret ingredient inside custom millwork sliding barn doors that are built to never fail.

The most contemporary modern barn door companies, millworks, and builders of custom sliding barn doors are enabled to bring to life the most awesome sliding barn door ideas to life featuring any available variety of wood types or other building materials, such as aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, FRP, glass, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, stainless steel, well, you get the idea…

Fully supporting those who design and build custom barn doors that are envied in the industry.

Best Pictures of Custom Sliding Barn Doors

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Indoor Sliding Barn Doors

Sing Core’s indoor sliding barn doors are unlike any other barn doors in that they are engineered and manufactured to exacting specs wrapped around a unique combination of patented and patent-pending technology which makes these particular indoor sliding barn doors lighter in weight than others, yet stronger than steel pound for pound. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

If you want to take your interior barn doors to the next level, then inventor Peter Sing has the behind the scenes secret to making an Eco-friendly interior sliding barn door that looks like any ordinary indoor sliding barn door but is many times more efficient and sustainable.

Thanks to the invention of Sing Core, sliding barn doors can take on new characteristics that were impossible to expect from any type of barn style doors which were their predecessors. Sing’s barn doors of today are built to stay perfectly straight, while also offering full insulation for sound dampening and climate control.

You don’t have to wince and the idea of building a large wooden barn door either. Most door manufacturers cringe at the idea of creating a large wood sliding barn door, because it is pretty much understood that such a monster will suffer from door warping in no time. It’s your proverbial architectural nightmare, but Sing’s indoor sliding door core solves the problems associated with making large sliding barn doors.

Sing’s crack team of large sliding barn door engineers painstakingly review all the details of every sliding barn door that appears at Sing Core’s headquarters, located deep in the solace of the Pacific Northwest or Washington State. They have encountered so many sliding barn door ideas, it boggles the mind. Just when they think they’ve seen it all, here comes a totally new creation from the visionary mind of a contemporary architect.

Indoor sliding barn doors can be manufactured in a wide array of door styles to accommodate any style of interior design from rustic to ultra-modern, and it is not uncommon to see them feature large glass inserts, not unlike commonly found among French door designs.

Whether they are closet barn doors or indoor sliding barn doors used in sequence as huge room dividers, the potential of Sing’s handcrafted sliding barn doors are nearly unlimited as they are lightweight interior sliding wood glass barn doors that are stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing’s core was independently tested by the University of Washington at 660+ PSI.

There is no doubt the True Flat Team at Sing Core knows how to make a sliding barn door that will stand the test of time. Not only do they know how to build a barn door, they build it to last for centuries and guarantee every premium door for fifty years (no lie).

Interior sliding barn doors built and designed with patented true flat technology are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 years. (Guarantee is signed by inventor and president, Peter Sing, himself.)

Regardless of your modern sliding barn door design ideas, you can let your creativity flow, even if you are considering a sliding barn wood door of immense size. Not a problem for Sing and his high-performance door techs.

Though they cater primarily to Fortune 500s, the military, high profile architects, and NASA, you can have Sing’s wooden modern glass interior barn doors in your home or establishment, too. All you have to do is to contact your favorite barn door company, millwork, or custom door manufacturer, and order the door that you want, and be sure to mention you want,

“Sing Core inside.”

Now, you, too, can have the modern sliding barn doors and custom interior barn doors that you dreamed about, and you can rest assured that your ultimate sliding barn door is backed by Sing’s unparalleled 50-year warp-free guarantee.

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Interior Barn Doors

When you think of barn doors, you’re likely to think about the exterior sliding doors on old barns, right? Well, not if you’re a contemporary architect or designer, because now it’s quite fashionable to feature interior barn doors throughout your home for that little extra added flair.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

Interior barn doors are similar in appearance to the barn doors that you think about when you think of barn doors, except they are smaller to fit the various door openings around the home’s interior. These interior barn doors operate on interior barn door hardware that varies in appearance as they are individually suited for different design features and styles to fit any visionary taste.

These unique barn style doors are an attention getting throwback to simpler times and can feature distressed surfaces for that special look of rustic interior barn doors. As far as appearances, modern interior barn doors could feature any flat building material adding to the intrigue, flexibility, scalability and outside the box creativity for any of the barn doors in house.

Indoor barn doors could be any of the following types of interior sliding barn doors:

Aluminum barn doors Brass barn doors
Concrete barn doors Cold rolled steel barn doors
Copper barn doors Fiberglass barn doors
FRP barn doors Galvanized steel barn doors
HPL barn doors Kevlar barn doors
LVL barn doors MDF barn doors
Steel barn doors Stainless steel barn doors
Wooden barn doors … just to name a few.

Exceptional Interior Barn Doors

The very best of the best in interior barn doors features Sing Core inside and represents a concerted effort between the manufacturers of patented Sing Core and the finest craftsmen who apply all the finest details at your favorite millwork or custom door manufacturing shop to your interior barn doors for homes creating the most advanced top of the line interior barn doors available today.

Sing Core provides the base materials that give your indoor sliding barn doors huge benefits over any other interior barn door that does not have Sing Core inside. Or instance your interior barn doors could be Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, and insulated for climate control and sound deadening capabilities; all this and more, just for having Sing Core inside your barn door interior.

Let’s take a better look at what could be inside your inside barn doors, which could very well be

Lightweight Interior Barn Doors

Having Sing Core inside your interior barn doors for homes will have your indoor barn doors weighing in at a fraction of the weight of traditional stile and rail interior barn door configurations because patented Sing Core’s hybrid solid barn door core weighs about one-tenth the weight of other solid wood substrates, thereby reducing the weight of your barn sliding door by one-third or more overall.

Lighter weight means less overhead costs across the board, saving huge dollars for your project that would otherwise be wasted on extra shipping and handling charges, transportation and handling on the job site, installation costs, expensive interior barn door hardware, and maintenance costs over time.

High Strength Interior Barn Doors

When it comes to concerns about strength, Sing Core has been independently rates at 660 PSI, many times the 10 to 110 PSI of other lightweight barn door core materials. In fact Sing Core is stronger than steel pound for pound. Why might you need such a strong interior barn door? Because this is the key to creating a high precision barn door that can remain straight and true, no matter what size (even very large interior barn doors made of wood).

That’s what enables interior barn doors with Sing Core inside to be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years, regardless of size or surface materials used in the creation of your interior sliding barn doors.

Warp-free Interior Barn Doors

Only Sing Core can create a door that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty. The door companies who use Sing Core admit that the 50 year guarantee far supersedes even their own warranties.

For instance, contractors, millworks and door companies might normally guarantee their own work for ten years (which is a lot, the normal warranty is generally more like one year). Even so, if the project includes interior barn doors that are large in size, say over seven feet tall, each of these door will be individually excluded from the warranty due to their tendency to warp and move according to the change of weather or barometric pressure.

Thanks to Sing Core, these companies no longer have to exclude these large barn doors from their regular service warranties or guarantees, and the extra 40 years are passed on to the end user for the doors that have Sing Core inside.

Insulated Interior Barn Doors

And extra added benefit of having Sing Core inside your barn style interior doors is inherently due to the construction of the core itself. Patented Sing Core is created by starting with a vertical wood grain torsion box core; only the structure grids are not left vacant. These otherwise hollow areas are filled with rigid recycled foam and sandwiched between two structure skins using formaldehyde-free glue.

The resulting interior barn door panel is insulated for both sound deadening and climate control for better separation between spaces, which comes in really handy between areas where a doorway separates rooms with separate functions. Dividing and further defining adjoining spaces which may carry on events or activities running concurrently, such as separating the kitchen from the dining room, or providing more privacy for dens, bedrooms, game rooms, or bathrooms.

All with the elegant appeal of a unique barn style sliding door specifically made for superior performance inside your home.

Interior barn doors with Sing Core inside aren’t for everyone, only the people who want the best and will not settle for less when it comes to the barn doors inside house.

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Custom Barn Doors

Barn doors are popping up everywhere, especially in high-end homes, and they could be located anywhere throughout the project. You will find barn doors as front doors, back doors, garage doors, and inside the home as kitchen doors, bathroom doors, bedroom doors and closet doors, as well as recreational area and room dividers. Custom barn doors are providing a structure-wide approach to replacing regular hinged doors with contemporary barn doors, and Sing Core provides a unique array of attributes which are not available in any other barn door.

Custom Barn Doors

You already know you want the highest and best possible high end barn door, so you start with a custom design, which could be a solid surface, feature custom lite cutouts, or a combination of surface materials, like mirrored barn doors, to make it even more unique.

For custom barn doors with Sing Core inside you know that you’re delivering the best barn doors around imbued with these special characteristics:

Eco-friendly Barn Door
Lightweight Barn Door
High Strength Barn Door
Insulated Barn Door

Custom Warp-free Barn Door

While you might be able to find one or more of the aforementioned attributes in custom barn doors somewhere, but only one custom barn door can deliver all these features, such as Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and warp-free in one barn door, and that’s when you know your high end barn door has Sing Core inside. Plus, only Sing Core can help to create custom barn doors with a, 50 year no fail guarantee.

Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Contemporary architecture design is featuring sliding barn doors in new modern designs which is redefining how custom barn doors are perceived, for barn doors aren’t just for barns anymore; you could find them anywhere to spice up any living area. The beauty of sliding barn doors is in their impact; everyone notices them, wherever you’re hanging barn doors, due to their unique appearance, and as of yet, barn doors are not commonplace, people just aren’t used to seeing them, so everyone takes note.

Aluminum custom barn doors before adding vinyl graphics
Aluminum custom barn doors before adding vinyl graphics
Aluminum custom barn doors after adding vinyl graphics

Custom Exterior Barn Doors

Custom exterior doors represent the most challenging of all custom barn doors, and generally cause uneasiness or problems for the craftsmen, millworks and custom door manufacturers who build them as well s the architects who design them. Why? Because one side of the custom exterior barn door faces the elements (which could include extreme weather condition in heat or cold) and the other side faces the moderately climate controlled in interior. This is just asking for trouble, but Sing Core’s patented premium door core w/patent pending straighteners work around the clock to keep your insulated custom exterior barn doors straight and true and guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Custom Interior Barn Doors

Inside the home, interior designers are featuring interior barn doors as a unique, attention-grabbing access point. Custom barn doors featured in the structure’s interior can be in any size of opening where sliding back and forth makes sense, and can also disappear within a wall cavity, like a sliding pocket door. Depending on the opening, interior sliding barn doors could be very large in size. Alternatively, double barn doors could split the difference, or multiple side by side bypass barn doors could traverse a wide area and could double as large room dividers inside the home or office.

Custom Modern Barn Doors

These modern barn doors are not your grandparent’s barn doors. When your custom barn doors have Sing Core inside, you can have faith that you’ve made an investment you can enjoy for a lifetime, if not for many lifetimes, because unlike other types of disposable custom barn doors, these particular doors have a tiny carbon footprint, are sustainable and able to last for lifetimes with little or no maintenance. Plus the strength and integrity of Sing custom barn doors allows the hosting of any flat building material with long-lasting, nearly impervious results over time.

Custom Mirrored Barn Door

One of the most highly sought out look in modern barn doors is to have a French barn door design (like a French door, featuring a large lite cut out) except instead of using glass, a full length mirror is installed and the resulting mirrored barn door is hung from barn door hardware, just like any other barn door. Mirrored barn doors could be used anywhere but are commonly featured in the bedroom as mirrored closet barn doors. With a few design enhancements you could have an unbreakable mirrored barn door with Sing Core inside. See: Unbreakable mirror video.

Building a Barn Door

Sure, anyone can build a barn door, but only Sing Core can empower any architect to design an everlasting custom barn door using the highest precision custom barn door core (+/- .006 in.) enabling any custom barn door manufacturer or millwork taking on the project of building a barn door, ensuring the most amazing results culminating in a one-of-a-kind piece of art which can be fully guaranteed for 50 years, including structure warranty. Let Sing Core help you to build the best custom barn door of all.